64 Seafood Quotes On Success In Life

These seafood quotes will inspire you. Seafood is edible marine fish and shellfish or sea fish served as food.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging seafood quotes, seafood sayings, and seafood proverbs.

Best Seafood Quotes

  1. “I’m on a seafood diet – I see food, I eat it.” ~ Dolly Parton
  2. “Most seafoods should be simply threatened with heat and then celebrated with joy.” ~ Jeff Smith
  3. “Seafood makes you live 10 years more.” ~ Kevin Steele
  4. “I’m a huge seafood lover; I could cook it every day.” ~ Trina

  5. “To save the seas, we can eat sustainably and be conscious of the seafood we eat.” ~ Carl Safina
  6. “You’re at your best when you don’t know what you’re doing.” ~ Paul Stanley
  7. “I love seafood. I’m not a vegetarian but I’m probably a pescetarian.” ~ Padma Lakshmi
  8. “As soon as I get home, all I want to eat is seafood.” ~ Quvenzhane Wallis

  9. “Poseidon can come in too! We will eat you both! Seafood!” ~ Rick Riordan
  10. “When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to do it quickly.” ~ Jase Robertson
  11. “Seafood on the grill can be intimidating if you don’t know what you are doing. It’s really quite easy” ~ Kevin Steele
  12. “Seafood is one of my biggest pet peeves.” ~ Big Sean

  13. “I like working with fish, so naturally I like seafood.” ~ Roy Yamaguchi
  14. “I’m a big fan of featuring all of the local shellfish and seafood provided.” ~ Mario Batali
  15. “Interviewing is tough, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.” ~ Charlyne Yi
  16. “When you don’t know what you’re doing, fake it.” ~ Jill Shalvis

  17. “For me, if there’s anything that would represent me and my style of cooking, it would be a seafood platter. Maybe a perfectly shucked oyster with a bit of lemon and cocktail sauce or mignonette sauce.” ~ Chuck Hughes
  18. “Pressure is something you feel when you do not know what you are doing.” ~ Chuck Noll
  19. “Like a one eyed cat peepin’ in a seafood store.” ~ Big Joe Turner
  20. “Seafood was always my favorite food. I mean, fried lobster? Come on. Once I found out shrimp, scallops and lobster were my allergic triggers, I had to change my diet.” ~ Adrian Peterson

  21. “I think everybody, no matter what they eat, they should eat at least fifty percent raw food. But I eat some seafood.” ~ Brett Dennen
  22. “I like seafood in general. I feel when you have really good quality Canadian seafood; you don’t really need to do much to it. It’s just some of the best in the world. It also has this kind of briny, salty quality to it, that you don’t have to season much. You can use the natural flavours of the ocean to your benefit.” ~ Chuck Hughes
  23. “Seafood is simply a socially acceptable form of bush meat. We condemn Africans for hunting monkeys and mammalian and bird species from the jungle yet the developed world thinks nothing of hauling in magnificent wild creatures like swordfish, tuna, halibut, shark, and salmon for our meals. The fact is that the global slaughter of marine wildlife is simply the largest massacre of wildlife on the planet.” ~ Paul Watson
  24. “Remember that a very good sardine is always preferable to a not that good lobster.” ~ Ferran Adria

  25. “I’m a pescatarian, so I don’t eat red meat or pork. So my dinners usually consist of seafood in some way. And maybe cookies after!” ~ Misty Copeland
  26. “The only kind of seafood I trust is the fish stick, a totally featureless fish that doesn’t have eyeballs or fins.” ~ Dave Barry
  27. “No dish changes quite so much from season to season as soup. Summer’s soups come chilled, in pastel colors strewn with herbs. If hot they are sheer insubstantial broths afloat with seafood. In winter they turn steaming and thick to serve with slabs of rustic, crusty bread.” ~ Florence Fabricant
  28. “I call it an old-fashioned seafood house for the new millennium. We are trying to update what we know as old fish houses and places like that, which are great, but I want to give it a new, fresh look with updated versions of the classics we all love.” ~ Todd English

  29. “Thailand’s seafood industry is the third largest in the world. And much of it is ending up on our dinner tables.” ~ Lourdes Garcia-Navarro
  30. “Imagine spending four billion years stocking the oceans with seafood, filling the ground with fossil fuels, and drilling the bees in honey production – only to produce a race of bed-wetters!” ~ Barbara Ehrenreich
  31. “One of the first jobs I ever had was opening clams in a seafood restaurant, so I’m pretty quick at it.” ~ Tom Colicchio
  32. “When I’m sore, ice is my best friend. It really works. I take omega-3s every day, which helps with inflammation. And I try to eat things that won’t inflame my joints, like fresh fruits and veggies, lean protein, and seafood.” ~ Kerri Walsh

  33. “I will smash your face into a car windshield, and then take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again.” ~ David Koechner
  34. “I’m trying, now that I am in my dotage, to use a lot less sugar and my husband and I really try to keep close to a minimum of fat; chicken, fish, loads of salads and legumes. We both love all of those. To be honest, nothing that is in our diet is that original. We eat seafood but we do not eat shellfish. On the other hand, if my body says to me, “eat meat” I do. I listen to my body, I think that’s important.” ~ Rita Moreno , Seafood quotes love
  35. “To speak only of food inspections: the United States currently imports 80% of its seafood, 32% of its fruits and nuts, 13% of its vegetables, and 10% of its meats. In 2007, these foods arrived in 25,000 shipments a day from about 100 countries. The FDA was able to inspect about 1% of these shipments, down from 8% in 1992. In contrast, the USDA is able to inspect 16% of the foods under its purview. By one assessment, the FDA has become so short-staffed that it would take the agency 1,900 years to inspect every foreign plant that exports food to the United States.” ~ Marion Nestle
  36. “I joined PETA for minks and dogs. I need my beef, my chicken, my seafood.” ~ Waka Flocka Flame

  37. “There are a handful of barbecue seafood shacks on the beach at Hat Nai Yang, which is a fabulous place to have dinner. It’s very much run for locals and they serve the catch of the day, which might be lobster, white snapper or squid. It’s ridiculously reasonable, too.” ~ Tony Parsons
  38. “I love fresh citrus and always keep lemons, limes, and oranges on hand; they come in handy for spritzing up quickly grilled meats, seafoods, and vegetables, especially when followed up by a quick drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.” ~ Emeril Lagasse
  39. “Miami, which has already aired, has this wonderful blend of Caribbean culture and Latin American culture and Southern American culture (talking about fried chicken). All those combine to make for a very very interesting array of ingredients, restaurants, and the chefs that come there. It also has great seafood, not to mention the glorious citrus that’s there. And all those things inform what you do – and they should.” ~ Padma Lakshmi
  40. “I personally have stopped eating seafood.” ~ Sylvia Earle

  41. “Im obsessed with vinyasa flow yoga and Pilates. And since I live in Sweden, and we have good seafood, I tend to cook a lot of fish, preferably with oven-roasted veggies and a cauliflower mash.” ~ Frida Gustavsson
  42. “I am burger obsessed and I love playing with the idea of what a burger can be for people. I make burgers out of everything from grains to seafood to, of course, browned meats of every kind. What I love about the burger is it makes food accessible and fun for everyone.” ~ Rachael Ray
  43. “I’m pretty confident that the seafood from the Northeastern Atlantic is one of the most delicious and unique in the country, so that we can represent that in a way that the Italians like to represent things.” ~ Mario Batali
  44. “California is lucky, the East Coast is lucky because we get great seafood and a lot of produce from Florida, locally in good weather, but in the winter we have to buy it.” ~ Eric Ripert

  45. “There are a lot of products still to be discovered in the world and experimentation, for example with seafood and fish. There are thousands of products that we’re not eating right now that maybe will be cultivated in a good agriculture situation, a sustainable, ecological way. Maybe there will be textures or flavors we hadn’t even thought of. In the Amazon there are 400 fruits that are not cultivated right now. They’re just incredible fruits. Textures, tastes that we don’t know right now.” ~ Ferran Adria
  46. “Watch it! It was robbed from other beings so it’s HOT ‘MERCHANDISE’ and it’s against the Law… the LAW OF DECENCY!!! Stay within this Law, steer clear of wool/pearl/silk/ fish bone/ fur/ivory/coral/ down/beeswax/honey/ cashmere/ lanolin/ feathers/ camel hair/flesh/milk/ eggs/ fish/ seafood/ other!!!” ~ Adela Popescu
  47. “I don’t think we should really be judging on Chris Brown like that until we know what Rihanna did. We all got reasons for what we do. Look at me. I’m one of the top 10 performers of all-time. I had to beat this one mermaid ass in a seafood restaurant over some shrimps. No lie. You just never know.” ~ Coolio
  48. “I have trouble with seafood because it tastes like a dock.” ~ Douglas Coupland

  49. “People who disagree with His Excellency, the President for Life and ‘Chief of Chiefs,’ are frequently found to be the victims of car crashes (their bodies mysteriously riddled with bullets); or dead in their beds of heart attacks (their bodies mysteriously riddled with bullets); or the recipients of some not-quite-fresh seafood (their bodies mysteriously riddled with bullets).” ~ Alexandra Fuller , Fresh seafood quotes
  50. “My message is use grass-fed beef, use heirloom pork varieties, use organic chickens, wait until wild salmon or wild seafood are in season, smoke organic vegetables.” ~ Steven Raichlen
  51. “We have a small, tight family. I left home at a young age and the best thing for me was to go home at Christmas-time and spend time with my family and friends. It’s kind of funny, most people do turkey and all the trimmings, but we would have a big seafood festival because it’s the only time of the year that we’d eat it. We never really went caroling, but once in a while we’d got out for a sleigh ride” ~ Jimmy Roy
  52. “I love Japanese and Thai food, especially seafood, and eat out with my wife two or three times a week.” ~ Pierre Dukan

  53. “According to the supermarkets, there is no such thing as “out of season.” Berries in the middle of February? Why not? Seafood flown in from Japan? Sure. While it all adds up to appetizing and varied meals throughout the year, regardless of the weather, it comes with a price tag – both ethical and financial.” ~ Homaro Cantu
  54. “You can put the greatest seafood restaurant next to an average steak house in an urban area, and that steak house will do more business than the seafood place. If you go to the water, you can put an average seafood place next to the greatest steak house, and people are going to eat seafood.” ~ Tilman J Fertitta
  55. “I went to my library, right? And I started to research the Bill of Rights and I did not technically find anything that said all Americans shall eat shrimp with whoever they like. But, I found some things that are close enough to infer that I am within my legal rights to enjoy seafood with whomever I choose.” ~ John Mayer
  56. “I’m good in the kitchen. I can cook seafood, collard greens, black-eyed peas.” ~ Monique Coleman

  57. “I’ve been doing stand-up for so long, I think 19 years, that I love topics I can also expand on. Once I identify a topic like, say, seafood, which is a big one right now, it’s like there are different kinds of tangents I can go on to build a larger chunk.” ~ Jim Gaffigan
  58. “Nothing quenches the thirst like a wheat beer, or sharpens the appetite like an India pale ale. Nothing goes as well with seafood as a dry porter or stout, or accompanies chocolate like an imperial stout. Nothing soothes like a barleywine. These are just a few of the specialty styles of beer.” ~ Michael Jackson
  59. “Mexican food is far more varied than people think. It changes like dialects. I was brought up in Jalisco by the sea on a basic diet – tomatoes, chillis, peppers of every size and rice, which is a Mexican staple. The Pacific coast has a huge array of seafood.” ~ Gael Garcia Bernal
  60. “I’m a vegetarian who also eats some environmentally friendly seafood. But most importantly, I eat organic and locally grown foods whenever possible. It is both for health reasons and for preserving the environment.” ~ Suzanne Whang

  61. “I said, “I’ll take the T-bone steak.” A soft voice mooed, “Oh wow.” And I looked up and realized The waitress was a cow. I cried, “Mistake–forget the the steak. I’ll take the chicken then.” I heard a cluck–’twas just my luck The busboy was a hen. I said, “Okay no, fowl today. I’ll have the seafood dish.” Then I saw through the kitchen door The cook–he was a fish. I screamed, “Is there anyone workin’ here Who’s an onion or a beet? No? Your’re sure? Okay then friends, A salad’s what I’ll eat.” They looked at me. “Oh,no,” they said, “The owner is a cabbage head.” ~ Shel Silverstein
  62. “I don’t really cook meat. I eat a bit of seafood but I’m not really into meat and the idea of cooking it is pretty intense.” ~ Bella Heathcote

  63. “There were stories coming out of Thailand that slave labor was being used to catch and process the seafood we eat. They were nearly all from Miramar. Because of reports of widespread labor abuses, several countries are now considering a ban on imports of Thai seafood.” ~ Lourdes Garcia-Navarro
  64. “Several groups have information evaluating seafood sustainability. I wrote the first such guide, and seafood pocket-guides and detailed evaluations of different seafoods are available for download from the group I founded, Blue Ocean Institute.” ~ Carl Safina

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