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Natalie MacMaster CM ONS is a Canadian fiddler from the rural community of Troy in Inverness County, Nova Scotia who plays Cape Breton fiddle music. MacMaster has toured with the Chieftains, Faith Hill, Carlos Santana, and Alison Krauss, and has recorded with Yo-Yo Ma. These Natalie MacMaster quotes will motivate you.

Best Natalie MacMaster Quotes

  1. “My uncle Buddy MacMaster is one of the greatest fiddlers Cape Breton has ever produced, and we’ve produced a lot of them! His fellow fiddlers owe him a huge debt, for he has greatly influenced and inspired all of us. He makes you want to dance; he can bring tears to your eyes. Anyone who likes Cape Breton fiddle – no, anyone who likes fiddling – needs to own this album” ~ Natalie MacMaster
  2. “I’ve been hearing fiddle music since I was in the womb, I’m sure.” ~ Natalie MacMaster
  3. “‘In My Hands,’ the title track, is my very first vocal attempt, and I’m not a singer as such. But I’ve always wanted to express myself vocally on my albums, and I don’t really have much of a capability for singing. The strength is in, I think, the lyrics and just speaking. It just comes from inside.” ~ Natalie MacMaster
  4. “Celtic music will always be around, even if with the mainstream crowds it dies out.” ~ Natalie MacMaster

  5. “It’s quite a job, so to speak when you can really be with your child for 21 out of 24 hours.” ~ Natalie MacMaster
  6. “When you return to the same area a few times, you get that frequent rapport with the public and the fans of the music along with having a certain warmth when you walk onstage.” ~ Natalie MacMaster
  7. “I love jazz and pop-rock and country. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Anne Murray – if I hear something really great I want to be a part of it.” ~ Natalie MacMaster
  8. “When I appear on stage, that’s my departure from Momhood – and I transform into Natalie MacMaster: the entertainer, the fiddler, the performer.” ~ Natalie MacMaster
  9. “I’m very proud to say that Buddy MacMaster is my uncle. He gives credibility to what I do and I’m glad I can carry that MacMaster name because he has created such a good name.” ~ Natalie MacMaster

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