17 Motivational Va Pu Kale Quotes & Thoughts on Life for Success

Vasant Purushottam (25 March 1932 – 26 June 2001) – popularly known as Va Pu, was a Marathi Writer. He wrote more than 60 books. His well-known Acts include Partner, Vapurza, Hi Waat Ekatichi, and Thikri. Va Pu Kale quotes or simply V.P. Kale quotes about life will inspire you.

Best Va Pu Kale Quotes

  1. “Success is a relative term. More success, more relatives.”
  2. “Beauty and adoration do not coexist, as does doubt and devotion. Animosity may only strike the young man, but skepticism preserves the vertical life.”
  3. “Natural things don’t make sense. The lotus does not flinch at gathering eyebrows, and the beetles do not travel around deciding to catch a lily. Flowering is the religion of lotus, forgetfulness is the religion of eyebrow. The savvy, the rascals should look at the lotus, look at the eyebrows and learn how to flower and how to forget. “
  4. “The irony is that if the government collapses, a new state is established, the first government is to be appointed as a” caretaker government “. Those who could not care while in power, what will be the concern when they come to power? Maybe.”
  5. Love decides what is wrong, instead of who is wrong.”
  6. “A man becomes crowded so he does not lose. If he lives alone, he loses.”
  7. “In business people, to be good in society is to not just look bad. That is, to forget the original attitude and maintain the ritual. This is where torture is. There is only one change that is accepted in its heart. Everything else was imposed. Each person imposes something on others all his life. Every man pretends to be the same as the frontman. He loves the frontman just as much as the person in front of us does. To love this form is not love. It was worshiped itself. How accepting is the person in front of you?
  8. “Hell, you don’t know a third person when you want them!”

  9. “If I remove an ‘I’ in an event, there is a solution to the problem. Because in that situation, there is no compassion.”
  10. “The body is the only kingdom and is so great that it does not have a capital. The two capitals of impulse and conscience work here. Both know the existence and importance of each other, they also encroach on each other. At that time, the whole empire was overpowered. The state’s losses are then repaid by both. The capital of the empire will prevail or fall, in terms of power and authority. Vivek is the Chief Advisor to the Chief Minister. Foresight, determination, patience, concentration, and persistence. The state of impulse is in the hands of many. Some dictatorship in one capital and the whole democracy in another. Along with the cabinet of six people, the temptation, advertising, publicity, anticipation, corruption are all at the forefront. Ministers from both capitals also visit each other in the state, send delegations, But it was not for their own self-interest but for the sake of the empire. There is no greater position in the two capitals than in the empire itself. “
  11. “My gurus are those whose books I read in the interior and the sky is becoming infinite.”
  12. “There is only one thing in this country where there is no qualification. That is the minister, the power. “
  13. “As you write more and more personal becomes more and more universal.”

  14. “Some kids don’t feel the need to be recognized. Even if a stranger approaches his hand to take a sidewalk, such children are drawn to them. The poems are the same. The man with the arms outstretched shoulders convinced that he will come to the man permanently. “
  15. “Humans need credit, credit, and a liver to beat the world, then the world will appreciate you.”
  16. “Truth does not change as you like, the island. The truth is that we have a keen interest. I say that’s true. The world is a transaction, a compromise, and it is human nature to compromise.”
  17. “People whose needs are the least are always satisfied.”

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