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These functionality quotes will inspire you. Functionality is the quality of being suited to serve a purpose well; practicality.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging functionality quotes, functionality sayings, and functionality proverbs.

Best Functionality Quotes

  1. “Silence and stillness are not states and therefore cannot be produced or created. Silence is the non-state in which all states arise and subside. Silence, stillness and awareness are not states and can never be perceived in their totality as objects. Silence is itself the eternal witness without form or attributes. As you rest more profoundly as the witness, all objects take on their natural functionality, and awareness becomes free of the mind’s compulsive contractions and identifications. It returns to its natural non-state of Presence.” ~ Adyashanti
  2. “I think we are in this era right now where every element in a webpage is rendered to within an inch of its life. I think if it’s a button, it looks like a physical button, you know, if it’s a mailbox that’s meant to signal a messaging functionality then the whole mailbox right down to the rivets on the hypothetical metallic housing is rendered.” ~ Khoi Vinh
  3. “Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
  4. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” ~ Steve Jobs

  5. “The ability of a successful company to add functionality to its product has long been upheld.” ~ Bill Gates
  6. “The research shows that if you meditate, the mind becomes still, and they can see the functionality and gray matter in the brain increase, the nervous system calm, the immune system improve and a reduction in stress.” ~ Russell Simmons
  7. “Adding functionality is not just a matter of adding code.” ~ Wietse Venema
  8. “We see portability in electronics being a continuing requirement, higher functionality, better battery life, requiring lower power for the actual electronics.” ~ David Milne

  9. “Our ultimate goal is extensible programming. By this, we mean the construction of hierarchies of modules, each module adding new functionality to the system.” ~ Niklaus Wirth
  10. “Design must be functional and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics, without any reliance on gimmicks that have to be explained.” ~ Ferdinand Porsche
  11. “Customers want new functionality, but they don’t want the traditional complexity that has marred products in the past.” ~ Marc Benioff
  12. “90% of the functionality delivered now is better than 100% delivered never.” ~ Brian Kernighan

  13. “I would say most of my style is driven by functionality and comfort.” ~ Bode Miller
  14. “I’m not looking to step in and make ‘big, bold changes’ – I think reddit is great, and the team has a lot of good features already in the pipeline to improve functionality for users and mods, help with subreddit discovery, improve the API, and help bring reddit to more people.” ~ Yishan Wong
  15. “Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.” ~ Paul Cookson
  16. “A challenging economy is always good for design. It unites necessity and functionality. You are forced to be creative with poor materials.” ~ Diane von Furstenberg

  17. “Linguistics is a good way of defining the culture of a brand. The vocabulary used by sports and lifestyle brands – running, fitness, training, motorsports – is all about functionality, whereas the vocabulary of the luxury business – handbags, ready-to-wear – is all about the product.” ~ Francois-Henri Pinault
  18. “Google is in a position where it doesn’t even have to strive to become a hip, conscious choice. Brands are temporary fads. Functionality is forever. Google just has to ‘be,’ and everyone will end up there sooner or later.” ~ Douglas Rushkoff
  19. “Most programs are not write-once. They are reworked and rewritten again and again in their lived. Bugs must be debugged. Changing requirements and the need for increased functionality mean the program itself may be modified on an ongoing basis. During this process, human beings must be able to read and understand the original code. It is therefore more important by far for humans to be able to understand the program than it is for the computer.” ~ Yukihiro Matsumoto
  20. “The hardware business is all about per-unit manufacturing cost and functionality. The services business is less asset-intensive and more dependent on people.” ~ Anne M. Mulcahy

  21. “The Matisse seemed to respond to the decreasing light by increasing its own wattage. Every object in the room was drained of color, but the Matisse stood firm in the de-escalating illumination, its beauty turning functionality inside out, making itself a more practical and useful presence than anything else in sight.” ~ Steve Martin
  22. “Remember, the web isn’t about control. If a visitor to your site is familiar with using a browser’s native form doodad, you won’t be doing them any favors if you override the browser functionality with your own widget, even if you think your widget looks better.” ~ Jeremy Keith
  23. “Technological advances have always been driven more by a mind-set of ‘I can’ than ‘I should’ Technologists love to cram maximum functionality into their products. That’s ‘I can’ thinking, which is driven by peer competition and market forces But this approach ignores the far more important question of how the consumer will actually use the device focus on what we should be doing, not just what we can.” ~ John Maeda
  24. “Luxury starts where functionality ends and where the true value is personal and so has no price or reason.” ~ Marcel Wanders

  25. “Google has the functionality of a really complicated Swiss Army knife, but the home page is our of approaching it closed… It’s simple, it’s elegant you can slip it in your pocket, but it’s got the great doodad when you need it” ~ Marissa Mayer
  26. “It’s not so much about form versus functionality. Rather, it’s about doing both and doing them a lot and doing them well-and that’s how we should be talking about architecture.” ~ Joshua Prince-Ramus
  27. “Throughout this book, we’ve been evangelizing simplicity, but ironically, the practice of simplicity is not simple. It is easy to build a bulky design by adding layer upon layer of navigation and features; it’s much more difficult to create simple, graceful designs. Paring designs to essential elements while maintaining elegance and functionality requires courage and discipline.” ~ Jakob Nielsen
  28. “I’m becoming far more interested in just functionality and making sure my body is as strong as it can be so I can swing my kids around and not worry about aches and pains.” ~ Matt Damon

  29. “When the functionality of a product or service overshoots what customers can use, it changes the way companies have to compete. When the product isn’t yet good enough, the way you compete is by making better products. In order to make better products, the architecture of the product has to be interdependent and proprietary in character.” ~ Clayton Christensen
  30. “I love well-designed products that combine form and functionality.” ~ Kevin Rose
  31. “Things are changing at such a rate that you really can’t get too familiar with anything that you own in relation to what sort of functionality it has in your life.” ~ Alan Palomo
  32. “I think it’s ultimately inhuman to only see things for their functionality. We want things to be more than that. The desire for beauty is something that’s in us, and it’s not trivial.” ~ Stefan Sagmeister

  33. “I wanted Bow’s hair and makeup and clothing to look like a woman who has four children, a career, and a full life. For example, she won’t wear eyeshadow unless she’s going out. Because it takes a lot of time to put eyeshadow on. She’s a woman who has style, but it’s all about functionality – she grabs stuff from her closet.” ~ Tracee Ellis Ross
  34. “I try to bring as much taste, smartness, quality, functionality, and aesthetic qualities to everyday clothes.” ~ Christophe Lemaire
  35. “”Authenticity” doesn’t mean much to me. I just want “good”, in the sense of well-designed, well-constructed, long-lasting garments. My interest in military clothing stems from that. It’s not about macho, playing soldiers, anything militaristic. It’s the functionality, the design-solutions, the durability. Likewise workwear.” ~ William Gibson
  36. “Technically I can get out of my wheelchair and crawl around and do things, but when I’ve traveled and they’ve lost my wheelchair in transit, I feel like I need to be bound to it. My functionality and autonomy are often bound to this.” ~ Zach Anner

  37. “My favorite method of encryption is chunking revolutionary documents inside a mess of JPEG or MP3 code and emailing it off as an “image” or a “song.” But besides functionality, code also possesses literary value. If we frame that code and read it through the lens of literary criticism, we will find that the past hundred years of modernist and postmodernist writing have demonstrated the artistic value of similar seemingly arbitrary arrangements of letters.” ~ Kenneth Goldsmith
  38. “Whereas smaller computer languages have features designed into them, C++ is unusual in having a whole swathe of functionality discovered, like a tract of 19th century Africa.” ~ Verity Stob
  39. “Sick is a relative concept. We’re all sick. The question is, what degree of functionality do we have with respect to the rules society sets for desirable behavior? No actions are in themselves symptoms of sickness. You have to look at the context within which these actions are performed.” ~ Jo Nesbo
  40. “More than trends, consumers need functionality. Everything needs an element of fashion, but thats more like a spice.” ~ Tadashi Yanai

  41. “My definition of elegance is the achievement of a given functionality with a minimum of mechanism and a maximum of clarity.” ~ Fernando J. Corbato
  42. “In its heyday, the car was an expression of technical flair and design genius: the original Mini, the Beetle, the 2CV, and the Fiat 500 were all, in their various ways, inspired incarnations of functionality.” ~ Martin Jacques
  43. “I think the first time you have to change code you’ve written previously, to add features or remove a bug, you realize that you could have done it better in the first place, that you could have found an architecture that would make it easier to transform and grow the code. And this is terribly seductive—you’re not just building a solution to a problem, you’re potentially building a beautiful solution, with ‘beautiful’ here being defined here by an aesthetics of present and future functionality. This can be a trap.” ~ Vikram Chandra
  44. “This ‘users are idiots, and are confused by functionality’ mentality of Gnome is a disease. If you think your users are idiots, only idiots will use it.” ~ Linus Torvalds

  45. “You see a lot of so-called architecture that part of the ego trip overpowers the functionality and the budget and all that stuff.” ~ Frank Gehry
  46. “This project started nearly twenty years ago as an assignment in my typography class at art school. Students were encouraged to see letters beyond their dull, practical functionality. We played with their unique shapes and tinkered with their infinite possibilities. The challenge was hard, so the reward of “cracking” a word felt great. This became a lifelong project for me.” ~ Ji Lee

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