17 Fine Print Quotes On Success In Life

These fine print quotes will inspire you. Fine print, small print, or “mouseprint” is less noticeable print smaller than the more obvious larger print it accompanies that advertises or otherwise describes or partially describes a commercial product or service.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging fine print quotes, fine print sayings, and fine print proverbs.

Best Fine Print Quotes

  1. “Nothing in fine print is ever good news.” ~ Andy Rooney
  2. “Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.” ~ Pete Seeger
  3. “The founding American generations did something that almost no others have ever done. They read the fine print! They taught their children to read bills, laws, court cases, legislative debates, executive decrees, and bureaucratic policies. They read them in schoolrooms and at home….They said they would consider their children uneducated if they didn’t read such things.” ~ Oliver DeMille
  4. “You should never form judgments from front page headlines. As with a contract, the fine print on the inside pages should be carefully studied.” ~ Harry S. Truman

  5. “I have a difference with Senator [Bernie] Sanders, who promises free college, which, if you look at the fine print, depends really on governors coming up with a lot of the money, which I don’t think is a particularly wise bet. And I have a plan to help people pay down their student debt, because I want to unleash the entrepreneurial energy that young people have.” ~ Hillary Clinton
  6. “I guess this is why I hate governments, all governments. It is always the rule, the fine print, carried out by fine-print men. There’s nothing to fight, no wall to hammer with frustrated fists.” ~ John Steinbeck
  7. “It’s critical to level the playing field, to make prices and risks clear up front, so when someone signs on for a student loan or a mortgage or a credit card, they know the tricks and traps hidden in the fine print. That’s why the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been working on a new financial aid shopping sheet. A shorter, two-page credit card agreement, a simpler mortgage disclosure form. All those are aimed toward helping people understand the basic bargain.” ~ Elizabeth Warren
  8. “I would have had a clause in my contract; I would’ve definitely put some fine print in my contract that said, “If the president leaves, I’m leaving.” That’d be the bottom line.” ~ Joe Budden

  9. “Big banks churn out page after page of incomprehensible fine print to obscure the cost and risks of checking accounts, credit cards, mortgages and other financial products. The result is that consumers can’t make direct product comparisons, markets aren’t competitive, and costs are higher. If the playing field is leveled and the broken market fixed, a lot more money will stay in the pockets of millions of hard-working families. That’s real stimulus – money to families, without increasing our national debt.” ~ Elizabeth Warren
  10. “Christmas begins what Easter celebrates. The child in the cradle became the king on the cross. And because he did, there are no marks on my record. Just grace. His offer has no fine print. He didn’t tell me, “Clean up before you come in.” He offered, “Come in, and I’ll clean you up.” It’s not my grip on him that matters but his grip on me. And his grip is sure. So is his presence in my life.” ~ Max Lucado
  11. “Contrary to what we conclude naturally, the gospel is not too good to be true. It is true! Its the truest truth in the entire universe. No strings attached! No fine print to read. No buts. No conditions. No qualifications. No footnotes. And especially, no need for balance.” ~ Tullian Tchividjian
  12. “The Bill of Rights isn’t some legalistic fine print. It was written to make our lives freer, more prosperous, and happier. By forsaking it, America has become no better than any other country in the world.” ~ Harry Browne

  13. “Curses are exacting, legal arrangements of the spiritual world. Just like human contracts contain fine print and legally crafted language, satanic curses are filled with minutiae that required detailed voiding.” ~ Bob Larson
  14. “Also she signed away the right to self-destruct years ago. The fine print on the birth certificate, her friends call it.” ~ Jenny Offill
  15. “The fine print in the President’s Social Security proposal is that all present and future workers under age 55 will have their promised retirement benefits cut.” ~ Mark Dayton

  16. “To put it another way, every love relationship is based upon unwritten conventions rashly agreed upon by the lovers during the first weeks of their love. On the one hand, they are living a sort of dream; on the other, without realizing it, they are drawing up the fine print of their contracts like the most hard-nosed of lawyers. O lovers! Be wary during those perilous first days! If you serve the other party breakfast in bed, you will be obliged to continue same in perpetuity or face charges of animosity and treason!” ~ Milan Kundera
  17. “For me, I don’t even like to promote my films but I have to because it’s in the fine print of my contract.” ~ Diane Lane

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