65 Mobility Quotes On Success In Life

These mobility quotes will inspire you. Mobility is the quality or state of being mobile or movable or the ability to move between different levels in society or employment.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging mobility quotes, mobility sayings, and mobility proverbs.

Best Mobility Quotes

  1. “I don’t think we should try to make space our own. I believe that as modern people we should live in mobility. We should always be moving.” ~ Yohji Yamamoto
  2. “Birds have wings; they’re free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility many people envy.” ~ Roger Tory Peterson
  3. “One set of messages of the society we live in is: Consume. Grow. Do what you want. Amuse yourselves. The very working of this economic system, which has bestowed these unprecedented liberties, most cherished in the form of physical mobility and material prosperity, depends on encouraging people to defy limits.” ~ Susan Sontag , Physical mobility quotes
  4. “If we are serious about providing upward mobility and building a skilled workforce, pre-school is the place to begin.” ~ Madeleine M. Kunin
  5. “In Full Frontal and K Street, I learned to take advantage of the mobility that digital provides.” ~ Steven Soderbergh

  6. “For the baby boomer generation, a home is now seen not as the cornerstone of advancement but a ball and chain, restricting their ability and their mobility to move and seek out a job at another location.” ~ Mortimer Zuckerman
  7. “We believe that the government has an important role to create the conditions that promote entrepreneurship, upward mobility, and individual responsibility.” ~ Paul Ryan
  8. “A free economy and strong communities honor the dignity of every person, rewarding effort with justice, promoting upward mobility, and building solidarity among citizens.” ~ Paul Ryan
  9. “Since 1970, relationships can be more volatile, jobs more ephemeral, geographical mobility more intensified, stability of marriage weaker.” ~ Mary Douglas
  10. “The fire was followed by a period of grieving and then by an incredible lightness, freedom, and mobility.” ~ Martin Puryear

  11. “In so many and such important ways, then, do the planets bear witness to the earth’s mobility.” ~ Nicolaus Copernicus
  12. “Freight mobility and movement, while not a sexy policy issue, is a highly important one. Capacity constraints and congestion on our nation’s freight rail system create many problems.” ~ Bill Lipinski
  13. “Therefore, having obtained the opportunity from these sources, I too began to consider the mobility of the earth.” ~ Nicolaus Copernicus
  14. “America is not just a democracy, it represents a certain culture of competitive mobility and personality aspirations, politics is not merely a clash of interests, but a clash of dreams.” ~ David Brooks

  15. “The tax on capital gains directly affects investment decisions, the mobility and flow of risk capital from static to more dynamic situations, the ease or difficulty experienced by new ventures in obtaining capital, and thereby the strength and potential for growth of the economy.” ~ John F. Kennedy
  16. “This means that the mind or spirit is present anywhere because it is nowhere attached to any particular place. And it can remain present because, even when related to this or that object, it does not cling to it by reflection and thus lose its original mobility.” ~ Eugen Herrigel
  17. “Effective use of Braille is as important to the blind as independent mobility, knowledge in the use of adaptive technology, and the core belief that equality, opportunity, and security are truly possible for all people who are blind.” ~ Bob Ney
  18. “In sharp contrast to the idea that this stage of life is enviable, we hear high levels of anxiety about getting old, anxieties about health, mobility, access to facilities, simple routine care and attention.” ~ Rowan Williams
  19. “I’ve been talking about things like reversing the rise of inequality and strengthening social mobility, since before it was cool.” ~ Barack Obama

  20. “Of the four elements water is the second in weight and the second in respect of mobility. It is never at rest until it unites with the sea.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci
  21. “We must promote upward mobility, starting with solutions that speak to our broken education system, broken immigration policy, and broken safety-net programs that foster dependency instead of helping people get back on their feet.” ~ Paul Ryan
  22. “This is going to become a battle for access to your home and office plus mobility. It’s about who can provide the biggest and least expensive and fastest pipe to your home and office and offer you a mobility feature.” ~ Steve Largent
  23. “The secret point of money and power in America is neither the things that money can buy nor power for power’s sake… but absolute personal freedom, mobility, privacy. It is the instinct which drove America to the Pacific, all through the nineteenth century, the desire to be able to find a restaurant open in case you want a sandwich, to be a free agent, live by one’s own rules.” ~ Joan Didion
  24. “To avoid each other, their eyes had developed an amazing mobility with all the cunning of enemies fearful of meeting each other head-on.” ~ Guy de Maupassant

  25. “The United States is no longer first in the world in upward mobility. We can reverse that trend by giving our young children an equal start in life as they begin their journey to fulfill the American Dream.” ~ Madeleine M. Kunin
  26. “If you go on TV and say there’s no other country in the world where you can be born poor and become rich, you get a huge megaphone. If you tell the truth, which is that most of the studies show actually the United States is worse than anybody except Britain in upward mobility, there is no audience for you.” ~ David Frum
  27. “The auto industry must acknowledge that a rational transportation policy should seek a balance between individual convenience, the efficient use of limited resources, and urban-living values that protect spaciousness, natural beauty, and human-scale mobility.” ~ Stewart Udall
  28. “For many young people mobility has turned into a bus down to the jobcentre.” ~ Harriet Harman
  29. “In a world of upward mobility, choose downward servility.” ~ Max Lucado

  30. “We all have an interest, and a duty to future generations, to ensure that the benefits of mobility that we now take for granted, do not place an intolerable burden on our environment” ~ Elliot Morley
  31. “Automobile is one of the most successful inventions of all time, but in my view, it is thoroughly obsolete already. And so by fundamentally rethinking the automobile, thinking of it as a robot on four wheels, essentially, something that can communicate with other intelligent devices, it can operate in a coordinated way, you can really start to fundamentally rethink urban personal mobility.” ~ William J. Mitchell
  32. “Knowledge, in so far as it is directed to practical matters, has only to enumerate the principal possible attitudes of the thing towards us, as well as our best possible attitude towards it. Therein lies the ordinary function of ready-made concepts, those stations with which we mark out the path of becoming. But to seek to penetrate with them into the inmost nature of things, is to apply to the mobility of the real a method created in order to give stationary points of observation on it.” ~ Henri Bergson
  33. “As far as income goes, there are three currencies in the world; most people ignore two. The three currencies are time, income and mobility, in descending order of importance. Most people focus exclusively on income.” ~ Tim Ferriss
  34. “The accumulation of cultural capital – the acquisition of knowledge – is the key to social mobility.” ~ Michael Gove

  35. “The most revolutionary aspect of technology is its mobility. Anybody can learn it. It jumps easily over barriers of race and language. … The new technology of microchips and computer software is learned much faster than the old technology of coal and iron. It took three generations of misery for the older industrial countries to master the technology of coal and iron. The new industrial countries of East Asia, South Korea, and Singapore and Taiwan mastered the new technology and made the jump from poverty to wealth in a single generation.” ~ Freeman Dyson
  36. “With a bike you go from zero to a hundred in terms of mobility.” ~ Robin Williams
  37. “It isn’t a given that the companies that provide mobility today will also be the ones to do so tomorrow. Every company has to work hard to make this happen.” ~ Norbert Reithofer
  38. “I took my sight and mobility for granted.” ~ Sue Townsend
  39. “Obstruction of mobility, where it occurs, is one of the most serious and intractable problems of industrial society.” ~ Ernest Gellner

  40. “No man can take your freedom from you. They can limit your mobility, but that’s about all they can do” ~ Danielle Steel
  41. “In Bogotá, our goal was to make a city for all the children. The measure of a good city is one where a child on a tricycle or bicycle can safely go anywhere. If a city is good for children, it will be good for everybody else. Over the last 80 years we have been making cities much more for cars’ mobility than for children’s happiness.” ~ Enrique Penalosa
  42. “The zooming wealth of the top 1 percent is a problem, but it’s not nearly as big a problem as the tens of millions of Americans who have dropped out of high school or college. It’s not nearly as big a problem as the 40 percent of children who are born out of wedlock. It’s not nearly as big a problem as the nation’s stagnant human capital, its stagnant social mobility and the disorganized social fabric for the bottom 50 percent.” ~ David Brooks , Social mobility quotes
  43. “We were postwar middle-class white kids living in the slipstream of the greatest per-capita rise in income in the history of Western civilization; we were ‘teen-agers’ – a term, coined in 1941, that was in common usage a decade later – a new, recognizable franchise. We had money, mobility, and problems all our own.” ~ John Lahr
  44. “The data show we can do something about upward mobility. Every extra year of childhood spent in a better neighborhood seems to matter.” ~ Raj Chetty

  45. “What is basic guerilla strategy? Guerilla strategy must be based primarily on alertness, mobility, and attack. It must be adjusted to the enemy situation, the terrain, the existing lines of communication, the relative strengths, the weather, and the situation of the people.” ~ Mao Zedong
  46. “We live in a country [USA] where the belief is that anyone can succeed, but for so many here, and for the majority of the world, that’s not the case. In many parts of the world, women and poor people are at a huge disadvantage – certain rights and protections don’t exist, and they don’t have the chance of upward mobility.” ~ Joy Bryant
  47. “Free market capitalism is far more than economic theory. It is the engine of social mobility-the highway to the American Dream.” ~ George W. Bush
  48. “The way in which these two practices contain each other is that it has always been possible to use the one against the other: to use racism-sexism to prevent universalism from moving too far in the direction of egalitarianism; to use universalism to prevent racism-sexism from moving too far in the direction of a caste system that would inhibit the work force mobility so necessary for the capitalist accumulation process.” ~ Immanuel Wallerstein
  49. “People are pissed off about the seemingly impossible goal of social mobility. their proposed solution is to take the wheels off the cart.” ~ Stan Lee

  50. “There is nothing in the world like going out onto an untouched, open, virgin mountain slope drenched under a thick blanket of new powder snow. It gives a supreme feeling of freedom, mobility. A great sense of flying, moving anywhere in a great white paradise.” ~ Hans Gmoser
  51. “Since, then, there is no objection to the mobility of the Earth, I think it must now be considered whether several motions are appropriate for it, so that it can be regarded as one of the wandering stars. For the fact that it is not the center of all revolutions is made clear by the apparent irregular motion of the wandering stars, and their variable distances from the Earth, which cannot be understood in a circle having the same center as the Earth.” ~ Nicolaus Copernicus
  52. “In the first book I shall describe all the positions of the spheres, along with the motions which I attribute to the Earth so that the book will contain as it were the general structure of the universe. In the remaining books, I relate the motions of the remaining stars, and all the spheres, to the mobility of the Earth, so that it can be thence established how far the motions and appearances of the remaining stars and spheres can be saved if they are referred to the motions of the Earth.” ~ Nicolaus Copernicus
  53. “My tricks are, I get Botox in my forehead-I just have my doctor do a little shot there. if you overdo, it looks bad. I believe in just a little bit. It allows you to keep that mobility in your face. It’s a great little secret.” ~ Jenny McCarthy
  54. “If you scratch below the surface and ask what really makes me tick, it’s the liberalism of trying to promote freedom and opportunity. Promoting social mobility is one of the keys to that.” ~ Nick Clegg

  55. “Scientific culture created a framework within which individual mobility was possible without threatening hierarchical work-force allocation. On the contrary, meritocracy reinforced hierarchy. Finally, meritocracy as an operation and scientific culture as an ideology created veils that hindered perception of the underlying operations of historical capitalism.” ~ Immanuel Wallerstein
  56. “Lord Macon deposited his wife into a chair and then knelt next to her, clutching one of her hands. “Tell me truthfully – how are you feeling?” Alexia took a breath. “Truthfully? I sometimes wonder if I, like Madame Lefoux, should affect masculine dress.” “Gracious me, why?” “You mean aside from the issue of greater mobility?” “My love, I don’t think that’s currently the result of your clothing.” “Indeed, I mean after the baby.” “I still don’t see why should want to.” “Oh no? I dare you to spend a week in a corset, long skirts and a bustle.” “How do you know I haven’t?” ~ Gail Carriger
  57. “When you factor in population growth, it’s clear that the mobility model that we have today simply will not work tomorrow. Four billion clean cars on the road are still four billion cars, and a traffic jam with no emissions is still a traffic jam.” ~ Bill Ford
  58. “Prison always has been a good place for writers, killing, as it does, the twin demons of mobility and diversion” ~ Dan Simmons

  59. “The present tax codes inhibit the mobility and formation of capital, add complexities and inequities which undermine the morale of the taxpayer, and make tax avoidance rather than market factors a prime consideration in too many economic decisions.” ~ John F. Kennedy
  60. “I don’t mean to say that I’m about to state my credo here on this page, but merely to affirm, sincerely for the first time in my life, my belief in man as an individual and independent entity. Certainly not independence in the everyday sense of the word, but pertaining to a freedom and mobility of thought that few people are able – or even have the courage – to achieve.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson
  61. “The truth is, the liberal policies of the elite class have done little to improve the lot of those who depend so much on them. In America’s black communities, where the goodies have been flowing for decades, rather than seeing improvements in terms of upward mobility, we are seeing deteriorating family structure, increases in violent crimes, growing poverty, and growing dependence. Even with such a blatant record of failure, there is slavish devotion to the elite class who continue to promise more goodies in exchange for votes.” ~ Benjamin Carson
  62. “Americans have so far put up with inequality because they felt they could change their status. They didn’t mind others being rich, as long as they had a path to move up as well. The American Dream is all about social mobility in a sense – the idea that anyone can make it.” ~ Fareed Zakaria
  63. “Both chronic, long-term poverty and downward mobility from the middle class are in the same category of things that America likes not to think about.” ~ Barbara Ehrenreich

  64. “A society that puts equality – in the sense of equality of outcome – ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality or freedom. The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom. On the other hand, a society that puts freedom first will, as a happy by-product, end up with both greater freedom and greater equality. Freedom means diversity but also mobility. It preserves the opportunity for today’s less well off to become tomorrow’s rich, and in the process, enables almost everyone, from top to bottom, to enjoy a richer and fuller life.” ~ Milton Friedman
  65. “The secret point of money and power in America is neither the things that money can buy nor power for power’s sake but absolute personal freedom, mobility, privacy.” ~ Joan Didion

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