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These mixing quotes will inspire you. Mixing combine or put together to form one substance or mass; or (of a person) associate with others socially.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging mixing quotes, mixing sayings, and mixing proverbs.

Best Mixing Quotes

  1. “When she goes about her kitchen duties, chopping, carving, mixing, whisking, she moves with the grace and precision of a ballet dancer, her fingers playing the food with the dexterity of a croupier.” ~ Craig Claiborne
  2. “April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain.” ~ T. S. Eliot
  3. “Mixing one’s wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably.” ~ Bertolt Brecht
  4. “Political image is like mixing cement. When it’s wet, you can move it around and shape it, but at some point it hardens and there’s almost nothing you can do to reshape it.” ~ Walter F. Mondale
  5. “One of the secrets to success is ideas mixed with inspiration” ~ Jim Rohn

  6. “And oil’s not supposed to mix with water. But then someone invented mayonnaise, and wham – instant mixing.” ~ Jackie Morse Kessler
  7. “We always did our own mixing.” ~ Stephen Malkmus
  8. “I love mixing amateurs and professionals.” ~ Lasse Hallstrom
  9. “But in my imagination, this whole thing developed and I started mixing up old folk songs with the Beatles beat and taking them down to Greenwich Village and playing them for the people there.” ~ Roger McGuinn
  10. “Having soon discovered to be great, I must appear so, and therefore studiously avoided mixing in society, and wrapped myself in mystery, devoting my time to fasting and prayer.” ~ Nat Turner

  11. “I love mixing up my genres.” ~ Rosanne Cash
  12. “But with The Dark Crystal, instead of puppetry we’re trying to go toward a sense of realism – toward a reality of creatures that are actually alive and we’re mixing up puppetry and all kinds of other techniques.” ~ Jim Henson
  13. “On close inspection, this device turned out to be a funereal juke box – the result of mixing Lloyd’s of London with the principle of the chewing gum dispenser.” ~ Cecil Beaton
  14. “But the idea of taking things and mixing them together is what I do in my music. I take hip-hop, R&B, pop, dance, funk and soul and mix it all together to get my own sound.” ~ Jennifer Lopez
  15. “I lost my hair mixing a substance called white gunpowder on the kitchen table.” ~ Mark Oliphant

  16. “The weapon of suicide bombing is so desperate that you aren’t even left with the possibility of taking revenge or punishing anyone; the terrorist is killed along with his victims, his blood mixing with theirs” ~ A. B. Yehoshua
  17. “My ears won’t fool me. Even when I do a session on digital, we still warm it up somewhere in the process, in mastering or mixing, running the signal through some tubes somewhere.” ~ Steve Cropper
  18. “The actual producing, mixing, and mastering is hard work, harder than what I do.” ~ Mandy Moore
  19. “I’m always interested in mixing technology and music. You know, maybe I’ll have a MIDI bass pickup at some point, I don’t really think that’s the direction I would want to go.” ~ Mike Gordon

  20. “Most electronic equipment uses the principle of amplification. You need filters, modulators and mixing equipment which have gain stages. By piling these components up, I was able to work without any sound generators and I made several pieces in that manner.” ~ David Tudor
  21. “I don’t want to promote my own image either. I don’t like going on television or mixing in literary circles.” ~ Antonio Tabucchi
  22. “We could ask artists from abroad to come in too, so that there could be a mixing and matching of skills from Europe, America and here which would widen our world.” ~ Siobhan Davies
  23. “It’s a pity that I can never really enjoy my movies because, after the mixing, your capacity as a spectator just disappears. I have to think about what I felt just before the mixing.” ~ Pedro Almodovar
  24. “All my movies are difficult to classify because they are very eclectic in mixing genres.” ~ Pedro Almodovar

  25. “I am actually wearing slacks on the show more than I ever have – it is now acceptable, and I like mixing it up.” ~ Mary Hart
  26. “How natural that the errors of the ancient should be handed down and, mixing with the principles and system which Christ taught, give to us an adulterated Christianity.” ~ Olympia Brown
  27. “The biggest obstacle was mixing abortion with overpopulation. These are two things that have nothing to do with each other.” ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau
  28. “The Greeks do not think correctly about coming-to-be and passing-away; for no thing comes to be or passes away, but is mixed together and dissociated from the things that are. And thus they would be correct to call coming-to-be mixing-together and passing-away dissociating” ~ Anaxagoras
  29. “I’m a little like Marco Polo, going around and mixing cultures.” ~ Gianni Versace

  30. “Paul has more, I think, of a feel for the stage. Whereas I have it more for the notes themselves. I love record making and mixing, arranging, producing. That I love. I love to make beautiful things, but I don’t like to perform.” ~ Art Garfunkel
  31. “Where I’ve arrived now is the product of mixing the very straight with the very exploratory; there’s a fine line between the two, although it tends to be getting straighter and straighter because my songwriting is getting better.” ~ Andy Partridge
  32. “A mother should give her children a superabundance of enthusiasm; that after they have lost all they are sure to lose on mixing with the world, enough may still remain to prompt fated support them through great actions.” ~ Augustus Hare
  33. “Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. While there are many theories of creativity, the only tenet they all share is that creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions. The best way to maximize differences is to mix ages, cultures, and disciplines.” ~ Nicholas Negroponte
  34. “When you work, work. When you play, play. Don’t mix the two.” ~ Jim Rohn

  35. “Doctors most commonly get mixed up between absence of evidence and evidence of abense” ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  36. “we are all given the ingredients of happiness, but the mixing is left to ourselves.” ~ Ethel M. Dell
  37. “There is no one who has cooked but has discovered that each particular dish depends for its rightness upon some little point which he is never told. It is not only so of cooking: it is so of splicing a rope; of painting a surface of wood; of mixing mortar; of almost anything you like to name among the immemorial human arts.” ~ Hilaire Belloc , Mixing quotes paint
  38. “It seems kind of silly, but it’s really nice to chill in the kitchen with a friend and bake. It relaxes me, and mixing is probably my favorite part.” ~ Lindsey Vonn
  39. “To be honest I don’t really know because I really didn’t care when I was writing about mixing up reality with what was not reality.” ~ Sophie Marceau

  40. “I think a lot of what goes into writing can be taught – not mixing metaphors, etc.” ~ Lydia Davis
  41. “Fusion is the future. The mixing of ideas. The two lunch tables working together. Humanity…we’re 1 people.” ~ Kanye West
  42. “Any combining, mixing, adding, diluting, exploiting, vulgarizing, or popularizing of abstract art deprives art of its essence and depraves the artist’s artistic consciousness. Art is free, but it is not a free-for-all.” ~ Donald Judd
  43. “I really like the bohemian look, and I’m a great fan of mixing vintage and modern.” ~ Kierston Wareing
  44. “The rush of creating sounds and mixing sounds is always an interesting challenge, especially for someone like me, who doesn’t know about sound.” ~ Hank Williams III

  45. “Life is a mixing of all kind of things: comedy and tragedy going together.” ~ Alejandro Jodorowsky
  46. “I make a lot of pots in a year’s time and some of them are good and some of them are mediocre and some of them are bad. If they’re really bad and I’d be ashamed of them, I throw them out, but if they’re mediocre and they’ll serve the purpose for which they’re designed, that is, a mixing bowl or a soup bowl or a plate or whatever, I sell them. And this income from the sale of these pots permits me to go on and make other pots. It’s even more important now that I’ve quit teaching, because I do not have a teacher’s salary to fall back on.” ~ Warren MacKenzie
  47. “Every inner touch, every one of its fingerprints on my brain, burned like acid. It shredded the walls of my soul like tissue paper, it clawed its way into my very center, I couldn’t tell anymore where it began and I ended. It poured into me like a river into the sea, mixing, melding, until we were one. One. For better or worse. Until death do us part.” ~ Rob Thurman
  48. “It’s very much to do with how I’m feeling … I love to be experimental and use eclectic mismatched things and put them together to see what third entity is created! I’m not really frightened by experimenting – that’s the main thing. I really like mixing very old beautiful pieces that are from thrift shops or that have some historical value with quite new futuristic things.” ~ Bat for Lashes
  49. “I had never felt the allure of another human being this strongly, warmth and curiosity mixing to form an unspoken question in the air.” ~ Lisa Kleypas

  50. “It’s all a part of this world where we’re all kind of mixing a lot, and… in that way we’re all a bit confused about who we are, where we belong, where’s home, and … who is important to us.” ~ Kalki Koechlin
  51. “My philosophy with my career is mostly to just mix it up with a little bit of everything in moderation. And that’s what makes my job so great, is that I get to constantly do different things, put on different hats, be different people, and mixing up the genre really lends itself to that.” ~ Aimee Teegarden
  52. “Mixing comes natural. I just ought to. not am I mixed to perfection, I have aptitude for art and colors.” ~ Rita Williams-Garcia , Mixing quotes colors
  53. “If I want to transform patriotism then I do not proceed in the slightest against the fine fact of the nation but against the mixing up of the nation and the state.” ~ Gustav Landauer

  54. “Everyone fixes up their face if it’s not ideal, you know? That’s because of the race-mixing. For example, a Russian marries an Armenian. They have a kid, a cute girl, but she has her dad’s nose. She goes and files it down a little, and it’s all good. Ethnicities are mixing now, so there’s degeneration, and it didn’t used to be like that. Remember how many beautiful women there were in the 1950s and 1960s, without any surgery? And now, thanks to degeneration, we have this.” ~ Valeria Lukyanova
  55. “If I give you two children films then come back and give you an adult film. I just love mixing it up and not being pegged into one specific thing.” ~ Martin Lawrence
  56. “During the summertime, I really like to dress like a gypsy. I love that whole lifestyle and the whole mixing of fabrics and flowy materials.” ~ Jennifer Stone
  57. “Socialists try to convince us that the tea becomes sweet not because of sugar, but because of mixing.” ~ Janusz Korwin-Mikke
  58. “Obama has become too dependent on formal speeches and set town halls. His idea of mixing it up is taking off his jacket.” ~ Dee Dee Myers

  59. “As I’ve matured, I’ve developed more confidence in pattern mixing and in having a slimmer fit and in taking some risks, and I enjoy it!” ~ Tim Gunn
  60. “I just grew up watching a lot of movies. I’m attracted to this genre and that genre, this type of story and that type of story. As I watch movies I make some version of it in my head that isn’t quite what I’m seeing – taking the things I like and mixing them with stuff I’ve never seen before.” ~ Quentin Tarantino
  61. “My favorite thing about decorating is mixing different periods and styles. If you have something that’s old, and you really do want to mix those styles, then you have to add something that’s obviously modern with it. You can’t put a kind of a mediocre thing in the middle.” ~ Nate Berkus
  62. “To read a lot of trash mixing the blood of war with business’s stench. To root out any happiness. To go out, and down, and on the road. To hesitate; to go on, and ahead, and back, and up the stairs, and in one’s room. On the way, to notice that the mountain is still there. To lie and sleep, deeply, heavily. To reproduce night’s sleep. To wake up, look through the window at green water, from the Bay to the mountain, and return to one’s self. To remember that war is devastating Irak. To feel pain.” ~ Etel Adnan
  63. “I plan on getting out there and mixing with the crowd. I want to show everyone what happens in Times Square not from a distance, but from right there in the crowd.” ~ Regis Philbin

  64. “The more Lord Maccon considered it, the more he grew to like the idea. Certainly, his imagination was full of pictures of what he and Alexia might do together once he got her home in a properly wedded state, but now those lusty images were mixing with others: waking up next to her, seeing her across the dining table, discussing science and politics, having her advice on points of pack controversy and BUR difficulties. No doubt she would be useful in verbal frays and social machinations, as long as she was on his side.” ~ Gail Carriger
  65. “…most of the time we were alone and mixing up our souls ever more and ever more till it would be terribly hard to say good-by.” ~ Jack Kerouac

Mixing to combine (two or more things) to make one thing that is the same throughout.

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