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Best Funny Thing Quotes

  1. “One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.” ~ William Feather
  2. “It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” ~ W. Somerset Maugham
  3. “People say funny things all the time during really serious moments in life.” ~ Mark Ruffalo
  4. “What this country needs is a credit card for charging things to experience.” ~ Tom Wilson

  5. “It’s a funny thing that when a man hasn’t anything on earth to worry about, he goes off and gets married.” ~ Robert Frost
  6. “We sit in a room for months trying to think of funny things.” ~ David Walliams
  7. “From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” ~ Dr. Seuss
  8. “Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting.” ~ William Arthur Ward

  9. “I pride myself on never using a cuss word on stage. Ever. I headline in Las Vegas every year, and this summer I am performing on an Alaskan cruise. Not too many comedians can pull that off. Funny thing is, my show doesn’t change for Vegas.” ~ Henry Cho
  10. “What’s funny about Jesus’ Son is that I never even wrote that book, I just wrote it down. I would tell these stories and people would say, You should write these things down.” ~ Denis Johnson
  11. “It’s this funny thing now: You sign up to be a musician because you want to write music, but you don’t spend your time writing music. Instead, you go around the world selling the music you’ve already made.” ~ Zachary Cole Smith
  12. “I think that the episodes are like mini horror films really; the characters make bad decisions early on and these things just snowball for them and get worse and worse. And that’s what I find funny.” ~ Dave Rowntree

  13. “The funny thing is that Sydney, who worked on the first film [Tron], developed a bike that had an exposed rider, but they couldn’t do it because the computers weren’t fast enough, so they gave it a roof, which became the iconic one. Ironically what we do now is basically what they envisioned in the first one but couldn’t do technically. I mean this a full on homage in every aspect.” ~ Daniel Simon
  14. “Here’s the funny thing about the response I’ve been aware of to my dating famous people: It’s been very negative. I’m either not good-looking enough, not a good enough actor or not successful enough for these people.” ~ Dax Shepard
  15. “What you do with it and things like that, but I basically chose this after I read it because I thought it was different and funny and unique and dark – things that I like to do.” ~ Danny DeVito
  16. “Actually, the funny thing is, after all these years, I’ve got all these new songs to learn for the show we’re doing at Joe’s Pub, so it’s kind of fun to get down and rehearse new things, and also rethink some of the older songs, how we’re going to do them.” ~ Lesley Gore

  17. “Love made you admire funny things about a person, like how good she was at remembering to return her library books and at slicing cucumbers very thin. She was a veritable wonder at pulling a splinter out of her foot.” ~ Ann Brashares
  18. “That’s the funny thing about arriving somewhere, Vin,” he said with a wink. “Once you’re there, the only thing you can really do is leave again.” ~ Brandon Sanderson
  19. “Funny thing about those Middle Ages, said Joseph. “They just keep coming back. Mortals keep thinking they’re in Modern Times, you know, they get all this neat technology and pass all these humanitarian laws, and then something happens: there’s an economic crisis, or science makes some discovery people can’t deal with. And boom, people go right back to burning Jews and selling pieces of the true Cross. Don’t you ever make the mistake of thinking that mortals want to live in a golden age. They hate thinking.” ~ Kage Baker
  20. “Funny thing about Bob Dylan, the newest Nobel laureate in literature: He’s been a master of self-invention for more than 50 years, creating personae, wearing them like masks, and then discarding them as soon as they grew too familiar.” ~ Jay Michaelson

  21. “Father was a good driver and enjoyed driving, but the sight of a female in charge of a vehicle was sometimes too much for him. If a car came to close or made the smallest mistake with the rules of the road he shouted, “blasted woman driver”, to which my mother was often able to say, with truth, “Funny thing, she’s dressed as a man.”” ~ Deborah Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
  22. “Funny thing, your brain, how it always functions on one level or another. How, even stuck in some sort of subconcious limbo, it works your lungs, your muscle twitches, your heart, in fact, in symphony with your heart, allowing it to feel love. Pain. Jealousy. Guilt. I wonder if it’s the same for people, lost in comas. Is there really such a thing” ~ Ellen Hopkins
  23. “At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don’t really expect it. Its like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And its not so important happy ever after, just that its happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you , and once in a while people may even take your breath away.” ~ Zane Grey
  24. “It’s a funny thing, if I could choose anything to do, it wouldn’t be to be in front of a camera because I’ve spent so much of my time, so much of my life trying to get really good at writing songs and playing instruments.” ~ Jarryd James

  25. “That’s a funny thing, fame. People definitely do treat you differently. When you begin to be successful, people say, ‘Don’t go changing.’ Well, that’s easy to say, but the fact is, you don’t change at all — other people do.” ~ Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  26. “Some people say funny things – but I say things funny.” ~ Don Rickles
  27. “Honestly I’m excited about the possibilities of what comes next, and the funny thing is, that is sort of what “Star Wars” is kind of about. I mean, I remember being 10 years old and seeing that movie and leaving the theater and feeling like, oh, my God, anything is possible. And I feel like anything is possible right now. I don’t know what’s next, but I look forward to it.” ~ J. J. Abrams
  28. “Some really good things kind of swing both ways and I like to see people that can swing really, really, really sad and horrible and terrible and really, really, really beautiful and funny.” ~ Beth Henley

  29. “All the selling out talk is really overrated, the funny thing is it hardly ever comes from bands, it comes from some kid who thinks they’re so punk because they have a purple mohawk” ~ Tom DeLonge
  30. “I’ve noticed a funny thing about people who are over-weight. They spend all their time thinking about food -except when they’re actually eating it” ~ Paul McKenna
  31. “Humor, for me, is really a gate of departure. Its a way of enticing a reader into a poem so that less funny things can take place later. It really is not an end in itself, but a means to an end.” ~ Billy Collins
  32. “It’s a funny thing, when you talk to God, you’re religious, but when he talks to you, you’re a psychopath.” ~ Peter Steele

  33. “I believe in knowing all you can about the music and the people who made the music. I think it’s much more important to know some good Miles Davis stories than to know how to play like Miles. I think you’ll play better if you know some of the funny things he did than if you know the licks that he played.” ~ Sonny Sharrock
  34. “With rap, it’s a funny thing. You can say things, and people can take ’em the way they wanna take ’em.” ~ Young Jeezy
  35. “This is the funny thing about Skype. No one is really looking into the camera. People always looking down because they’re looking at the image. You wish the camera was there in the center.” ~ Stanley Tucci
  36. “I never say a funny thing intentionally.” ~ Jayne Meadows

  37. “A funny thing happened on the way to the election – I got to the Senate first.” ~ Pierre Salinger
  38. “The space and light up there in Norfolk is wonderfully peaceful. I find myself doing funny things like gardening, and cooking, which I rarely do in London.” ~ Jeremy Northam
  39. “It is a funny thing, but when I am making music, all the answers I seek for in life seem to be there, in the music. Or rather, I should say, when I am making music, there are no questions and no need for answers.” ~ Gustav Mahler
  40. “It was my mom who told me, “Ernie, if you make even one person happy with your smile or a funny thing you did every day, you’ll have accomplished a great deal.” And that’s all I’ve ever tried to do.” ~ Ernest Borgnine

  41. “The funny thing is that even engineers and techs don’t know what a tiny telephone connector is – people call them TT connectors. Engineers used to come by all the time and say, “Why are you called Tiny Telephone?”” ~ John Vanderslice
  42. “Real life is a funny thing, you know. In real life saying the right thing at the right time is beyond crucial.” ~ Taylor Swift
  43. “Habits are funny things. What’s funny, or rather tragic, is that bad habits are so predictable and avoidable. Despite this, there are people by the millions who insist on acquiring habits that are bad, expensive, and create problems. The habit they weren’t going to get, got them!” ~ Zig Ziglar
  44. “While I was busy hating Vegas, and hiding from Vegas, a funny thing happened. I grew to love Vegas.” ~ J. R. Moehringer

  45. “The funny thing is, Dennis Miller got me back into comedy.” ~ Tommy Chong
  46. “I’ve always been serious that way, trying to evolve to a more conscious state. Funny thing about that,though. You tweak yourself,looking for more love, less lust, more compassion, less jealousy. You keep tweaking, keep adjusting those knobs until you can no longer find the original settings. In some sense,the original settings are exactly what I’m looking for-a return to the easygoing guy i was before my world got complicated, the nice guy who took things as they came and laughed so hard the blues would blow away in the summer wind.” ~ Bill Withers
  47. “The funny thing about making this record and being away from the girls and on my own in LA is that it allowed me to reflect on how much we’ve accomplished.” ~ Melanie Chisholm
  48. “If I ever do anything, it actually might be some fantasy elf thing or even some cute, funny thing. Just to do something a little bit out of the ordinary. I’ve done my superhero gig.” ~ Todd McFarlane

  49. “The funny thing is I’m not bothered or sad about being on my own – after all I’ve never had a husband.” ~ Francesca Annis
  50. “Once I chanted the Hare Krishna mantra all the way from France to Portugal, nonstop. I drove for about twenty-three hours and chanted all the way. It gets you feeling a bit invincible. The funny thing was that I didn’t even know where I was going. I mean I had bought a map, and I knew basically which way I was aiming, but I couldn’t speak French, Spanish, or Portuguese. But none of that seemed to matter. You know, once you get chanting, then things start to happen transcendentally.” ~ George Harrison
  51. “I think the pattern of my essays is, A funny thing happened to me on my way through Finnegans Wake.” ~ Leslie Fiedler
  52. “I went to the University of San Francisco on an athletic scholarship. I didn’t study in high school. I was just there to get by and to play basketball. But a funny thing happened to me when I got to college. I got challenged by the work and the professors.” ~ Michael Franti

  53. “When I was a teenager and all these shows were on I was in that business, so I knew a lot of people in the theaters and I saw many of the great shows many times. I would go in and stand in the back – they would let me in, they knew me. I saw Fiddler on the Roof, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Gypsy, and Funny Girl many times just standing in the back.” ~ Christopher Walken
  54. “My father was really good with math. It’s a funny thing, I don’t remember my father or my mother being so mechanical-minded. My father always wanted to be a doctor, but he came from a really poor family in Georgia, and there was no way he was going to be a doctor.” ~ Herbie Hancock
  55. “Frankly, most of my friends hold very different political beliefs. It’s just a funny thing in this country that supposedly you can’t sit down and have dinner and enjoy another person’s company if you don’t have the same beliefs. It’s ridiculous.” ~ Patricia Heaton
  56. “I was asked to act when I couldn’t act. I was asked to sing “Funny Face” when I couldn’t sing and dance with Fred Astaire when I couldn’t dance and do all kinds of things I wasn’t prepared for. Then I tried like mad to cope with it.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

  57. “This is the funny thing about me. People think John just comes up with all the ideas. I’m honored. People think I have a big old brain, but actually I am the sum of the people I work with.” ~ John Darnielle
  58. “And the funny thing is, I’ve always been an optimist – it’s practically a congenital disorder with me.” ~ Molly Ivins
  59. “I joke around a lot about the manic times because they’re funny. We manics do outrageous things and it is part of our colorful nature.” ~ Patty Duke
  60. “I don’t like comedy. I like funny things. I don’t like comedy. Like, comedy movies are just, ‘Oh Jesus.'” ~ Louis C. K.

  61. “God has a sense of humor though and he must see funny things in us. He must also have some love. We’re still here and there are still great things that go on. There are great doctors who discover how to separate twins and how to put together a human being to walk again after it’s said he won’t. Those are all there as signs.” ~ Bill Cosby
  62. “The funny thing is that my husband couldn’t be sweeter. He looks like this bad boy. He’s got tattoos and earrings and a mohawk, but when you talk to him and he’s around you, he’s such a gentleman. He holds doors for ladies. He pulls out chairs. He cooks. He cleans.” ~ Malin Akerman
  63. “The funny thing is, I don’t actually think of myself as fat at all. I don’t think I am. Not really.” ~ Jo Brand

  64. “The funny thing is people won’t let me pay for things. I’ll be in a restaurant and the manager will say, ‘Oh no, it’s on the house.'” ~ Richard Branson
  65. “I would call it a comedy variety show. We have some people just doing straight standup. We usually try to have one musical act of sort. So its just people being funny in different ways, not just sketch, not just standup, not just characters, all of those things.” ~ Todd Barry

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