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Damien Steven Hirst is an English artist, entrepreneur, and art collector. He is one of the Young British Artists (YBAs), who dominated the art scene in the UK during the 1990s. He is reportedly the United Kingdom’s richest living artist, with his wealth estimated at $384 million in the 2020 Sunday Times Rich List. During the 1990s his career was closely linked with the collector Charles Saatchi, but increasing frictions came to a head in 2003 and the relationship ended. These Damien Hirst quotes will motivate you.

Best Damien Hirst Quotes

  1. “I was taught to confront things you can’t avoid. Death is one of those things. To live in a society where you’re trying not to look at it is stupid because looking at death throws us back into life with more vigor and energy. The fact that flowers don’t last for ever makes them beautiful.” ~ Damien Hirst
  2. “Art comes from everywhere. It’s your response to your surroundings.” ~ Damien Hirst
  3. “It’s very easy to say, ‘I could have done that,’ after someone’s done it. But I did it. You didn’t. It didn’t exist until I did it.” ~ Damien Hirst
  4. “The idea is more important than the object.” ~ Damien Hirst
  5. “What I really like is minimum effort for maximum effect.” ~ Damien Hirst

  6. “I can’t understand why most people believe in medicine and don’t believe in art, without questioning either.” ~ Damien Hirst
  7. “I have always been aware that you have to get people listening before you can change their minds. Any artist’s big fear is being ignored, so if you get debate, that’s great.” ~ Damien Hirst
  8. “I wanted a shark that’s big enough to eat you, and in a large enough amount of liquid so that you could imagine you were in there with it.” ~ Damien Hirst
  9. “I just wanted to find out where the boundaries were. So far I’ve found there aren’t any. I just wanted to be stopped, and no one will stop me.” ~ Damien Hirst
  10. “I sometimes feel that I have nothing to say and I want to communicate this.” ~ Damien Hirst
  11. “I think as an artist you have to reinvent yourself every day.” ~ Damien Hirst

  12. “Making art, good art, is always a struggle. It can make you happy when you pull it off. There’s no better feeling. It’s beauteous. But it’s always about hard work and inspiration and sweat and good ideas.” ~ Damien Hirst
  13. “As an artist you’re looking for universal triggers. You want it both ways. You want it to have an immediate impact, and you want it to have deep meanings as well. I’m striving for both. But I hate it when people write things that sound like they’ve swallowed a f… dictionary.” ~ Damien Hirst
  14. “When we are no longer children, we are already dead.” ~ Damien Hirst

  15. “You’ve really got to get down on the floor with yourself and get low in order to make great art. I think you’ve just got to accept who you are and do the most unbelievable things.” ~ Damien Hirst
  16. “It’s amazing what you can do with an E in A-Level art, a twisted imagination and a chainsaw.” ~ Damien Hirst
  17. “Death’s just something that inspires me, not something that pulls me down. I used to get called morbid at school. I have always loved horror films; I like being frightened.” ~ Damien Hirst
  18. “I believe all painting and art should be uplifting for the viewer.” ~ Damien Hirst
  19. “Painting is so poetic, while sculpture is more logical and scientific and makes you worry about gravity.” ~ Damien Hirst
  20. “I love color. I feel it inside me. It gives me a buzz.” ~ Damien Hirst

  21. “I think suicide is the most perfect thing you can do in life.” ~ Damien Hirst
  22. “To be an artist is not about fame; it’s about art, which is this intangible thing that has got to have lots of integrity, whereas being famous doesn’t really take any integrity. But I think you have to admit that you want to be famous, otherwise you can’t be an artist. Art and fame together are like a desire to live forever.” ~ Damien Hirst
  23. “Here’s one from me: ‘You have to be aware that everyone else is thinking far too hard about themselves to be thinking about you, whoever you are.’ If you want it, you can have it. Once you know that, you can be free.” ~ Damien Hirst
  24. “The answer to how to live is to stop thinking about it.” ~ Damien Hirst
  25. “For me, art is always a kind of theater.” ~ Damien Hirst

  26. “I think I’ve always been afraid of painting, really. Right from the beginning. All my paintings are about painting without a painter. Like a kind of mechanical form of painting. Like finding some imaginary computer painter, or a robot who paints.” ~ Damien Hirst
  27. “I definitely think about death. And every day your relationship with death changes. And every day I sort of feel like I know it more. I’ve always thought about it.” ~ Damien Hirst
  28. “You have to step over the boundaries sometimes just to find out where they are.” ~ Damien Hirst
  29. “I realized that you couldn’t use the tools of yesterday to communicate today’s world. Basically, that was the big light that went on in my head.” ~ Damien Hirst
  30. “I think money is important for everyone because the lack of it is so painful.” ~ Damien Hirst

  31. “I like the confusion you get between science and religion … that’s where belief lies and art as well.” ~ Damien Hirst
  32. “I always feel like the art’s there and I just see it, so it’s not really a lot of work.” ~ Damien Hirst
  33. “I’ve never learned to drive because I get lots of ideas when I’m a passenger in a car. I love to get in a car with a driver and just think and work things out.” ~ Damien Hirst
  34. “Since I was a child, death is definitely something that I think about every day. But I think that everybody does. You try and avoid it, but it’s such a big thing that you can’t.” ~ Damien Hirst
  35. “So smoking is the perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying. I smoke because it’s bad, it’s really simple.” ~ Damien Hirst
  36. “It’s ridiculous what I do. I can’t believe in it – but I have to.” ~ Damien Hirst
  37. “I love art. It is uplifting.” ~ Damien Hirst

  38. “As soon as something becomes art I think you get over the fear” ~ Damien Hirst
  39. “If the choice is between buying another building or a Pollock, I’d go for the Pollock every time.” ~ Damien Hirst
  40. “When you’ve just done it, you’re not sure. But when you’ve sat with it for a couple of hours and you don’t want to do anything more to it, that’s a great feeling. It can stand on its own two feet.” ~ Damien Hirst
  41. “But the answer to how to live is to stop thinking about it. And just to live. But you’re doing that anyway. However you intellectualize it, you still just live.” ~ Damien Hirst
  42. “I think art is good at looking back and looking forward. I don’t think art is good at looking head-on. At the end of the day, people are more important than paintings.” ~ Damien Hirst
  43. “As an artist, you don’t stop making art because people are not buying it.” ~ Damien Hirst

  44. “Buy art, build a museum, put your name on it, let people in for free. That’s as close as you can get to immortality.” ~ Damien Hirst
  45. “Commercials are so contemporary and up to date that when you’re involved in that visual world, you can’t really go backwards.” ~ Damien Hirst
  46. “The best spot painting you can have by me is one painted by Rachel.” ~ Damien Hirst
  47. “But I’m more interested in why people are frightened by Jaws and why Jaws was such a hit than saying Spielberg’s my main influence.” ~ Damien Hirst
  48. “The spot paintings, the spin paintings, they’re all a mechanical way to avoid the actual guy in a room, myself, with a blank canvas.” ~ Damien Hirst
  49. “Being best is a false goal, you have to measure success on your own terms.” ~ Damien Hirst

  50. “Art is the closest you can get to immortality, though it’s a poor substitute – you’re working for people not yet born – and people want it because it is brilliant. It ends up in museums anyway; the rich have to give it back to the people, it’s their only option. There are no pockets in a shroud.” ~ Damien Hirst
  51. “I used to believe I was going to live forever. And then you suddenly become aware that you’re not.” ~ Damien Hirst
  52. “You’ve got to be oblivious to other people, the push and pull of other people’s opinions, the way other people measure success. It’s then that you realize you are 100 percent who you are and you have to use that who-you-are 100 percent in order to create great things.” ~ Damien Hirst quotes
  53. “Sometimes when you’re drunk you can see better.” ~ Damien Hirst

  54. “In an artwork, you’re always looking for artistic decisions, so an ashtray is perfect. An ashtray has got life and death.” ~ Damien Hirst
  55. “It’d be nice to make lots of money but it’s quite difficult because every time I make lots of money I make a bigger piece that costs lots of money.” ~ Damien Hirst
  56. “I don’t see what else you can spend your money on… If you want to own things, art is a pretty good bet.” ~ Damien Hirst
  57. “Never let money get in the way of an idea” ~ Damien Hirst

  58. “But I think it’s more that when you’re young, you’re invincible, you’re immortal – or at least you think you are. The possibilities are limitless, you’re inventing the future. Then you get older and suddenly you have a history. It’s fixed. You can’t change anything. I find that a bit disturbing, to be honest.” ~ Damien Hirst
  59. “Art goes on in your head. If you said something interesting, that might be a title for a work of art and I’d write it down.” ~ Damien Hirst
  60. “Even as a kid in drawing class, I had real ambition. I wanted to be the best in the class, but there was always some other feller who was better; so I thought, It cant be about being the best, it has to be about the drawing itself, what you do with it. Thats kind of stuck with me.” ~ Damien Hirst
  61. “You’ve got to be able to copy things faithfully before you can deviate.” ~ Damien Hirst
  62. “I don’t really have a career plan.” ~ Damien Hirst

  63. “Because it’s visual art, a lot of it comes from childhood experience but then a lot comes from the visual language – in advertising and stuff like that – which is around us.” ~ Damien Hirst
  64. “It’s such a crass idea – you’re either in love or out of love.” ~ Damien Hirst
  65. “The goal in life is to be solid, whereas the way that life works is totally fluid, so you can never actually achieve that goal.” ~ Damien Hirst

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