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Best Word Of Mouth Quotes

  1. “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” ~ Jeff Bezos
  2. “Word-of-mouth is powerful, trusted, and cheap.” ~ Martin Lindstrom
  3. “You are what you do, not what you say.” ~ David Suzuki
  4. “Free publicity and word of mouth is probably the best and cheapest form of advertising. Learn to use it to your advantage.” ~ Richard Branson

  5. “Word of mouth is the best medium of all.” ~ William Bernbach
  6. “Marketing only really works with word of mouth.” ~ Morgan Freeman
  7. “People are social beings and want interaction and social learning is the primary form of learning, just as word of mouth advertising is the highest form of advertising.” ~ Stephen Covey
  8. “Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 percent to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.” ~ Jonah Berger

  9. “Movements, like films, depend on word of mouth.” ~ Lee Hirsch
  10. “To me, the big thing in being a successful team is repetition of what you’re doing, either by word of mouth, blackboard or specifically by work on the field. You repeat, repeat, repeat as a unit.” ~ Vince Lombardi
  11. “If you’re not doing something that people will remark on, then it’s going to be hard to generate word of mouth.” ~ Jeff Bezos
  12. “We’re living in an era where word-of-mouth is on steroids.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

  13. “The growth of The Body Shop is testimony to the fact that you don’t need to waste money on costly advertising campaigns to be successful. Instead, we’ve always relied on word of mouth and stories.” ~ Anita Roddick
  14. “Remember that it is not enough to abstain from lying by word of mouth; for the worst lies are often conveyed by a false look, smile, or act.” ~ Abraham Cahan
  15. “I want word of mouth to be our biggest voice.” ~ Jasmine Guy
  16. “The American revolutionaries believed in the power of the word. But they had only word of mouth and the printing press. We have the Internet.” ~ Robert Darnton

  17. “Twenty years ago if you provided someone with horrible service, it may take weeks or even months for the word-of-mouth message to get out to 15-20 potential customers. Today, with social media, thousands of potential customers can learn about horrible service within hours, minutes or even seconds after it happens.” ~ Bill Capodagli
  18. “The brand of the future…is patient, consistent, connected, and trusted. The new brand is based on the truth that only comes from experiencing the product, not just yelling about it. Word of mouth is more important (by a factor of 20) than TV advertising, and the remarkability word of mouth demands comes from what we experience, not from spin or taglines or a campaign slogan.” ~ Seth Godin
  19. “Word of mouth is very powerful.” ~ Jeff Bezos
  20. “Right from the first time we went to America in 1968, Led Zeppelin was a word-of-mouth thing. You can’t really compare it to how it is today.” ~ Jimmy Page

  21. “Most learning is social, or what I call the cultural DNA. Everyone knows that word of mouth advertising is the best advertising. That’s social learning.” ~ Stephen Covey
  22. “Ensure your employees understand what your brand stands for so they can be your first line of word-of-mouth advertising.” ~ Simon Mainwaring
  23. “I’m hoping that word-of-mouth on the film – people seeing it and liking it – that that will drive more people to the theaters, because I haven’t seen the billboards or the posters or anything.” ~ Craig McCracken
  24. “I heard you good with them soft lips.. Yeah you know word of mouth.” ~ Drake

  25. “Word of mouth is the most effective means of communication.” ~ Ralph Nader
  26. “Hollywood can buy a lot of pieces of the puzzle, but the great thing is they can never buy word of mouth.” ~ Steve Tisch
  27. “More contact means more sharing of information, gossiping, exchanging, engaging – in short, more word of mouth.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk
  28. “Word of mouth works now, much more than ever. @-reply every single person.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

  29. “By creating conversation, we let our customers spread our message by word of mouth.” ~ Anita Roddick
  30. “No movie becomes a hit without good reviews and word-of-mouth. No agency ever became a great brand by merely saying it was great – in advertising or by any other medium.” ~ Rochelle B Lazarus
  31. “Word-of-mouth marketing is a crucial component of organic growth for startups and one of the primary ways that Weebly has grown to over 15 million customers.” ~ David Rusenko , Marketing word of mouth quotes
  32. “Like all books that have that kind of momentum, it starts from word of mouth.” ~ Nick Hornby

  33. “Service Over the years, the number one driver of our growth at Zappos has been repeat customers and word of mouth. Our philosophy has been to take most of the money we would have spent on paid advertising and invest it into customer service and the customer experience instead, letting our customers do the marketing for us through word of mouth.” ~ Tony Hsieh
  34. “Business in Russia was not being done like in the West, with contracts. In Russia, hundreds of millions of dollars were going forward and backward by word of mouth.” ~ David Reuben
  35. “You know, it’s not the people in Hollywood who go to see movies that will make a movie successful; it’s the people all around the country; it’s word-of-mouth.” ~ Pia Zadora
  36. “If you’re considering word of mouth, stability and lifetime value, it’s almost always true that the easier it is to get someone’s attention, the less it’s worth.” ~ Seth

  37. “If I like a book, I tend to read the author’s entire collection. But I choose mainly through personal recommendations, general word of mouth and book reviews.” ~ Randa Abdel-Fattah
  38. “Without integrity, no company can have positive word of mouth” ~ Jay Abraham
  39. “I’m well past the age where I’m acceptable. You get to a certain age and you are forbidden access. You’re not going to get the kind of coverage that you would like in music magazines, you’re not going to get played on radio and you’re not going to get played on television. I have to survive on word of mouth.” ~ David Bowie
  40. “Content-based marketing gets repeated in social media and increases word-of-mouth mentions; it’s the best way to gather buzz about a product.” ~ Marsha Collier

  41. “A characteristic of older folksongs, in most cases, is that we don’t know their composers or authors. Older folksongs were written often with no commercial purpose in mind. They were passed down by word of mouth, from generation to generation.” ~ Tom Glazer
  42. “It is only by hearsay (by word of mouth passed down from generation to generation) that whole peoples adore the God of their fathers and of their priests: authority, confidence, submission and custom with them take the place of conviction or of proofs: they prostrate themselves and pray, because their fathers taught them to prostrate themselves and pray: but why did their fathers fall on their knees?” ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
  43. “I [i.e., God] have given you baptism as a gift for the forgiveness of sins, and preach to you unceasingly by word of mouth concerning this treasure, sealing it with the Sacrament of my body and blood, so that you need never doubt. True, it seems little and insignificant that by the washing of water, the Word, and the Sacrament this should all be effected. But don’t let your eyes deceive you.” ~ Martin Luther
  44. “Credentials are like potential energy, the compliments of a name on paper, in documents, word of mouth, but faith is like kinetic energy, the motion and the force that which is witnessed. Hence in the end it is the faith rather than the credentials that really takes you places.” ~ Criss Jami

  45. “My album will manifest many things I saw, did or heard about; I talk first hand never word of mouth.” ~ O.C.
  46. “Just about any story we think about doing, whether we’ve read it in a newspaper, heard it on the radio or come upon it through word of mouth – by the time you get there, every other network, cable station and talk show is already racing to the scene” ~ Connie Chung
  47. “Americans of good-will, the nice decent church people, the well-meaning liberals, the good-hearted souls who themselves wouldn’t lynch anyone, must begin to realize that they have to be more than passively good-hearted, more than church goingly Christian, and much more than word-of-mouth in the liberalism.” ~ Langston Hughes
  48. “Perhaps ‘Big Bang’ fans feel so protective of the show because it is, despite being a hit show on a big network, something of a word-of-mouth phenomenon.” ~ Johnny Galecki

  49. “What gets posted online is not short-term, and is open for easy misinterpretation. Messages and pictures spread faster through the Internet than they ever could by word of mouth.” ~ Anna Maria Chavez
  50. “I think we’re going to have to forget about the radio and just go back to word of mouth.” ~ Joe Strummer
  51. “I’m one of a dying breed who goes out and tours all the time. Labels don’t spend the money to send people out to play before they become famous, but we did do that so the fans we have are word of mouth fans who have been traveling around with us for years, and they buy the albums, but they are also the ones who go out and get the bootlegs. I don’t discourage bootlegging, I like playing live, I don’t think it hurts my album sales at all if there are bootlegs out there. Who cares?” ~ Sheryl Crow
  52. “In order to have a lasting career, you’ll need to spend time performing live to build your own audience, as it’s not all about social media. Word of mouth still rules.” ~ Eliot Lewis

  53. “There is nothing like the way people feel after they’ve seen ‘The Intouchables.’ They feel amazing. The word of mouth on this film is incredible. It’s intelligent-feeling good. You’re not insulted by the low-browness or stupidity of some of the humor. It’s so smart and terrific.” ~ Harvey Weinstein
  54. “I think that when audiences find a movie that they don’t expect to like, it adds great word of mouth.” ~ Neal H. Moritz
  55. “It’s a very organic kind of way that people are discovering it, by word of mouth, which I always think is the best way for things to grow. In terms of the affect it’s been having on me, I don’t even notice that. It’s lovely to be able to talk about a piece of work that you’re very proud of, that I think’s a complex piece of work and not superficial and has depth to it.” ~ Cillian Murphy
  56. “I’ve gotten into such weird jobs just by word of mouth… Like I didn’t try to be an accessory designer, but I had a friend working at the company and I needed a job so that’s where I ended up.” ~ Nicolas Cowan

  57. “There’s a vast ecosystem for music outside of Myspace and Facebook and you need to make sure that your music is in as many hands as possible. I wanted people to share my music and tell friends about me, and if you want to rely on word of mouth, you have to make it easy for people. I got lucky because I had a few songs that hit big and got a lot of links on blog posts.” ~ Jonathan Coulton
  58. “You’ll also need to invest in yourself with the kind of promo that targets your specific audience to help build that word of mouth. Most importantly, believe in what you’re doing and in your music and lyrics.” ~ Eliot Lewis
  59. “I just want the viewer to have a very informative and entertaining listen. I want them to feel like they’ve pulled up a chair right next to us. I hope to bring to the telecast what I call ‘buddy information’ – where you hear something and maybe the next day you say to your buddy, ‘Hey, I heard something about this player or this team,’ and they pass it on by word of mouth.” ~ Tom Verducci
  60. “‘Battlefield’ was one of those slow-building songs, the way ‘Tattoo’ was. It was kind of a word-of-mouth hit. The more people heard it, the more they started requesting it on the radio.” ~ Jordin Sparks

  61. “I think it was simply word of mouth that made it a New York Timesbestseller for more than 60 weeks, over a year. People being moved and changed and transformed by the book [One Thousand Gifts] and wanting to share that with hurting people all around them.” ~ Ann Voskamp
  62. “We live in a society that is in transition from oral to written. There are oral stories that are still there, not exactly in their full magnificence, but still strong in their differentness from written stories. Each mode has its ways and methods and rules. They can reinforce each other; this is the advantage my generation has – we can bring to the written story something of that energy of the story told by word of mouth.” ~ Chinua Achebe
  63. “If it’s a good record or a good recording, then word of mouth will build for that reason, not before the fact, not before anyone’s heard it, not because of MySpace or the label.” ~ Spencer Krug

  64. “I am really interested in who owns ideas of religion. What if I say I’m a libertarian, socialist, Occupy-supporting, anti-war, Christian? Is that a controversial idea? I don’t see anything really in the original semiotics of Christianity, in the specific parable of the radical socialist Jew from Galilee who becomes the hero figure in the Homeric-word-of-mouth-gossip-novel that becomes the Bible that should make that a paradox.” ~ Robert Montgomery
  65. “I think it was simply word of mouth that made it a New York Times bestseller for more than 60 weeks, over a year. People being moved and changed and transformed by the book [ One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are] and wanting to share that with hurting people all around them.” ~ Ann Voskamp

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