65 Down To Earth Quotes On Success In Life

These down to earth quotes will inspire you. Down to earth, practical and direct in dealing with people.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging down to earth quotes, down to earth sayings, and down to earth proverbs.

Best Down To Earth Quotes

  1. “I’m very much down to earth, just not this earth.” ~ Karl Lagerfeld
  2. “I enjoy real people, down-to-earth people who are true to themselves and honest to your face – good or bad.” ~ Christina Aguilera
  3. “I am so glad that I get to maintain a relatively down-to-earth lifestyle.” ~ Evangeline Lilly
  4. “The same eye cannot both look up to heaven and down to earth.” ~ John Brown

  5. “I make sure I always surround myself with good, down to earth, fun, real people, who always keep me grounded.” ~ Sean Kingston
  6. “A person who keeps always his profile down-to-earth doesn’t have to worry with those who surround or who to go around for he is likely to get only those who are of his ilk and the real worth on the ground.” ~ Anuj
  7. “Down to earth advice about the path that leads away from the kingdom of the hollow men.” ~ Sam Keen
  8. “I’m so down to earth, I’m bringing gravity back.” ~ Tinie Tempah

  9. “I am just a person who is human, down to earth enjoying life.. whatever god blesses you with. Enjoying life for me is just normal.” ~ Mohamed Al-Fayed
  10. “I certainly never get above my station – my family would soon slap me back down to earth.” ~ Sheridan Smith
  11. “In normal life people say, ‘You’re so different than on stage!’ Offstage I’m down to earth, simple and a very goofy girl… I like to make goofy faces, be dorky and not take things too seriously. I just love to laugh.” ~ Nicole Scherzinger
  12. “We’re in this world to bring heaven down to earth.” ~ Bo Sanchez

  13. “I haven’t left the house without a packet of Kleenex in my back pocket for as long as I can remember. Whenever I start thinking I’m incredibly cool, the packet of Kleenex in my back pocket brings me right back down to earth.” ~ Josh Radnor
  14. “People are surprised at how down-to-earth I am. I like to stay home on Friday nights and listen to ‘The Art of Happiness’ by the Dalai Lama.” ~ Carmen Electra
  15. “Someone once told me that something they really liked about me was that they thought that I was really down to earth and not high-maintenance. I think that was cool. It’s important to stay grounded.” ~ Victoria Justice , Stay down to earth quotes
  16. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” ~ Wayne Gretzky

  17. “I have always tried to write in a simple way, using down-to-earth and not abstract words.” ~ Georges Simenon
  18. “I like spiritual songs. They struck me as truthful and serious. They brought me down to earth and they lifted me up all in the same moment.” ~ Bob Dylan
  19. “I think the biggest misconception about me is people really don’t know who I really am. They see the party side of me, they see the crazy side of me. But I also have a laid-back side. You know, I’m chill, down to earth. If you want to grab a cup of coffee and just talk about life, I can do that.” ~ Nicole Polizzi
  20. “I like down-to-earth people.” ~ Amos Lee

  21. “I tend to go for women with common sense. Being down to earth stands out more than looks.” ~ Sean William Scott , Being down to earth quotes
  22. “It’s a horrible idea that God, this paragon of wisdom and knowledge, power, couldn’t think of a better way to forgive us our sins than to come down to Earth in his alter ego as his son and have himself hideously tortured and executed so that he could forgive himself.” ~ Richard Dawkins
  23. “Mathematics are the result of mysterious powers which no one understands, and which the unconscious recognition of beauty must play an important part. Out of an infinity of designs a mathematician chooses one pattern for beauty’s sake and pulls it down to earth.” ~ Marston Morse
  24. “I mean, I grew up with pretty down-to-earth, atheist parents, but I was born a Pisces.” ~ Melissa Auf der Maur

  25. “Lynda Carter, I think the reason I liked her was because she was so down to earth. Even though she was a big star and she was Miss America, she was very approachable.” ~ Thuy Trang
  26. “We think the whole world’s going to change, and forget that human beings are still human beings; we have the same five senses, we still interact the same way, we still love and hate the same way, but marketers lose track of that. But then it comes down to earth.” ~ Michael K. Powell
  27. “I grew up believing my sister was from the planet Neptune and had been sent down to Earth to kill me. I believed this because my sister Emily convinced me of it when I was a toddler. I think she’d seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers and her imagination ran away with her. There’s a part of me that still believes it.” ~ Zooey Deschanel
  28. “I think I’m pretty down to earth.” ~ Lindsay Davenport

  29. “Of course, Behaviourism ‘works’. So does torture. Give me a no-nonsense, down-to-earth behaviourist, a few drugs, and simple electrical appliances, and in six months I will have him reciting the Athanasian Creed in public.” ~ W. H. Auden
  30. “I’d like to quit the supernatural roles and play just an interesting, down-to-earth person.” ~ Bela Lugosi
  31. “My family are very down-to-earth people. We are not showbizzy at all.” ~ Gemma Arterton
  32. “I grew up believing my sister was from the planet Neptune and had been sent down to Earth to kill me.” ~ Zooey Deschanel
  33. “I’m very down-to-earth and accessible, I think.” ~ Juliette Binoche

  34. “After my tour I had time to stay at home, be with my boyfriend and hang out with friends and that brought me down to earth and helped me write music from a more relaxed place.” ~ Adam Lambert
  35. “Love is down to earth and it reaches to the highest star; it is the valey of humility and the mopuntaintop of ecstasy.” ~ Wilferd Peterson
  36. “We’ve stayed really normal and down to Earth I think, and haven’t let the success thing go to our head.” ~ Ashley Olsen
  37. “Off the field I’m down to earth. I’m a very caring person. I’m a very giving person.” ~ Terrell Owens

  38. “People are always surprised when they spend time with my children by how normal they are. They’re polite. They’re well mannered. They’re very down to earth, in a way.” ~ Donatella Versace
  39. “If you’re in a band or think of yourself as a slightly creative person, you can get quite self-indulgent, so sometimes it’s nice to have those people who bring you down to earth, but in a pleasant way.” ~ Jarvis Cocker
  40. “If you want to do a movie about aliens coming down to Earth nowadays, you need to do it with a smile.” ~ Sune Rose Wagner
  41. “I like girls that are down to earth, just like to have fun, and be themselves.” ~ Jacob Latimore

  42. “Cher is really down-to-earth, very nurturing, incredibly funny and fun, a great storyteller, and creates a great environment on the set.” ~ Steve Antin
  43. “Nothing is more beautiful than a beautiful girl who does not pretend to be something she is not. A girl who is down to earth and lets no guy define who she is.” ~ Wiz Khalifa
  44. “You know, people always talk about how Jesus came down to Earth as a human being. He became a human being, But no one ever takes into account what that means.” ~ David Javerbaum
  45. “Imagination can help you reach into the heavens to grasp an idea, bring it down to earth, and make it work.” ~ Walter Farley

  46. “The people in Miami are so different from anywhere else I’ve been in America. They’re so down to earth, really friendly, and quite self-effacing, with a good sense of humor. I’m not saying other parts of America don’t have a sense of humor, but Miami maybe has to have a really good sense of humor for lots of different reasons, and it works. It works for me.” ~ Tracey Emin
  47. “People want to know everything, and so they put you in the limelight. Sometimes, I am not down to earth, and I think I am flying away from the outer realms of reality.” ~ Karl Lagerfeld
  48. “Insecurity prevents young artists from ‘flying’ and older artists from being ‘down to earth.’ Young artists should work on their confidence and the older ones on their humility.” ~ Igor Babailov
  49. “Nonchalance is the ability to remain down to earth when everything else is up in the air.” ~ Earl Wilson

  50. “You’re in the public eye and you get treated better than royalty, and then you’re dropped down to earth with nothing. You may not have any money for rent, and you have no friends because they all think you’re big and famous now.” ~ David Oakes
  51. “Through prayer you can gather the riches of heaven and bring them down to earth…you can delight in the beauty of heaven and carry it in your heart…you can enjoy the fellowship of heaven and walk in it throughout the day.” ~ Roy Lessin
  52. “Happiness does not fall out of the blue and dreams will not come true by themselves. We need to be down-to-earth and work hard. We should uphold the idea that working hard is the most honorable, noblest, greatest and most beautiful virtue.” ~ Xi Jinping
  53. “The sun is coming down to earth, and the fields and the waters shout to him golden shouts.” ~ George Meredith

  54. “Through our science we have created magnificent spacecrafts and telescopes to explore the night and the light and the half light. We have made visible things that are invisible to the unaided eye. We have brought the dreamy heavens down to Earth, held them in the mind’s eye. Our explorations have produced a vast archive of remarkable astronomical images… The riches are too many for choices, the revelations beautiful and dreadful. Who can look at these images and not be transformed? The heavens declare God’s glory.” ~ Chet Raymo
  55. “Every time a good child dies, an angel of God comes down to earth. He takes the child in his arms, spreads out his great white wings, and flies with it all over the places the child loved on earth. The angel plucks a large handful of flowers, and they carry it with them up to God, where the flowers bloom more brightly than they ever did on earth.” ~ Hans Christian Andersen
  56. “Because of his compassion Owen was always in trouble with his partners. They would have much preferred a tough, down-to-earth manager who would get a days work out of the little bastards.” ~ John Kenneth Galbraith
  57. “I think people respond to me as a down-to-Earth, girl-next-door person, because I am one of those people. That’s something I don’t have to act very hard at.” ~ Elizabeth Banks

  58. “We should’ve been better, more disciplined. We made untimely mistakes defensively, as a group. This is really humbling for us. After winning the Stanley Cup, we got brought back down to earth, hard. Maybe the humbling is good for us in the long run.” ~ Steve Yzerman , Humble down to earth quotes
  59. “God is still in the business of coming down to earth: to this cubicle, this email, this room, this house, this job, this hospital room, this car, this bed, this vacation. Any place can become Bethel, the house of God. Cleveland, maybe. Or the chair you’re sitting in as you read these words.” ~ John Ortberg
  60. “I feel like a lot of famous people think that they’re doing a good thing by being kind. They’re like, “Hey, I could be an asshole, but I’m not! Isn’t it so cool that I’m so down to earth?” Like, No, you’re not!” ~ Miley Cyrus
  61. “Name one practical, down-to-earth effect of spirituality,” said the skeptic who was ready for an argument. “Here’s one,” said the Master. “When someone offends you, you can raise your spirits to heights where offenses cannot reach.” ~ Anthony de Mello
  62. “If the public likes you, you’re good. Shakespeare was a common, down-to-earth writer in his day.” ~ Mickey Spillane

  63. “If somebody can create an absolute system of beliefs and rules of conduct that will guide a business man at eleven o’clock in the morning, a boy trying to select a career, a woman in an unhappy love affair–well then, surely no pragmatist will object. He insists only that philosophy shall come down to earth and be tried out there.” ~ Walter Lippmann
  64. “I’ve chosen a life that’s so different from everybody else’s that it cuts me off from them. Practically everybody I know treats me like a guest celebrity. Of course it’s my own fault. I feel so damn alone sometimes, I feel like I could just float away into the stratosphere and everybody would stand there looking up at me and not one would haul me back down to earth. No ropes.” ~ Jordan Mechner
  65. “One thing I’ve found that’s really helpful in our relationship is that she’s [Anna Faris] very normal. And I don’t mean ordinary – I mean, she doesn’t act like a big star or a comic icon or anything like that. She’s really down-to-earth and sweet, and we do talk about comedy, about movies, about our careers and possible projects.” ~ Chris Pratt

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