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These brunette quotes will inspire you. A brunette is a person, typically a woman, with dark brown hair.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging brunette quotes, brunette sayings, and brunette proverbs.

Best Brunette Quotes

  1. “I’m a natural blonde, but I feel like a brunette.” ~ Olivia Wilde
  2. “Brunettes are full of electricity.” ~ Auguste de Villiers de l’Isle-Adam
  3. “I feel like I’ll always be a brunette, that’s just who I am, but I love that I can switch it up and be whatever I want to be.” ~ Katharine McPhee
  4. “Brunettes are troublemakers. They’re worse than the Jews.” ~ Charlie Chaplin

  5. “Cupcakes are the tattooed brunette chick of the baked goods world.” ~ Dov Davidoff
  6. “It takes a smart brunette to play a dumb blonde.” ~ Marilyn Monroe
  7. “You can sleep with a blonde, you can sleep with a brunette, but you’ll never get any sleep with a redhead!” ~ Jamie Luner
  8. “People keep asking me if I am having more fun, being blonde, but I always have fun! Whether I’m blonde, redhead, or brunette! I always have fun.” ~ Kelly Clarkson

  9. “I brake for brunettes.” ~ Rhett Akins
  10. “Gentlemen prefer blondes… but gentlemen marry brunettes.” ~ Anita Loos
  11. “The world believes all blondes are stupid and brunettes are smarter. Well, I disagree.” ~ Anna Kournikova
  12. “I just think that people take me a little more seriously as a brunette. I don’t know if that’s just because of a societal preconceived notion that all blondes are stupid, but it’s a different kind of attitude.” ~ Kate Bosworth

  13. “I started acting when I was 10, doing musical theater. I was a brunette at that time. I was always cast in all the exotic parts.” ~ Loni Anderson
  14. “My girl, the brunette, has an unbelievable ass that you read about.” ~ Pauly D
  15. “Blondes have the hottest kisses. Red-heads are fair-to-middling torrid, and brunettes are the frigidest of all. It’s something to do with hormones, no doubt.” ~ Ronald Reagan
  16. “I loved Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ I just wanted to be her. I’m a brunette, so I think I kind of cling to all those princesses that have brown hair. I just wanted to be them.” ~ Kara Lindsay

  17. “The brunette phase just came about because I was fed up with this Blonde Angel Image. The rebel in me demanded a new color.” ~ Magdalena Neuner
  18. “In my own mind, I am still a fat brunette from Toledo, and I always will be.” ~ Gloria Steinem
  19. “Assume nothing. Inside every dumb blond there may be a very smart brunette.” ~ Ann Landers
  20. “I’m sure that blondes have more fun, but I think that as a brunette I might work more.” ~ Marissa Jaret Winokur

  21. “She grinned at me. ‘You got types?’ ‘Only you darling – lanky brunettes with wicked jaws.” ~ Dashiell Hammett
  22. “When I first met my agent, I said, “If something comes up and it fits my age range and personality, I would like you to send me up for it, even if it specifies blonde or brunette.”” ~ Tia Carrere
  23. “I’m a natural blonde, but I feel like a brunette. I feel like people treat me now how I should be treated. People used to be shocked, when I was blond, that I wasn’t stupid.” ~ Olivia Wilde
  24. “My natural color is dark blond, but right now I like being a brunette. I did a movie last summer and they dyed my hair platinum – I hated it.” ~ Brooke Burns

  25. “It’s not like I’m looking for a blonde or a brunette, light-skinned or dark-skinned. I feel like I give any girl a fighting chance.” ~ Ryan Lochte
  26. “There is something very attractive about blonds, especially for brunettes. Its been said that blonds are loved and brunettes do the loving.” ~ Joan Juliet Buck
  27. “I don’t think I was bullied. If I was bullied, I fought back or turned the other cheek. I have been put in a box, I guess: “Oh you’re blonde, you can’t play brunette.” And I’m always like: “You know what? I’m going to prove you wrong, I’m going to make my hair brown.”” ~ Laura Bell Bundy
  28. “Types really don’t matter. I have been accused of preferring blondes. But I have known some mighty attractive redheads, brunettes, and yes, women with grey hair. Age, height, weight haven’t anything to do with glamour.” ~ Clark Gable

  29. “My first wife was a brunette, and Barbi Benton, my major romantic relationship of the early 1970s, was a brunette. But since the end of my marriage, all of my girlfriends have been blonds.” ~ Hugh Hefner
  30. “You’re joining us for dinner, I hope?” asked his mom. She was small and brunette and vaguely mousy. “I guess?” I said. “I have to be home by ten. Also, I don’t, um, eat meat?” “No problem. We’ll vegetarianize some,” she said. “Animals are just too cute?” Gus asked. “I want to minimize the number of deaths I am responsible for,” I said. Gus opened his mouth to respond but then stopped himself.” ~ John Green
  31. “I remember when I got the part in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Jane Russell – she was the brunette in it and I was the blonde. She got $200,000 for it, and I got my $500 a week, but that to me was, you know, considerable. She, by the way, was quite wonderful to me. The only thing was I couldn’t get a dressing room. Finally, I really got to this kind of level and I said, “Look, after all, I am the blonde, and it is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes!” Because still they always kept saying, “Remember, you’re not a star.” I said, “Well, whatever I am, I am the blonde!” ~ Marilyn Monroe
  32. “Violet will be a good color for hair at just about the same time that brunette becomes a good color for flowers.” ~ Fran Lebowitz

  33. “There was this one model in French Elle. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be her. She was brunette with big lips and was wearing this tight navy dress by Azzedine someone. She was so beautiful; and the choices she must have. and…Oh, I would give it all up just to have been born that way because her life will be so easy. She won’t have to think, and men will fall into her lap and…It’s all unfair and I don’t want to even write it.
    It will never change, and no one wants to admit it but being thin and pretty is the best thing a woman can be.” ~ Rae Earl , Beautiful brunette quotes
  34. “So…have you ever thought about dyeing your hair punk-rocker-chick black? As I’m sure you’ve heard, I have a thing for brunettes and always avoid blondes.” “I’ve heard. And no.” “Too bad. Because you’re making me rethink my stance about doing my friends’ exes.” I snorted, not even trying to hide my…incredulity? Surely I wasn’t amused. “Your making me rethink my stance on cold-blooded homicide” ~ Gena Showalter
  35. “Studios might cast an actor because he is too tall next to the leading lady, who is too short, or they might not cast your guy because he’s blond, and they wanted a brunette. There’s all kinds of reasons why they want one person over another. I don’t worry about it, but it can hurt sometimes if you really wanted something, if you really went after something.” ~ Bruce Campbell
  36. “I’ve built my wardrobe color palette around red, so I’m happy with it, but I do get pangs when I see beautiful brunettes. I’ve already been blue, green, black, and blonde.” ~ Florence Welch

  37. “I’m flatchested, I’m short, I’m brunette, I have droopy eyes, and so people have a hard time casting me as a ‘beauty.'” ~ Selma Blair
  38. “When I’m a brunette, it’s four times harder to hail a taxi. Then I go blonde again, and suddenly there are taxis everywhere.” ~ Sally Phillips
  39. “When you a darker brunette and have pale skin like I do, it can wash you out a bit, so learning to contour is really helpful. I think you can be a bit more bold with eye makeup to define your eyes, and the same with lip colors – you can go for dark wine colors, which I love.” ~ Olivia Wilde
  40. “Charlie Brown’s good. I always had a little crush on that Lucy. I thought she was kind of a hot little brunette.” ~ Matthew Lillard

  41. “I just really like fun, cool, interesting, quirky girls. And sometimes you find that in 6’2 model bodies and sometimes they’re short and brunette. All shapes and sizes – it’s really about the personality. That sounds cliche, but it’s so freaking true!” ~ Dylan O’Brien
  42. “One time, many, many years ago, I had the opportunity to dye my hair brunette for a film. And the day I walked out of the hotel where I had it done, I walked out onto the street and realized people looked me in the eye and greeted me good morning. I’d never had that experience before! And I began to notice that a brunette is treated as an affable human being. Later, when I dyed my hair for Lois Riley blonde, and then Alice Ward blonde, people come right up to you, they touch you on the arm, they ask you how you’re doing. Men and women both! Blondes have more fun.” ~ Melissa Leo , Blonde and brunette quotes
  43. “Producers might cast an actor because he is too tall next to the leading lady, who is too short, or they might not cast your guy because he’s blond, and they wanted a brunette. There’s all kinds of reasons why they want one person over another. I don’t worry about it, but it can hurt sometimes if you really wanted something, if you really went after something.” ~ Bruce Campbell
  44. “Brunette is who I am obviously, it’s my core. Blonde Kim is this alter ego; she has a vibe to her that I love.” ~ Kim Kardashian

  45. “Who’s that little brunette?” Suzanne asked. “I hate little petite types. Gregory doesn’t look right with someone petite. Little face, little hands, little dainty feet.” “Big boobs,” Beth said, glancing up.” ~ Elizabeth Chandler
  46. “My type, which I didn’t realize until somebody pointed out to me, apparently is brunettes with darker skin tones, but that is about it as far as aesthetically.” ~ Derek Hough
  47. “I don’t know how you do it. You aren’t even blond. I mean, maybe a little, but mostly you’re a brunette. I just don’t see guys going for that.” “Yeah, well, some people are into kinky stuff, I guess.” ~ Richelle Mead
  48. “I think you get noticed a lot more as a brunette, but I don’t know. People approach me, I think, but maybe it’s because of the reality show.” ~ Ashlee Simpson

  49. “And there’s been occasions where I’ve gone brown and got parts! I’m not above doing that! I hope after this, I can get a role where it won’t be: “Oh, you can’t play any role other than a blonde.” I’m proud of being a blonde. I’d be proud of being a brunette or a red-head. I don’t think it matters.” ~ Laura Bell Bundy
  50. “Ree, brunette and sixteen, with milk skin and abrupt green eyes, stood bare-armed in a fluttering yellowed dress, face to the wind, her cheeks reddening as if smacked and smacked again.” ~ Daniel Woodrell
  51. “I felt different born into a family with two sisters who are blonde and blue-eyed, with me being the only brunette.” ~ Famke Janssen
  52. “Blondes have more fun, don’t they? They must. How many brunettes do you see walking down the street with blond roots?” ~ Rita Rudner

  53. “I think people who make checklists are the most miserable and alone because they are looking for the perfect Entenmann’s that is delicious and has no calories. Please, you want a brunette with a sense of humor, a doctorate and HIV-negative status? Good luck, honey. Love isn’t so frequent that you can put conditions on it.” ~ Paul Rudnick
  54. “It’s brown.” So maybe I had the teeniest, tiniest, most infinitesimal amount of auburn in my hair. I was still a brunette. “It’s the lighting,” I said. “Yeah, maybe it’s the lightbulbs.” His smile brought up both sides of his mouth, and a dimple surfaced.” ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
  55. “Vee is my un-twin. She’s green-eyed, milky blond, and a few pounds over curvy. I’m a smoky-eyed brunette with volumes of curly hair that holds its own against even the best flatiron. And I’m all legs, like a bar stool. But there is an invisible thread the ties us together; both of us swear that tie began long before birth. Both of us swear it will continue to hold for the rest of our lives.” ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
  56. “I went brunette for a film called Fascination and I loved it.” ~ Alice Evans

  57. “Hey, sexy. Why haven’t you called?” The cooing sound came from behind me, and I glanced back over my shoulder to see a familiar-looking brunette. “Because I’m the asshole who never calls,” I replied with a wink.” ~ Abbi Glines
  58. “I can’t say I prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads. I like emotion and elegance. Even expensive clothes do not guarantee a good look. You must be yourself above all!” ~ Robert Pattinson
  59. “I can’t believe so much media attention is being paid to Fernando Torres and his loss of form when the answer is staring us all in the face. It’s his hair. His moping and ineffectual performances began just in time for the World Cup, which took place just after he substituted his dodgy blonde locks for a more serious brunette do” ~ Pepe Reina
  60. “I love your bracelet!’ I said to the brunette next to me, because, while most girls are onto the whole stranger-with-candy thing, the strangers-with-compliments strategy is still remarkably effective.” ~ Ally Carter

A brunette is a person having brown hair —usually used as a woman or girl.

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