24 Weight Room Quotes On Success In Life

These weight room quotes will inspire you. Weight room, a room containing equipment for weight training.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging weight room quotes, weight room sayings, and weight room proverbs.

Best Weight Room Quotes

  1. “Some people take certain things and they try to forget what that pain felt like. I don’t. I take that same pain and I chase it every time I walk in a weight room.” ~ Ray Lewis
  2. “In order to gain the respect of your players in the locker room, you can’t just perform on Saturday. You have to do it consistently during practices, meetings, and in the weight room.” ~ Junior Seau
  3. “Getting Stronger – Each day upon entering the weight room you demonstrate a desire for excellence that makes you someone special. Special, because few people possess the dedication and strength of heart required to regularly work hard at something this difficult. Upon completion of each workout, you can and should feel proud, for you have just moved one step closer towards reaching your full potential and the ultimate goal of and being the best you can be.” ~ Mike Berry
  4. “In the off-season you like to take a little time for yourself, but I’d like to say that people say I live in the weight room and that I had the keys to it. That’s just the type of character I am.” ~ Justin Cole
  5. “I may not be in the weight room as much as some guys, but I get my work done.” ~ Cory Lidle

  6. “I focused solely on the sprints, dedicated my time there, got in the weight room, just really did everything I could to make sure I would be in the best position to run for gold.” ~ Allyson Felix
  7. “I’m very competitive and if I’m not in the weight room than someone is getting better than me. I just have to stay in there and prove myself any way that I can.” ~ Justin Cole
  8. “I do a lot of exercises where I’m so tired that I’m not supposed to do the last rep. What that does is it teaches me that no matter how far I am, how hard I’ve fallen, I’m never out of the fight. I just take that with me every time I’m in the weight room.” ~ Dwight Howard
  9. “Sometimes you’ll see interviews about an actor who was asked to hit the weight room to develop his body for the character, and you hear them complaining about the egg white omelettes they had to eat and the tortures of hitting the gym twice a day – I find that to be a bit saddening, it’s all a part of becoming the character and as an actor, that is your job.” ~ James Preston Rogers
  10. “Whether it’s playing catch or going to the weight room, you’ve just got to blend in and introduce yourself as you go along.” ~ Tyler Beede

  11. “I’m doing the exact same thing and adding a little bit more flexibility. I’m going to bench here. I’m not a kicker who’s just going to hang out at practice. I’m going to be in the weight room pushing linebackers, defensive ends, tight ends. I’m going to push everyone. whatever I’m doing, I’m putting up numbers that someone else would do. Not only do I love working out, but at the same time it’s able for others to maximize their potential.” ~ Kyle Brindza
  12. “You go in the weight room and you lift weights and you do all these things to strengthen your body. This is strengthening your mind. When you can stay focused and you can use that focus to always come back with your breath to center yourself, so that you’re kind of floating in the moment, in the spirit.” ~ Phil Jackson
  13. “There is nothing better than to make it to the College World Series. All of the extra reps in the weight room, all of the early morning practices, and all the hard work spent the entire year makes it worth it.” ~ Jennie Finch
  14. “The Raiders of old were vicious and crazy and cruel. Hanging around their locker room was like hanging around the weight room at Folsom Prison.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson
  15. “I dedicate myself and work hard in the weight room and treat every practice as if it were a game.” ~ Adrian Peterson

  16. “I think I rushed and I needed more time with my comeback. I needed more time to get my legs stronger to be able to handle the workload. You can only train for that by pitching innings. You can’t simulate pitching off a mound in a game inside a weight room.” ~ David Cone
  17. “White Hot Concentration is the unappreciated fruit of hard ligting, especially squats. When your in the squat rack, with a serious amount of weight overhead, your life literally depends on maintaining concentration. You learn to block out the swirling images in the mirror, the obnoxious chatter of the people next to you, the fat drop of sweat running down your nose. Once you’ve mastered this concentration in the weight room, duplicating it on the race course is relatively easy. Champions have only a few things in common. One weapon they all possess is White Hot Concentration.” ~ Brad Alan Lewis
  18. “That’s one thing I pride myself on is working hard in the weight room, working hard in practice, trying to become a better player.” ~ Dwight Howard
  19. “The full-range-of-m otion exercise known as the squat is the single most useful exercise in the weight room, and our most valuable tool for building strength, power, and size.” ~ Mark Rippetoe
  20. “I always lift weights very heavy and spend a lot of time in the weight room.” ~ Mark Teixeira

  21. “I’ve always overworked in the weight room. I love working with weights. I knew they’d give me the strength I needed.” ~ Florence Griffith Joyner
  22. “And when I went to Houston, they had a conditioning coach by the name of Gene Coleman. And that was the first time I had gone to an organization that had a program with a weight room and designed specifically for pitchers.” ~ Nolan Ryan
  23. “I work extremely hard in the weight room, and also on the court to get better and make sure I keep my body in shape.” ~ Dwight Howard
  24. “I spend around two and half hours on the track every day running and another 2 hours in the weight room lifting weights with my strength coach.” ~ Allyson Felix

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