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Best New Clothes Quotes

  1. “Mistrust all enterprises that require new clothes.” ~ E. M. Forster
  2. “I say beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  3. “People ask how can a Jewish kid from the Bronx do preppy clothes? Does it have to do with class and money? It has to do with dreams.” ~ Ralph Lauren
  4. “I’d like to get some new clothes, but I can’t find a Big and Short store.” ~ Rodney Dangerfield

  5. “When you incline to have new clothes, look first well over the old ones, and see if you cannot shift with them another year, either by scouring, mending, or even patching if necessary. Remember, a patch on your coat, and money in your pocket, is better and more creditable, than a writ on your back, and no money to take it off.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
  6. “Today I discovered two kinds of people who go to high school: those who wear new clothes to show off on the first day, and those who wear their oldest clothes to show they think school is unimportant.” ~ Beverly Cleary
  7. “Men’s clothing hasn’t changed in 200 years, maybe a lapel gets a little wider or a tie gets narrower from time to time. But it’s usually always the same. There is stupidity in men’s fashion. But women know who they are. They can change. Clothing is seductive for women. They get different personas by buying new clothes. But men don’t.” ~ Massimo Vignelli
  8. “The trick is to find the style that is right for you. When it comes to trying new clothes, my advice is not to take it too seriously – it’s all about having fun.” ~ Twiggy

  9. “Anyone interested in the past, present, or future of banking and financial crises should read The Bankers’ New Clothes. Admati and Hellwig provide a forceful and accessible analysis of the recent financial crisis and offer proposals to prevent future financial failures. While controversial, these proposals–whether you agree or disagree with them–will force you to think through the problems and solutions.” ~ Michael J. Boskin
  10. “In the Emperor’s New Clothes, they got a different celebrity to do each voice. They drew up a picture of each character and then each actor wrote their own part” ~ Melissa Joan Hart
  11. “Always leave people with a solution; the heaven if you do versus the hell if you don’t. If you’re really skillful you can put the person into the future solution. Shoaff used to say, ‘Jim, I can see you now in your new clothes, in your new home, in your new car. I can see others walking up to you.’ The Promise of the Future is an Awesome Force!” ~ Jim Rohn
  12. “I am wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans, black shoes–new clothes, but beneath them, my Dauntless tattoos. It is impossible to erase my choices. Especially these.” ~ Veronica Roth

  13. “When I was your age — about, ooh, a thousand years ago — I loved a good bedtime story. The Three Little Sontarans. The Emperor Dalek’s New Clothes. Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday, eh? All the classics.” ~ Mark Gatiss
  14. “Gilbert Gottfried is famously cheap. I’m impressed you’re here Gilbert. You gotta buy new clothes and take a week off work just to do this. But you showed up. You tightened your belt and you came. You’re like David Carradine.” ~ Greg Giraldo
  15. “I wanna feed 5,000 like Jesus, I wanna build a community center where the homeless and less fortunate can come take a shower, get a hot meal and a change of clothes. Maybe not new clothes but some clean clothes. Those are my goals, my raps and goals haven’t changed. I’m about helping somebody, I use my celebrity status for the good of mankind. That’s what I do, so for all the Hip-Hop people, if they just pull from me the gold, they’re missing so much.” ~ Mr. T
  16. “Being a model seems like a dream job – lots of new clothes, cocaine, dates with Leonardo DiCaprio. But that’s just for lady models.” ~ Peter Sagal

  17. “I am generally ashamed to walk out in new clothes. And why am I ashamed? Is it because I don’t want to embarrass the others who don’t have new things? Or perhaps because a new coat makes you stand out, and you seem to be clothes and nothing else.” ~ Shmuel Yosef Agnon
  18. “I grew up as a fairly poor kid in, you know, Toronto, Canada. I don’t think I owned any new clothes until I was, like, 15 or something. They were all second-hand and forged from paper.” ~ Paulo Costanzo
  19. “If you want something new in your life, you have to make space for it. I mean that psychologically as well as physically. Take a look at your closet. If you have the kind of closet where you can’t fit another thing in there, that might be the reason you don’t have more new clothes. If you want a new man in your life, you’ve got to let go of the one who stopped dating you five years ago. In other words, you need to complete the past in order for the present to show up more fully.” ~ Jack Canfield
  20. “Each year, several million people are looking for new clothes. The fashion they are looking at cannot be too expensive, but it has to be stylish.” ~ Luciano Benetton

  21. “Whoever saw his old clothes, – his old coat, actually worn out, resolved into its primitive elements, so that it was not a deed of charity to bestow it on some poor boy, by him perchance to be bestowed on some poorer still, or shall we say richer, who could do with less? I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  22. “Music meant more to me than a social life and just hangin out. haha just being tired of repacking my suit case every couple of days, and anytime i wanted to cop some new clothes i would have to throw away something I had to make room in the suitcase.” ~ G-Eazy
  23. “Marriage is like the witness protection programme: you get all new clothes, you live in the suburbs, and you’re not allowed to see your friends anymore.” ~ Jeremy Hardy
  24. “Old is unwanted. You don’t find Thais going to the thrift store. They want new clothes. They want the newest cell phone.” ~ Alan Bishop

  25. “I couldn’t stand living in a society that admires the emperor’s new clothes, when I see so clearly that he is naked.” ~ Patricia McConnell
  26. “Now that I can see it’s the queen’s new clothes Now that I can hear all your poison prose Now that I can talk with my tongue unfroze I’m not so sure of Santa or the buck tooth fairy There are no words for me inside your dictionary” ~ Andy Partridge
  27. “Basically, I always go to vintage shops rather than going shopping for new clothes.” ~ Karen Gillan
  28. “If I don’t do laundry today, I’m gonna have to buy new clothes tomorrow.” ~ Anna Paquin

  29. “Oh, so that’s why you’re up here. For a pity party.” “This isn’t a joke. I’m serious.” I could tell Lissa was getting angry. It was trumping her earlier distress. He shrugged and leaned casually against the sloping wall. “So am I. I love pity parties. I wish I’d brought the hats. What do you want to mope about first? How it’s going to take you a whole day to be popular and loved again? How you’ll have to wait a couple weeks before Hollister can ship out some new clothes? If you spring for rush shipping, it might not be so long.” ~ Richelle Mead
  30. “I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” ~ Sophie Kinsella
  31. “I think you ought to let me take poor Tessa into town to get some new clothes. Otherwise, the first time she takes a deep breath, that dress will fall right off her.” Will looked interested. “I think she should try that out now and see what happens.” ~ Cassandra Clare
  32. “Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

  33. “To go to the synagogue with one’s father on the Passover eve – is there in the world a greater pleasure than that? What is it worth to be dressed in new clothes from head to foot, and to show off before one’s friends? Then the prayers themselves – the first Festival evening prayer and blessing.” ~ Sholom Aleichem
  34. “I never saw my mother happy with me and proud of me for doing something: She only knew me as being a wild kid running the streets, coming home with new clothes that she knew I didn’t pay for. I never got a chance to talk to her or know about her. Professionally, it has no effect, but it’s crushing emotionally and personally.” ~ Mike Tyson
  35. “I’ll show up at every classroom open house and teacher conference,’ she said, now in a voice that was almost frightening in its intensity. ‘I’ll bake brownies. My child will have new clothes. Her shoes will fit. She’ll get her shots, and she’ll get her braces. We’ll start a college fund next week. I’ll tell her I love her every damn day.’ If that wasn’t a great plan for being a good mother, I couldn’t imagine what a better one could be” ~ Charlaine Harris
  36. “I like neither new clothes nor new kinds of food.” ~ Albert Einstein

  37. “The observation that species are amazingly conservative and static entities throughout long periods of time has all the qualities of the emperor’s new clothes: everyone knew it but preferred to ignore it. Paleontologists, faced with a recalcitrant record obstinately refusing to yield Darwin’s predicted pattern, simply looked the other way.” ~ Niles Eldredge
  38. “It’s time to write dangerous music. It’s time to take risks. It’s time to wear your heart on your sleeve, and sing about the things that actually matter to you. It’s time to bury the shackles of religious expectation and stop trying to put new clothes on the dead.” ~ John Mark McMillan
  39. “Four things to think about. 1. Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes. 2. Let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred. 3. Keep three chairs in your house. One for solitude, two for friendship, three for society. 4. To preserve your relationship to nature, make your life more moral, more pure, more innocent.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  40. “New clothes are a great way to deal after a breakup. A good mix CD also helps you get through it and… you know, 72 hours of ice cream.” ~ Jennifer Love Hewitt

  41. “The Bankers’ New Clothes makes a simple, powerful argument: that banks need to raise more capital. It is entirely persuasive that the extent of their leverage makes the financial system fragile, and it clearly and patiently demolishes all the counter-arguments made by the banks and their lobbyists.” ~ Diane Coyle
  42. “It was curious that when we had been able to buy new clothes when we wanted we had never really appreciated them nor enjoyed them. You have to be in the position of needing things very badly indeed before you can appreciate possessing them.” ~ D.E. Stevenson
  43. “In order to make room for the new (whether it’s new clothes or new thoughts and ideas), we must release the old and the outworn.” ~ Louise Hay
  44. “Eid is not for the one who wears #new clothes. Eid is for the one whose obedience rises. Eid is not for the one with beautiful clothes and fine means of transport, Eid is for the one whose sins are forgiven.” ~ Ibn Rajab

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