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Rachel Hollis is an American author, motivational speaker, and blogger. She is the author of three self-help books, including Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing. She faced backlash in 2021 after posting a controversial TikTok video; The New York Times subsequently ran a story about her entitled “Girl, Wash Your Timeline.” These Rachel Hollis quotes will motivate you.

Best Rachel Hollis Quotes

  1.  “The best way to celebrate the holidays is with some delicious food.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  2.  “Running a marathon was important to me, so I found time to train for it. Writing books is also important to me, so you know what? I carve out the time.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  3.  “To qualify the term ‘boss’ by adding ‘girl’ or ‘babe’ or ‘honey’ or ‘pink’ or whatever other ridiculous, antiquated-gender role assignment the media thinks is cute this month, is, at the least, disrespectful and at the worst, damaging to the way young women view themselves and our fight for equality in the business world.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  4.  “Mental illness lives all around us every day. I’ve seen it in other family members, I’ve seen it in friends, and I’ve dealt with it myself with my own postpartum depression.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  5.  “Falling down doesn’t matter, even if you do it a hundred times. All that matters is that you get up again.” ~ Rachel Hollis

  6.  “My big brother Ryan was funny and unfailingly kind. He was one of the most talented musicians you might encounter, and had a prodigious ability to pick up any instrument and play it by ear within the span of a single day.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  7.  “In retrospect, I never thought of myself as conceited – I never even wore makeup or styled my hair until I was an adult – but having Bell’s Palsy made me hyper-aware of the way I looked. I became completely depressed, never wanting to get out of bed or even answer the phone.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  8.  “I can think of many reasonable excuses for needing a cocktail, but Cinco De Mayo is always a no-brainer.” ~ Rachel Hollis

  9.  “If you decide on a goal – for example, ‘I’m going to write a novel’ or ‘I’m going to run a 10K’ – your subconscious will formulate the likelihood of that happening based on past experiences.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  10.  “When someone tells me they want to start a diet, I’ll suggest they start by aiming to drink half their body weight in ounces of water every day. It’s much easier to add a habit than to take one away, but the water goal is a challenge. When they conquer that for the month, they’ve set a new standard for achievement and can add on something tougher.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  11.  “For years, I’ve worn my dainty gold bracelets with inspirational sayings and encouraging one-liners to motivate me in my career. I liked to look down at my wrist and be reminded of my goals.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  12.  “I’m a pretty early riser, so I’m sort of the queen of five A.M. I love getting up early. It’s how I’ve written most of my books – that hour and a half before my kids are up.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  13.  “Like most women, I work too hard, spend too many hours hunched over a computer, and not enough time taking care of myself.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  14.  “I love slow cooker recipes – especially during the fall.” ~ Rachel Hollis

  15.  “Every single day I’m alive or you’re alive, we’re choosing this life and this persona. We choose to be the stay-at-home mom who loves baking and Pilates. We choose to be a hipster who loves coffee shops and artisan goods. We choose to be a lawyer who runs marathons and only eats organic.” ~ Rachel Hollis, Rachel Hollis quotes about life
  16.  “Dips are the perfect appetizer for any outdoor party! They are super easy to make and equally delicious!” ~ Rachel Hollis
  17.  “I’ve tried digital planners and fancy planners and datebooks galore, but my tried and true is actually just a large spiral-bound notebook.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  18.  “Gratitude practice is really, really important to me. I think it’s an incredible way to start your day.” ~ Rachel Hollis

  19.  “Ever since I was little, I loved soup! Whether I was sick or had a bad day, my momma would always make me soup!” ~ Rachel Hollis
  20.  “Cooking with a cast iron skillet is great because it can also be used for presentation! Simply prepare a delicious meal within it and display it on the table for all to enjoy.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  21.  “Decor sets the stage for any party, and it also gives a great indication to your guests as to how much effort you’ve put into hosting them within your home.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  22.  “Summer at the Hollis household is all about us getting together and enjoying the pool, and Fourth of July is probably one of my favorite holidays to do just that.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  23.  “We all know you can’t have a Fourth of July barbecue without the fixings that go with it.” ~ Rachel Hollis

  24.  “Being a boss takes guts and tenacity. Being a boss takes hustle and strength. Getting to the level of boss takes hard work – often times, harder than our male counterpoint because in many industries, we’re fighting our way into a boys’ club.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  25.  “You have to attach some sort of emotional reason to any big goal you’re after, or you will give up.” ~ Rachel Hollis, Rachel Hollis quotes about goals
  26.  “I never thought I would be cool enough to pull off a leather jacket. But then I found the perfect one, and it’s so versatile!” ~ Rachel Hollis
  27.  “I have been a working mom as long as I’ve been a mom.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  28.  “It may seem counterintuitive to some people to take an entire morning or afternoon to prepare food for the week, but believe me, it’s not. You’ll even find that you eat much healthier when you’ve planned your meals ahead.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  29.  “Whenever I am feeling happy or sad, I always find comfort in food.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  30.  “Having kids in school feels stressful for me.” ~ Rachel Hollis

  31.  “Some of the best dishes I can remember are from my childhood. Sometimes, whenever I want to feel like a kid again, I just whip them up for the family.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  32.  “An awesome thing about starting your own business? There’s no one there to tell you what to do! But that, you might quickly discover, is a double-edged sword. If you’re not careful, you won’t shower for four days straight, and you’ll spend half your time researching ‘girly, stylish office’ on Pinterest instead of getting any real work done.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  33.  “Women often live according to rules they get from magazines or media. For example, if I don’t have kids by the age of 30, there must be something wrong with me. Goals are great to have, but having too many expectations won’t work, and worse, it will alienate your partner.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  34.  “If you don’t find yourself attractive, how do you expect your partner to?” ~ Rachel Hollis
  35.  “I grew up in a small town, and mental illness wasn’t something anyone talked about.” ~ Rachel Hollis

  36.  “I grew up in a small town, and mental illness wasn’t something anyone talked about.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  37.  “Did I really want to teach my children that a list of successes is the most valuable legacy to leave behind? I absolutely did not.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  38.  “Having a baby will put your marriage through the ringer, and if you’re lucky, you’ll come out the other end stronger for it.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  39.  “Choosing elements for your wedding day should be fun, but these choices won’t make any difference in the stuff that matters. For better or worse, you’ll end that day married to your partner, and that’s the truly exciting part.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  40.  “Only commit to things you know you can accomplish because they’re incredibly important to you. Otherwise, you set yourself up for continued failure.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  41.  “Motherhood is a beautiful, wonderful gift… except when it’s not.” ~ Rachel Hollis

  42.  “My early years as a ‘speaker’ involved note cards that shook like a leaf while I held them because I was so nervous.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  43.  “I like to tell people that I have some of the biggest mentors in the world… they just don’t know I exist. Dave Ramsey, Sara Blakely, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard – I’ve learned everything I know from their wisdom through books, podcasts, and conferences.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  44.  “I graduated high school a year early and moved to Los Angeles to go to acting school, which is hilarious.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  45.  “The second you get set in your ways is the second a newer, fresher, more innovative company is going to come in and take your market share.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  46.  “I have been known to, on more than one occasion, look down my nose at items I deem to be tacky wedding fare… carnations, tulle, DIY invitations. And yet, the wedding I’m most embarrassed of having planned, the one I’d never put into my portfolio, is my own.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  47.  “I love my boys more than anything on this earth.” ~ Rachel Hollis

  48.  “Being a boss has been one of the greatest privileges and challenges of my life.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  49.  “As moms, we have so much on our plates. We’re busy, and our family depends on us for a lot of things.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  50.  “Some of the best presents I get from my children for Mother’s Day are homemade. It makes me so happy to see the time and effort they put into each gift.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  51.  “My husband is a high-level executive at one of the largest media companies on the planet. He leads a worldwide team of more people than I can keep track of. He worked his way up from an assistant with drive and determination.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  52.  “Every successful business professional I know is constantly learning, reading, growing in their field.” ~ Rachel Hollis

  53.  “I have immense respect for anyone with a physical deformity and the courage and confidence it takes just to go out in the world.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  54.  “When it comes to business, diets, working out, writing, or any other dream, success isn’t about how high you fly. Success is about how high you bounce.” ~ Rachel Hollis, Rachel Hollis quotes about success
  55.  “Let’s be honest: you can’t celebrate fall without it’s leading role – pumpkin! You can incorporate this flavor of the season in so many ways, from candles to lattes, pies to decorations.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  56.  “Every single part of our persona, no matter how long we’ve rocked it, is a choice we make every day.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  57.  “There’s nothing better on Christmas morning than waking up to the smell of breakfast!” ~ Rachel Hollis

  58.  “I cannot emphasize this enough: you must have a morning routine! The way you begin your day is crucial to the rest of your day. So if you begin it by pressing snooze 15 times, chances are you’re going to be running behind all day long.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  59.  “People always send me notes saying they’d love to be a speaker, but they could ‘never speak as well as you do!’ I’m like, ‘Girl, of course, you won’t. You’re just starting out… everyone stinks when they start!” ~ Rachel Hollis
  60.  “For years, I’ve admired wrist tattoos, but I was always afraid that they would hurt – I’m kind of a weenie about pain. In fact, it’s why I wear so many bracelets on my left wrist. The bracelets represented the words or phrases I’d want to get tattooed but didn’t have the courage to.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  61.  “Was there ever a better invention in the cookie world than the Oreo?” ~ Rachel Hollis

  62.  “Avocados are not just for guacamole! You can just about add it to anything for a little more flavor!” ~ Rachel Hollis
  63.  “I can’t even count the number of times I’ve obliterated my diet with a binge session. One second, I’m floating along just fine, four days into a successful low-carb lifestyle. The next? I’m standing alone in a dark kitchen, eating a sleeve of Ritz crackers and cream cheese with a spoon.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  64.  “When I got pregnant with my second son, I still hadn’t lost weight from the first, and since I came from a long line of overweight people, I was terrified that I was quickly going to become one of them.” ~ Rachel Hollis
  65.  “Two weeks in Hawaii with four kids is one of the dumber ideas I’ve ever had.” ~ Rachel Holli

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