65 Lionel Messi Quotes On Success In Life

These Lionel Messi quotes will inspire you. Lionel Andrés Messi also known as Leo Messi, is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and captains the Argentina national team.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Lionel Messi quotes, Lionel Messi sayings, and Lionel Messi proverbs.

Best Lionel Messi Quotes

  1. “The best way to stop Messi is when you play with 11 men and then you can double mark him, one player to stay on him and the other to help out. If it is 11 against 10 then you have almost no chance of stopping him.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  2. “Who is the Best Player in the World? Leo Messi. Who is the Best Player Ever? Leo Messi!” ~ Arsene Wenger
  3. “Messi scores a goal and celebrates. Cristiano scores a goal and poses like he’s in a shampoo commercial.” ~ Diego Maradona
  4. “Messi is the Mozart of football.” ~ Zinedine Zidane

  5. “He’s a lucky guy Cristiano, he always gets first-row tickets to see Messi win his awards.” ~ Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  6. “Messi does not need his right foot, though. He only uses the left and he’s still the best in the world! Imagine if he also used his right foot… Then we would have serious problems!” ~ Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  7. “I think I respect everyone votes and everyone must respect my votes. My vote in 2015 was for [Lionel] Messi because, for me, he had an amazing season and he deserved to win.” ~ Neymar
  8. “Everyone knows Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi, not only me, but for some, it’s hard to recognize that.” ~ Didier Drogba
  9. “I can’t believe anyone can have played the game of football as well as Messi.” ~ Michael Owen

  10. “Every time he plays, Leo Messi reminds me more of Maradona, both left-footed and short, Messi is the best player in the world, along with Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo. For us it is not a surprise. Since he began to come and train with us and we knew we would go down this path. Someday I will explain that I was at the birth of one of the footballing greats: Leo Messi.” ~ Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
  11. “Messi is class. There is him, and then there is the rest. What he does is extraordinary.” ~ Franck Ribery
  12. “There is no doubt about it, Messi’s clearly the best player in the world. He’s a phenomenon who has already won everything but is still hungry for more. His humbleness only makes him greater.” ~ Marco van Basten
  13. “Messi is a genius. He has everything. When I watch him, I see a player who is very, very skillful, very clever and his left foot is like Diego Maradona’s.” ~ Franz Beckenbauer
  14. “It is clear that Messi is on a level above all others. Those who do not see that are blind.” ~ Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

  15. “Without Messi, there isn’t a team for Argentina, Messi is brilliant, different, with a strong mentality. Let’s hope he doesn’t change.” ~ Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
  16. “Cristiano is better than Messi, without a doubt. He’s more of an all-round player” ~ Usain Bolt
  17. “Christiano knows English, Messi knows football” ~ Fabio Capello
  18. “Messi is God, as a person and even more as a player. I knew him when he was a boy and I’ve watched him grow. He deserves it all.” ~ Samuel Eto’o
  19. “There’s only one that is a little stronger than me: Messi. All the others are behind me.” ~ Mario Balotelli

  20. “Leo Messi is a spectacular player, there is nobody else like him. I should not because I have suffered so much in training. I think he is the best forward at the moment and I think he will be so for many more years. He has his feet on the ground.” ~ Carles Puyol
  21. “I’ve seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentinian football and his name is Messi… He’s a leader and is offering classes in beautiful football.” ~ Diego Maradona
  22. “I have played against (Michel) Platini, (Diego) Maradona, (Johan) Cruyff and played with George Best — a lot of big names, but none of them has been able to do what Messi does. Two years ago I said that the best player I played against was Maradona and the best player I have played with was Bestie. But I can now say I have never seen a player as good as Messi. He’s in a league of his own.” ~ John Terry
  23. “Once they said they can only stop me with a pistol but today you need a machine gun to stop Messi.” ~ Hristo Stoichkov

  24. “It’s not easy, being the best at what he does but still having the humility and desire to be close to those around him. In private, Messi is a great leader, a great captain. Usually, the best in any area see things differently but in this case, Leo is still an ordinary person and that makes our relationship work. He’s the leader of ARG, he has helped us to reach two finals in one year. I have great respect for Messi the person and player.” ~ Javier Mascherano
  25. “There are 3 or 4 important things in life: Books, Friends, Women…and Messi” ~ Antonio Lobo Antunes
  26. “If Messi is the best on the planet, Ronaldo is the best in the universe.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  27. “Was it a game of #UCL or was Messi in a Play Station game? Impossible! If he scores 6 goals, can he take home 2 balls?” ~ Radamel Falcao

  28. “Once he’s on the run, Messi is unstoppable. He’s the only player who can change direction at such a pace.” ~ Frank Rijkaard
  29. “Ronaldinho is better than Cristiano Ronaldo, but neither are as good as Leo Messi.” ~ Antonio Cassano
  30. “I prefer that Argentina wins the World Cup. Messi deserves it for all he has done in football. He’s my friend, I wish him the best” ~ Neymar
  31. “We should not compare humans to God, but Messi is a godly player.” ~ Franz Beckenbauer
  32. “Messi could be the best player in the world – if he was human.” ~ Carlos Queiroz

  33. “It’s not that difficult to play well and win titles in a team like Barcelona, but it’s in the national side where you see a player’s true class. That was the case with figures like Pele, Diego Maradona, and Zinedine Zidane. With Spain, Iniesta has shown that he is among the best players of all time and that’s why I rate him higher than Messi or Ronaldo. Even though the latter two have incredible scoring records for their clubs, they still haven’t won anything with Argentina or Portugal respectively.” ~ Boris Becker
  34. “Messi doesn’t have to do it in the Premier League to prove himself. The Champions League is the ultimate club competition. If he was in the Premier League, he’d be the best player by some distance.” ~ Gary Lineker
  35. “I was a big fan of Maradona growing up and of the current crop Ronaldo is good but Messi is the best I’ve ever seen. I don’t dish out praise lightly but Messi deserves it. I look for weaknesses in his game and I can’t find them.” ~ Roy Keane
  36. “For the world of football, Messi is a treasure because he is role model for children around the world… Messi will be the player to win the most Ballons d’Or in history. He will win five, six, seven. He is incomparable. He’s in a different league.” ~ Johan Cruijff
  37. “It has been an honor to be the coach of the best player (Messi) I have ever seen and probably the best I will see.” ~ Pep Guardiola

  38. “Fella’s a genius. Best ever by a distance in my lifetime. Never really saw Pele… Souness, Gullit, Venables, and now Rooney agree Messi is the best they have seen. He plays a game with which we are not familiar.” ~ Gary Lineker , Lionel Messi quotes life
  39. “I wear the number 10 Jersey for the US National Team in honor of the greatest athlete I have ever seen: Messi.” ~ Kobe Bryant
  40. “Although he may not be human, it’s good that Messi still thinks he is.” ~ Javier Mascherano
  41. “For me, Lionel Messi is quite clearly the best player ever. It’s a pleasure to put myself against him and when I finish my career it’s something I can look back on and know I’ve tested myself against the very best.” ~ John Terry
  42. “If he continues like this then I think Messi will be the best player in the history of football.” ~ Xavi

  43. “I knew it was my time to retire when I saw Messi running past me.” ~ David Beckham
  44. “Even from when Lionel Messi was very young I could see that he was a great player. A lot of people spoke about him, and then when I saw him myself for the first time I could see the amazing quality that he had. I didn’t teach him anything – he had enough quality himself.” ~ Ronaldinho
  45. “If Messi is the best in the world, it’s only because Cristiano is from another planet.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  46. “Lionel Messi is the most amazing player I have ever seen.” ~ Harry Redknapp

  47. “Messi and Neymar will create beauty – just like Picasso’s paintbrush. I still believe Messi is the best in the world. He has a special magic and is more of a team player than Cristiano. Never before has there been such a difference between the King and the next.” ~ Cesar Luis Menotti
  48. “Lionel Messi is very much the team player, while Cristiano is very ego-driven.” ~ Jurgen Klinsmann
  49. “Messi and the Brazilian come up to Rafinha and say “you’re one of us now kid”” ~ Ray Hudson
  50. “I think Ashley Young is world-class, Id put him in a bracket with Lionel Messi and Ronaldo” ~ Martin O’Neill

  51. “Messi is the best in the world. Cristiano is a goalscorer. Messi is more talented, more complete, tactically, and football-wise. Cristiano isn’t doing those runs anymore like at United. Messi takes more part in the game, I’d always prefer him in my team.” ~ Cesc Fabregas
  52. “Messi not scoring? Great players aren’t only great because of goals. If they don’t score, they offer goals to teammates” ~ Bernd Schuster
  53. “Messi is the best player on the planet and he keeps on improving at Barça, now the best team in the world. What Messi does on and off the pitch is an inspiration for children who dream of becoming a footballer.” ~ Novak Djokovic
  54. “Messi is the number one. No other player is close to him.” ~ Diego Simeone

  55. “Ronaldinho is better than Cristiano Ronaldo, but neither are as good as Leo Messi. He holds numerous records, such as the most goals scored in a single La Liga season and the most goals scored in a calendar year. I’m more worried about being a good person than being the best football player in the world. He has everything. We must protect him.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  56. “They tell me that all men are equal in God’s eyes, this player (Messi) makes you seriously think about those words.” ~ Ray Hudson
  57. “I think about the great players with whom I have shared a pitch: Eric Cantona, Zinedine Zidane, Pirlo, Xavi, Cristiano Ronaldo – and the greatest of them all is Messi.” ~ Paul Scholes
  58. “There is only one player who is doing things that I could never do – and that is Messi.” ~ Francesco Totti

  59. “Cristiano reminds me of German tennis player Michael Stich. He was destined to make history, but then Boris Becker showed up. Cristiano is so fast, so strong, so incredible, but he has one problem: Leo Messi.” ~ Jurgen Klopp
  60. “My ideal trident would be myself alongside Rooney and Messi. They are the players who make me dream – not Cristiano.” ~ Carlos Tevez
  61. “Cristiano is an explosive type of player, with great technique, but he’s still not as gifted as Messi in my opinion. Messi is more of a genius than Cristiano. Cristiano is so strong physically, so powerful, but Messi has more creativity.” ~ Fabio Capello
  62. “Messi or Ronaldo? I prefer Messi because he is more of a street player.” ~ Vicente del Bosque

  63. “Messi won 3 Ballons d’Or and is competing for another one. He will be the best player in the world until he retires.” ~ Sergio Aguero
  64. “Messi is the great player of this generation like there were great players in other generations.” ~ Michel Patini
  65. “Messi alone is more dangerous than Real Madrid’s attacking trio Ronaldo, Benzema, and Bale.” ~ Diego Simeone

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