65 Scissors Quotes On Success In Life

These scissors quotes will inspire you. Scissors are a cutting instrument having two blades whose cutting edges slide past each other or an action in which two things cross each other or open and close like the blades of a pair of scissors.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging scissors quotes, scissors sayings, and scissors proverbs.

Best Scissors Quotes

  1. “A witty vicar once said that a good marriage is like a pair of scissors with the couple inseparable joined, often moving in opposite directions, yet always destroying anyone who comes between them. The trick is for the blades to learn to work smoothly together, so as not to cut each other.” ~ Mary Jo Putney
  2. “The thing with high-tech is that you always end up using scissors.” ~ David Hockney
  3. “The intellect always cuts and divides like a pair of scissors. The heart sews things together and unites like a needle. The tailor uses both.” ~ Mata Amritanandamayi
  4. “I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.” ~ Truman Capote

  5. “To sculpt a head of hair with scissors is an art form. It’s in pursuit of art.” ~ Vidal Sassoon
  6. “Regarding the debate about faith and works: It’s like asking which blade in a pair of scissors is most important.” ~ C. S. Lewis
  7. “I often shoot with scissors in my eyes.” ~ Allan Dwan
  8. “The scissors cut the long-grown hair; The razor scrapes the remnant fuzz. Small-jawed, weak-chinned, big-eyed, I stare At the forgotten boy I was.” ~ John Updike

  9. “I always know where the scissors are.” ~ Dan O’Brien
  10. “For the first time ever I was taking the family on the road. We stayed with my in-laws, which on life’s list of experiences ranks right below sitting in a tub full of scissors.” ~ Jeff Foxworthy
  11. “Never run with scissors or other pointy objects.” ~ Billy Connolly
  12. “Red tape will often get in your way. It’s one of the reasons I often carry scissors!” ~ Richard Branson

  13. “Face the fact that there’s only one sure-fire way to erase credit card debt. By picking up a big, shiny pair of scissors and cutting your wife in half.” ~ Bill Maher
  14. “I am quite content to go down to posterity as a scissors and paste man for that seems to me a harsh but not unjust description” ~ James Joyce
  15. “A single man has not nearly the value he would have in a state of union. He is an incomplete animal. He resembles the odd half of a pair of scissors.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
  16. “I know – I’ll play you for it,” Alice suggested. “Rock, paper, scissors.” Jasper chuckled and Edward sighed. “Why don’t you just tell me who wins?” Edward said wryly. Alice beamed. “I do. Excellent.” ~ Stephenie Meyer

  17. “I’m working on my own life story. I don’t mean I’m putting it together; no, I’m taking it apart. If you’d wanted the narrative line you should have asked earlier, when I still knew everything and was more than willing to tell. That was before I discovered the virtues of scissors, the virtues of matches.” ~ Margaret Atwood
  18. “I always carry a pair of scissors around with me to cut things out of magazines.” ~ Sally Phillips
  19. “You always need a bit of low-tech.You always need a pair of scissors, it seems to me. You can do better things…. The high-tech, somehow, you do have to combine it with low-tech things.” ~ David Hockney
  20. “To make a poem, take one newspaper, one pair of scissors, snip the words one by one and put them in a bag. Shake gently, draw them out at random, and copy them conscientiously… DADA est mort. DADA est idiot. Vive DADA!” ~ Tristan Tzara

  21. “It wasn’t only that you didn’t see him anymore, meet him anymore. You saw his absence and encountered it as something tangible. His not being there was like the sharply outlined emptiness of a photo with a figure cut out precisely with scissors and now the missing figure is more important, more dominant than all others.” ~ Pascal Mercier.
  22. “Mine, said the stone,mine is the hour.I crush the scissors,such is my power.Stronger than wishes,my power, alone.Mine, said the paper,mine are the wordsthat smother the stonewith imagined birds,reams of them, flownfrom the mind of the shaper.Mine, said the scissors,mine all the knivesgashing through paper’sethereal lives;nothing’s so properas tattering wishes.As stone crushes scissors,as paper snuffs stoneand scissors cut paper,all end alone.So heap up your paperand scissor your wishesand uproot the stonefrom the top of the hill.They all end aloneas you will, you will.” ~ David Mason
  23. “After all, wedlock is the natural state of man. A bachelor is not a complete human being. He is like the odd half of a pair of scissors, which has not yet found its fellow, and therefore is not even half so useful as they might be together.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
  24. “Well, no. I was getting into trouble messing around with it for roles. So one night I went home, cut it down with a pair of scissors and then got in the bath and shaved it all off. I’ve never looked back.” ~ Richard O’Brien

  25. “A long-playing full shot is what always separates the men from the boys. Anybody can make movies with a pair of scissors and a two-inch lens.” ~ Orson Welles
  26. “But as the scissors snip-snapped through her hair and the razor shaved the rest, she realized with a sudden awful panic that she could no longer recall anything from the past. I cannot remember, she whispered to herself. I cannot remember. She’s been shorn of memory as brutally as she’d been shorn of her hair, without permission, without reason… Gone, all gone, she thought again wildly, no longer even sure what was gone, what she was mourning.” ~ Jane Yolen
  27. “She felt like a fictional character who’d escaped the book in which her creator had carefully and kindly trapped her, taken a pair of scissors to her outline and leaped, free.” ~ Kate Morton
  28. “What do you do if you’re in the car and your girlfriend touches your crotch then asks you to remind her to get kitchen scissors?” ~ Bob Saget

  29. “I gazed around the room and my eyes stopped dead on a little boy standing in the corner. This was a particularly eerie doll. Life-sized and blond-haired and blue-eyed. I saw a little Nazi boy, pockets probably stuffed with scissors and retractable blades. My grandfather on my mother’s side was rumored to be half Jewish, which practically makes me Jerry Seinfeld’s brother, and thus wary of blond German boys with their hands out of sight.” ~ Augusten Burroughs
  30. “If you really want space on public transport you should carry some pornography from the 1970s and a pair of children’s safety scissors, then delicately cut out all the eyes of the glamour models whilst whistling. Every now and again mutter, ‘Why are women more beautiful when they are eyeless?’ You will be able to stretch out, though this can have ramifications such as ending up on a police list or being run out of town.” ~ Robin Ince
  31. “I’m still going to love you, always. And in the rock-paper-scissors of life, love is rock. fear, anger, everthing else…no contest.” ~ Sara Zarr

  32. “I love all things, not because they are passionate or sweet-smelling but because, I don’t know, because this ocean is yours, and mine: these buttons and wheels and little forgotten treasures, fans upon whose feathers love has scattered its blossoms, glasses, knives and scissors — all bear the trace of someone’s fingers on their handle or surface, the trace of a distant hand lost in the depths of forgetfulness.” ~ Pablo Neruda
  33. “A lot of my songs, they’re like puzzle pieces, and there’s just one way to put them together. You could, if you needed to, get the scissors out and cut up things to make them work. But I don’t want to do that.” ~ Ryan Adams
  34. “I fireballed him as he was seeking out treasure after we wiped out a band of orcs, playing rock-paper-scissors with each orc to determine who would prevail in combat. This is a lot more exciting than it sounds. It’s quite civilized, and a little weird. You go running after someone through the woods, catch up with him, bare your teeth, and sit down to play a little roshambo.” ~ Cory Doctorow
  35. “The sewing machine joins what the scissors have cut asunder, plus whatever else comes in its path.” ~ Mason Cooley

  36. “I have never yet met anyone who did not think it was an agreeable sensation to cut tinfoil with scissors.” ~ Georg C. Lichtenberg
  37. “I became depressed and I cut my self with scissors and stuff.” ~ Kelly Holmes
  38. “You need a bad operation.
    Gimme the scissors, hammer, flame.” ~ Kool Keith
  39. “Something is unfolding, being revealed to me. I see that there’s a whole world of of girls and their doings that has been unknown to me, and that I can be part of without making any effort at all. I don’t have to keep up with anyone, run as fast, aim as well, make loud explosive noises, decode messages, die on cue. I don’t have to think about whether I do these things well, as well as a boy. All I have to do is sit on the floor and cut frying pans our of the Eaton’s Catalogue with embroidery scissors, and say I’ve done it badly.” ~ Margaret Atwood
  40. “Used to be marketing was viewed as the people with crayons and scissors who did creative work. Now it’s seen as central to driving growth.” ~ Jim Speros

  41. “One of the things that adds tension to our lives is small frustrations. Losing car keys can give you a panic attack. Not being able to find a comb when you get out of the shower, losing scissors and nail clippers, can make you fight with your roommate. The problem is that we think that these things are not supposed to happen to us. And that’s what makes us tense. We think we can avoid these frustrations by making ourselves and others be more careful. I like to take the opposite tack-to assume that these things are a part of life and that they will happen no matter what.” ~ Jennifer James
  42. “She had to give her teachers credit: they were right to insist all pupils carry scissors, handkerchiefs, perfume and hair ribbons at all times. At some point she’d learn why they also required a red lace doily and a lemon.” ~ Gail Carriger
  43. “A beautiful eyelash is an important adjunct to the eye. The lashes may be lengthened by trimming them occasionally in childhood. Care should be taken that this trimming is done neatly and evenly, and especially that the points of the scissors do not penetrate the eye.” ~ Eliza Bisbee Duffey
  44. “We might as well reasonably dispute whether it is the upper or the under blade of a pair of scissors that cuts a piece of paper, as whether value is governed by demand or supply.” ~ Alfred Marshall

  45. “Vade Mecum I want the scissors to be sharp and the table perfectly level when you cut me out of my life and paste me in that book you always carry.” ~ Billy Collins
  46. “I thought you could play … You’ve got nothing. Where’s the big hair? I brought my scissors today so I could cut the hair. You’ve got nothing.” ~ Terry Hill
  47. “What are you going to call the place?” “I haven’t decided yet. Carrington wants to call it Clippety-Do-Da or Hairway to Heaven . . . but I told her we have to be a little bit classier.” “Julius Scissors,” I suggested. “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow,” Jack joined in. Liberty covered her ears. “I’ll go out of business in the first week.” ~ Lisa Kleypas
  48. “It is a sad mission to cut through and destroy with the scissors of analysis the delicate and iridescent veils with which our proud mediocrity clothes itself.” ~ Cesare Lombroso

  49. “I could cut silhouettes almost as soon as I could manage to hold a pair of scissors. I could paint, too, and read, and recite; but these things did not surprise anyone very much. But everybody was astonished about the scissor cuts, which seemed a more unusual accomplishment. The silhouettes were very much praised, and I cut out silhouettes for all the birthdays in the family. Did anyone warn me as to where this path would lead? Not in the least; I was encouraged to continue.” ~ Lotte Reiniger
  50. “I remember the feeling. Whenever my father got so absorbed in a book that we might have been in visible I felt like taking a pair of scissors and cutting it up.” ~ Cornelia Funke
  51. “We were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors,” she told him once. “I was paper and she was rock so I lived and she died.” ~ Melina Marchetta
  52. “I want a woman to feel the cut of the scissors in the clothes.” ~ Giambattista Valli

  53. “I, on the other hand, believe that books, maps, scissors, and Scotch tape dispensers are all unreliable vagrants, likely to take off for parts unknown unless strictly confined to quarters.” ~ Anne Fadiman
  54. “Come here,” she says. “No, you come here.” “I said it first.” “Rock paper scissors.” “No. Because you’ll do nerdy calculations and work out what I chose the last six times and then you’ll win.” Will pushes away from the table and his hand snakes out and he pulls her toward him and Tom figures that Will was always going to go to her first.” ~ Melina Marchetta , Rock paper scissors quotes
  55. “I can’t live without scissors. I don’t have any tattoos, but I thought if I ever got a tattoo, it should probably be scissors.” ~ Rebecca Ward
  56. “I hate libraries for the way they put stickers on things. I don’t approve of folding over pages, or of writing in books. God, forget scissors – that’s beyond the pale.” ~ Jonathan Lethem

  57. “I like “Rock, Paper, Scissors Two-Thirds.” You know. “Rock breaks scissors.” “These scissors are bent. They’re destroyed. I can’t cut stuff. So I lose.” “Scissors cuts paper.” “These are strips. This is not even paper. It’s gonna take me forever to put this back together.” “Paper covers rock.” “Rock is fine. No structural damage to rock. Rock can break through paper at any point. Just say the word. Paper sucks.” There should be “Rock, Dynamite with a Cutable Wick, Scissors.”” ~ Demetri Martin
  58. “I will never understand children. I never pretended to. I meet mothers all the time who make resolutions to themselves. ‘I’m going to … go out of my way to show them I am interested in them and what they do. I am going to understand my children.’ These women end up making rag rugs, using blunt scissors.” ~ Erma Bombeck
  59. “While painting I noticed a piece of madras cloth on the floor. As usual, my mind started working overtime and a pair of scissors and a small amount of glue later…I created THE COMEDIAN. Everybody loved the uniqueness of the painting. It was indeed a hit.” ~ St. Lucia
  60. “In the New Testament, Thomas Jefferson cut out everything that was mystical, magical, miracle – physically with scissors – and then pasted in all that remained, such as Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

  61. “I haven’t had any bad jobs. I was a hairdresser before and that’s it. I still cut my family and mates’ hair when they want a trim. If I go up to Scotland to see my mum, I know she’ll say, ‘Bring your scissors!'” ~ Sharleen Spiteri
  62. “The officers of the branch of the Force (the Obscene Publications Squad) have a discouraging club tie, on which a book is depicted being cut in half by a larger pair of scissors.” ~ John Mortimer
  63. “I think it’s kinda nice.’ And I did. my mom isn’t famous for her pies. No, she’s famous for defusing a nuclear device in Brussels with only a pair of cuticle scissors and a ponytail holder. Somehow, at the moment, pies seemed cooler.” ~ Ally Carter

  64. “The book is like the spoon, scissors, the hammer, the wheel. Once invented, it cannot be improved. You cannot make a spoon that is better than a spoon… The book has been thoroughly tested, and it’s very hard to see how it could be improved on for its current purposes.” ~ Umberto Eco
  65. “A tailor can adapt to any medium, be it poetry, be it criticism. As a poet, he can mend, and with the scissors of criticism he can divide.” ~ Franz Grillparzer

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