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Best Real Power Quotes

  1. “The real power in helping somebody to be transformed is not to do something to them but to join with them.” ~ Larry Crabb
  2. “Self-respect leads to self-discipline.” ~ Clint Eastwood
  3. “It is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad.” ~ James Madison
  4. “To know the pains of power, we must go to those who have it; to know its pleasures, we must go to those who are seeking it: the pains of power are real, its pleasures imaginary.” ~ Charles Caleb Colton

  5. “Nobody gives you power. Real power is something you take.” ~ JR
  6. “Real power has fullness and variety. It is not narrow like lightning, but broad like light. The man who truly and worthily excels in any one line of endeavor, might also under a change of circumstances, have excelled in some other line. Power is a thing of solidity and wholeness.” ~ Roswell Dwight Hitchcock
  7. “Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.” ~ Clint Eastwood
  8. “Most importantly, postmodernism comes down on the side of photography and power, not photography as power. As a consequence, photography continues to be conceived as an inconsequential vehicle or passage for real powers that always originate elsewhere.” ~ Geoffrey Batchen

  9. “Real power comes by empowering others.” ~ Denis Waitley
  10. “We live in a culture bound by sin like bands of iron. Moral stories, quaint maxims, and life lessons shared from the heart of a beloved pulpiteer or spiritual life coach have no real power against such darkness. We need preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ who know the Scriptures, and by God’s grace face any culture with the cry, ‘Thus saith the Lord!'” ~ Paul Washer
  11. “If you are committed to creating value and if you aren’t afraid of hard times; obstacles become utterly unimportant. A nuisance perhaps; but with no real power. The world respects creation; people will get out of your way. – Candice Carpenter Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you.” ~ Caroline Myss
  12. “When any organizational entity expands beyond 21 members, the real power will be in some smaller body.” ~ C. Northcote Parkinson

  13. “Hillary does nothing without careful calculation. She knows that politicians – provided they have real power – who bash entire industries tend to raise huge dollars from individuals in those industries. Certain types of politicians are drawn to this marketing technique because they think the ‘bashing’ also can be held up as proof that they are not being corrupted. This scheme is called ‘putting the squeeze on.’ Does that phrase remind you of anything?” ~ Donald Luskin
  14. “Individuality is a real power inherent in all and the development and consequent expression of this power enables one to assume the responsibility of directing his own footsteps rather than stampeding after some self-assertive bell-wether.” ~ Charles F. Haanel
  15. “Wrangel pretended to combat the Bolsheviks, Bolshevism is Jewry. In order to retain the favor of the Jews holding the real power in England, France and the United States, Wrangel showed to the Jews signs of his submission to them. Thereafter the Russian masses abandoned Wrangel as a traitor or as a comedian. It is impossible simultaneously to be an auxiliary of the Jew and an enemy of the Bolsheviki who are Jews. Be it incoherence or treason, Wrangel deserved the same fate as Denikin and he got it.” ~ Boris Brasol
  16. “Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger of oppression.” ~ James Madison

  17. “I think that the exactitude of the photograph has a sort of compelling nature based in its power to duplicate life. But to me the real power of photography is based in death: the fact that somehow it can enliven that which is not there in a kind of stultifying frightened way, because it seems to me that part of one’s life is made up of a constant confrontation with one’s own death.” ~ Barbara Kruger
  18. “The thing is, when you put a button in someone’s hand and give them the power of yes or no, no is a shorter word. People just say no. The power lies in who can say no the most. But, real power, though, lies in the opportunity to say yes. I think people ultimately realize that, but not when they’re in the spotlight.” ~ Adrian Pasdar
  19. “Real power is creating stuff.” ~ Geraldine Laybourne
  20. “The world has become more diversified, with women becoming a real power of change.” ~ Dalia Grybauskaite

  21. “Power with God will be the gauge of real power with men.” ~ Hudson Taylor
  22. “Disunion and civil war are at hand; and yet I fear disunion and war less than compromise. We can recover from them. The free States alone, if we must go on alone, will make a glorious nation. Twenty millions in the temperate zone, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, full of vigor, industry, inventive genius, educated, and moral; increasing by immigration rapidly, and, above all, free–all free–will form a confederacy of twenty States scarcely inferior in real power to the unfortunate Union of thirty-three States which we had on the first of November.” ~ Rutherford B. Hayes
  23. “Progressive Conservative candidates from Quebec want to exert real power in Ottawa, not simply be content with playing a secondary role.” ~ Kim Campbell
  24. “There is no greater source of strength and power for me in my life than going still, being quiet and recognizing what real power is.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

  25. “The real power is in the hands of small groups of people and I don’t think they have titles.” ~ Bob Dylan
  26. “True gospel authority, the authority to heal and renew things and people, is not finally found in a hierarchical office, a theological argument, a perfect law, or a rational explanation. The Crucified revealed to the world that the real power that changes people and the world is an inner authority that comes from people who have lost, let go, and are re-found on a new level.” ~ Richard Rohr
  27. “Our real power in life comes from our true thinking!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
  28. “Real power does not consist in the ability to inflict capital punishment upon the subjects, but in the will and the ability to protect the subjects against the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  29. “Peace is more than just a feeling. It’s the mental and physical frequency where you’ll find all your real power.” ~ Martha Beck
  30. “The franchise itself gives no real power, unless accompanied by the right on the part of all the possessors of it to elect something like an equal number of representatives.” ~ John Bright
  31. “Real power has to do with one’s ability to influence the hearts and minds of others.” ~ Dalai Lama
  32. “I had a career and I came to motherhood late and am not married and have never had such a trusting relationship with a man – and trust is where the real power of love comes from.” ~ Diane Keaton

  33. “Zoe Saldana is such an angel. She’s got such an openness and vulnerability on camera and yet such great strength. She can kick ass with the best of them, but then she can soften and open up in a way that is magnetizing whether you’re watching her on set or on screen – she’s got a real power to her. I love her; we’ve known each other for years and it’s great to come back to that kind of familiarity, especially when you’re working with such intimacy.” ~ Zachary Quinto
  34. “The real power of the Buddha was that he had so much love. He saw people trapped in their notions of small separate self, feeling guilty or proud of that self, and he offered revolutionary teachings that resounded like a lion’s roar, like a great rising tide, helping people to wake up and break free from the prison of ignorance.” ~ Nhat Hanh
  35. “This is the real power of habit: the insight that your habits are what you choose them to be.” ~ Charles Duhigg
  36. “Real power… comes not from hate, but from truth.” ~ Seth Grahame-Smith

  37. “Skepsis. I am a true skeptic, born under the noble sign of skepsis, the sign of the man who knows that all astrology is absolutely and without reservation the bullest of bullsh*t that ever there was. It is a senseless delusion that does not even have the benefit of being harmless fun. It is a harmful bore. Harmful to the human spirit, harmful to the dignity and wonder of the real universe and the real power of the mind to think for itself. I hate astrology with a fervor that is almost frightening. – Stephen Fry (when asked what sign he would be if he could create his own zodiac)” ~ Stephen Fry
  38. “The real power of a wolf isn’t in its fearsome jaws, which can clench with fifteen hundred pounds of pressure per square inch. The real power of a wolf is having that strength, and knowing when not to use it.” ~ Jodi Picoult
  39. “To remain unknown in this modern world: that, indeed, is real power.” ~ Michael Scott
  40. “The real power in America is held by a fast-emerging new Oligarchy of pimps and preachers who see no need for Democracy or fairness or even trees, except maybe the ones in their own yards, and they don’t mind admitting it.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

  41. “Here’s where the real power of generosity comes in. Often, the more we give, the more we receive.” ~ Debbie Macomber
  42. “Genuine love is rarely an emotional space where needs are instantly gratified. To know love we have to invest time and commitment…’dreaming that love will save us, solve all our problems or provide a steady state of bliss or security only keeps us stuck in wishful fantasy, undermining the real power of the love — which is to transform us.’ Many people want love to function like a drug, giving them an immediate and sustained high. They want to do nothing, just passively receive the good feeling.” ~ Bell Hooks
  43. “Real power is control. Knowing that you can do anything…and not doing it only because you can.” ~ Joan D. Vinge , Real power quotes control
  44. “In organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships. The patterns of relationships and the capacities to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles, and positions.” ~ Margaret J. Wheatley

  45. “I used many times to touch my own chest and feel, under its asthmatic quiver, the engine of the heart and lungs and blood and feel amazed at what I sensed was the enormity of the power I possessed. Not magical power, but real power. The power simply to go on, the power to endure, that is power enough, but I felt I had also the power to create, to add, to delight, to amaze and to transform.” ~ Stephen Fry
  46. “The neo-conservatives, who are closely linked to the neo-corporatists, are rather different. They claim to be conservatives, when everything they stand for is a rejection of conservatism. They claim to present an alternate social model, when they are little more than the courtiers of the corporatist movement. Their agitation is filled with the bitterness and cynicism typical of courtiers who scramble for crumbs at the banquet tables of real power, but are always denied a proper chair.” ~ John Ralston Saul
  47. “The only real power comes out of a long rifle.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  48. “To achieve, you need thought. You have to know what you are doing and that’s real power.” ~ Ayn Rand

  49. “A picture must possess a real power to generate light and for a long time now I’ve been conscious of expressing myself through light or rather in light.” ~ Henri Matisse
  50. “Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression, because power, real power, comes from our conviction which produces action, uncompromising action.” ~ Malcolm X
  51. “Facebook is not ideologically neutral. In fact, it emerges from a very particular world view which we can trace back to Hobbes. I discovered this by examining the profile of Zuckerberg’s fellow board members who, unlike him, are a very interesting bunch and, I suspect, the real power behind the poster boy.” ~ Tom Hodgkinson
  52. “There are questions of real power and then there are questions of phony authority. You have to break through the phony authority to begin to fight the real questions of power.” ~ Karen Nussbaum

  53. “As a man’s real power grows and his knowledge widens, ever the way he can follow grows narrower: until at last he chooses nothing,but does only and wholly what he must do.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
  54. “The real power behind whatever success I have now was something I found within myself – something that’s in all of us, I think, a little piece of God just waiting to be discovered.” ~ Livy
  55. “Life, in a body whose order and state of affairs can make it manifest, is assuredly, as I have said, a real power that gives rise to numerous phenomena. This power has, however, neither goal nor intention. It can do only what it does; it is only a set of acting causes, not a particular being. I was the first to establish this truth at a time when life was still thought to be a principle, an archeia, a being of some sort.” ~ Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
  56. “… what is really inspiriting and ennobling in the doctrine of freewill, is the conviction that we have real power over the formation of our own character; that our will, by influencing some of our circumstances, can modify our future habits or capabilities of willing.” ~ John Stuart Mill

  57. “Faith is a real power, not just an expression of belief.” ~ Boyd K. Packer
  58. “A photographic portrait is a picture of someone who knows he’s being photographed, and what he does with this knowledge is as much a part of the photograph as what he’s wearing or how he looks. He’s implicated in what’s happening, and he has a certain real power over the result.” ~ Richard Avedon
  59. “I met many Russians over the years who were convinced my brothers and I were a cabal, pulling strings behind the scenes to shape American policy. The Soviets had no conception of how a pluralistic democracy works and believed elected officials, up to and including the president of the United States, were only figureheads acting out the roles dictated to them by the real “powers that be” – in this case, my family.” ~ David Rockefeller
  60. “There are two fools in this world. One is the millionaire who thinks that by hoarding money he can somehow accumulate real power, and the other is the penniless reformer who thinks that if only he can take the money from one class and give it to another, all the world’s ills will be cured.” ~ Henry Ford
  61. “People with real power never fear of losing it. People with control think of little else.” ~ Joss Whedon

  62. “If humanity has any hope of effecting real change for the better, it will not come from the Madison Avenue false reality makers who’ve cast Barack Obama as the savior of the world. To alter our course from tyranny to liberty, to defeat the corrupt elite, we must get past the puppets and confront the real power structure of the planet.” ~ Alex Jones
  63. “If you are only concerned with international issues and/or the power of some lobbies that are influencing American policy, then you are isolating yourselves. You are powerless in your mind when you don’t understand the meaning and quality of your own real power.” ~ Tariq Ramadan
  64. “The real power is not corporate; it is private. They choose not to have a name. It is a dynasty of banking families – Rothschild and Rockefeller being two – that operate chiefly out of London, in the boardrooms out of the city of London and the Bank of England, which they own.” ~ Betty Dodson
  65. “I have enormous personal ambition. I want to shift the entire planet. And I’m doing it. I am now a famous person. I represent real power.” ~ Newt Gingrich

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