65 Messenger Quotes On Success In Life

These messenger quotes will inspire you. Messenger, a person who carries a message or is employed to carry messages or one who bears a message or does an errand.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging messenger quotes, messenger sayings, and messenger proverbs.

Best Messenger Quotes

  1. “August, the summer’s last messenger of misery, is a hollow actor.” ~ Henry Rollins
  2. “Don’t blame the messenger because the message is unpleasant.” ~ Ken Starr
  3. “A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men.” ~ Martin Farquhar , Messenger quotes love
  4. “That is what the intuition is for: it is the direct messenger of the soul.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

  5. “Tupper Ali forced us to take a look at ourselves. This brash young man who thrilled us, angered us, confused and challenged us, ultimately became a silent messenger of peace who taught us that life is best when you build bridges between people, not walls.” ~ Billy Crystal
  6. “I was a bicycle messenger when Alkaline Trio was formed as a way to make ends meet before the band became a career, and I’ve just always been a cyclist – I BMX’d, and then I got really into – through messengering – I got really into road bikes and fixed gears, which I still have.” ~ Matt Skiba
  7. “Man is a messenger who forgot the message.” ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel
  8. “I stood in front of a mountain and was overwhelmed by the beauty and energy; I had goosebumps. I thought, if I could record this feeling, go back home and pour it out again so other people can have that feeling, this I would want to be my work. I knew it was acting – I wanted to be like a messenger or medium.” ~ Vicky Krieps
  9. “I’m just the messenger here. I’m just another representative of my faith, so to speak.” ~ Stephen Baldwin

  10. “Music doesn’t come out of you, it comes through you. You are almost like a messenger.” ~ Kamasi Washington
  11. “When I was 13, I remember crying on my mum’s shoulder when my first girlfriend dumped me via MSN Messenger. That was cold.” ~ Conor Maynard
  12. “Every time you log in to Facebook, every time you click on your News Feed, every time you Like a photo, every time you send anything via Messenger, you add another data point to the galaxy they already have regarding you and your behavior.” ~ Jon Evans
  13. “I became the messenger who had to be killed.” ~ Anita Hill

  14. “Nitric oxide is a key biological messenger within the body. When released by the cells lining your arteries, it makes the walls of the arteries relax, allowing more blood to flow.” ~ Michael Greger
  15. “My job is to take the pictures, communicate a message, to bring those images to the greater public through whatever publication I’m working for. My job is really to be a messenger, and that’s what I’ve been doing.” ~ Lynsey Addario
  16. “India is a country that has no direct interests in some areas of global conflict. It has very good relations with countries in conflict or countries facing difficult security situations, and I believe Indian diplomacy is very well received. India is a bridge-builder, an honest broker, and a messenger of peace.” ~ Antonio Guterres , Messenger quotes peace
  17. “Getting to do what I think was my fifth BBC drama with Nikki Amuka-Bird – we’ve done ‘Shoot The Messenger,’ ‘Five Days,’ ‘The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency,’ ‘Born Equal’ and now ‘Small Island’ – was another highlight for me. And filming in Jamaica was great, too.” ~ David Oyelowo
  18. “I worked a little as a messenger on a bicycle and then decided to study photography and film.” ~ Ori Gersht

  19. “I think of myself as a catalyst of action and a messenger of hope, turning people onto themselves and turning people onto their dreams.” ~ Les Brown
  20. “I used to wait tables at Gladstone’s, a seafood restaurant, day in and day out. I made some of my best friends there. I taught dance and acting lessons to kids. It was awesome – an outreach program, Voices Unheard. I was a messenger for a couple of months.” ~ Sufe Bradshaw
  21. “I think there are a lot of hurdles between a normal consumer brand figuring out their mobile strategy – let alone their chat app strategy – and programming a Facebook Messenger chatbot.” ~ Harper Reed
  22. “For the most part, Islam is about peace. It’s dealing with submission to the most high. Mohammed is a prophet, a messenger. But at the same time, we’ll fight in the name of Allah. We’re not going to let you disrespect our prophet.” ~ Ghostface Killah
  23. “I enjoy being the messenger for God in terms of letting people know about HIV and AIDS.” ~ Magic Johnson

  24. “I try to be a truthful artist and I try to show a level of courage. I enjoy that. I’m a messenger.” ~ Jeff Koons
  25. “I always want to be a messenger, a person that, you know, that’s not afraid to pass on wisdom.” ~ Mary J. Blige
  26. “People want to listen to a message, word from Jah. This could be passed through me or anybody. I am not a leader. Messenger. The words of the songs, not the person, is what attracts people.” ~ Bob Marley
  27. “Midori has been a steadfast supporter of the United Nations, as a Messenger of Peace and more recently by encouraging our efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.” ~ Ban Ki-moon
  28. “I did have AOL Instant Messenger when I was in middle school.” ~ Jonathan Groff

  29. “I resent the idea that people would blame the messenger for the message, rather than looking at the content of the message itself.” ~ Anita Hill
  30. “The possibilities that come with thinking about the camera as a portal into the realm of information and services are attractive not only to Snap but also to every other big player in the tech world. Facebook, for instance, has slowly been enhancing the visual capabilities of its Messenger.” ~ Om Malik
  31. “I learned the power of radio watching Eleanor Roosevelt do her show. I used to go up to Hyde Park and hold her papers. I was just a messenger, but it planted the bug of radio in me.” ~ Allen Funt
  32. “The Holy Ghost is the minister and messenger of the Father and the Son, and He testifies of both Their glorious, global reality and Their connection to us personally.” ~ Sheri L. Dew

  33. “It used to be said that when the Baal Shem Tov came into a town, his impact was so strong, he didn’t have to speak. His disciples had to dance or to sing or to preach to have the same effect. I think a real messenger, myself or anyone, by the very fact that he is there as a person, as a symbol, could have the same impact.” ~ Elie Wiesel
  34. “In a World where people are surrounded by darkness, ignorance and fear, it is a sign of hope to be celebrating Islam’s message of peace and light, and the last great Messenger, born and chosen to deliver them to all mankind.” ~ Cat Stevens
  35. “They who are not induced to believe and live as they ought by those discoveries which God hath made in Scriptures would stand out against any evidence whatever, even that of a messenger sent express from the other world.” ~ Francis Atterbury , Messenger quotes God
  36. “The challenge in working in politics, particularly if you’re working for a political party, is that everyone’s a messenger.” ~ Frank Luntz

  37. “I don’t accept at all the quite popular argument that the press is responsible for the monarchy’s recent troubles. The monarchy’s responsible for the monarchy’s recent troubles. To blame the press is the old thing of blaming the messenger for the message.” ~ Anthony Holden
  38. “Not only must the message be correctly delivered, but the messenger himself must be such as to recommend it to acceptance.” ~ Joseph Barber Lightfoot
  39. “When Edward Gibbon was writing about the fall of the Roman Empire in the late 18th century, he could argue that transportation hadn’t changed since ancient times. An imperial messenger on the Roman roads could get from Rome to London even faster in A.D. 100 than in 1750. But by 1850, and even more obviously today, all of that has changed.” ~ Walter Russell
  40. “As a writer you have a duty to be a messenger. Jay Griffiths I’ve almost been hit by a lot of things in New York City. I am pretty sure I have almost been hit by a bike messenger before.” ~ Sasha Pieterse

  41. “Mead Obama won the presidency on the strength of his message and the skills of the messenger. Now the talk of hope and change feels out of tune when so many Americans are out of work, over-mortgaged, and worried that life will be even tougher for their children.” ~ Ron Fournier
  42. “One of AOL’s biggest assets is its brand. For people over 30 and, due to AOL Instant Messenger, even a lot of people under 30, AOL was their first real interaction with technology in a positive way.” ~ Tim Armstrong
  43. “On ‘The Messenger,’ just imagining playing the part of a soldier in that movie was kind of hard for me. And in ‘Rampart,’ the idea of playing a cop was even harder. It was hard to imagine myself as a cop.” ~ Woody Harrelson
  44. “When you know what the male species is looking for – ‘I’m not into a redhead,’ ‘I don’t want a fat chick,’ – I have to tell them that X won’t date you unless you’re this. I’m just the messenger.” ~ Patti Stanger

  45. “We are all familiar with the dove carrying an olive branch as a peace offering. The jewelry I’ve created pays tribute both to the messenger’s noble mission and gardens as a refuge of peace and tranquility.” ~ Paloma Picasso
  46. “In early Islam, it was an absolute tenet that the prophet was not to be worshipped. The prophet was a messenger. And one of the things that’s happened in Islam is this cult of the prophet, which to my view is counter to the original tradition.” ~ Salman Rushdie
  47. “The revelations of the Father and the Son are conveyed through the third member of the Godhead, even the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the witness of and messenger for the Father and the Son.” ~ David A. Bednar
  48. “Businesses succeed when societies themselves succeed. When countries are affected by violence and the absence of the rule of law, business can and must be a messenger of peace.” ~ Ban Ki-moon
  49. ”Touched by an Angel’ started my calling to be the messenger, and on a weekly basis, I was able to deliver the message of God’s love to the world.” ~ Roma Downey

  50. “My first job was working at Benihana as kitchen help. In college, I was a telemarketer for a company at the same time I was a bike messenger for this greasy fast-food place.” ~ Steve Aoki
  51. “I went into politics thinking that, if I made arguments in good faith, I’d get a hearing. It’s a reasonable assumption, but it’s wrong. In five and a half years in politics up north, no one really bothered to criticize my ideas, such as they were. It was never my message that was the issue. It was always the messenger.” ~ Michael Ignatieff
  52. “I am not a doctor or a scientist, but merely a passionate layperson, a filter, a messenger. I spoke with so many patients who are living normal, happy, fulfilled lives, and their enthusiasm and great quality of life convinced me that you can indeed live with cancer.” ~ Suzanne Somers
  53. “AOL Instant Messenger was a big thing back in the day, where girls would get on it and make fun of me. There was a certain girl, and she wanted to make me feel bad.” ~ Brittany Snow

  54. “Email is the lowest common denominator. It’s the way you get communications from one person to another. There isn’t really an alternative. Sometimes people will have Facebook messenger turned on, but 99 percent of the time, if you’re sending a message to a human you don’t know well, you’re using email.” ~ Stewart Butterfield
  55. “Ribosomes contain RNA, messenger RNA provides the information, transfer RNAs brings the amino acids; so the protein-making machinery is an RNA machinery, completely.” ~ Christian de Duve
  56. “I think we basically saw that the messaging space is bigger than we’d initially realized, and that the use cases that WhatsApp and Messenger have are more different than we had thought originally.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  57. “I’m a survivor. I’m a messenger.” ~ Mona Eltahawy

  58. “In the ’60s, I was teaching humanities at a college in upstate New York and trying to publish a novel I’d written in graduate school. But nothing was happening. So I moved to New York City and got a job as a messenger at a place that made movies.” ~ Wes Craven
  59. “I came into advertising in 1961. I had been turned down for jobs on the Ford account in the late Fifties as ‘not their type.’ If it hadn’t been for Bill Bernbach, I would now be sitting in some luncheonette, continuing my life as a messenger.” ~ Jerry Della Femina
  60. “I’ve done so many jobs. As an actor, you have to. I didn’t have my parents footing the bill when I moved to New York. I moved here with, like, 300 bucks. I was a bike messenger. I was a waiter. I was a bartender. I worked in a consignment shop for high-end designers.” ~ Michael Kelly
  61. “I’m trying to be the messenger for the people that pay attention to me. And those people I want to help inspire because a lot of people maybe think it’s – they’re too cool for school. That’s all I can ever do.” ~ Jeremy Scott
  62. “It’s not my job to convince people that Koresh was the final messenger or had this final message.” ~ David Thibodeau

  63. “Not every time you open Messenger do you want an Uber, but when you do want an Uber, it appears. That is the goal.” ~ Harper Reed
  64. “After high school, I worked as a messenger boy at a local bank. I was miserable. I felt like Robin Hood chained in the Sheriff of Nottingham’s dungeon. As a would-be writer, I thought it was a catastrophe. As a bank employee, I could barely add or subtract and had to count on my fingers.” ~ Lloyd Alexander
  65. “I’ve never been to film school. I had to leave this country to make a film. All they would let me do in Hollywood was be a messenger.” ~ Melvin Van Peebles

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