65 Merchandise Quotes On Success In Life

These merchandise quotes will inspire you. Merchandise, the commodities or goods that are bought and sold in business or promote the sale of (goods), especially by their presentation in retail outlets.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging merchandise quotes, merchandise sayings, and merchandise proverbs.

Best Merchandise Quotes

  1. “Good merchandise, even hidden, soon finds buyers.” ~ Plautus
  2. “Love is the merchandise which all the world demands; if you store it in your heart, every soul will become your customer.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
  3. “People buy personalities as much as merchandise, and it is a question if they are not influenced more by the personalities with which they come in contact than they are by the merchandise.” ~ Napoleon Hill
  4. “Junk is the ideal product… the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy.” ~ William S. Burroughs

  5. “Wert thou as far As that vast shore washed with the farthest sea, I would adventure for such merchandise.” ~ William Shakespeare
  6. “If artists want to have people come to their shows and buy their merchandise, they really have to make a commitment to those fans and bring the best music, shows, and interaction that they can. This is something that won’t change with technology or economy.” ~ Steve Mahoney
  7. “Selling is our No. 1 job. Never get away from selling a lot of merchandise personally. The more you sell the more you learn” ~ James Cash Penney , Selling merchandise quotes
  8. “The ponderous tomes are bales of the mind’s merchandise.” ~ Robert Aris Willmott
  9. “I often stand by the merchandise booth, point to a poster and tell people, ‘That’s me.'” ~ Nate Mendel

  10. “Where religion is a trade, morality is a merchandise.” ~ Josh Billings
  11. “Sell practical, tested merchandise at a reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings – and they will always come back.” ~ Leon Leonwood Bean
  12. “You know the value of every article of merchandise, but if you don’t know the value of your own soul, it’s all foolishness.” ~ Rumi
  13. “Stores don’t order merchandise unless they think they can sell it right away. Manufacturers and builders don’t produce unless they have buyers lined up. My business contacts describe this as a paradigm shift and they believe it’s permanent.” ~ Janet Yellen
  14. “Hate always sells well, but for repeat trade and the long pull happiness is sounder merchandise.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein

  15. “It may be true that the only reason the comic book industry now exists is for this purpose, to create characters for movies, board games and other types of merchandise.” ~ Alan Moore
  16. “The soul’s Rialto hath its merchandise, I barter for curl upon that mart.” ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  17. “Our job is to sell our clients’ merchandise… not ourselves. Our job is to kill the cleverness that makes us shine instead of the product. Our job is to simplify, to tear away the unrelated, to pluck out the weeds that are smothering the product message.” ~ William Bernbach
  18. “The best of merchandise will go back to the shelf unless handled by a conscientious, tactful salesman.” ~ James Cash Penney

  19. “I do not prize the word cheap. It is not a word of inspiration. It is the badge of poverty, the signal of distress. Cheap merchandise means cheap men and cheap men mean a cheap country.” ~ William McKinley
  20. “I feel very strongly that clothes that fit well make a person feel better. It’s maybe half the value of the merchandise.” ~ Jil Sander
  21. “I make money from touring and selling merchandise, and I honestly believe if you put effort into something and you execute properly, you don’t necessarily have to go through the traditional ways.” ~ Chance the Rapper
  22. “I started touring in 2006, and there was an agreement made for merchandise between my mom and myself.” ~ Dweezil Zappa

  23. “I’m the one person who wears the words ‘hustle, loyalty, respect’ on my T-shirts and merchandise. My audience is children. It’s very flattering to see a kid wear your T-shirt; it’s even more flattering to have a dad come up to you and say, ‘I watch you with my kid. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a role model for my son.'” ~ John Cena
  24. “Too many companies think they want to do a video blog to sell merchandise, but if you turn your site into QVC, you lose. I have an audience that trusts me. It’s about building a global brand – not selling four more bottles of Pinot Grigio.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk
  25. “We want to keep extending our brand into different places, into movies and soundtracks and our music will live on through licensing and our brand lives on through merchandise and new generations will get to wear our clothing and our T-shirts and stuff that’s associated with us.” ~ Nikki Sixx
  26. “A good rule of thumb is as follows: If the numbers come from somebody wearing a tie (Wall Street economist or analyst, industry public relations department, captive think tank academic and so on), you ought to be very skeptical. By design messages from these people are intended to move markets, move merchandise and/or move public policy and are not a comment on the state of the physical universe.” ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  27. “Storehouses filled with merchandise will prove a better guarantee than arsenals bulging with ammunition.” ~ Elisabeth Marbury

  28. “The mystical nature of American consumption accounts for its joylessness. We spend a great deal of time in stores, but if we don’t seem to take much pleasure in our buying, it’s because we’re engaged in the acts of sacrifice and self-definition. Abashed in the presence of expensive merchandise, we recognize ourselves . . . as suppliants admitted to a shrine.” ~ Lewis H. Lapham
  29. “Romance without finance is a nuisance. Few men value free merchandise. Let the chippies fall where they may.” ~ Sally Stanford
  30. “The escalator seems to me to typify this: It leads us up, by climbing on our behalf. Yes, it doesn’t even climb, it flies. Each step carries its shopper aloft, as though afraid he might change his mind. It takes us up to merchandise we might not have bothered to climb an ordinary flight of steps for.” ~ Joseph Roth
  31. “Law is not a trade, not briefs, not merchandise, and so the heaven of commercial competition should not vulgarize the legal profession.” ~ V. R. Krishna Iyer

  32. “Faffing is completely harmless, whereas its opposite – dynamic, purposeful activity – is often very harmful. Faffers do not tend to kill people or make them work 12-hour days or sell them shoddy merchandise or lend them vast sums of money that they cannot pay back.” ~ Tom Hodgkinson
  33. “Successful model? That’s a myth. The year I modeled was the most painful year of my life. Editors would always talk to you in the third person as though you were merely a piece of merchandise.” ~ Jessica Lange
  34. “They all went into the bar business. Which was a mistake, because they began to sip at the merchandise and it set them back, set us all back. Well, them more than I.” ~ Frank McCourt
  35. “The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal – that you can gather votes like box tops – is, I think, the ultimate indignity to the democratic process.” ~ Adlai E. Stevenson

  36. “One of the most heartening phenomena in today’s Britain is the great diversity of the modern nerd – the nerd is out and proud, and while she may love ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ merchandise more than is strictly warranted, she is in every way to be cherished as an exemplar of cosmopolitanism and tolerance.” ~ Will Self
  37. “My pat line about the Cubs and payroll is that the amount of merchandise the Cubs would sell off a world series championship would more than cover for a big payroll.” ~ Billy Corgan
  38. “My pat line about the Cubs and payroll is that the amount of merchandise the Cubs would sell off a world series championship would more than cover for a big payroll.” ~ Billy Corgan
  39. “There is a strong demand for Michael Jackson’s music and merchandise, and that will only increase as more material surfaces in the years following his death.” ~ Adam Kluger
  40. “In terms of merchandise, you can’t force anyone to buy something.” ~ Paul Stanley

  41. “I would like for my books to have been recognized posthumously, at least in capitalist countries, where they turn you into a kind of merchandise.” ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  42. “All animals go through interminable hard labor to produce what humans shamelessly rob from them at great physical/mental pain to them and to their young. THINK TWICE before using hot ‘merchandise’!!!” ~ Adela Popescu
  43. “I am involved in every step of the process [musicmaking]. Whether it is the production or the mixing or the visuals and music videos. I’m involved in every step of the way as far as the creative, directing and merchandise . Just making sure everything that falls in line with my brand is portrayed a certain type of way. It all about quality control and attention to detail, and making sure anything you put your name on is on point.” ~ G-Eazy , Visual merchandise quotes
  44. “Chrysanthemums from gilded argosy

    Unload their gaudy senseless merchandise.” ~ Oscar Wilde

  45. “Now, more than any time previous in human history, we must arm ourselves with an ethical code so that each of us will be aware that he is protecting the moral merchandise absent of which life is not worth living.” ~ Sholem Asch
  46. “On another level this film talks about that. We had tremendous freedom while making this film. We never thought about marketing. It wasn’t a film made to sell merchandise or products or to reach millions of people around the world. It was a film made to say what I really felt.” ~ Alex Abreu
  47. “As an independent artist it is so easy to get caught up in websites, social media, merchandise, when I am going to put out an EP, fining a producer, finding a studio to record in and you have to remember at the end of the day you should be writing music.” ~ Tyler Hilton
  48. “You know, every time a summer movie comes out, people think they’re gonna get rich off of the merchandise.” ~ Aaron McGruder

  49. “If the bookseller happens to desire a privilege for his merchandise, whether he is selling Rabelais or the Fathers of the Church, the magistrate grants the privilege without answering for the contents of the book. – Voltaire (Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire” ~ Voltaire
  50. “There would not be any profits but for the eagerness of the public to acquire the merchandise offered for sale by the successful entrepreneur. But the same people who scramble for these articles vilify the businessman and call his profit ill-got.” ~ Ludwig von Mises
  51. “Shopping and buying and getting and having comprise the Great American Addiction. No one is immune. When the underclass riots in this country they don’t kill policemen and politicians, they steal merchandise. How embarrassing.” ~ George Carlin
  52. “Give us this day our daily discount outlet merchandise…” ~ Billy Joel

  53. “[Cameras] tend to turn people into things and the photograph extends and multiplies the human image to the proportions of mass-produced merchandise and, [in the age of photography] the world itself becomes a sort of museum of objects that have been encountered before in some other museum and to say that the camera cannot lie is merely to underline the multiple deceits that are now practiced in its name.” ~ Marshall McLuhan
  54. “Watch it! It was robbed from other beings so it’s HOT ‘MERCHANDISE’ and it’s against the Law… the LAW OF DECENCY!!! Stay within this Law, steer clear of wool/pearl/silk/ fish bone/ fur/ivory/coral/ down/beeswax/honey/ cashmere/ lanolin/ feathers/ camel hair/flesh/milk/ eggs/ fish/ seafood/ other!!!” ~ Adela Popescu
  55. “From the cradle to the grave she is subject to the power and control of man. Father, guardian, or husband, one conveys her like some piece of merchandise over to the other.” ~ Ernestine Rose
  56. “The more facts you tell, the more you sell. An advertisement’s chance for success invariably increases as the number of pertinent merchandise facts included in the advertisement increases.” ~ Charles Edwards
  57. “There is a frantic race to merchandise tinsel and trash under the guise of ‘modernism.'” ~ Raymond Loewy

  58. “The secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want. And really, if you think about it from the point of view of the customer, you want everything: a wide assortment of good quality merchandise; the lowest possible prices; guaranteed satisfaction with what you buy; friendly, knowledgeable service; convenient hours; free parking; a pleasant shopping experience.” ~ Sam Walton
  59. “I do not have a merchandise line. I don’t sell knives or apparel. Though I have been approached to endorse various products from liquor to airlines to automobiles to pharmaceuticals dozens of times, I have managed to resist the temptation.” ~ Anthony Bourdain
  60. “By doing good with his money, a man, as it were, stamps the image of God upon it, and makes it pass current for the merchandise of heaven.” ~ John Rutledge
  61. “An actor is only merchandise.” ~ Chow Yun-Fat

  62. “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies, and all the things that can be compared unto her.” ~ Solomon
  63. “My whole success is I’ve always been designing for people, first because I wanted to sell them merchandise. Then when I got into hotels, I had to rethink, what am I selling now? You’re selling a good time.” ~ Morris Lapidus
  64. “DELEGATION, n. In American politics, an article of merchandise that comes in sets.” ~ Ambrose Bierce
  65. “Nirvana’s success drew attention to a marketing demographic previously ignored by the mainstream, and inadvertently started a gold rush with advertising executives, product manufacturers, merchandise distributors, fashion coordinators, and rock imitators, the latter of whom have yet to equal the sincerity, power, and wit of Nirvana.” ~ Kim Thayil

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