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Inspirational Champions League Quotes

  1. “The Champions League is the competition everyone wants to be in.” ~ Steven Gerrard
  2. “You can win the Champions League in the worst season.” ~ Roberto Di Matteo
  3. “It will be a dream come true if I can go there and lift it. (on the Champions League trophy)” ~ Steven Gerrard
  4. “The high point of my career was winning the Champions League. No one will ever erase that from my memory, in the same way that no one will ever erase the fact that I did it in a Manchester United shirt.” ~ Cristiano Ronaldo

  5. “Messi doesn’t have to do it in the Premier League to prove himself. The Champions League is the ultimate club competition. If he was in the Premier League, he’d be the best player by some distance.” ~ Gary Lineker
  6. “I’ve seen teams spend £150 million and get nowhere near the Champions League. It has taken Manchester City a billion to get there. There are no guarantees.” ~ Gordon Strachan
  7. “You certainly get used to winning in general. Winning the Champions League is a very particular feeling, but it’s really the journey that makes it special. Every journey that brings you toward a win is important.” ~ Clarence Seedorf
  8. “When we got knocked out against Porto in the Champions League, I only slept two hours that night. I was not a nice person to be with after that match. I was struggling to get the result out of my system.” ~ Ruud van Nistelrooy

  9. “We’re going to be the underdogs again in Istanbul on the 25th, but that suits us. (on the Champions league Final)” ~ Steven Gerrard
  10. “But I think the Champions League Final puts a massive pressure on every player and the manager, but we’re enjoying the pressure and hopefully we can go there and win it.” ~ Steven Gerrard
  11. “Give me a great Champions League game or an exciting Premier League game ahead of an international match and I’d love that to reverse. A lot of people have lost interest in England games, it is quite hard to watch.” ~ Michael Owen
  12. “Drawing a comparison to football, it could be said that the Spanish economy has, during this legislature, into the Champions League of the world economy, however bad that may seem to some.” ~ Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

  13. “They have a choice as a club. They don’t have to sell. Maybe Southampton’s objectives have changed. They were looking to be a Champions League club, I believe. They obviously wanted to change… I don’t have sympathy, no.” ~ Brendan Rodgers
  14. “I won’t lie, I want to play in the Champions League and challenge for titles.” ~ Pepe Reina
  15. “You know, I’d actually say Lionel Messi. He’s so remarkable, watching him play he’s probably still undervalued. When you’re scoring five goals in one Champions League match, there’s no value that’s too high.” ~ Billy Beane
  16. “The Champions League is more interesting to watch than international football and the quality is superior as well.” ~ Michael Owen

  17. “The Champions League is a big ambition and all the footballers want to play in it. It is a very important competition.” ~ Fernando Torres
  18. “It will be the proudest moment of my life leading Liverpool out. I’ve dreamed of this day since I was a kid, kicking a ball against the wall in the street where I lived. What could be better than leading Liverpool out for the Champions League final? Only lifting the trophy. We need everyone, all 11 players who start and the subs, to be ready to give everything. We need that mentality, when everyone has to put everything on the line for Liverpool. That is what it will take to win. We have to make sure we don’t have any regrets at the final whistle.” ~ Steven Gerrard
  19. “England really is the birthplace, the heart and soul of football. If Barcelona had Liverpool’s fans, or Arsenal’s, or United’s, we’d have won 20 Champions Leagues, hahaha!” ~ Xavi
  20. “I’m ambitious, I want to play in the Champions League, and that’s the aim with Tottenham – to start qualifying for the Champions League on a consistent basis.” ~ Gareth Bale

  21. “The truth is that I don’t have a favorite goal. I remember important goals more than I do favorite goals, like goals in the Champions League where I had the opportunity to have scored in both finals I have played in. Finals in the World Cup or Copa del Rey are the ones that have stayed with me for longer or that I remember more.” ~ Lionel Messi
  22. “They (Bayern Munich) lost in the semi-finals of the Champions League to Real Madrid last year, and the year before that were beaten in the final by Manchester United, so their European pedigree is second to none.” ~ Simon Brotherton
  23. “We played a whole season unbeaten but you did not see me every week jumping on the tables. Once it’s over it’s over and you do in the next one as well as you can. Plenty of managers who have won the Champions League will not be considered great managers.” ~ Arsene Wenger
  24. “To win the Champions League with Porto, you have to be tactically acute” ~ Paul Merson

  25. “When you play in the Premier League, say you’re playing against a lower-end team, they set up to defend all the time, they set up to block you off. But when you play in the Champions League, all the other teams are used to winning every week, so it’s more of an open game, it’s more attacking, end-to-end.” ~ Gareth Bale
  26. “The Premier League is the No1 league in the world in many areas. The events, the shocks, the production, the viewing figures, the worldwide audience are by far the best. Do I think at this moment in time it’s got the highest quality levels in Europe in terms of Champions League football and domination of that area? In quality terms it needs to rise again to get to that point where it’s by far the best in all areas.” ~ Gary Neville
  27. “Achieving Champions League football is the minimum requirement and always the most important thing for [Dortmund Borussia] club. Beyond that, we want to win a trophy. Maybe the German Cup, because we’ve reached the last three finals, but haven’t won one, so that’s a big motivation for us.” ~ Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  28. “Cristiano Ronaldo has done massive things in both the Premier League and in the Champions League, but Messi is the best though and I am convinced that next year he will win the Ballon d’Or.” ~ Yaya Toure

  29. “I want to be remembered for the good things – for winning the Champions League, for winning five of the first six trophies at Barcelona. I could win another Champions League and I want to go on making history. It goes back to the feeling of more responsibility at Liverpool. I felt I had to suffer more to not be criticised but here the responsibility falls on others too and I can enjoy it more.” ~ Luis Suarez
  30. “My desire at Liverpool was to help get the club playing in the elite because they had been five years without it. We used to talk about it in the dressing room. If Liverpool are not in the Champions League, it is difficult to get the best players to come to the club.” ~ Luis Suarez
  31. “When I was at Valencia my wife said that we would win the league. She was right and to mark the occasion she asked me for a new watch. I bought her the watch, but then she said that we would win the UEFA Cup and that when we did she wanted another watch. Now she says that we will win the Champions League and that she will want an even more expensive watch. My wife has a lot of confidence and a lot of watches.” ~ Rafael Benitez
  32. “I just wanted to jump into the stands and start celebrating with those wonderful fans.

  33. “I was captain in Atletico at 19, playing in the same team as Demetrio Albertini, who won three Champions Leagues, and Sergi Barjuan from Barcelona, who had won everything, and they were 32, 33. I was a kid as captain, so I wasn’t the real captain, just a kid learning from them.” ~ Fernando Torres
  34. “We need to go there and make sure we bring that cup home. and if we do succeed, then we’ll dedicate it to the fans that have waited so patiently since 1984.
    (on the Champions League)” ~ Steven Gerrard
  35. “We were almost getting used to playing without fans in the Champions League. Jokes aside though, I think help from our fans will be indispensable for such a big match.” ~ Roberto Mancini(on the Champions League)” ~ Steven Gerrard(on reaching the Champions League final)” ~ Steven Gerrard
  36. “Earlier on in the season I’d have been very surprised to think we could win this competition because there were some fantastic teams in it.

  37. “I don’t have to be jealous of Barcelona because they have 100 years of history and have won the European Cup once. I have only been managing for five years and I have the same amount of Champions League trophies to my name.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  38. “Manchester United have risen to the pinnacle of the English game at a time when the rewards are so high – thanks to the ticket to the Champions League – that they have resources that only a handful of other sides, through merit or the exploitation of the people of Russia, can approach.” ~ Phil Cornwell
  39. “Sometimes you feel the emotion. You think this might be my last pre-season or my last Champions League match. But, overall, those thoughts aren’t important right now. But the time will soon come” ~ Dennis Bergkamp
  40. “As club captain all I want to do is help us get back up the table and into the Champions League.” ~ Steven Gerrard

  41. “They’re crying. It was Drogba, it was the angels, it was the heavens, it was the stars, it was the gods, it was everything for Chelsea. This is not anything to do with football. This is more than football, this is spirit. Never giving in, fighting to the end, that English spirit running right the way through this Champions League for Chelsea.” ~ Gary Neville
  42. “I’m no longer thinking of Madrid. That dream is dead. The only thing I dream about now is Manchester United and winning the Champions League again in Rome.” ~ Cristiano Ronaldo
  43. “When we played at Celtic Park for Bayern in the Champions League it was unbelievable and I think all our players said the same thing afterwards. The atmosphere was just totally unique. I’ve played in lots of big games and stadiums but I’ve never witnessed fans making that much noise in 90 minutes.” ~ Owen Hargreaves
  44. “I’m looking forward to meeting my new team-mates and to be playing for Arsenal in the Premier League and Champions League. I will give my best to Arsenal and want to make all the supporters happy.” ~ Alexis Sanchez

  45. “When I then went to Welling I had to think about the possibility of getting another job outside of football. If that hadn’t worked out then I would probably have joined the family building firm, working as a ‘brickie’ or something like that. It is a big leap to be playing in the Champions League final – the biggest game of my career – but after what I’ve been through to get here, it holds no fears for me.” ~ Steve Finnan
  46. “Instead of speaking about Real Madrid, Mr Wenger should speak about Arsenal and explain how he lost 2-0 against a team in the Champions League for the first time [Braga]. The history about the young kids is getting old now. Sagna, Clichy, Walcott, Fabregas, Song, Nasri, Van Persie, Arshavin are not kids. They are all top players.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  47. “If I wanted to have an easy job, working with the big protection of what I have already done before, I would have stayed at Porto – beautiful blue chair, the Uefa Champions League trophy, God, and after God, me.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  48. “When the Champions League is at stake, … you do everything you can, whether it’s called gamesmanship or cheating, to put the opposition off.” ~ Jamie Carragher

  49. “As a player I won things, had a special 10 years under Martin O’Neill [at Leicester and Celtic] and played in some great teams, beating Manchester United and getting to the last 16 of the Champions League. As a manager, I don’t know if I will top this; I hope I do, because I am still young and am still learning. But this is up there with anything I have achieved, not just in my football career but in my life.” ~ Neil Lennon
  50. “All of us at Juventus agreed Manchester United were the best side we met in the Champions League. They have so many talented young players and can only get better and better. Giggs is truly world class” ~ Zinedine Zidane
  51. “You cannot make mistakes in the Champions League.” ~ Claudio Ranieri
  52. “I’ve always dreamed to win the Champions League with Real Madrid and we are only one step away to win it” ~ Cristiano Ronaldo

  53. “I was a Liverpool fan simply because my dad followed them. Unfortunately I wasn’t born when the team had their golden era, but I enjoyed watching the likes of Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman when I was growing up. When Liverpool won the Champions League last year, I went mad. I was shouting so loud I think I woke up the entire village where I live!” ~ Theo Walcott
  54. “How on earth Traore gets into this team is beyond me. And he’s a Champions League winner? Gimme a break.” ~ Johnny Giles
  55. “It is always a danger when you have a big game ahead, but there is only one way to prepare well for our Champions League game – and that is to do well tomorrow. Therefore, I feel there is a lot at stake for us tomorrow. It is a massive game for us.” ~ Arsene Wenger
  56. “I watched Arsenal in the Champions League the other week playing some of the best football I’ve ever seen and yet they couldn’t have scored in a brothel with two grand in their pockets!” ~ Ian Holloway

  57. “It certainly is a very difficult group,. We’re still bleeding after the Champions League final and want our revenge.” ~ Paolo Maldini
  58. “When I think of Arsenal, my favorite personal memory that I recall is scoring my first goal for the Club – away to Lazio in the Champions League. It was important because when you join a new club, you really want to score your first goal. It’s where everything started for me at this club” ~ Robert Pires
  59. “I came to AS Roma to play in the Champions League” ~ Ashley Cole

  60. “Every goal is hard work, especially in such an excellent league as the Bundesliga; or even take the Champions League.” ~ Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  61. “I do not need to play in the Champions League to be happy” ~ Mats Hummels

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