65 Backbone Quotes On Success In Life

These backbone quotes will inspire you. The backbone is the vertebral column of a vertebrate.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging backbone quotes, backbone sayings, and backbone proverbs.

Best Backbone Quotes

  1. “To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.” ~ Reba McEntire
  2. “You’re my backbone. You’re a blessing. You’re a piece of my heart. You’re the air I breathe. And you’re the strongest person I know, and I’m so sorry for having to put you through this and having to put our family through this.” ~ Kobe Bryant
  3. “The backbone of success is…hard work, determination, good planning, and perserverence.” ~ Mia Hamm
  4. “Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
  5. “Many a man has failed because he had his wishbone where his backbone should have been.” ~ Ronald Reagan

  6. “Have the backbone to go after what you want in life. It’s too easy to settle.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki
  7. “Toughness is not being a bully, it’s having a backbone.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki
  8. “For your own good, for the good of your family and your future, grow a backbone. When something is wrong, stand up and say it is wrong, and don’t back down.” ~ Dave Ramsey
  9. “A lot of people are afraid to tell the truth, to say no. That’s where toughness comes into play. Toughness is not being a bully. It’s having backbone.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki
  10. “Is your ego small enough, and your backbone strong enough, to raise others up high on your shoulders?” ~ Bear Grylls

  11. “It is a great thing to have a big brain, a fertile imagination, grand ideals, but the man with these, bereft of a good backbone, is sure to serve no useful end.” ~ George Matthew Adams
  12. “We need a backbone, not a wishbone.” ~ Joyce Meyer”
  13. I have the backbone of an eel.” ~ Betty White
  14. “The individual activity of one man with backbone will do more than a thousand men with a mere wishbone.” ~ William J. H. Boetcker
  15. “My brothers are my backbone. My parents are my oxygen. I can’t live without them.” ~ David Cook , Backbone quotes brother
  16. “If you want to succeed in life…you must pick 3 bones to carry with you at all times: a wish bone, a backbone, and a funny bone.” ~ Reba McEntire

  17. “Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where you backbone ought to be.” ~ Clementine Paddleford
  18. “A true leader must have enough backbone to stand alone – even when the crowd wants to take the easy road home. A true leader cannot be dependent on companionship for his or her security, but must learn to trust in God alone.” ~ Leslie Ludy
  19. “My parents are my backbone. Still are. They’re the only group that will support you if you score zero or you score 40.” ~ Kobe Bryant
  20. “The wishbone will never replace the backbone.” ~ Henry Wilson Allen
  21. “Character is the backbone of our human culture. Music is the flowering of character.” ~ Confucius

  22. “What’s great about comedy, obviously, is that you set up a situation that people assume one thing and then you break the assumption. That’s basically the backbone to comedy. You set up a situation, let people make an assumption, and then you break the assumption.” ~ Bryan Cranston
  23. “What’s great about comedy, obviously, is that you set up a situation that people assume one thing and then you break the assumption. That’s basically the backbone to comedy. You set up a situation, let people make an assumption, and then you break the assumption.” ~ Bryan Cranston
  24. “the object of a new year is not that we should have a new year, but rather that we should have a new soul.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  25. “The backbone of our nation’s domestic defense against terrorist attacks will continue to be the men and women in local law enforcement and emergency services.” ~ Saxby Chambliss
  26. “The backbone of surprise is fusing speed with secrecy.” ~ Carl von Clausewitz

  27. “I don’t want to say I hear voices; well, actually I do hear voices, but I don’t think it’s supernatural. I think it’s just that when characters are given enough texture and backbone, then lo and behold, they stand on their own.” ~ Anne Tyler
  28. “The story drove the book. That had a very seminal effect on the way I saw writing and storytelling. If you can set a character in a story that is compelling and has a backbone, you draw people in.” ~ Dick Wolf
  29. “Family farms and small businesses are the backbone of our communities.” ~ Tom Allen
  30. “So I’m just waiting until one party or the other actually gets a moral compass and a backbone.” ~ John Perry Barlow
  31. “Whether it’s books or TV, or whatever the case may be, the backbone of what I do is my restaurants.” ~ Emeril Lagasse

  32. “The important thing is the family. If you can keep the family together – and that’s the backbone of our whole business, catering to families – that’s what we hope to do.” ~ Walt Disney
  33. “Do we want in this nation to lose the backbone of manufacturing in this country? Do we want to be a nation that doesn’t want to manufacture anything?” ~ Jennifer Granholm
  34. “Gratitude is like credit; it is the backbone of our relations; frequently we pay our debts not because equity demands that we should, but to facilitate future loans.” ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld
  35. “Providing tax relief and reducing regulations leads to job creation and new economic opportunities for our small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy.” ~ Cathy McMorris Rodgers
  36. “Good ideas are the backbone of good government.” ~ Brian Schweitzer

  37. “The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes. Unless a particular man made New Year resolutions, he would make no resolutions. Unless a man starts afresh about things, he will certainly do nothing effective.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  38. “But as soon as we got that higher speed access to the home there?s going to be a tremendous crunch on the backbones for a much higher speed bandwidth. People really ought to be planning for that.” ~ Jon Postel
  39. “The baby boomers are getting older, and will stay older for longer. And they will run right into the dementia firing range. How will a society cope? Especially a society that can’t so readily rely on those stable family relationships that traditionally provided the backbone of care?” ~ Terry Pratchett
  40. “No-one gets an iron-clad guarantee of success. Certainly, factors like opportunity, luck and timing are important. But the backbone of success is usually found in old-fashioned, basic concepts like hard work, determination, good planning and perseverance.” ~ Mia Hamm
  41. “For Devil’s Backbone I loved it but I felt very pressured but so I was neurotic on the shoot.” ~ Guillermo del Toro

  42. “But I think we are seeing a resurgence of the graphic ghost story like The Others, Devil’s Backbone and The Sixth Sense. It is a return to more gothic atmospheric ghost storytelling.” ~ Guillermo del Toro
  43. “The moral backbone of literature is about that whole question of memory. To my mind it seems clear that those who have no memory have the much greater chance to lead happy lives.” ~ W. G. Sebald
  44. “The highly motivated young people who comprise the backbone of our military force truly are taking their place as one of America’s greatest generations.” ~ Trent Lott
  45. “By increasing the use of renewable fuels such as ethanol and bio-diesel, and providing the Department of Energy with a budget to create more energy efficiency options, agriculture can be the backbone of our energy supply as well.” ~ John Salazar
  46. “A drummer is usually like the backbone.” ~ Brody Dalle

  47. “At a time when we are losing manufacturing jobs in this country, we should be doing everything we can to help our manufacturers stay competitive. They are the backbone of our economy.” ~ Debbie Stabenow
  48. “America must always lead on the world stage. If we don’t, no one else will. The military that you have joined is, and always will be, the backbone of that leadership. But U.S. military action cannot be the only – or even primary – component of our leadership in every instance. Just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail.” ~ Barack Obama
  49. “I’m a woman and I’m a backbone…everybody needs one.” ~ Chaka Khan

  50. “Any fool can destroy trees. They cannot run away; and if they could, they would still be destroyed,-chased and hunted down as long as fun or a dollar could be got out of their bark hides, branching horns, or magnificent bole backbones. Few that fell trees plant them; nor would planting avail much towards getting back anything like the noble primeval forests. During a man’s life only saplings can be grown, in the place of the old trees-tens of centuries old-that have been destroyed.” ~ John Muir
  51. “I have always said there is only one thing that can bring our nation down – our dependence on foreign countries for food and energy. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy.” ~ John Salazar
  52. “The backbone of the preaching of Christ is a conviction of the truth of Christ.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

  53. “Farms and ranches contend with much more than quarterly reports and profit margins – the weather can wreak havoc on their quality of life and economic viability. When natural disasters strike, we must do all we can to assist the backbone of our economy.” ~ Ruben Hinojosa
  54. “Small businesses provide 75 percent of new U.S. jobs and are the backbone of our economy, and no outdated ban should be keeping small business owners from collecting the same interest their money could earn if it were held by an individual.” ~ Sue Kelly
  55. “There are always rebels and radicals, I suppose,’ McCleethy allows. ‘Those who live on the fringes of society. But what do they contribute to the society itself? They reap its rewards without experiencing its costs. No. I submit that loyal, hardworking citizens who push aside their own selfish desires for the good of the whole are the backbone of the world. What if we all decided to run off and live freely without thought or care for society’s rules? Our civilization would crumble. There is a joy in duty and a security in knowing one’s place…It is the only way.” ~ Libba Bray
  56. “There’s got to be a backbone, there’s got to be a skeleton to the whole way I perform, but you never want to hit the same note twice during a performance, I think. I think it’s always got to be fresh so it doesn’t bore me, and I always want to go out on edge.” ~ Casey Abrams
  57. “There’s a loss of faith in the banking system that for so long has been the backbone of prosperity and growth.” ~ Lucy Powell

  58. “I’m a big fan of small business ownership. I think it’s the backbone of American innovation. But to be successful, you first have to have the courage to go for it.” ~ Bill Rancic
  59. “Without a thorough and deeply rooted understanding of the biblical view of truth as revealed, objective, absolute, universal, eternally engaging, antithetical and exclusive, unified and systematic, and as an end in itself, the Christian response to postmodernism will be muted by the surrounding culture or will make illicit compromises with the truth-impoverished spirit of the age. The good news is that truth is still truth, that it provides a backbone for witness and ministry in postmodern times, and that God’s truth will never fail.” ~ Douglas Groothuis
  60. “The fact of evolution is the backbone of biology, and biology is thus in the peculiar position of being a science founded on an improved theory, is it then a science or faith?” ~ Charles Darwin
  61. “That a man can take pleasure in marching in formation to the strains of a band is enough to make me despise him. He has only been given his big brain by mistake; a backbone was all he needed.” ~ Albert Einstein
  62. “The Scots are the backbone of Canada. They are all right in their three vital parts – head, heart and haggis.” ~ William Osler

  63. “The ‘eathen in ‘is blindness must end where ‘e began. But the backbone of the Army is the non-commissioned man!” ~ Rudyard Kipling
  64. “How is the base sequence, divided into codons? There is nothing in the backbone of the nucleic acid, which is perfectly regular, to show us how to group the bases into codons.” ~ Francis Crick
  65. “The first legislation that I produced relating to the Internet was a bill to overturn a restriction inside of the law that prohibited the Internet backbone from being used for anything other than research and scientific and educational communication.” ~ Rick Boucher
  66. “My mom is the backbone not just of my family but of many families.” ~ Shia LaBeouf

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