Inspirational Harsha Bhogle Quotes For Success In Life

Harsha Bhogle is an Indian cricket commentator and journalist. Born into a Marathi-speaking family in Hyderabad, He serves on the board of governors of IIM Udaipur. These Harsha Bhogle quotes will motivate you in life.

Best Harsha Bhogle Quotes

  1. “Sports teaches you there is always a second innings in life. If you fail today, there’s a second innings maybe two days later. Maybe there’s another opportunity coming up three or six months later. If you look at mistakes as learnings and commit never to make the same mistake again, then you actually get better with every mistake that you make.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  2. “The moment you put a deadline on your dream, it becomes a goal.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  3. “Across professions, consistency is a direct product of work ethic.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  4. “MS Dhoni showed India what a tough man from a small town could dream and achieve. He has been a role model. Respect.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  5. “And yet, winning is like a welcome drink going down your throat, like a beautiful embrace. It is brilliant while it lasts but it isn’t forever. The high eventually melts away and the journey of life begins afresh. The truly remarkable among us visit these highs periodically; winning then becomes a journey, a graph where each point is crucial but is in reality merely part of a larger curve.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  6. “There’s no better sight on the cricket field than watch Tendulkar bat.” ~ Harsha Bhogle

  7. “Conflict of interest and lack of transparency, though they are global features as we saw post-Iraq, almost define Indian cricket.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  8. “In sports teams, apart from talk of sporting prowess and the imparting of inspirational thought, an extraordinary amount of time is spent discussing, and flaunting material possessions.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  9. “A monk’s extraordinary patience can be a hindrance to desperate decision-making.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  10. “Sometimes your greatest strength can emerge as a weakness if the context changes.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  11. “If Dhoni plays till the end, one thing is for sure…He will make his team win.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  12. “Change doesn’t always mean progress, but the status quo isn’t always the best result either. It is merely the most convenient.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  13. “Sometimes, quite out of the blue, the sport will throw up a tender moment, when hostility ceases and an opponent is acknowledged.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  14. “If you asked Rahul Dravid to walk on glass for his team, his only question would be – ‘How many miles?’ That just shows you how great a man he is.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  15. “Eruption of joy at the fall of an Indian wicket can only mean one thing” ~ Harsha Bhogle

  16. “In a career that is marked by grace, style, and beautiful batsmanship, it’s a slog that’s ended Rahul Dravid‘s career. But once again, it was what was needed.” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  17. MS Dhoni still the best bet as Test, ODI captain. No calmer finisher than Dhoni” ~ Harsha Bhogle
  18. “Misbah is rated far higher outside Pakistan than within. Afridi is rated far higher in Pakistan than outside!” ~ Harsha Bhogle

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