65 Backdrop Quotes For Success In Life

These backdrop quotes will inspire you. Backdrop, a painted cloth that is hung across the back of a stage: the scene or scenery that is in the background: the setting or conditions within which something happens.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging backdrop quotes, backdrop sayings, and backdrop proverbs.

Best Backdrop Quotes

  1. “Hell is the backdrop that reveals the profound and unbelievable grace of the cross. It brings to light the enormity of our sin and therefore portrays the undeserved favor of God in full color.” ~ Francis Chan
  2. “Hollywood is the backdrop of my family, and I know that the movie business is incredibly cruel as you get older.” ~ Jamie Lee Curtis
  3. “I just prefer instrumental. I don’t need to hear what other people are singing. And if I need music as a backdrop to work or to think, I need to have that part of the brain clear – I don’t need people feeding their fantasies into my vision.” ~ Lydia Lunch
  4. “I still think as a painter – especially in terms of structuring a picture… I carefully choose the models, costumes, requisites, and backdrops of my photographs.” ~ Loretta Lux
  5. “Palming separates the men from the boys!” ~ Ed Marlo

  6. “If you walked around like David Bowie in 1973 in Reading, you’d get beaten up. The 1970s in a small town was more like the 1950s.. and that’s the truth. The backdrop was probably Victorian.” ~ Ricky Gervais
  7. “The spectacular landscape circling the fortress supplies an essential backdrop, inspiring dreamers to wander its ruins for the sake of it; North American tourists, bound down by their practical world view, are able to place those members of the disintegrating tribes they may have seen in their travels among these once-living walls, unaware of the moral distance separating them, since only the semi-indigenous spirit of the South American can grasp the subtle differences.” ~ Che Guevara
  8. “The artist has the power to sign off the work by deconstructing the work itself: I’ve finished this work now and I’ll sign it and relegate the painting to simply something that services my signature. The painting becomes the colorful backdrop of the signature.” ~ Gavin Turk
  9. “I’d like to change the depictions of life, love, and adventure under what’s known as the typical, overused backdrop of Hollywood.” ~ Romany Malco

  10. “At a time when history made its way slowly, the few events were easily remembered and woven into a backdrop, known to everyone, before which private life unfolded the gripping show of its adventures. Nowadays, time moves forward at a rapid pace. Forgotten overnight, a historic event glistens the next day like the morning dew and thus is no longer the backdrop to a narrator’s tale but rather an amazing adventure enacted against the background of the over-familiar banality of private life.” ~ Milan Kundera
  11. “It was the time of the Cold War and so there were was a lot of pressure on the – to get going and the Russians were claiming that they were – Soviets were claiming they were ahead of us in technology. And so it was against that backdrop that the early space flights took off.” ~ John Glenn
  12. “You can never go wrong with a nice red lip. I’m not afraid to wear it during the day or basically any time because I wear a lot of black and it’s a great backdrop for it.” ~ Crystal Renn
  13. “Visits to crowded Indian urban centers unleash sensory assaults: colorful dress and lilting chatter provide a backdrop to every manner of commerce, from small shops to peddlers to beggars.” ~ Steven Rattner
  14. “Every day life must always be lived against the backdrop of eternity.” ~ Tim Kimmel

  15. “Politics, poverty, riches, etc – these are but backdrops for the grand cinema, the opera: the glory of your life. Sure, change the backdrops, make them better, but it is this inside-ness that matters most. Nothing else, at the last breath, matters, but your very own poetry. The glory of living.” ~ Alex Ebert
  16. “I’m a producer. I’m a musician. And my job is to come in and, you know, put – you know, I treat all of the artists that I work with, like, you know, the way da Vinci was looking at Mona Lisa, you know, there’s an interesting backdrop.” ~ Pharrell Williams
  17. “With the backdrop of The Salvation Army’s century and a half of service to the world’s poor, these songs and reflections are born of meaningful engagement with a living Gospel” ~ Sara Groves
  18. “We need Goddess consciousness to reveal earth’s holiness. Divine feminine imagery opens up the notion that the earth is the body of the Divine, and when that happens, the Divine cannot be contained solely in a book, church, dogma, liturgy, theological system, or transcendent spirituality. The earth is no longer a mere backdrop until we get to heaven, something secondary and expendable. Mater becomes inspirited; it breathes divinity. Earth comes alive and sacred. And we find ourselves alive in the midst of her and forever altered.” ~ Sue Monk Kidd
  19. “Ultimately, users visit your website for its content. Everything else is just the backdrop.” ~ Jakob Nielsen

  20. “We’re creating multiple personas. We’re creating a thespian sense of personality where we see ourselves as works of art, and we see everything in our environment as a prop, as a set, as a stage, as a backdrop for filling ourselves in. We don’t see ourselves as ever completed. We are information.” ~ Jeremy Rifkin
  21. “‘Mr. Selfridge’ is a lot more accessible than shows like ‘Downton.’ Everyone knows the store, but not everyone knows the story. Having this store as the backdrop with all of society working under one roof, I think it really captures people’s imagination.” ~ Zoe Tapper
  22. “Dhoni is one of the greatest captain I have ever seen. Dhoni’s record is praiseworthy. Twenty-two Test wins is not a small achievement. And the success against Australia has come against the backdrop of the not-so-good times he went through in the last two years” ~ Sourav Ganguly
  23. “In most novels, the landscape, or the place, in which the story takes part is simply a backdrop to the human action.” ~ Paul Kingsnorth

  24. “I’ve read crime fiction all my life. A thing that’s bothered me about crime fiction is that it’s generally about one or two people, but there’s not much about society. I want to get away from that particular pattern: a lead, a supporting role and backdrop characters.” ~ Steig Larsson
  25. “I had seen the ballet of Swan Lake as a child but it was as an adult, when I saw a production featuring Erik Bruhn, that I first noticed how significant a part the ever-present threat of violence played. This juxtaposition of great beauty and grace with a backdrop of pure evil stayed with me for years.” ~ Walter Dean Myers
  26. “I’m looking forward to locking swords with Douglas Henshall and working against the stunning backdrop of Shetland. I came to Scotland a lot in the ’70s and ’80s in various theatre productions and of course to film Hallam Foe but this is the furthest I’ve ever been.” ~ Ciaran Hinds
  27. “If you want to make a great sports movie, don’t put too much sports in it. It’s the backdrop. It’s the environment.” ~ Kevin Costner

  28. “The music is used as a backdrop. I take the kundalini and I play against the notes with it. I do a light show inwardly and outwardly with the vortexes of energy as you sit there. It’s no big deal. It’s just what I do.” ~ Frederick Lenz
  29. “I can’t tell how moving it is to open my email and see a picture of 1,500 Buddhist monks and nuns in the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh forming a human 350 against the backdrop of the melting glaciers. This is not their fault, and yet they’re stepping up to be part of the solution.” ~ Bill McKibben
  30. “Each of us carries around those growing up places, the institutions, a sort of backdrop, a stage set. So often we act out the present against the backdrop of the past, within a frame of perception that is so familiar, so safe that is is terrifying to risk changing it even when we know our perceptions are distorted, limited, constricted by that old view.” ~ Chandra Talpade Mohanty
  31. “I love the idea of a beautiful neighborhood that represents the very best of American values, but also as a fun backdrop to some darker, deliciously sneaky things going on in people’s lives.” ~ Marc Cherry
  32. “Time is the backdrop of our lives and the very fabric of the cosmos.” ~ Philip Zimbardo

  33. “Peter Geye has rendered the Minnesota north shore in all its stark, dangerous beauty, and it is the perfect backdrop for this deeply moving story of conflict and forgiveness. Safe from the Sea is a remarkable debut.” ~ Ron Rash
  34. “A poet or prose narrator usually looks back on what he has achieved against a backdrop of the years that have passed, generally finding that some of these achievements are acceptable, while others are less so.” ~ Eyvind Johnson
  35. “We try to place the human body in relation to the image all the time, so it’s never a kind of a backdrop, but it’s more of …a much more integrative experience.” ~ Simon McBurney
  36. “He must have driven this way countless times, and yet he had no memory of the scenery. He must have been so caught up in the day’s agenda, and arriving punctually at their destination, that the land beyond the car had been no more than a wash of one green, and a backdrop of one hill. Life was very different when you walked through it.” ~ Rachel Joyce
  37. “For me, the backdrop of half the experiences of life includes music.” ~ Amy Grant

  38. “So, if I’m no cheerleader of sports, why write a chapter about it? Sports do have some positive impact on society. They solve problems, such as how to get inner-city kids to spend $175 on shoes. They serve as a backdrop for some of our most memorable commercials. And they remain the one and only relevant application of math. Not only that, but we have sports to thank for most of the last century’s advances in manliness. The system starts in school, where gym class separates the men from the boys. Then those men are taught to be winners, or at least, losers that hate themselves.” ~ Stephen Colbert
  39. “Dear A & M, I talked to the manager of the Beauty Bar because I definitely saw you guys getting married against a hot pink backdrop, but he doesn’t think we can fit more than fifty people inside and I’m thinking three hundred. How would you feel about getting married in the park? It might get cold, but you could ride a horse-drawn carriage to the ceremony. How do you feel about matching wedding crowns? -Isabelle” ~ Cassandra Clare , Backdrop quotes wedding
  40. “Will you look at us by the river! The whole restless mob of us on spread blankets in the dreamy briny sunshine skylarking and chacking about for one day, one clear, clean, sweet day in a good world in the midst of our living. Yachts run before an unfelt gust with bagnecked pelicans riding above them, the city their twitching backdrop, all blocks and points of mirror light down to the water’s edge.” ~ Tim Winton
  41. “As the years go by and I make more films, I am increasingly interested in capturing place as a vivid backdrop for my films.” ~ Alexander Payne

  42. “Perhaps we are on an insula ex Machina, an artificial place not in the real world at all — a backdrop for the stories we must tell.” ~ Kate Atkinson
  43. “One of my favorite kinds of movie is the American picaresque, in which the characters make their way across the country, learning about life against the gorgeous backdrops of that vast land.” ~ Steven Pinker
  44. “I’m using the afterlife as a backdrop against which to explore the joys and complexities of being human – it turns out that it’s a great lens with which to understand what matters to us.” ~ David Eagleman
  45. “You never know when I might decide to work in a Bollywood film and do one of those dance numbers with the whole crew in the backdrop.” ~ Brad Pitt
  46. “They say that Nero started the fire himself because he needed a suitable backdrop for his concert.” ~ Victor Borge

  47. “If you don’t like the scene you’re in, if you’re unhappy, if you’re lonely, if you don’t feel that things are happening, change your scene. Paint a new backdrop.” ~ Leo Buscaglia
  48. “The once inviolate frame within which programs or commercials were displayed on television – always separately – has been violated to a pulp. Program content is seen increasingly as a mere backdrop on which ads are posted like billboards on a fence.” ~ Tom Shales
  49. “The breathtaking inanity of the [school] Board’s decision is evident when considered against the factual backdrop which has now been fully revealed through this trial.” ~ John E. Jones III
  50. “To me, the appeal of opera lies in the fact that a myriad of singers and instruments, each possessed of different qualities of voice and sound, against the backdrop of a grand stage and beautiful costumes, come together in one complete and impressive drama.” ~ Junichiro Koizumi , Beautiful backdrop quotes
  51. “Formula One has been the backdrop of my life.” ~ Tamara Ecclestone

  52. “I’m not sad, but the boys who are looking for sad girls always find me. I’m not a girl anymore and I’m not sad anymore. You want me to be a tragic backdrop so that you can appear to be illuminated, so that people can say ‘Wow, isn’t he so terribly brave to love a girl who is so obviously sad?’ You think I’ll be the dark sky so you can be the star? I’ll swallow you whole.” ~ Warsan Shire
  53. “Juliet is one of those rare novels that has it all: lush prose, tightly intertwined parallel narratives, intrigue, and historical detail all set against a backdrop of looming danger. Anne Fortier casts a new light on one of history’s greatest stories of passion. I was swept away.” ~ Sara Gruen
  54. “When you refuse to teach on the radical depravity of men, it is an impossibility that you bring glory to God, His Christ, and His cross because the cross of Jesus Christ and the glory thereof is most magnified when it’s placed in front of the backdrop of our depravity!” ~ Paul Washer
  55. “A conflagration always made such a nice backdrop to a battle. Fire made everything so much more joyously apocalyptic.” ~ Stuart Hill

  56. “Beautifully written, intensely passionate and gripping, FALLEN grabbed me
    from the first sentence and didn’t let go. Its eerie future world and
    frightening mores provide an unforgettable backdrop to the story of Lilia
    Desjardins, the shade-hunter, and fallen-angel turned cop, Adam Montgomery.
    It’s Matrix, Blade Runner and Terminator rolled into a riveting love story
    and made better. Perfect. A must-read by an author who keeps you on the
    edge of your seat.” ~ Linnea Sinclair
  57. “‘Lollipop Opera’ is the backdrop to Finsbury Park. A place that is very thriving, interracial and lot of music stores, Greek, Turkish, all sorts of immigrant music. It’s utter Englishness. It blends the Jamaicans, the Irish. It’s like what Jim Reeves did with American country music.” ~ John Lydon
  58. “There are people who have no engaged conversation with the land whatsoever, no sense of its beauty or extremes or limits and therefore no reason to question their actions in a place that is merely backdrop.” ~ Ellen Meloy
  59. “Ballet for a rainy day Silent film of melting miracle play Dancing out there through my window To the backdrop of a slow descending grey” ~ Andy Partridge

  60. “Japan is a wonderful country, a strange mixture of ancient mystique and cyberpunk saturation. It’s a monolith of society’s achievements, yet maintains a foothold in the past, creating an amazing backdrop for touring and natives alive. Japan captures the imagination like no other. You never feel quite so far from home as you do in Japan, yet there are no other people on the planet that make you feel as comfortable.” ~ Corey Taylor
  61. “Netanyahu and his coalition have no strategy of their own except endless counterinsurgency against the backdrop of a steadily deteriorating diplomatic position within the world and an inexorable demographic decline. The operation in Gaza
    is not Netanyahu’s strategy in excess; it is Netanyahu’s strategy in its entirety. The liberal Zionist, two-state vision with which I identify, which once commanded a mainstream position within Israeli political life has been relegated to a left-wing rump within it.” ~ Jonathan Chait
  62. “Reading. Reading was the stable backdrop against which my life was played.” ~ Lynne Sharon Schwartz

  63. “I think that those of us who are ordinary disappear easily into the backdrop of life and we take things for granted. We often wake up in our lives and wonder how we got there. But the characters I create, the people I am drawn to, are quite extraordinary (and not always in wholesome ways), and they offer us the chance to understand who we really are and how we became who we are.” ~ Chris Abani
  64. “What it targets is not something that’s really looked at a lot in terms of the war. This is stuff that’s off the beaten path in terms of what we think of every time you start a Civil War history or a Civil War presentation. It’s usually about the military and the soldiers and all that stuff. And this is not. It’s the backdrop to a place and a time and circumstances that didn’t have anything to do with that.” ~ Gary Cole
  65. “I think somebody who is more self-reflective should ask why they personally aren’t going on that path. If amateurism is so great, why didn’t you stay one? You have to look at the larger economy, a backdrop of unemployment; it’s shitty out there.” ~ Astra Taylor

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