Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans and Review

There are many hosting companies competing to run your next website. Bluehost is one such hosting provider which is even recommended by WordPress.
Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans review
So why Bluehost is one the leading hosting providers:

  • Founded in 2003, Bluehost is one of the largest and most respected web hosting providers in the world
  • Bluehost supports more than 2 million websites worldwide
  • Bluehost offers an anytime money-back guarantee
  • Customers can cancel at anytime without penalty to receive a prorated refund. Full refunds are available in the first 30 days (minus the cost of domains if canceled after three days)
  • Support is available 24/7 via phone, chat, and tickets
  • Bluehost Uptime Guarantee
  • Bluehost super cheapest

Bluehost’s shared hosting is prefect for the beginners and as you have chosen Bluehost as your hosting partner therefore, WordPress will be automatically installed for you.

Features of Bluehost hosting –

1. Free SSL Certificate:

As Google has made it mandatory for the websites to have SSL certificate to show as a secure website for users and also as one of the search engine ranking factor therefore, this feature adds upto your website or a blog.

2. Bluehost plans and Pricing:

Bluehost shared hosting plans comes in 3 different packages. You can choose the plan which suits your website needs and budget.

  • If you want to manage only one website, you can buy the basic plan
  • If you plan to host multiple sites, start with the “plus” plan
  • If your needs guard & website backup, you should go for the choice plus package

star a blog chose a plan

3. Bluehost Uptime Guarantee:

Uptime means that your website/blog never goes down with respect to server connectivity.  As it becomes compulsion for any hosting company to make it sure that their servers are the best so they can provide the best Uptime and keep your website always running.

4. Bluehost cPanel is easiest to use to manage your website

5. Bluehost gives 365 / 24 / 7 support via live chat, email or telephone
bluehost support

So don’t wait to host your website and enjoy happy and carefree sleep. Signup with Bluehost and they give 30-day money back guarantee, incase you aren’t happy with the service.

So don’t wait start your blog today and chose one of the renowned hosting providers.

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