25 Motivational Charlie Daniels Quotes For Success In Life

Charles Edward Daniels is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist known for his contributions to Southern rock, country, and bluegrass music. He is best known for his number-one country hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. Daniels has been active as a singer and musician since the 1950s. These Charlie Daniels quotes will motivate you.

Best Charlie Daniels Quotes

  1. “I love my country. I love my guns. I love my family. I love the way it is now, and anybody that tries to change it has to come through me. That should be all of our attitudes. Cause this is America, and a country boy is good enough for me, son.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  2. “The news is not about news anymore. It’s about protecting some people, destroying others, and shoving a socialist agenda down the collective throats of America.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  3. “You’d better watch where you go, and remember where you’ve been” ~ Charlie Daniels

  4. “Just take them rascals [rapists, killers, child abusers] out in the swamp / Put ’em on their knees and tie ’em to a stump / Let the rattlers and the bugs and the alligators do the rest.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  5. “As in the case of California, the wolf is at the door of America and the present administration acts as if it’s a pussycat. America cannot maintain the present entitlement programs and support a government this size and keep on living on a credit card.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  6. “The United States of America took a giant step toward a totalitarian socialist government when the Supreme Court voted to uphold Obamacare, allowing the individual mandate for the government to force American citizens to buy health insurance whether they want to or not.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  7. “What this world needs is a few more Rednecks.” ~ Charlie Daniels

  8. “Marry somebody you love. That’s the whole thing. And continue to love them.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  9. “Well, I just can’t play the game anymore. I’m 63 years old, and I’ve been in the business for 40 years now. I take good advice and direction really well, but I don’t need somebody that finished college two years ago to come in and tell me what I should be recording.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  10. “I couldn’t care less about politically correct.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  11. “I think we should keep voting, I think we should keep supporting things that we believe in. I don’t think we ought to just quit.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  12. “I ain’t askin’ nobody for nuttin’ if I cain’t get it on my own.” ~ Charlie Daniels

  13. “I’ve been to Iraq three times. I’ve been to Afghanistan, I’ve been quite a few places, and I want to tell you something, these kids, they’re the best we’ve got. They’re the best Americans, they’re the most loyal Americans we’ve got. And we owe them when they come back.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  14. “A friend of mine, that I had known for some time, came up one day with an old guitar. I don’t know where he got it, I don’t know how long he’d had it, but he knew about two chords on it. He proceeded to teach them to me, and then we proceeded to go crazy over music.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  15. “We can get rid of red tape.” ~ Charlie Daniels

  16. “So say it loud and let it ring We are all a part of everything The future, present and the past Fly on proud bird You’re free at last.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  17. “People say, “Well, we’re all just going to die and go to heaven anyway, or Jesus is going to come back” or something. I don’t feel like God wants us just to lay down and die just because that’s going to happen. I think we should keep trying.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  18. “You marry somebody you love, that you feel like you want to spend the rest of your life with, that you’re excited to wake up with every morning if you enjoy spending the day with. Right now… my wife is my best friend, by far my best friend.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  19. “We didn’t have a garage to rehearse in. We had to aggravate the folks in the house. But I got a chance to play in a beer joint, and that’s how it started.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  20. “I do more writing by myself than with anybody else. My best thing is sitting…around somewhere with a guitar, and having an idea. You never know where it’d come from. Songwriting is a God-given talent.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  21. “I can’t imagine not having a reason to get out of bed at night.” ~ Charlie Daniels

  22. “It’s quite a traumatic thing for a lot of our veterans that come back… You’re in a war zone, you’re dodging IED’s and bullets one day, and a couple days later you’re back in society again with a bunch of people that have no idea of what you’ve been through.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  23. “I had been on the road for a long time and was not really getting anywhere. Bob Johnston, a friend of mine, had taken over Columbia in Nashville. He asked me if I wanted to come down. I did – thank God I did.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  24. “If I come across an issue, or something I feel strongly about, and I happen to think of a song that would go in that direction, then I do it. But that’s not what I start out, necessarily, to do. Sometimes I may have an idea for a song – “Well, I’m going to write about a thing.” ~ Charlie Daniels
  25. “Little Jimmy Dickens has long been a musical hero of mine and one of the finest entertainers to ever step on any stage. I was deeply honored to call him a friend and will always remember the time I got to spend with him. The music world has lost one of our greatest treasures. Rest in peace, my little friend. You were loved by so many of us!” ~ Charlie Daniels

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