65 Worthy Quotes On Success In Life

These worthy quotes will inspire you. Worthy, having worth or value or having or showing the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in a specified way.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging worthy quotes, worthy sayings, and worthy proverbs.

Best Worthy Quotes

  1. “Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy.” ~ Wayne Dyer
  2. “Each day, focus your attention on what you want. Each day, take one step that will bring you closer to it. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! The key is to identify it, claim it for yourself, and believe that you are worthy to have it.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant
  3. “To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth living.” ~ Alvin Ailey
  4. “Be thankful for the smallest blessing, and you will be worthy to receive greater.” ~ Thomas a Kempis
  5. “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” ~ Brené Brown

  6. “You are worthy of love and you deserve to be happy. You have these beautiful qualities and many more because you are living the gift of a human incarnation. My hope is that you will embrace these truths and your birthright to live a life abundant in love, joy, and celebration.” ~ David Simon , Worthy quotes love
  7. “They favour learning whose actions are worthy of a learned pen.” ~ George Herbert
  8. “Too often we are posers. Don’t be afraid. Be you. Live a life worthy of the calling YOU’VE received.” ~ Bob Goff
  9. “The key to life is to become skillful enough to be able to do rewarding things.” ~ Jim Rohn
  10. “Our integrity is never worth so much as when we have parted with our all to keep it.” ~ Ovid

  11. “I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy
    because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless
    and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.” ~ Robin Williams
  12. “Lack of self-worth is the fundamental source of all emotional pain. A feeling of insecurity, unworthiness and lack of valueis the core experience of powerlessness.” ~ Gary Zukav
  13. “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching” ~ Gerard Way
  14. “‎”Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.” ~ Thomas Merton

  15. “Whether you change the linen or stitch up wounds, cook the food or dispense the medicines, it is in your hands to help build a public service worthy of all those who gave their lives for the dream of democracy” ~ Nelson Mandela
  16. “I don’t know a perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving.” ~ John Green
  17. “That which befits us, embosomed in beauty and wonder as we are, is cheerfulness, and courage, and the endeavor to realize our aspirations. Shall not the heart which has received so much, trust the Power by which it lives? May it not quit other leadings, and listen to the Soul that has guided it so gently, and taught it so much, secure that the future will be worthy of the past?” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  18. “Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” ~ William James
  19. “One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” ~ Euripides

  20. “Courage is worthy of respect when displayed in the maintenance of legitimate claims and in the repelling of aggressions, bodily or other. Courage is worthy of yet higher respect when danger is faced in defence of claims common to self and others, as in resistance to invasion. Courage is worthy of the highest respect when risk to life or limb is dared in defence of others.” ~ Herbert Spencer
  21. “We inherit nothing truly, but what our actions make us worthy of.” ~ George Chapman
  22. “A small act is worth a million thoughts.” ~ Ai Weiwei
  23. “Every human being is a volume, worthy to be studied.” ~ William Ellery Channing
  24. “You are worthy of love and respect. You are beautiful, gifted, and intelligent. Don’t let the storm make you forget it.” ~ Russell T Davies

  25. “You get into the biggest fights with the people you care about the most, because they are the relationships you’re willing to fight for.” ~ Wiz Khalifa
  26. “Every day some new fact comes to light – some new obstacle which threatens the gravest obstruction. I suppose this is the reason which makes the game so well worth playing.” ~ Robert Falcon Scott
  27. “The one thing that keeps us out of connection is our fear that we’re not worthy of connection.” ~ Brené Brown
  28. “God is mighty. God is caring. God is worthy of praise. God is loving. God is able. God is in control. Nothing takes God by surprise. Some sweet reminders to soak in before falling asleep tonight.” ~ Lysa TerKeurst
  29. “Let us seek to live in a way that is always worthy of our Christian vocation” ~ Pope Francis

  30. “Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.” ~ Erica Jong
  31. “We can always find a reason to praise. Situations change for better and for worse, but God’s worth never changes.” ~ Matt Redman
  32. “Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit.” ~ Chris Burkard
  33. “Love that does not know of suffering is not worthy of the name.” ~ Clare of Assisi
  34. “The goal is to live in such a way that our lives will prove worth dying for… The one thing that can’t be taken from us, even by death, is the love we give away before we go.” ~ Forrest Church

  35. “Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around.” ~ Brooke Astor
  36. “I have noticed that the Universe loves gratitude. The more grateful you are, the more goodies you get. When I say ‘goodies’, I don’t mean only material things. I mean all the people, places, and experiences that make life so wonderfully worth living.” ~ Louise Hay
  37. “To possess dignity is to be worthy of respect. Worthy of high esteem. Absorb this: you are worthy of respect.” ~ Beth Moore , Worthy quotes you are worthy
  38. “What is happening on your innermost self is worthy of your entire love.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
  39. “Life, to be worthy of a rational being, must be always in progression; we must always purpose to do more or better than in time past.” ~ Samuel Johnson

  40. “Many sisters complain that people don’t want to marry them unless they stop wearing hijab. No man is worth your hijab, and a real man wouldn’t request you to take it off in the first place.” ~ Omar Suleiman
  41. “Don’t spend most of your time on the voices that don’t count, voices that are going to add too little worth to your future. Don’t waste time on the shallow and the silly. Tune those voices out and tune in voices that are going to add something to your life” ~ Jim Rohn
  42. “I met someone from the German side and we both shared the same opinion: we fought, we finished and we were friends… It wasn’t worth it.” ~ Harry Patch
  43. “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
  44. “Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.” ~ Chuck Norris

  45. “Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow.” ~ Thornton Wilder
  46. “That religion which costs a man nothing is usually worth nothing.” ~ Charles Spurgeon
  47. “I aint saying I’m requesting anyone that’s perfect but I just need a woman that’ll make it all worth it.” ~ Drake , Worthy quotes about woman
  48. “I stand for simple justice, equal opportunity, and human rights. The indispensable elements in a democratic society – and well worth fighting for.” ~ Helen Suzman

  49. “I feel if there’s one little thing I could do, its to make people realize: We are not worthless because we inhabit a country which is seen by Western eyes as a primitive, fundamentalist country only. . .I mean, we are a rich mixture of all sorts of forces as well, and our lives are very much worth living.” ~ Bapsi Sidhwa
  50. “During the winter, you head out into the darkness for a run. When spring comes, and the first crocus pokes up its head…you know it was worthwhile.” ~ Nina Kuscsik
  51. “The worth of a child born and bred in Nigeria cannot be compared to that in the United States.” ~ Yakubu Gowon
  52. “The English as a race are not worth saving!” ~ Jack Straw

  53. “We must honor our worthiness in order to receive what we want. In our society we are conditioned to believe that we are not worthy and that it is even selfish to want to be able to attract things into our lives.” ~ Wayne Dyer
  54. “The most important educational need of the child is to feel himself worthy of love and a worthy dispenser of love. If infants learn what love is, they can go through life with sanity and happiness.” ~ Herbert Ratner , Worthy quotes about life
  55. “When a man is able to take abuse with a smile, he is worthy to become a leader.” ~ Nachman of Breslov
  56. “Courage… is not a selfish attribute: it is only possible if you are pursuing a wider and more worthy goal.” ~ Ted Malloch
  57. “It’s interesting to observe that almost all truly worthy men have simple manners, and that simple manners are almost always taken as a sign of little worth” ~ Giacomo Leopardi

  58. “Elegance is not an ornament worthy of man.” ~ Seneca the Younger
  59. “It will be enough to recall in this sense that almost all the Countries arose, centuries ago, through cruel conquests. With exception, men have been squandering servants that at the moment of adjustment did not appear to be worthy of the benefits received.” ~ Chico Xavier
  60. “So she viewed time spent in the land of the normal as an investigation into the world of marriage-worthy men, even if she was unsure about her own interest in marriage. There must be one solid citizen who also had a spark of life, a sense of humor, and adventure.” ~ Steve Martin
  61. “Of course you want someone special to love you. A majority of the people who write to me inquire about how they can get the same thing… Unique as every letter is, the point each writer reaches is the same: I want love and I’m afraid I’ll never get it. It’s hard to answer those letters because I’m an advice columnist, not a fortune-teller. I have words instead of a crystal ball. I can’t say when you’ll get love or how you’ll find it or even promise that you will. I can only say you are worthy of it and that it’s never too much to ask for it.” ~ Cheryl Strayed
  62. “The power of free will is developed and confirmed by increasing the number of worthy motives which influence conduct.” ~ John Lancaster Spalding

  63. “It cannot, indeed, be denied, that a good man is more worthy of love than a bad one.” ~ Martin Luther
  64. “Even the ignorant may appear very worthy,
    If they keep silent before the learned.” ~ Thiruvalluvar
  65. “In everything well-known something worthy of thought still lurks.” ~ Martin Heidegger

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