65 Lobster Quotes On Success In Life

These Lobster quotes will inspire you. Lobster, an animal that lives in the ocean and has a long body covered with a hard shell, two large claws, and eight legs, or its flesh when used as food.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Lobster quotes, Lobster sayings, and Lobster proverbs.

Best Lobster Quotes

  1. “When I get a chance to play golf or go on a boat with good people, take the boat out and put some lobsters on the grill, get the ice-cold beer and the cigars – that’s heaven here on earth.” ~ Bernie Mac
  2. “When life gives you lemons, order the lobster tail.” ~ Ziad K. Abdelnour
  3. “A lobster, when left high and dry among the rock, does not have the sense enough to work his way back to the sea, but waits for the sea to come to him. If it does not come, he remains where he is and dies, although the slightest effort would enable him to reach the waves, which are perhaps within a yard of him. The world is full of human lobsters; people stranded on the rocks of indecision and procrastination, who, instead of putting forth their own energies, are waiting for some grand billow of good fortune to set them afloat.” ~ Orison Swett Marden
  4. “The world is my lobster.” ~ Keith O’Neill

  5. “All of us are born with a set of instinctive fears – of falling, of the dark, of lobsters, of falling on lobsters in the dark, of speaking before a Rotary Club, and of the words “Some Assembly Required”.” ~ Dave Barry
  6. “A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands.” ~ Lord Byron
  7. “Europe’s the mayonnaise all right, but America supplies the good old lobster.” ~ D. H. Lawrence
  8. “I’m living on things that excite me, be they pastry, or lobster, or love…” ~ Jimmy Buffett

  9. “Luxurious lobster-nights, farewell, For sober, studious days!” ~ Alexander Pope
  10. “Books… are like lobster shells, we surround ourselves with ’em, then we grow out of ’em and leave ’em behind, as evidence of our earlier stages of development.” ~ Dorothy L. Sayers
  11. “I’m horrified of lobsters. And shrimp and lobsters are the cockroaches of the ocean.” ~ Brooke Burke
  12. “I’m really into food; it’s one of my favourite things – everything from potato waffles to lobster.” ~ Paloma Faith

  13. “CRAYFISH, n. A small crustacean very much resembling the lobster, but less indigestible.” ~ Ambrose Bierce
  14. “Why should a lobster be any more ridiculous than a dog? … or a cat, or a gazelle, or a lion, or any other animal one chooses to take for a walk? I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures. … Goethe had an aversion to dogs, and he wasn’t mad. They know the secrets of the sea, they don’t bark.” ~ Gerard De Nerval
  15. “Grilling outside with my parents at the Jersey shore. We would grill lobster and corn in the summer.” ~ Bobby Flay
  16. “Man needs to know but little more than a lobster in order to catch him in his traps.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  17. “Hey, we all have our fear. Mine is bugs and lobsters!” ~ Brooke Burke

  18. “Lobsters one of the only animals that have to put up with being alive in the restaurant. If you go to a steakhouse, folks – no cow tank.” ~ Richard Jeni
  19. “[A]ll the ingenious men, and all the scientific men, and all the fanciful men, in the world,… could never invent, if all their wits were boiled into one, anything so curious and so ridiculous as a lobster.” ~ Charles Kingsley
  20. “I love you more than anything in the world combined.” ~ Stephenie Meyer
  21. “I do not understand why, when I ask for grilled lobster in a restaurant, I’m never served a cooked telephone.” ~ Salvador Dali
  22. “I don’t eat friggin’ lobster or anything like that. Because they’re alive when you kill it.” ~ Nicole Polizzi

  23. “I’m a big fish eater. Salmon – I love salmon. My sister loves Chinese food and sushi and all that. I’m not as big of a fan, but she likes it so we eat it a lot. So I’m beginning to like it more. I don’t like the raw sushi. I liked the cooked crab and lobster and everything.” ~ Elle Fanning , Lobster quotes love
  24. “Lobsters displays all three of the classic biological characteristics of an insect, namely: 1. It has way more legs than necessary. 2. There is no way you would ever pet it. 3. It does not respond to simple commands such as “Here, boy!”” ~ Dave Barry
  25. “According to my mother, there pretty much wasn’t anything I wouldn’t eat as a child…. I was even inclined to dig into stuff about which she expressed open disgust… cheap Chinese food with pepper so hot it made your gums feel like a medieval dentist had been at them.” ~ Alice Domurat Dreger
  26. “I’m at the round table, where your seat at? Where your plate, where your lobster, where your sea bass?” ~ Gunplay

  27. “If you listen to a song and get an image in your head, and then you go home and watch mtv and the image they’re showing is the same as the one in your head, kill yourself. You’re better off coming back as a lobster.” ~ Lewis Black
  28. “What is the pattern that connects the crab to the lobster and the primrose to the orchid, and all of them to me, and me to you?” ~ Gregory Bateson
  29. “There must be hundreds of unsung heroes and heroines who first tasted strange things growing – and think of the man who first ate a lobster. This staggers the imagination. I salute him every time I take my nutcracker in hand and move the melted-butter pipkin closer.” ~ Gladys Taber
  30. “When I get through tearing a lobster apart, or one of those tender West Coast octopuses, I feel like I had a drink from the fountain of youth.” ~ Joseph Mitchell

  31. “I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank piña coladas. At sunset, we made love like sea otters. That was a pretty good day. Why couldn’t I get that day over and over and over?” ~ Bill Murray
  32. “the proper place to eat lobster … is in a lobster shack as close to the sea as possible. There is no menu card because there is nothing else to eat except boiled lobster with melted butter.” ~ Pearl S. Buck
  33. “There are a handful of barbecue seafood shacks on the beach at Hat Nai Yang, which is a fabulous place to have dinner. It’s very much run for locals and they serve the catch of the day, which might be lobster, white snapper or squid. It’s ridiculously reasonable, too.” ~ Tony Parsons
  34. “Lobster is not going to be as tasty with ice tea unless that ice tea is from Long Island.” ~ Heather McDonald

  35. “If you’re thinking of coming to America, this is what it’s like: you’ve got your Comfort Inn, you’ve got your Best Western, and you’ve got your Red Lobster where you eat. Everybody’s very fat, everybody’s very stupid and everybody’s very rude – it’s not a holiday programme, it’s the truth.” ~ Jeremy Clarkson , Red lobster quotes
  36. “Will you walk a little faster? said a whiting to a snail, “There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail! See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance: They are waiting on the shingle–will you come and join the dance?” ~ Lewis Carroll
  37. “In the light of what Proust wrote with so mild a stimulus, it is the world’s loss that he did not have a heartier appetite. On a dozen Gardiner’s Island oysters, a bowl of clam chowder, a peck of steamers, some bay scallops, three sauteed soft-shelled crabs, a few ears of fresh picked corn, a thin swordfish steak of generous area, a pair of lobsters, and a Long Island Duck, he might have written a masterpiece.” ~ A. J. Liebling
  38. “Doing abominations is against the law, particularly if the abominations are done while wearing a lobster bib.” ~ Woody Allen

  39. “Remember that a very good sardine is always preferable to a not that good lobster.” ~ Ferran Adria
  40. “Amazingly, we take for granted that instinct for survival, fear of death, must separate us from the happiness of pure and uninterpreted experience, in which body, mind, and nature are the same. This retreat from wonder, the backing away like lobsters into safe crannies, the desperate instinct that our life passes unlived, is reflected in proliferation without joy, corrosive money rot, the gross befouling of the earth and air and water from which we came.” ~ Peter Matthiessen
  41. “Leo waited while the fish centaur put away his supplies. Aphros’s lobster-claw horns kept swimming around in his thick hair, and Leo had to resist the urge to try and rescue them.” ~ Rick Riordan
  42. “If a lobster didn’t look like a sci-fi monster, people would be less able to drop him alive into boiling water.” ~ George Carlin

  43. “Thanksgiving dinner’s sad and thankless. Christmas dinner’s dark and blue. When you stop and try to see it From the turkey’s point of view. Sunday dinner isn’t sunny. Easter feasts are just bad luck. When you see it from the viewpoint of a chicken or a duck. Oh how I once loved tuna salad Pork and lobsters, lamb chops too Till I stopped and looked at dinner From the dinner’s point of view.” ~ Shel Silverstein
  44. “Hey, the bait is here. Get in Quebecers, get in the lobster trap, and then we’ll close the door. And you’ll have a referendum no matter what.” ~ Philippe Couillard
  45. “I’d like to think they’re staring at me because of my white-hot animal magnetism, but I’m not Elvis. I’m Lobster Boy, hear me roar.” ~ Richard Kadrey
  46. “He looks much more like a lobster than most lobsters do.” ~ P. G. Wodehouse

  47. “I’m a menace to society,
    But girls in biker shorts are so fly to me.
    After the date, I’mma want to do the wild thing…
    You’re talkin’ lobster? I’m thinkin’ Burger King.” ~ Ice Cube
  48. “I went into a restaurant one night and ordered lobster, and the waiter brought me one with a claw missing. I called him over and told him about it. He told me that in the back there’s a tank they keep the lobsters in and while they’re in there, they fight and sometimes one loses a claw. I told him ‘then bring me a winner.'” ~ Al McGuire
  49. “Every animal on the planet attracts mates with the goal of reproduction. Frogs swell their bodies. Male gorillas beat their chests. Have you ever watched a male lobster rise up on the tips of his legs and snap his claws, demanding female attention? Attraction is the first element of all animal reproduction, humans included” ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
  50. “I’m very sentimental about lobsters. The last lobster I ate was the only lobster I cooked.” ~ Ann Patchett

  51. “A lobster bisque ought to be the crowning glory of the potager. And this one was excellent. Silky as a gigolo’s compliment and fishy as a chancellor’s promise.” ~ A. A. Gill
  52. “When you serve lobster, you’ve taken a being’s life away. Therefore if you create a recipe, you have to be very dedicated to elevate the lobster, to make it good and tasty of course, but at the end of the day it’s a matter of paying homage.” ~ Eric Ripert
  53. “My respect and empathy towards animals includes sea dwellers too–from dolphins to fish to lobsters. So, of course, I wouldn’t dream of eating them.” ~ Alexandra Paul
  54. “Raw lobster tail, freeze dried, is amazing.” ~ Nathan Myhrvold

  55. “The thing that has been weighing on my mind this week is that I wanted to go and save all the little live lobsters in restaurants and throw them back in the ocean. Imagine me being arrested for that.” ~ Drew Barrymore
  56. “I had always felt that mittens were a few steps back on the evolutionary scale– why, I wondered, would we want to make ourselves into a less agile version of lobster.” ~ David Levithan
  57. “Poetry is not efficient. If you want to learn how to cook a lobster, it’s probably best not to look to poetry. But if you want to see the word lobster in all its reactant oddity, its pied beauty, as if for the first time, go to poetry. And if you want to know what it’s like to be that lobster in the pot, that’s in poetry too.” ~ Dean Young
  58. “Each of us, when our day’s work is done, must seek our ideal, whether it be love or pinochle or lobster à la Newburg, or the sweet silence of the musty bookshelves.” ~ O. Henry

  59. “As much as “The Lobster” feels like a world we recognize but not the world we live in, it’s all drawn in an allegorical way from all the systems that exist.” ~ Colin Farrell
  60. “We constantly see surveys that reveal this ignorance, especially among our high school students,78 percent of whom, in a recent nationwide multiple-choice test, identified Abraham Lincoln as ‘a kind of lobster.’ That’s right: more than three quarters of our nation’s youth could not correctly identify the man who invented the telephone.” ~ Dave Barry
  61. “the more i live, the more i realize what strange creatures human beings are. some of them might just as well have a hundred legs, like a centipede, or six, like a lobster. the human consistency and dignity one has been led to expect from one’s fellow-man seem actually non-existent. one doubts if they exist to any startling degree even in oneself.” ~ D. H. Lawrence
  62. “the bad is more easily perceived than the good. A fresh lobster does not give such pleasure to the consumer as a stale one will give him pain.” ~ Rebecca West

  63. “If you see a thing that looks like a cross between a flying lobster and the figure of Abraxas on a Gnostic gem, do not pay it the least attention, never mind where it is; just keep quiet and hope it will go away – for that’s your best chance; you have none in a stand-up fight with a good thorough-going African insect.” ~ Mary Kingsley
  64. “Seafood was always my favorite food. I mean, fried lobster? Come on. Once I found out shrimp, scallops and lobster were my allergic triggers, I had to change my diet.” ~ Adrian Peterson
  65. “A typical Irish dinner would be: cream flavored with lobster, cream with bits of veal in it, green peas and cream, cream cheese, cream flavored with strawberries.” ~ Nancy Mitford

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