65 Quicksand Quotes On Success In Life

These quicksand quotes will inspire you. Quicksand loose wet sand that yields easily to pressure and sucks in anything resting on or falling into it.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging quicksand quotes, quicksand sayings, and quicksand proverbs.

Best Quicksand Quotes

  1. “When I was a little kid we had a sand box. It was a quicksand box. I was an only child… eventually.” ~ Steven Wright
  2. “You’re playing and you think everything is going fine. Then one thing goes wrong. And then another. And another. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink. Until you can’t move… you can’t breathe… because you’re in over your head. Like quicksand.” ~ Keanu Reeves
  3. “You might be able to thrash your way out of a spiderweb, but thrashing in quicksand doesn’t work. The harder you fight, the more ground you lose. Struggling merely expedites your inevitable defeat.” ~ Karen Marie Moning
  4. “I worship the quicksand he [Richard Nixon] walks in.” ~ Art Buchwald

  5. “Vanity is the quicksand of reason.” ~ George Sand
  6. “Each morning my characters greet me with misty faces willing, though chilled, to muster for another day’s progress through the dazzling quicksand the marsh of blank paper.” ~ John Updike
  7. “Luxury! more perilous to youth than storms or quicksand, poverty or chains.” ~ Hannah More
  8. “This is something that I cannot get over — that a whole line could be written by half a man, that a work could be built on the quicksand of a character.” ~ Karl Kraus

  9. “At last you kissed me, I could die in waves again, and one good lick of quicksand took.” ~ Heather McHugh
  10. “Make today’s solid ground out of yesterday’s quicksand.” ~ Mos Def
  11. “It must be a peace without victory… Victory would mean peace forced upon the loser, a victor’s terms imposed upon the vanquished. It would be accepted in humiliation, under duress, at an intolerable sacrifice, and would leave a sting, a resentment, a bitter memory upon which terms of peace would rest, not permanently, but only as upon quicksand. Only a peace between equals can last.” ~ Woodrow Wilson
  12. “Never get in the middle of someone else’s quicksand.” ~ JoAnn Ross

  13. “The man who pauses on the paths of treason, Halts on a quicksand, the first step engulfs him.” ~ Aaron Hill
  14. “Making the best of things is a damn poor way of dealing with them. My life has been a series of escapes from that quicksand.” ~ Rose Wilder Lane
  15. “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them. So throw away your baggage and go forward. There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet, trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair. That’s why you must walk so lightly. Lightly my darling.” ~ Aldous Huxley”Making the best of things is a damn poor way of dealing with them. My life has been a series of escapes from that quicksand.” ~ Rose Wilder Lane
  16. “It’s interesting that the worse things get, the more we believe the next technological fix is going to get us out of it. But it’s like being in quicksand: the more you struggle the deeper you sink.” ~ Sam Keen

  17. “The canyon country does not always inspire love. To many it appears barren, hostile, repellent – a fearsome mostly waterless land of rock and heat, sand dunes and quicksand, cactus, thornbrush, scorpion, rattlesnake, and agaraphobic distances. To those who see our land in that manner, the best reply is, yes, you are right, it is a dangerous and terrible place. Enter at your own risk. Carry water. Avoid the noonday sun. Try to ignore the vultures. Pray frequently.” ~ Edward Abbey
  18. “The real question of government versus private enterprise is argued on too philosophical and abstract a basis. Theoretically, planning may be good. But nobody has ever figured out the cause of government stupidity—and until they do (and find the cure), all ideal plans will fall into quicksand.” ~ Richard P. Feynman
  19. “The art of walking on quicksand is still beyond me. What I learned is only how difficult this art is to master and how hard people need to struggle to learn it.” ~ Zygmunt Bauman
  20. “Language in art remains a highly ambiguous transaction, a quicksand, a trampoline, a frozen pool which might give way under you … at any time.” ~ Harold Pinter

  21. “The sands of time are quicksands … so much can sink into them without a trace.” ~ Margaret Atwood
  22. “We all have a personal pool of quicksand inside us where we begin to sink and need friends and family to find us and remind us of all the good that has been and will be.” ~ Regina Brett
  23. “Too much success gets you resting on your laurels and creates a kind of quicksand that you can’t get out of.” ~ Colin Wilson
  24. “Our government is built upon the vote. But votes that are purchasable are quicksands, and a government built on them stands upon corruption and revolution.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

  25. “While theoretically a person may block God out, logically there will be a breakdown because ultimately all enunciation implies a moral doctrine of some kind. And if that moral doctrine is not absolute then the definer himself becomes undefined. That’s what we are living with – an undefined definer giving us definitions for our course, and we are being trapped in the quicksand of the absence of objective truth.” ~ Ravi Zacharias
  26. “It’s always strange to read the things you’ve hoped for in the past because by now those hopes may be spoken for or gone, transformed or altogether forgotten. Like time, hope can be so senseless. It can carry us up mountains or lie us in the quicksand. But like time, hope is unstoppable, inevitable, and blind. Sometimes we travel fast, hurdling towards the unknown, sometimes the unknown comes hurdling towards us while we watch time standing still.” ~ Andrew McMahon
  27. “With me, the present is forever, and forever is always shifting, flowing, melting. This second is life. And when it is gone it is dead. But you can’t start over with each new second. You have to judge by what is dead. It’s like quicksand… hopeless from the start.” ~ Sylvia Plath
  28. “The secret is not to betray your ignorance. Just maneuver, avoid the quicksands and obstacles, and the rest can be found in a dictionary.” ~ Guy de Maupassant

  29. “Now is the time to lift our national policy from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of human dignity.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
  30. “What is real for me are the illusions I create with my paintings. Everything else is quicksand.” ~ Eugene Delacroix
  31. “And yet the motives of women are so inscrutable. You remember the woman at Margate whom I suspected for the same reason. No powder on her nose – that proved to be the correct solution. How can you build on such a quicksand? Their most trivial action may mean volumes, or their most extraordinary conduct may depend upon a hairpin or a curling tongs.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
  32. “I think viewers quite like it when I’m suffering or eating or drinking something horrible or really up against it in some quicksand or whatever.” ~ Bear Grylls

  33. “When I write “paradise” I mean not only apple trees and golden women but also scorpions and tarantulas and flies, rattlesnakes and Gila monsters, sandstorms, volcanoes and earthquakes, bacteria and bear, cactus, yucca, bladderweed, ocotillo and mesquite, flash floods and quicksand, and yes – disease and death and the rotting of flesh.” ~ Edward Abbey
  34. “Memories are like fireflies darting across the surface of my mind, showing me here and there images so sharp and vivid that I catch my breath in wonder before the vignette disappears, sinking like a pebble into the quicksand of regret and recrimination.” ~ Susan Kay
  35. “So there you have it: Nature is a rotten mess. But that’s only the beginning. If you take your eyes off it for one second, it will kill you. Thorns, insects, fungus, worms, birds, reptiles, wild animals, raging rivers, bottomless ravines, dry deserts, snow, quicksand, tumbleweeds, sap, and mud. Rot, poison and death. That’s Nature.It’s a wonder you even step outside of your cabin, I said.My bravery exceeds my good sense, he said.” ~ Lee Goldberg
  36. “O thou child of many prayers! Life hath quicksands, Life hath snares!

  37. “Nothing is real except the present, and already, I feel the weight of centuries smothering me. Some girl a hundred years ago once lived as I do. And she is dead. I am the present, but I know I, too, will pass. The high moment, the burning flash, come and are gone, continuous quicksand. And I don’t want to die.” ~ Sylvia Plath
  38. “The boys had asked why, if it acted slowly, was it called quicksand. The Mollusks had replied that, as far as they were concerned, most English names for things were silly. The word that they used for quicksand was a deep grunt that translated roughly to “uh-oh.” ~ Ridley Pearson
  39. “Beauty is a dangerous word. Beauty becomes slightly indulgent for me. It’s a snatched kind of moment for me because I’m entitled to a nice day in my life but beauty creeps close to narcissism, which I really dislike, particularly in human beings who were born with good looks, who cash in on it. It’s a bit of a dodgy word for me. I look at it with caution. It can be a bit like walking into quicksand; it can get you in to all kinds of trouble.” ~ Don McCullin
  40. “The Chinese banking system is built on quicksand and that’s the one thing a lot of people don’t realize. […] Everybody seems to think it is a free and clear open checkbook. It’s not. […] The banking system in China is extremely fragile.” ~ James Chanos

  41. “You should climb around inside my brain, Dan. It’s like this dark room surrounded by quicksand.” “I know what you mean,” her brother said quietly. “I hate being in my brain sometimes. I have to get out.” “What do you do?” Amy asked. Dan shrugged “I go to other places. My toes. My shoulders. But mostly here.” He tapped his chest and immediately reddened. “I know. It’s stupid.” “Not really,” Amy said. “I wish I could do that, too.” ~ Peter Lerangis
  42. “Generally the impulse to find justice through punitive measures can be a kind of quicksand. What James Whitman, the scholar I cite in the chapter of my book, talks about as an urge to level down, I think you see that everywhere. We’re going to be a punitive society, so we might as well level out that punitiveness. Bankers and college swim stars and everyone face that same kind of wrath.” ~ Chris Hayes
  43. “The genius of poetry must work out its own salvation in a man; it cannot be matured by law and precept, but by sensation and watchfulness in itself. That which is creative must create itself – In Endymion, I leaped headlong into the sea, and thereby have become better acquainted with the soundings, the quicksands, and the rocks, than if I had stayed upon the green shore, and piped a silly pipe, and took tea and comfortable sdvice.” ~ John Keats
  44. “Some people fall in love and touch the sky. Some people fall in love and find quicksand. I hover somewhere in between, I swear, I can’t make up my mind.” ~ Brandon Boyd

  45. “Kevin [Drew] beat me to the punch because when he first sent “Sister OK” and I’m listening to it, it took me to a place that I had not been to in a long time. It took me to a place when you’re a teenager. I understand it all now, but in a moment of confusion, in a moment of trying to find some kind of solid ground in an environment that was quicksand in my life, it’s that first line just kills me all the time: “Well it’s just that your sister said you’d be OK.”” ~ Andy Kim
  46. “Kevin [Drew] beat me to the punch because when he first sent “Sister OK” and I’m listening to it, it took me to a place that I had not been to in a long time. It took me to a place when you’re a teenager. I understand it all now, but in a moment of confusion, in a moment of trying to find some kind of solid ground in an environment that was quicksand in my life, it’s that first line just kills me all the time: “Well it’s just that your sister said you’d be OK.”” ~ Andy Kim
  47. “And so I began to read,’ Sorkar said. ‘And at first the complete works were like a jungle, the language was quicksand. Metaphors turned beneath my feet and became biting snakes, similes fled from my grasp like frightened deer, taking all meaning with them. All was alien, and amidst the hanging, entangling creepers of this foreign grammar, all sound became a cacophany. I feared for myself, for my health and sanity, but then I thought of my purpose, of where I was and who I was, of pain and I pressed on.” ~ Vikram Chandra
  48. “Shyness is a curious thing, because, like quicksand, it can strike people at any time, and also, like quicksand, it usually makes its victims look down.” ~ Daniel Handler

  49. “I think about some of the novels I love – The Stranger, Disgrace, Quicksand and Passing, Giovanni’s Room, The Talented Mr. Ripley. I think I’m more intrigued by characters who don’t do the right thing and where we are allowed to identify with their shame/dishonesty/envy… whatever.” ~ Danzy Senna
  50. “The Lord is near! You’re not alone. You may feel alone. You may think you’re alone. But there’s never a moment in which you face life without help. God is near. God repeatedly pledges his proverbial presence to his people. Don’t assume God is watching from a distance. Avoid the quicksand that bears the marker “God has left you!” Don’t indulge this lie. If you do, your problem will be amplified by a sense of loneliness. It’s one thing to face a challenge, but to face it all alone? Isolation creates a downward cycle of fret.” ~ Max Lucado
  51. “Life hath quicksands, Life hath snares!” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  52. “To depend partly upon Christ’s righteousness and partly upon our own, is to set one foot upon a. rock and another in the quicksands. Christ will either be to us all in all in point of righteousness, or else nothing at all.” ~ Thomas Erskine, 1st Baron Erskine

  53. “In my life, I was always floating around the edge of the dark side and saying what if take it a little bit too far, and who says you have to stop there, and whats behind the next door. Maybe you gain a wisdom from examining those things. But after a while, you get too far down in the quicksand.” ~ Trent Reznor
  54. “I think I’m still just as conflicted about the war as I always was. On the one hand, I was a soldier carrying out his duty, following his allegiance to his country and to the mission at hand. But yet, there was always this unease plaguing me. “What are we doing here?” “Are we really fixing this country or are we doing more harm than good?” And the most pressing question: “How do we pull ourselves out of this quicksand?” I think I’m still there in that white space you mentioned, trying to get clarity for myself on what this war did to us as a nation.” ~ Dave Abrams
  55. “I testify to you today that turning away from God brings broken covenants, shattered dreams, and crushed hopes. Such a quagmire of quicksand I plead with you to avoid. You are of a noble birthright. Eternal life in the kingdom of our Father is your goal.” ~ Thomas S. Monson
  56. “The hardest part for me during the creation stage is actually putting words on paper that make sense and tell my story the way I see it. I sometimes feel I am slogging through quicksand when I write.” ~ Linda Conrad

  57. “Every generation rewrites the past. In easy times history is more or less of an ornamental art, but in times of danger we are driven to the written record by a pressing need to find answers to the riddles of today…. In times of change and danger when there is a quicksand of fear under men’s reasoning, a sense of continuity with generations gone before can stretch like a lifeline across the scary present and get us past that idiot delusion of the exceptional Now that blocks good thinking.” ~ John Dos Passos
  58. “I resolve to venture into the city on my own. I look at maps in the library—subway maps, bus maps, and regular maps—and try to memorize them. I’m afraid of getting lost; no, I’m afraid of sinking into the city as in a quicksand, afraid of getting sucked into something I can never escape.” ~ Deborah Feldman
  59. “Most days I feel like the sole survivor of a shipwreck, rowing my paddleboat across a sea of people on waves made of an infinite array of hands and crests that reveal anonymous faces. On a good day, the clouds part to alight on-lo and behold-an island! I step ashore, only find that it too is made of people, mangled bodies somehow still alive. They grab at my feet, pulling me under like quicksand. The last thing I see before suffocating is the sky, a billion eyes staring down, blinking in undulating electric ripples. The cold rain I feel on my cheeks is the tears of the people.” ~ Richard M. Nixon
  60. “The secret of the illusoriness is in the necessity of a succession of moods or objects. Gladly we would anchor, but the anchorageis quicksand.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

  61. “The plague of pornography is swirling about us as never before. Pornography brings a vicious wake of immorality, broken homes, and broken lives. Pornography will sap spiritual strength to endure. Pornography is much like quicksand. You can become so easily trapped and overcome as soon as you step into it that you do not realize the severe danger. Most likely you will need assistance to get out of the quicksand of pornography. But how much better it is never to step into it. I plead with you to be careful and cautious.” ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin
  62. “In the midst of this chopping sea of civilized life, such are the clouds and storms and quicksands and thousand-and-one items to be allowed for, that a man has to live, if he would not founder and go to the bottom and not make his port at all, by dead reckoning, and he must be a great calculator indeed who succeeds. Simplify, simplify.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  63. “Shame is quicksand on the path to soul.” ~ Tian Dayton

  64. “In the godforsaken, obscene quicksand of life, there is a deafening alleluia rising from the souls of those who weep, and of those who weep with those who weep. If you watch, you will see The hand of God putting the stars back in their skies one by one.” ~ Ann Weems
  65. “There is not a single loophole or curveball or open trench to fall into for the man or woman who walks the path that Christ walks. When He says, “Come, Follow Me” (Luke 18:22), He means that He knows where the quicksand is and where the thorns are and the best way to handle the slippery slope near the summit of our personal mountains. He knows it all, and He knows the way. He is the way.” ~ Jeffrey R. Holland

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