65 Ralph Marston Quotes On Success In Life

Ralph Fulsom Marston was a professional football player who spent a season in the National Football League with the Boston Bulldogs in 1929. These Ralph Marston quotes will motivate you.

Best Ralph Marston Quotes

  1. “Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.” ~ Ralph Marston
  2. “Just because the road ahead is long, is no reason to slow down. Just because there is much work to be done, is no reason to get discouraged. It is a reason to get started, to grow, to find new ways, to reach within yourself and discover strength, commitment, and determination. The road ahead is long and difficult, but it’s filled with opportunity. Start what needs starting. Finish what needs finishing. Get on the road. Stay on the road. Don’t give up.” ~ Ralph Marston
  3. “Be someone who listens, and you will be heard. Be someone who cares, and you will be loved. Be someone who gives, and you will be blessed. Be someone who comforts, and you will know peace.” ~ Ralph Marston
  4. “Achievement does not require extraordinary ability. Achievement comes from ordinary abilities applied with extraordinary persistence.” ~ Ralph Marston

  5. “Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.” ~ Ralph Marston
  6. “Every positive thing in your life represents a single unique blessing. Every negative thing in your life has the opportunity to become a double blessing. For when you turn a negative into a positive, you gain twice. You are no longer burdened with the negative situation, and in addition to that you are strengthened by a new positive force.” ~ Ralph Marston
  7. “Whats holding you back is the thought that something is holding you back.” ~ Ralph Marston
  8. “Let go of your attachment to being right, and suddenly your mind is more open. You’re able to benefit from the unique viewpoints of others, without being crippled by your own judgment.” ~ Ralph Marston
  9. “Life does not owe you anything, because life has already given you everything.” ~ Ralph Marston

  10. “The direction of your focus is the direction your life will move. Let yourself move toward what is good, valuable, strong and true” ~ Ralph Marston
  11. “Today is an opportunity to do something positive. Today is your chance to add new value to your life and to your world. Make the commitment to fill this day with meaningful richness and purposeful effort. This is your day to live, so do so with vigor and enthusiasm.” ~ Ralph Marston
  12. “Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It’s leadership.” ~ Ralph Marston

  13. “Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality.” ~ Ralph Marston
  14. “Every day is a day to be thankful. Life’s abundance has no limit, and gratitude is what keeps that abundance flowing. In every circumstance there is something for which to be thankful. Even when there seems to be nothing else, there is hope.” ~ Ralph Marston Quotes
  15. “Don’t make excuses for why you can’t get it done. Focus on all the reasons why you must make it happen.” ~ Ralph Marston
  16. “Today is plenty; right now is enough. Tomorrow will come in good time. Until it does, live the depth of now.” ~ Ralph Marston

  17. “You were born to be real, not to be perfect. You are here to be you, not to live someone else’s life.” ~ Ralph Marston
  18. “Remember why you started, remember where you’re headed, think of how great it will be to get there, and keep going.” ~ Ralph Marston
  19. “Instead of jumping at the chance to be offended, choose to be amused. Rather than filling your thoughts with resentment, fill your heart with forgiveness.” ~ Ralph Marston
  20. “Look, really look, at how beautiful this day is. Let go of the worries and anxieties and judgments, and see the beauty.” ~ Ralph Marston
  21. “Problems, weaknesses, setbacks, regrets and mistakes teach you if you’re willing to learn, or they punish you if you’re not.” ~ Ralph Marston

  22. “When your reasons to move forward outweigh your excuses for staying put, you will move forward.” ~ Ralph Marston
  23. “When the path becomes difficult, that’s no reason to give up. In fact, it means you’re making real progress.” ~ Ralph Marston
  24. “Carrying a grudge is difficult work that brings nothing of value. Forgive, and be free.” ~ Ralph Marston
  25. “If something goes wrong, don’t whine about it. Have a spine about it. Adjust, adapt, and move forward.” ~ Ralph Marston
  26. “When you do the right thing, enjoy it! When you take positive actions, enjoy them. After all, they are leading you toward positive results. Pat yourself on the back. Truly enjoy the fact that you’re making positive progress, and the negative temptations will have no power over you.” ~ Ralph Marston
  27. “Spread the seeds of encouragement far and wide, and delight in the bountiful harvest that they will surely bring.” ~ Ralph Marston

  28. “Your life is magnificent not because someone says it is, but because you choose to see it as such” ~ Ralph Marston
  29. “Success requires both urgency and patience. Be urgent about making the effort, and patient about seeing the results.” ~ Ralph Marston
  30. “What you hold in your heart, you will see in your world.” ~ Ralph Marston
  31. “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” ~ Ralph Marston
  32. “You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” ~ Ralph Marston
  33. “There is a thought in your mind right now. The longer you hold on to it, the more you dwell upon it, the more life you give to that thought. Give it enough life, and it will become real. So make sure the thought is indeed a great one.” ~ Ralph Marston
  34. “It’s difficult to follow your dream. It’s a tragedy not to.” ~ Ralph Marston

  35. “Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.” ~ Ralph Marston
  36. “Don’t let the silly little dramas of each day get you down. For you are here to do great things.” ~ Ralph Marston
  37. “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” ~ Ralph Marston
  38. “There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them.” ~ Ralph Marston
  39. “Instead of being intimidated by the limitations, be inspired to find new ways around them.” ~ Ralph Marston
  40. “Greatness comes from living with purpose and passion.” ~ Ralph Marston
  41. “The strongest leaders do not command, they empower” ~ Ralph Marston

  42. “Meaning is found not in the rewards, for they are only tokens. Seek not to have the gold medal. Instead, seek to be the person who can win the gold medal. It is in the quest that you’ll find the fulfillment which the reward represents.” ~ Ralph Marston
  43. “Turn your attention for a while away from the worries and anxieties. Remind yourself of all your many blessings.” ~ Ralph Marston
  44. “When you find yourself ready to complain about what you don’t have, stop for a moment to consider what incredible things you do have. And resolve to make the most of it all.” ~ Ralph Marston
  45. “The value of an ambitious goal is not measured by what it will bring to you. The worth of a goal is measured by what it will make of you in the process of following and attaining it.” ~ Ralph Marston
  46. “Even in the most difficult situation there is always, somehow, a way to triumph” ~ Ralph Marston

  47. “Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities.” ~ Ralph Marston
  48. “What a joy it is that the road ahead is an uphill climb. For where it leads is all the way to the top.” ~ Ralph Marston
  49. “In every kind of endeavor, there are ample opportunities for extra effort. Grab those opportunities, embrace that extra effort and transform ordinary mediocrity into bright and shining excellence.” ~ Ralph Marston
  50. “You have created your fears. And you can choose to lay them to rest. You have created your dreams. And you can choose to bring them fully to life.” ~ Ralph Marston
  51. “What if you gave someone a gift, and they neglected to thank you for it – would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way. In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have.” ~ Ralph Marston
  52. “Let go of your attachment to being right, and suddenly your mind is more open.” ~ Ralph Marston

  53. “If you’re to succeed at any endeavor, the first and most important person you must convince is yourself. Success comes not from merely a belief that you can do it. Success comes when you absolutely know you can achieve it” ~ Ralph Marston
  54. “Feelings come and feelings go. There is no need to fear them and no need to crave them. Be open to your feelings and experience them while they are here. Then be open to the feelings that will come next. Your feelings are a part of your experience. Yet no mere feeling, however intense it may seem, is your permanent reality.” ~ Ralph Marston
  55. “There are very real obstacles and challenges to any course of action. And there’s no need to add to them, by making up obstacles of your own. Unchain yourself from the bondage of your own thinking.” ~ Ralph Marston
  56. “Learn at every opportunity. What your learn is always yours.” ~ Ralph Marston

  57. “When was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing – just sitting and looking at the sea, or watching the wind blowing the tree limbs, or waves rippling on a pond, a flickering candle or children playing in the park?” ~ Ralph Marston
  58. “Even when there seems to be nothing else, there is hope.” ~ Ralph Marston
  59. “No matter what the situation may be, there is always something positive you can do about it.” ~ Ralph Marston
  60. “Patience expands your options. If you insist on immediate gratification, your choices are severely limited.” ~ Ralph Marston
  61. “If you focus on the obstacles, then you give them more power.” ~ Ralph Marston

  62. “Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative. Being positive means overcoming the negative.” ~ Ralph Marston
  63. “Let each moment be guided by positive purpose. And let your whole life express the beauty of who you truly are.” ~ Ralph Marston
  64. “The keys to patience are acceptance and faith. Accept things as they are, and look realistically at the world around you. Have faith in yourself and in the direction you have chosen.” ~ Ralph Marston
  65. “It doesn’t matter how much you want. What really matters is how much you want it.” ~ Ralph Marston

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