Famous Yorkshire Quotes And Sayings

These Yorkshire quotes will inspire you. Yorkshire formally known as the County of York is a historic county of Northern England and the largest in the United Kingdom.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Yorkshire quotes, Yorkshire sayings, and Yorkshire proverbs.

Best Yorkshire Quotes

  1. “I also have two dogs, a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier, so if they like him, that’s a good sign.” ~ Christina Milian
  2. “I don’t do impersonations. I can do a wounded elephant! I can do a really good cow! And because of the amount of time I spent in North Yorkshire, I do a variety of sheep. All of which I will be happy to roll out for you!” ~ Patrick Stewart
  3. “I was in Yorkshire. We were a family of five and I used to be sent sometimes to get the rations for the week and was easily able to carry them back. It was like one egg and a tiny bit of tea.” ~ Judi Dench
  4. “And roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is my personal signature dish.” ~ Ben Elton

  5. “East Yorkshire, to the uninitiated, just looks like a lot of little hills. But it does have these marvelous valleys that were caused by glaciers, not rivers. So it is unusual.” ~ David Hockney
  6. “I am never at my best in the early morning, especially a cold morning in the Yorkshire spring with a piercing March wind sweeping down from the fells, finding its way inside my clothing, nipping at my nose and ears.” ~ James Herriot
  7. “I wish we could grow up about it, I’m sure we are contributing to global warming, and we must do all we can to reduce that, but our climate has always changed. The Romans had vineyards in Yorkshire. We’re all on this bandwagon of ‘Ban the 4×4 in Fulham’. Why didn’t we have global warming during the Industrial Revolution? In those days you couldn’t have seen across the street for all the carbon emissions and the crap coming out of the chimneys.” ~ Alan Titchmarsh
  8. “Staying in luxury hotels still gives me a kick, especially Oulton Hall in Yorkshire. I’d stay in a hotel for the breakfast and room service.” ~ Jimmy Carr

  9. “I come from Yorkshire in England where we like to eat chip sandwiches – white bread, butter, tomato ketchup and big fat french fries cooked in beef dripping.” ~ Helen Fielding
  10. “I am a fellow commoner at Lucy Cavendish College. My husband used to be a lecturer at Leeds University, and we lived in Yorkshire for 11 years. When he gave up his job, we realized we could live wherever we liked.” ~ Sophie Hannah
  11. “My father was a coal hewer from Goldthorpe, a coal-mining village in South Yorkshire. He played for the Yorkshire second team as an opening fast bowler – to me he was a gorgeously heroic man. He helped form a union and closed down the Barnsley seam because it was seeping gas, and saved many, many lives.” ~ Brian Blessed
  12. “The musical heritage of Yorkshire is deep and wide.” ~ Lesley Garrett

  13. “My dad, Donald, was a vet and had a practice in Yorkshire. Cats and dogs were his bread and butter, but his greatest love was large animals.” ~ Alastair Campbell
  14. “Strange bent over these things, with a concentration to rival Minervois’s own, questioning, criticizing, and proposing. Strange and the two engravers spoke French to each other. To Strange’s surprise, Childermass understood perfectly and even addressed one or two questions to Minervois in his own language. Unfortunately, Childermass’s French was so strongly accented by his native Yorkshire that Minervois did not understand and asked Strange if Childermass was Dutch.” ~ Susanna Clarke
  15. “Henry patted Charlotte’s shoulder anxiously. “Would you like a cool cloth? What can I do to help?” “You could ride up to Yorkshire and chop that old goat’s head off.” Charlotte sounded mutinous. “Won’t that make things rather awkward with the Clave?” asked Henry. “They’re not generally very receptive about, you know, beheadings and things.” ~ Cassandra Clare
  16. “You don’t want roast beef and Yorkshire every night and twice on Sunday.” ~ Brian Clough

  17. “Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, distinctly heard the voice of Jesus telling him to kill women, and he was locked up for life. George W. Bush says that God told him to invade Iraq (a pity God didn’t vouchsafe him a revelation that there were no weapons of mass destruction).” ~ Richard Dawkins
  18. “She took a deep breath, looking up at the ceiling for a long moment. A raindrop moved slowly down her neck; he watched as it turned down the slope of her breast to disappear inside the collar of her shirt. He was seriously contemplating becoming jealous of a droplet of water. Yorkshire was obviously damaging to his sanity.” ~ Sarah MacLean
  19. “As a child growing up in a grey-skied Yorkshire village, I would occasionally happen upon a Bollywood movie on the television. After a few minutes watching a bunch of sari-clad dancers cavorting on a Swiss mountain to tuneless music, I would switch over to some proper drama about housing estates and single mothers.” ~ Simon Beaufoy
  20. “I like Yorkshire terriers. They’re good to wash your car with. They fit right in the bucket.” ~ Billiam Coronel

  21. “And there was that letter from the Bramleys—that really made me feel good. You don’t find people like the Bramleys now; radio, television and the motorcar have carried the outside world into the most isolated places so that the simple people you used to meet on the lonely farms are rapidly becoming like people anywhere else. There are still a few left, of course—old folk who cling to the ways of their fathers and when I come across any of them I like to make some excuse to sit down and talk with them and listen to the old Yorkshire words and expressions which have almost disappeared.” ~ James Herriot
  22. “What is that song they are singing Is it an old Yorkshire ditty you know like that ‘On Ilkley Moor Bar T’at’ ” Ruby said “Nah it’s a football song. It goes ‘We hate Chelsea we hate Chelsea we are the Chelsea haters.” ~ Louise Rennison
  23. “All anyone really needs to know about barbed wire is that it can tear the arse out of your trousers, give a cow a good fright, entangle a Yorkshire terrier for life, and is nasty stuff made by greedy men.” ~ Billy Connolly
  24. “My mum’s from Yorkshire and my parents aren’t snotty or posh – they’re very hard workers, both of them.” ~ Sally Phillips

  25. “Certainly in business terms, considering how thriving the market is. Understanding what people want is essential. We have a team on the ground whose job it is to keep tabs on what’s good, whether it’s a tapas bar in Barcelona or an amazing fish and chip shop in Yorkshire.” ~ Gordon Ramsay
  26. “My most memorable adventure was investigating the chalk cliffs in Yorkshire. While clambering over kelp-covered boulders half-covered by the sea, I fell and smashed my tail bone on one of them.” ~ Maggie Stiefvater
  27. “Brummies run themselves down, they’re very self-deprecating. Whereas Yorkshire people certainly aren’t.” ~ Jonathan Meades
  28. “My big toe alone is the size of Yorkshire.” ~ Andrew Marr

  29. “Brexit for me was really interesting because I was in the heart of Yorkshire, which is a “leave” area. It was quite odd actually, a real deep sense of unease. You felt very odd for your country. You have lots of people that are angry. It’s a very physical and public stand that these people are making.” ~ Ruth Wilson
  30. “My dad was opening fast bowler for Yorkshire’s second team and I couldn’t believe he could die. He wasn’t going to get better for at least six months, so I left school early to become the family breadwinner.” ~ Brian Blessed
  31. “My childhood favorite is mum’s shepherd’s pie, Yorkshire pudding, and roasted potatoes. I remember coming home from school and going to the kitchen to help her. It’s because of her that I discovered my love for cooking.” ~ Gordon Ramsay
  32. “I’m from a little town called Settle in North Yorkshire, so it’s amazing that I get to travel every day and I get to see such crazy sh*t every day.” ~ John Newman

  33. “I couldn’t really take a girl from Berlin to live in Leeds. I love it here. I miss the Yorkshire sense of humor and things like bitter and Yorkshire puddings, but I can still get my hands on salt ‘n’ vinegar crisps.” ~ Sam Riley
  34. “West Yorkshire is quite dramatic and beautiful, the crags and things.” ~ David Hockney
  35. “Unfortunately, Childermass’s French was so strongly accented by his native Yorkshire that Minervois did not understand and asked Strange if Childermass was Dutch.” ~ Susanna Clarke
  36. “The only place I considered home was the boarding school, in Yorkshire, my parents sent me to.” ~ Joe Strummer

  37. “Their oldest child, James, had spoken laughingly about Will’s unrelenting fear of ducks and his continual battle to keep them out of the pond at the family home in Yorkshire.” ~ Cassandra Clare
  38. “One of the grandest figures that ever frequented Eastern Yorkshire was William Smith, the distinguished Father of English Geology. My boyish reminiscence of the old engineer, as he sketched a triangle on the flags of our yard, and taught me how to measure it, is very vivid. The drab knee-breeches and grey worsted stockings, the deep waistcoat, with its pockets well furnished with snuff-of which ample quantities continually disappeared within the finely chiseled nostril-and the dark coat with its rounded outline and somewhat quakerish cut, are all clearly present to my memory.” ~ William Crawford Williamson

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