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These music industry quotes will inspire you. The music industry consists of the individuals and organizations that earn money by writing songs and musical compositions, creating and selling recorded music and sheet music, presenting concerts, as well as the organizations that aid, train, represent and supply music creators.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging music industry quotes, music industry sayings, and music industry proverbs.

Best Music Industry Quotes

  1. “The music industry has been hijacked by corporate interests, but the way music affects people and resonates with them hasn’t changed.” ~ Michael Franti
  2. “My hope for the future, not just in the music industry, but in every young girl I meet…is that they all realize their worth and ask for it.” ~ Taylor Swift
  3. “I really believe we in the music industry can work together to find a way to bond technology with integrity and just really hope we can teach the younger generation the value of investment in music rather than the ephemeral consumption of it.” ~ Taylor Swift
  4. “I don’t even know what words to use to talk about the music industry anymore. But the business has changed a lot – the methods of releasing music.” ~ Anthony Kiedis

  5. “Dre was one of my heros in the music industry. If he’s not down for his homeboys, I don’t wanna be a part of him or around him.” ~ Tupac Shakur
  6. “Coming into the music industry, even when I was a kid, one thing I learned is timing is everything. You being prepared is everything.” ~ Kelly Rowland
  7. “If you’re the biggest DJ in the world, you’re in a position where you can play stuff that people don’t know and blow people’s minds. But if you just chose to play stuff they know just to get a reaction, that’s just being lazy.” ~ John Digweed
  8. “The music industry can feel wonderful, but it can also feel very cold.” ~ Sara Bareilles

  9. “Don’t cheat yourself out of music. Music is one thing. The music business is another thing. Save enough of yourself to keep living anyway. Save enough joy in your heart to enjoy it. Let your reward be in the doing of it.” ~ Bill Withers
  10. “What’s up wit these new niggas? And why they think it all come so easy?” ~ Drake
  11. “You know, Steve Jobs came to the music industry and pitched them the idea and they kept shootin’ him down and shootin’ him down, and now he makes money off the whole music industry regardless. Which is a minor part of his empire, ’cause obviously it’s gadgets that make him all of his money. But regardless, he has basically monopolized the music game.” ~ Pitbull
  12. “I think too much of the music industry is for the lawyer and accountant mentality.” ~ Chuck D

  13. “When I got into the music industry, I wasn’t focused on being the most famous artist or even getting a major record deal. It was just to make music on my own terms or create my own image, do my own hair, do my own makeup.” ~ Janelle Monae
  14. “Make sure this [music industry] is what you love to do, and you can’t imagine doing anything else.” ~ Melanie Martinez
  15. “Humor is everything. Everything. Usually the negatives turned out to be the most positive for me. In the music industry, any other artist would have looked at the situation I was in and thought, “Oh man, this is not for me.” I looked at it more like Darwin exploring the Galápagos Islands. You know – survival of the fittest.” ~ Pitbull
  16. “One thing the music industry has taught me is to manage my expectations.” ~ Q-Tip

  17. “The music industry is an interesting lens through which to look at change, because it has had such a difficult time adjusting to the digital age.” ~ Jennifer Egan
  18. “Everything about the music industry takes away from you as an artist. They’re always wondering what the next thing is: ‘What do you have?’ It’s a very introverted process.” ~ Gary Allan
  19. “The primary role of the music industry is to have artists be heard above the rest. It’s a big needle in a haystack problem. The Internet has the service and tools to find the needle in a haystack.” ~ Ali Partovi
  20. “You have to think outside the box. The world is changing every day, the music industry is so different but I think the more creative you are the better.” ~ Orianthi

  21. “I always wanted to be a musician from when I was kid. It was always a massive dream of mine. School was also really really important to me and having an education was top of my priority. So I really wanted to have a degree before I tried anything in the music industry.” ~ Emeli Sande
  22. “We have learned the lesson that the music industry didn’t learn. Give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price – and they’ll more likely pay for it rather than steal it.” ~ Kevin Spacey
  23. “What I like about being independent [in the music industry] is that anybody who does play the album on the radio and anybody who does choose to write in the media does so because they want to, because they like it or because they find something interesting there, not because they have to.” ~ Ani DiFranco
  24. “While waiting for my visa, I got a job in the music industry, which was so exciting, it changed my life and stopped me moving.” ~ Nicki Chapman

  25. “I applied for three jobs in record companies and was offered all of them. I took the most glamorous-sounding job in the promotions department and it began my love affair with the music industry.” ~ Nicki Chapman
  26. “The music industry was invented, like, 100 years ago. I’m talking about the goddess Matangi, who invented music 5,000 years ago. She was the only thing that inspired me.” ~ M.I.A.
  27. “The music industry is a strange combination of having real and intangible assets: pop bands are brand names in themselves, and at a given stage in their careers their name alone can practically guarantee hit records.” ~ Richard Branson
  28. “I think that the people who put caps and the people who put genres on music are the people who are killing our music industry.” ~ Austin Carlile

  29. “The music industry’s very laid back while I’m very, very aggressive.” ~ Adam Kluger
  30. “The music industry doesn’t exist the way it used to. You’ll never have another star like the stars of the ’90s.” ~ Mika
  31. “I think you gotta always do things that keep you excited in an [rap music] industry that’s so bullshit. When you know that you have so much energy and so much to give, it would be a shame if the facilitators of that aren’t enthusiastic about you doing it, because you’ve been doing it for so long. So you just gotta figure out ways in this insane business to keep it fresh.” ~ Nas
  32. “I’ve worked with many powerful men in the music industry.” ~ Tori Amos

  33. “I would never get into the music industry per se, but listening to music really helps me to concentrate. It’s just a nice way for me to vibe and chill. There’s music for when you’re sad or happy or in love; there’s music for every moment in life.” ~ Haley Pullos
  34. “Sometimes people can get shitty, but you won’t last in music industry by taking things personally.” ~ Nick Murphy
  35. “I think after a few years and working on so many projects, you don’t get jaded but the level of your expectations is minimal, especially the way the music industry is today.” ~ Marco Mendoza
  36. “Moving to London was a culture shock, but in a really good way. I’m more aware now, and I’m less trusting of people in the music industry.” ~ Nina Nesbitt

  37. “I think it’s important to do things that you’re interested in. I think it’s important to have other outlets away from the music industry.” ~ Jason Aldean
  38. “I was like the roadie, I was carrying gear, checking things in at airports, making sure they had flowers backstage and interfacing with promoters who were sometimes really nice and sometimes a little seedy. It was a great apprenticeship, to be in the music industry.” ~ Annie E. Clark
  39. “The music industry itself is changing so quickly, that everything new, like Spotify, all feels to me a bit like a grand experiment. And I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t feel fairly compensates the writers, producers, artists, and creators of this music. And I just don’t agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free.” ~ Taylor Swift
  40. “Its just kind of known in the music industry that a farewell tour means for now.” ~ Nikki Sixx

  41. “I didnt have any knowledge of the music industry when I first got to L.A., and I really didnt know on a creative level what I wanted to sound like, so I had to do a lot of experimenting. It led to a spiral of depression and being broke.” ~ Skylar Grey
  42. “I think that I have grown a lot as an artist. I have been writing about my experiences of love and overcoming the struggles that I have faced in the music industry. I have so much more to tell my fans, and I know so much more about myself. It is crazy how much I have grown over these past years.” ~ Jessica Sanchez
  43. “I saw the ‘Popstars’ programme and to me it looked more like ‘Opportunity Knocks’ than the kind of cutting-edge postmoderism that The Guardian would like to have us believe it was. I think what it’s more about is the public and the music industry’s bloodlust. It’s just like someone itching to say ‘Oh, confound it all, let’s bring back hanging, that was good entertainment’.” ~ Luke Haines
  44. “Mick Jagger has produced some great films and brought us stories about the music industry that have changed the way we think about how music is made.” ~ Olivia Wilde

  45. “I think where it’s going is toward what the music industry is like, where channels will be considered more like labels that carry the type of TV show that you like, and then you’ll consume them however you can. For example, I don’t really watch Showtime, but I bought ‘Homeland,’ and I’ve been watching every episode on my iPad.” ~ Adam Pally
  46. “Sometimes it’s difficult because you like some regularity in your life, but never knowing who’s gonna pop up at what show, what person you might see that you don’t expect to see in that city, what problem you’re gonna have that night, even the problems at some of these venues, if you look at them the right way, it’s an adventure. You’re like a cowboy. That’s the best part about being in the music industry. You get your gun and you ride your horse.” ~ Colin Munroe
  47. “I think we have to change our thinking and the music industry has to shift and look at how people are acquiring their music now. They want it differently. They’re getting it in a different way and you just have to adjust.” ~ Warryn Campbell
  48. “Times are tough in the music industry, and now more than ever we need people like the team at Paste looking out for artists on the fringe of the mainstream.” ~ Cary Brothers

  49. “I’m fascinated with the attitude of younger rock bands, even ones that are making money at it. I don’t ever hear them talk about it as a “career.” It almost makes me think there isn’t even a music industry anymore, like an atom bomb fell and it was just eradicated forever.” ~ Travis Morrison
  50. “The music industry went through such a strange stretch in 1977, especially in this country, with the whole punk rock thing coming about. Punk was rebellious-and justified in that response-but it had very little to do with music, and so it created a highly-charged but frighteningly floundering atmosphere that I found very, very disheartening. Musical quality for me has always been an important part of rock’n’roll-and winning recognition for that has long been an uphill battle all the way. Punk seemed like rock’n’roll utterly without the music.” ~ Steve Winwood
  51. “Because you’re a woman, the music industry puts you in another corner. I want to be fighting with the men. I want to be amongst the men, topless, throwing things onstage.
    Pitchfork: Whe” ~ Lykke Li
  52. “The classical music industry, has been an industry of covers. So we do covers, and if I compare this with the rock and pop side, what is the most exciting event?” ~ Esa-Pekka Salonen

  53. “I had a period after touring the first record where I didn’t agree with the way things worked in the music industry as far as how you release music, demand, the pace of everything. You don’t know who’s talking to you. Who’s Spotify? Who’s iTunes? Who are all those bloggers? Who says I have to do this? Why do you have to do all this press? Why do I have to do so many shows? Why do I have to do a regular album right now? I don’t understand it.” ~ Lykke Li
  54. “I’d feel more of the pressures of daily life, obsessed about finding a job or love. Maybe I’ve taken these things for granted. I go through a lot of other things in the music industry, but “daily life” is a whole different war to fight.” ~ Nomi Ruiz
  55. “I think that every band is different, and in fact that’s one of the biggest problems with the old-school music industry is that… one band would be successful according to a certain approach, and then every other band in the label gets sent down the same tube.” ~ Emily Haines
  56. “The odds are so stacked against you to have a music career in a place where there’s virtually no music industry. So I always attribute it to God.” ~ Pharrell Williams

  57. “Some guys that know me from when I was a kid say “My son, oh he’s just like your father.” It’s just a natural part of our lives. But, within the music industry and within the industry of the critiques of music, where it becomes “Ziggy’s music is not as good as Bob’s music,” I don’t understand. But I don’t really pay much attention to that because I’m just expressing myself.” ~ Ziggy Marley
  58. “The music industry has always been a beast, which would eat you up and spit you out.” ~ Annie Lennox
  59. “When the film and music industries declined in the wake of increasingly conservative Muslim laws and social customs in Pakistan, many of these musicians found themselves out of work. They were brought together at Sachal Studios by Izzat Majeed, who built the studio in order to preserve these musical traditions.” ~ Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
  60. “I don’t think that the real enemy of the music industry is illegal downloading; I think the real enemy of the music industry is radio.” ~ Perez Hilton

  61. “New generations have unprecedented power to make great changes. Take the music business for example. The new generations have toppled the music industry by file sharing, downloading, and Myspace. Rock ‘n’ roll belongs to the people.” ~ Patti Smith
  62. “I want the music to be heard as close to when I made it, as much as possible. I don’t want to get into some “future of the music industry” thing, or where I stand on digital this or that, but I think it’s ridiculous that a lot of people in the industry plan so far ahead that it makes a lot of improvisation impossible and makes a lot of people’s expectations fixed and not fluid.” ~ Bradford Cox
  63. “We were the rebels of the music industry so we wanted to write a rebellious song.” ~ Brian Harvey

  64. “I think that when you’re making your way up in the music industry you have all these heroes and the reasons why they are your heroes. As soon as you get into the industry your guidelines change a little bit. For me, my heroes now are great people first and great artists second.” ~ Taylor Swift
  65. “When I watched American Idol, I always thought Simon was the most realistic. Simon’s like, It was absolutely horrid. That’s what they tell in the music industry.” ~ Toni Braxton

The music industry also includes a range of professionals who assist singers and musicians with their music careers.

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