65 Joseph Stalin Quotes On Success In Life

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin real name Ioseb Besarionis dzе Jughashvili was a Georgian revolutionary and the ruler of the Soviet Union from 1927 until 1953. He served as both General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1922–1952) and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union (1941–1953). These Joseph Stalin quotes will motivate you.

Best Joseph Stalin Quotes

  1. “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  2. “The press must grow day in and day out – it is our Party’s sharpest and most powerful weapon.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  3. “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  4. “Everybody has a right to be stupid, but some people abuse the privilege.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  5. “Voters decide nothing. Vote counters decide everything!” ~ Joseph Stalin

  6. “The death of one man is tragic, but the death of thousands is statistic.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  7. “Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government. Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalty to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a world authority. Later the regions can be brought together all the way into a single world dictatorship.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  8. “Political power does not rest with those who cast votes; political power rests with those who count votes.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  9. “It is difficult for me to imagine what “personal liberty” is enjoyed by an unemployed hungry person. True freedom can only be where there is no exploitation and oppression of one person by another; where there is not unemployment, and where a person is not living in fear of losing his job, his home and his bread. Only in such a society personal and any other freedom can exist for real and not on paper.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  10. “When there’s a person, there’s a problem. When there’s no person, there’s no problem. Josef Stalin” ~ Joseph Stalin
  11. “When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.” ~ Joseph Stalin

  12. “Education is a weapon the effect of which is determined by the hands which wield it, by who is to be struck down.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  13. “It doesn’t matter who they vote for, they always vote for us.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  14. “Great Britain provided time; the United States provided money and Soviet Russia provided blood.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  15. “[American Communist Party] legally exists in the U.S.A., it nominates its candidates in the elections, including Presidential elections.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  16. “By May, 1st, 1937, there should not be one single church left within the borders of Soviet Russia, and the idea of God will have been banished from the Soviet Union as a remnant of the Middle Ages, which has been used for the purpose of oppressing the working classes.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  17. “It is not heroes that make history, but history that makes heroes.” ~ Joseph Stalin

  18. “To choose one’s victims, to prepare one’s plan minutely, to slake an implacable vengeance, and then to go to bed… There is nothing sweeter in the world.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  19. “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  20. “This creature softened my heart of stone. She died and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  21. “Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  22. “The only real power comes out of a long rifle.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  23. “The United States should get rid of its militias.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  24. “I trust no one, not even myself.” ~ Joseph Stalin

  25. “In speaking of the capitalists who strive only for profit, only to get rich, I do not want to say that these are the most worthless people capable of doing nothing else. Many of them undoubtedly possess great organising talent, which I would not dream of denying. We Soviet people learn a lot from the capitalists. But if you mean people who are prepared to reconstruct the world, of course you will not be able to find them in the ranks of those who faithfully serve the cause of profit. ..The capitalist is riveted in profit and nothing can tear him away from it.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  26. “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this – who will count the votes, and how.” ~ Joseph Stalin Quotes
  27. “Words are one thing – deeds something entirely different. Fine words are a mask to cover shady deeds. A sincere diplomat is like dry water or wooden iron.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  28. “He who votes does not have power. He who counts the votes has power.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  29. “Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs.” ~ Joseph Stalin

  30. “World dictatorship can be established only when the victory of socialism has been achieved in certain countries or groups of countries … [and] when these federation of republics have finally grown into a world union of Soviet Socialist Republics uniting the whole of mankind under the hegemony of the international proletariat organized as a state.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  31. “You know, they are fooling us, there is no God.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  32. “How do you expect the Germans to revolt when they don’t even dare walk on the grass?” ~ Joseph Stalin
  33. “The Pope? How many divisions has he got?” ~ Joseph Stalin
  34. “I believe in one thing only, the power of human will.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  35. “Ah, these diplomats! What chatterboxes! There’s only one way to shut them up – cut them down with machine guns. Bulganin, go and get me one!” ~ Joseph Stalin
  36. “Marxism is not only the theory of socialism, it is an integral world outlook, a philosophical system, from which Marx’s proletarian socialism logically follows. This philosophical system is called dialectical materialism.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  37. “It takes a brave man to be a coward in the Red Army.” ~ Joseph Stalin

  38. “In the future, there will be fewer but better Russians.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  39. “[After Communism succeeds] …then, there will come a peace across the earth.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  40. “Die, but do not retreat.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  41. “A man’s eyes should be torn out if he can only see the past” ~ Joseph Stalin
  42. “Nobody respects a country with a poor army, but everybody respects a country with a good army. I raise my toast to the Finnish army” ~ Joseph Stalin
  43. “Real liberty exists only there where exploitation has been annihilated, where no oppression of some peoples by others exists, where there is no unemployment and pauperism, where a person does not tremble because tomorrow he may lose his job, home and bread.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  44. “Quantity has a quality all its own.” ~ Joseph Stalin

  45. “Of all the treasures a state can possess, the human lives of its citizens are for us the most precious.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  46. “In the Soviet army it takes more courage to retreat than advance.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  47. “Anti-Semitism is dangerous for the toilers, for it is a false track which diverts them from the proper road and leads them into the jungle. Hence, Communists, as consistent internationalists, cannot but be irreconcilable and bitter enemies of anti-Semitism. In the U.S.S.R., anti-Semitism is strictly prosecuted as a phenomenon hostile to the Soviet system. According to the laws of the U.S.S.R. active anti-Semites are punished with death.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  48. “Do you remember the tsar? Well, I‘m like a tsar.” ~ Joseph Stalin

  49. “The leaders come and go, but the people remain. Only the people are immortal.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  50. “As we know, the goal of every struggle is victory. But if the proletariat is to achieve victory, all the workers, irrespective of nationality, must be united. Clearly, the demolition of national barriers and close unity between the Russian, Georgian, Armenian, Polish, Jewish and other proletarians is a necessary condition for the victory of the proletariat of all Russia.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  51. “The production of souls is more important than the production of tanks…. And therefore I raise my glass to you, writers, the engineers of the human soul.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  52. “You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves.” ~ Joseph Stalin

  53. “American Communists have the opportunity to preach freely their ideas. It would be absolutely wrong to hold the Soviet government responsible for activities of the American Communists.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  54. “World War II was fought for the abolition of racial exclusiveness, equality of nations and the integrity of their territories, liberation of enslaved nations and restoration of their sovereign rights, the right of every nation to arrange its affairs as it wishes, economic aid to nations that have suffered and assistance to them in attaining their material welfare, restoration of democratic liberties, and destruction of the Hitlerite regime.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  55. “We are fifty or a hundred years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it, or they will crush us.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  56. “The rich experience of history teaches that up to now not a single class has voluntarily made way for another class.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  57. “The writer is the engineer of the human soul.” ~ Joseph Stalin

  58. “Have not fascism in Italy and National Socialism in Germany claimed that they have attained
    similar results [as in U.S.S.R.]? Have not both been achieved at the price of privation and personal liberty sacrificed for the good of the state?” ~ Joseph Stalin
  59. “You do not lament the loss of hair of one who has been beheaded.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  60. “History shows that there are no invincible armies.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  61. “Mankind is divided into rich and poor, into property owners and exploited; and to abstract oneself from this fundamental division; and from the antagonism between poor and rich means abstracting oneself from fundamental facts.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  62. Music’s a good thing, it calm the beast in the man.” ~ Joseph Stalin

  63. “Remember how the first world war broke out. It broke out as a result of the desire to redivide the world.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  64. “Obviously these [white-guard] emigres enjoy the right of asylum existing also in the U.S. So far as we are concerned we would never tolerate a single terrorist in our territory regardless against whom he would contemplate his crimes. Apparently the right of asylum receives broader interpretation in the U.S.A. than in our country.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  65. “Our Soviet society is socialist because private ownership of factories, plants, land, banks and means of transportation has been abolished in our country, and replaced by public ownership.” ~ Joseph Stalin

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