65 Overweight Quotes On Success In Life

These overweight quotes will inspire you. Overweight is weighting over and above what is required or allowed or having more investment in a particular area than is normal or desirable.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging overweight quotes, overweight sayings, and overweight proverbs.

Best Overweight Quotes

  1. “For lack of a better term, they’ve labeled me a sex symbol. It’s flattering and it should happen to every bald, overweight guy.” ~ Dennis Franz
  2. “When the audience comes in, it changes the temperature of what you’ve written.” ~ Stephen Sondheim
  3. “Compared to a lot of actresses my age, I’m actually overweight.” ~ Lindsay Lohan
  4. “I am a big man, but I’ve allowed my condition to deteriorate by being overweight.” ~ Colin Baker

  5. “Acting has given me a way to channel my angst. I feel like an overweight, pimply-faced kid a lot of the time – and finding a way to access that insecurity, and put it toward something creative is incredibly rewarding. I feel very lucky.” ~ Ryan Reynolds
  6. “Don’t call me a mindless philosopher, you overweight glob of grease.” ~ Anthony Daniels
  7. “I’m not overweight, I’m under tall” ~ Charles Garfield
  8. “I hate overweight because it implies that there’s a weight standard i should be adhering to” ~ Camryn Manheim

  9. “I don’t need someone with a hot body. He can be fat or overweight and have a belly. It’s very much about style and substance and humor, interest, curiosity and really being smart.” ~ Kate Walsh
  10. “I’m not overweight. I’m just nine inches too short.” ~ Shelley Winters
  11. “People say their weight is genetic. But it turns out that people who are overweight don’t just have overweight kids. They also have overweight pets. That’s not genetic.” ~ Mehmet Oz
  12. “I re-invented my image so many times that I’m in denial that I was originally an overweight Korean woman.” ~ David Bowie

  13. “Although golf was originally restricted to wealthy, overweight Protestants, today it’s open to anybody who owns hideous clothing.” ~ Dave Barry
  14. “Yes and, you know, I can’t use the nice words anymore because I used to chicken out by using them. I used to call myself plus size, used to call myself chubby. I used to call myself overweight.” ~ Star Jones
  15. “For the first time ever, overweight people outnumber average people in America. Doesn’t that make overweight the average then? Last month you were fat, now you’re average – hey, let’s get a pizza!” ~ Jay Leno
  16. “I’m the reason why I’m overweight. No one made me do it. I did it.” ~ Neil Cavuto

  17. “I like being small – I’ve known so many women with big boobs who feel overweight or end up with back problems.” ~ Eva Longoria
  18. “There’s not one food that causes diabetes.What causes Type II diabetes is being overweight… I’ve just come to grips, over the past four or five months, with my diabetes.” ~ Paula Deen
  19. “The label of liberalism is hardly a sentence to public ignominy: otherwise Bruce Springsteen would still be rehabilitating used Cadillacs in Asbury Park and Jane Fonda, for all we know, would be just another overweight housewife.” ~ Barbara Ehrenreich
  20. “Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average. Which means you’ve met your New Year’s resolution.” ~ Jay Leno

  21. “Like most severely overweight people, I had to hit a rock-hard bottom before I’d take responsibility for the consequences of neglecting my own health.” ~ Stephen Furst
  22. “I was overweight when I went to school. In fact, I was overweight when I left, just taller. Fatty Cavill was the nickname. I mean, no one wants to be Fatty Cavill.” ~ Henry Cavill
  23. “A recent survey or North American males found 42% were overweight, 34% were critically obese and 8% ate the survey.” ~ Banksy
  24. “I’d rather be overweight and curvy than super thin with no curves. I’m proud of my body.” ~ Holly Madison

  25. “There is all this controversy that women and girls are too skinny or too overweight. I say to just do martial arts and everything will be okay. You will tone up your body and find a confidence you can’t find just sitting around watching TV and hanging out with friends.” ~ Milla Jovovich
  26. “If I weren’t acting, I would own my own chocolate shop in Paris. I would be a nice, overweight person that makes chocolate all day long.” ~ Emma Bell
  27. “The World Health Organization recently published some data showing that each overweight person causes and additional one tonne of CO2 to be emitted every year. With one billion people overweight around the world-of whom at least 300 million are obese-that’s an additional one billion tonnes.” ~ Jonathon Porritt
  28. “When I was young and growing up overweight, I believed the “eaten” was more powerful than the “eater,” meaning the food was more powerful than I was.” ~ Daphne Oz

  29. “As an anti-hunger advocate and longtime member of the Entertainment Council for Feeding America, I have become more and more aware of the issues surrounding hunger in our country, a country where 68% of adults above the age of 20 are overweight or obese. What a staggering thought, when 1 in 6 adults don’t have enough food to eat on a regular basis. Good, healthy meal choices play a huge part of controlling weight and other health-related issues.” ~ Samantha Harris
  30. “I was getting a lot of pressure from people in show business about my being overweight because of medication, I was on 200 mg of amitriptyline. When I said this to my doctor, for some reason she took me completely off medication and she didn’t really supervise properly.” ~ Sinead O’Connor
  31. “People are so funny. There’s no winning with commenters or anonymous people. They’d be rude that I was overweight, and now they’re rude that I’m healthy.” ~ Jonah Hill
  32. “I’m ugly, I’m overweight, but I’m happy” ~ Andrew Flintoff

  33. “Overall, our population is in the worst shape it’s ever been. Children are in terrible shape. We have absolutely unprecedented numbers of obese and overweight children – one in three now. A generation ago it was something like one in ten.” ~ Neal Barnard
  34. “People say I’m a disgrace to the human race. I love overweight women when they sit on my face.” ~ R.A. The Rugged Man
  35. “That’s the thing about being a former fat camp champ: when asked if I’d change my past if I could, I always answer no. The pain of being an overweight kid, the humiliation, make you think twice before ever cutting anyone else down.” ~ Stephanie Klein
  36. “Yes – I am usually overweight. I have had to be interested in diet because of being diabetic for 30 years and having kidney failure.” ~ Sue Townsend

  37. “That we need help is easy to see every time we walk down the street. The experts confirm what the obscured view in front of us tells us. They estimate that 64% of adults in the United States are obese and that this percentage is growing. Even our children are being affected, as nearly every one in three American children under the age of 18 is overweight.” ~ Jeff Schweitzer
  38. “In America, more than half the population are overweight. It’s not healthy and I’m not proud of that but I don’t hate having a woman’s body.” ~ Nan Goldin
  39. “The fact that we all leave behind seemingly insignificant clues behind ourselves – emotional DNA or what I call Small Data – which are able to describe with an insane accuracy who we really are, our personalities and desires. But even more how we all represents out of balances – perhaps I feel too overweight, feel alone or feel I haven’t achieved what I’d hoped for when hitting 40. These imbalances are surprisingly visible when visiting consumers’ homes – and surprisingly invisible when relaying on Big Data.” ~ Martin Lindstrom
  40. “It’s not just being overweight that’s dangerous. Stress is dangerous.” ~ Carnie Wilson

  41. “People who are overweight face discrimination. African-Americans face discrimination. Women face discrimination and sexism. So I don’t have the luxury of not being tolerant of anyone.” ~ Octavia Spencer
  42. “My parents both had Oxford degrees, they read important books, spoke foreign languages, drank real coffee and went to museums for pleasure. People like that don’t have fat kids: they were cut out to be winners and winners don’t have children who are overweight.” ~ Arabella Weir
  43. “Food during my early years was a very difficult issue for me. I grew up in an addictive family. My mother had serious problems with alcohol and prescription drugs. I was an overweight kid. I can remember back in those days there weren’t the strategies that there are today to deal with those issues.” ~ Tom Vilsack
  44. “Even when I wasn’t overweight I was never one of those girls or women who wanted to look nice. I always thought it wasn’t important.” ~ Jo Brand

  45. “We overweight people, we say terrible things to ourselves. Oh, you wouldn’t believe it. ‘You fat pig. How can you do this? You’re a disgusting jerk.’ And that gets you nowhere. That gets you right back into a bowl of pasta fregula.” ~ Richard Simmons
  46. “Can you believe approximately 17 percent of American children ages 2 to 19 years are obese? How about this fact: approximately 60 percent of overweight children ages 5 to 10 already have at least one risk factor for heart disease? We are all to blame for this – parents, schools, kids – all of us.” ~ Alison Sweeney
  47. “I don’t think that on a daily basis, people need to be so concerned with others think. When someone comes forward and is an individual, such as a Lady Gaga or a Katy Perry, people respond to them because there is that sense of innocence. It’s obviously dress up and theatre. I never lost that I think part of that is growing up gay and part is growing up overweight. You never lose that, and I never want to lose touch with that whimsy, that sense of innocence. I also love the reaction it elicits in people. I like that it makes other people happy.” ~ Brad Goreski
  48. “I’m not skinny for the wrong reasons. It’s not because I’m bulimic or anorexic or doing drugs. Compared to a lot of actresses my age, I’m actually overweight.” ~ Lindsay Lohan

  49. “There are less than 1 per cent of anorexic girls, but there more than 30 per cent of girls in France – I don’t know about England – that are much, much overweight. And it is much more dangerous and very bad for the health.” ~ Karl Lagerfeld
  50. “I’ve talked to so many people, men and women alike, that get overweight and their self-esteem just goes in the tank. They think they’re judged. They think they’re unattractive.” ~ Phil McGraw
  51. “When someone tells you they’ve just bought a house, they might as well tell you they no longer have a personality. You can immediately assume so many things: that they’re locked into jobs they hate; that they’re broke; that they spend every night watching videos; that they’re fifteen pounds overweight; that they no longer listen to new ideas. It’s profoundly depressing.” ~ Douglas Coupland
  52. “Also, I sort of let my appearance go, to the point where I was maybe ten to seventy pounds overweight.” ~ Matthew Quick

  53. “If the poor overweight jogger only knew how far he had to run to work off the calories in a crust of bread he might find it better in terms of pound per mile to go to a massage parlor.” ~ Christiaan Barnard
  54. “Wrestling used to be interesting. There was a bit of sham involved, of course, but there was some real wrestling involved. They’re just characters now. It’s unrecognizable. There’s no fighting in American bloody wrestling. They just yell at each other and jump around like overweight ballet dancers.” ~ Shane MacGowan
  55. “Talking of the local Sheriff, Jake Valentine, tall and skinny and his wife Myra, “She was a short woman, maybe five feet tall in her socks, the top of her head not quite reaching Jake’s chest. What she lacked in height she made up for in girth. Jeffrey guessed she was at least a hundred pounds overweight. Standing side by side, the Valentines looked like the living embodiment of the number ten.” ~ Karin Slaughter
  56. “On the other hand it was bad manners to look a gift horse in the mouth. Even if you’re getting it from an overweight cracker in a fringe shirt.” ~ Ilona Andrews

  57. “He had never really speculated about this before, since demons came in all shapes and sizes. Indeed, some of them came in more than one shape or size all by themselves, such as O’Dear, the Demon of People Who Look in Mirrors and Think They’re Overweight, and his twin, O’Really, the Demon of People Who Look in Mirrors and Think They’re Slim When They’re Not.” ~ John Connolly
  58. “Dude, you’re such a geek. And that’s coming from an overweight Star Trek fan who scored a 5 on the AP Calculus test. So you know your condition is grave” ~ John Green
  59. “There’s a saying I always say, “A hit dog will holler.” That means a hit record will take you wherever you want to go. I don’t care if you’re overweight, underweight, ugly, pretty – if you can sing an amazing song I’ll sign you.” ~ Jim Jonsin
  60. “Yeah, but I do call them back and follow up. Most people talk at overweight people, I talk with them.” ~ Richard Simmons

  61. “Confidence: It’s the difference between the girl with the perfect body in a one-piece bathing suit, pulling at it and thinking she’s not thin enough or doesn’t have big enough boobs – and the girl who people call a bit overweight, but meanwhile, she’s wearing a bikini and guys are saying, “God, she’s sexy.” It all has to do with how you feel about yourself – it’s about projecting the attitude, I’m OK with who I am.” ~ Jennifer Lopez
  62. “Some people like to look at pictures of themselves before they lost weight. I don’t particularly care for that. Whenever I was overweight, it was a very sad time in my life.” ~ Richard Simmons
  63. “There are varied experiences of overweight women throughout the country; theres not just one experience.” ~ Sarah Baker

  64. “I’m not overweight. I fluctuate between chubby and curvy.” ~ Mindy Kaling
  65. “Back in the 70s and 80s, women felt the discrimination of being overweight. And now 35% of the letters I receive are from men.” ~ Richard Simmons

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