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  1. “We get lost in doing, thinking, remembering, anticipating – lost in a maze of complexity and a world of problems. Nature can show us the way home, the way out of the prison of our own minds.” ~ Eckhart Tolle
  2. “I was born a long way from where I belong and I am on my way home.” ~ Bob Dylan
  3. “Life itself is an exile. The way home is not the way back.” ~ Colin Wilson
  4. “If Light Is In Your Heart You Will Find Your Way Home.” ~ Rumi

  5. “I was actually lost in Beirut on the way home.” ~ Kelly Preston
  6. “By letting go, you allow everything to find it’s rightful place. Once free, everything finds its way home.” ~ Leon Brown
  7. “Love doesn’t hide. It stays and fights. It goes the distance, that’s why love is so strong. So it can carry you all the way home.” ~ Pietro Aretino
  8. “I climb, I backtrack. I float. I ramble my way home.” ~ Mary Oliver

  9. “Think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.” ~ James Joyce
  10. “On our way home we were waiting for the bus when a very fat, pompous-looking woman reeled out of a pub shouting, “Melancholia? Ad nauseam.”” ~ Joe Orton
  11. “We all walk in a land of dreams. For what are we but atoms and hope, a handful of stardust and sinew? We are weary travelers trying to find our way home on a road that never ends. Am I a part of your dream? or are you but a part of mine?” ~ Libba Bray
  12. “I love every minute in the kitchen with my kids, even the mess (I’ve learned to embrace it!). I find that in the car on the way home from school, I often get one-word answers when I ask about their day. But when we’re cooking, I get in-depth stories.” ~ Sarah Michelle Gellar
  13. “memory is the only way home.” ~ Terry Tempest Williams

  14. “Waiting is a dry desert between where we are and where we want to be. (Finding My Way Home)” ~ Henri Nouwen
  15. “Deep inside, our integrity sings to us whether we are listening or not. It is a note that only we can hear. Eventually, when life makes us ready to listen, it will help us to find our way home.” ~ Rachel Naomi Remen
  16. “I know this world is far from perfect. I am not the type to mistake a streetlight for the moon. I know our wounds are deep as the Atlantic. But every ocean has a shoreline and every shoreline has a tide that is constantly returning to wake the songbirds in our hands, to wake the music in our bones, to place one fearless kiss on the mouth of that new born river that has to run through the center of our hearts to find its way home.” ~ Andrea Gibson
  17. “But I found my family. I found the right thing to do. I found the way home.” ~ Caroline B. Cooney

  18. “If I know the way home and am walking along it drunkenly, is it any less the right way because I am staggering from side to side! If it is not the right way, then show me another way; but if I stagger and lose the way, you must help me, you must keep me on the true path, just as I am ready to support you.” ~ Leo Tolstoy
  19. “Now Listen You know I work so hard, all day long Everything I try to do, Seem to always turn out wrong That’s why I wanna stop by on my way home and say Let’s go get stoned” ~ Ray Charles
  20. “The great gift of a spiritual path is coming to trust that you can find a way to true refuge. You realize that you can start right where you are, in the midst of your life, and find peace in any circumstance. Even at those moments when the ground shakes terribly beneath you—when there’s a loss that will alter your life forever—you can still trust that you will find your way home. This is possible because you’ve touched the timeless love and awareness that are intrinsic to who you are.” ~ Tara Brach
  21. “If you weaken, I’ll be strong. If you get lost, I’ll be your way home. If you despair, I’ll bring you joy. I will love you until the end of time.” ~ Karen Marie Moning

  22. “[Jenks]”I think you’re all screwy in the head,” he said when Bis nodded his encouragement. “But go ahead. I’ve got Quen’s number in my phone. I’ll call him if you both explode in a flash of black underwear and money so I won’t have to fly all the way home.” ~ Kim Harrison
  23. “For the first time in weeks, Park didn’t have that anxious feeling in his stomach on the way home from school, like he had to soak up enough Eleanor to keep him until the next day.” ~ Rainbow Rowell
  24. “You step forward and make it real for a start. You choose a sensible moment in history. Funnily enough, England was bankrupt and the moment is the death of Richard The Lionheart… Richard takes an arrow in the neck collecting a small debt from a small castle on his way home from the Crusades because he’s penniless.” ~ Ridley Scott
  25. “I quite clearly remember driving home at 9 a.m., after shooting all day, in a bathrobe, with bodypaint all over my face, and going through McDonald’s drive-thru. I ordered a coffee to make sure I didn’t crash on the way home. And the girl working there, she didn’t even bat an eyelid. I guess it’s a regular thing down in Hastings [Australia] McDonald’s.” ~ Gotye
  26. “I may be able to put a good book tape on in the car on the way home and I will have a smile on my face.” ~ Stuart Pearce

  27. “If you have any of these qualities… love, kindness, compassion, sincerity and truth in your heart…. you will always find your way home.” ~ Rita Zahara
  28. “Most of the things that are supposed to be so objectionable in books are things that every teenager, in the United States, not only knows, but has talked about at length in school, or on the way home from school.” ~ Bennett Cerf
  29. “I had ambitions to set out and find, like an odyssey or going home somewhere, set out to find this home that I’d left a while back and couldn’t remember exactly where it was, but I was on my way there. And encountering what I encountered on the way was how I envisioned it all. I didn’t really have any ambition at all. I was born very far from where I’m supposed to be, and so, I’m on my way home, you know?” ~ Bob Dylan
  30. “I am free, and always have been; free to accept my own reality, free to trust my perceptions, free to believe what makes me feel sane even if others call me crazy, free to disagree even if it means great loss, free to seek the way home until I find it.” ~ Martha Beck
  31. “God wants to help you find your way home.” ~ Max Lucado

  32. “I have found it very important in my own life to try to let go of my wishes and instead to live in hope. I am finding that when I choose to let go of my sometimes petty and superficial wishes and trust that my life is precious and meaningful in the eyes of God something really new, something beyond my own expectations begins to happen for me. (Finding My Way Home)” ~ Henri Nouwen
  33. “For John was running, and this was terrible. Because if you ran, time ran. You yelled and screamed and raced and rolled and tumbled and all of a sudden the sun was gone and the whistle was blowing and you were on your long way home to supper. When you weren’t looking, the sun got around behind you! The only way to keep things slow was to watch everything and do nothing! You could stretch a day to three days, sure, just by watching!” ~ Ray Bradbury , Long way home quotes
  34. “There is so little to remember of anyone – an anecdote, a conversation at a table. But every memory is turned over and over again, every word, however chance, written in the heart in the hope that memory will fulfill itself, and become flesh, and that the wanderers will find a way home, and the perished, whose lack we always feel, will step through the door finally and stroke our hair with dreaming habitual fondness not having meant to keep us waiting long.” ~ Marilynne Robinson
  35. “Girls have to go somewhere dangerous every now and then just so they know they can find their way home.” ~ Nicole Blackman

  36. “Today on the way home, it snows. Big, soft caressing flakes fall onto our skin like cold moths; the air fills with feathers.” ~ Margaret Atwood
  37. “How can the mind take hold of such a country? Generations of invaders have tried, but they remain in exile. The important towns they build are only retreats, their quarrels the malaise of men who cannot find their way home. India knows of their trouble. She knows of the whole world’s trouble, to its uttermost depth. She calls “Come” through her hundred mouths, through objects ridiculous and august. But come to what? She has never defined. She is not a promise, only an appeal.” ~ E. M. Forster
  38. “Then when dusk began to settle he would retrace his steps, back to his own world. And on the way home, a loneliness would always claim his heart. He could never quite get a grip on what it was. It just seemed that whatever lay waiting “out there” was all too vast, too overwhelming for him to possibly ever make a dent in.” ~ Haruki Murakami
  39. “I know that life is a doorway to eternity, and yet my heart so often gets lost in petty anxieties. It forgets the great way home that lies before it.” ~ Sophie Scholl

  40. “But on the way home tonight, you wish you’d picked him up, held him a bit. Just held him, very close to your heart, his cheek by the hollow of your shoulder, full of sleep. As it it were you who could, somehow, save him. For the moment not caring who you’re supposed to be registered as. For the moment, anyway, no longer who the Caesars say you are.” ~ Thomas Pynchon
  41. “If I know the way home and am walking along it drunkenly, is it any less the right way because I am staggering from side to side!” ~ Leo Tolstoy
  42. “My mother was determined to make us independent. When I was four years old, she stopped the car a few miles from our house and made me find my own way home across the fields. I got hopelessly lost.” ~ Richard Branson
  43. “The longest way round is the shortest way home. (Quoting Alexander MacLaren, The Wearied Christ and Other Sermons)” ~ C. S. Lewis

  44. “And so taking the long way home through the market I slow my pace down. It doesn’t come naturally. My legs are programmed to trot briskly and my arms to pump up and down like pistons, but I force myself to stroll past the stalls and pavement cafes. To enjoy just being somewhere, rather than rushing from somewhere, to somewhere. Inhaling deep lungfuls of air, instead of my usual shallow breaths. I take a moment to just stop and look around me. And smile to myself. For the first time in a long time, I can, quite literally, smell the coffee.” ~ Alexandra Potter
  45. “It seemed more and more like something out of a children’s book – the butterfly that followed the little girl all the way home to her fifth-floor walk-up. How above-the-law children’s books are. Hansel and Gretel (littering, breaking and entering), Rumpelstiltskin (forced labor), Snow White (conspiracy to commit murder), Rapunzel (breach of contract).” ~ Sloane Crosley
  46. “neither poems nor prose just a length of rope just the wet earth — that’s the way home. neither vodka nor bread just bursts of rage just more new graves — that’s youth and that’s love. neither sleep nor waking neither joy nor laughter just tears in the night — so the rope, paper, knife.” ~ Tadeusz Borowski
  47. “Sailing to an island unknown Failing to find your way home you walk under a sea leagues beneath us” ~ Maggie Stiefvater

  48. “He just put his hand through the bulkhead, exactly as she’d done, and squeezed my shoulder. He has very strong fingers. And he kept his hand there the whole way home, even when he was reading the map and giving me headings. So I am not flying alone now after all.” ~ Elizabeth Wein
  49. “Darling,” he said distractedly,”about the moon…” “Yes?” “I don’t think it matters whether you want it or not.” “What are you talking about?” “The moon. I think it’s yours.” Victoria yawned, not bothering to open her eyes. “Fine. i’m glad to have it.” “But–” Robert shook his head. He was growing fanciful. the moon didn’t belong to his wife. It didn’t follow her, protect her. It certainly didn’t wink at anybody. But he stared out the window the rest of the way home, just in case” ~ Julia Quinn
  50. “My name is October Christine Daye; I live in a city by the sea where the fog paints the early morning, parking is more precious than gold, and Kelpies wait for the unwary on street corners. Neither of the worlds I live in is quite mine, but no one can take them away from me. I did what had to be done, and I think I may finally be starting to understand what’s important. It’s all about finding the way home, wherever that is. I plan on finding out. I have time.” ~ Mira Grant
  51. “Could you imagine the way I felt, I couldn’t unfasten her safety belt. All the way home I held a grudge, for the safety belt that wouldn’t budge.” ~ Chuck Berry

  52. “Those are not the tears of repentance!… Self-loathing is not sorrow. Yet it is good, for it marks a step in the way home, and in the father’s arms the prodigal forgets the self he abominates.” ~ George MacDonald
  53. “David Lee Roth had the idea that if you covered a successful song, you were half way home. C’mon – Van Halen doing ‘Dancing in the Streets’? It was stupid. I started feeling like I would rather bomb playing my own songs than be successful playing someone else’s music.” ~ Eddie Van Halen
  54. “A star is a person who shines so brightly,who gives their gifts so fully,who loves so completely that everyone is drawn by the light of this star to find the way home.” ~ Chuck Spezzano
  55. “The next way home’s the farthest way about.” ~ Francis Quarles

  56. “Bringing a spiritual dimension into all that we do is essential for ending the struggle and dancing with life. Our body and our minds can take us only so far, our spirit can lead us all the way Home.” ~ Susan Jeffers
  57. “As human beings we have this immediate gateway – you’ve just to articulate exactly the way that you’re exiled, exactly the way that you don’t belong, exactly the way that you can’t love, exactly the way that you can’t move … and you’re on your way again. You’re on your way home. If you can just say exactly the way that you’re imprisoned – the door swings open.” ~ David Whyte
  58. “Trusting the government to monitor your calls without listening. It’s kind of like trusting Chris Christie to pick up the McDonald’s and not eat the fries on the way home.” ~ Bill Maher
  59. “I’m lost in space and I want to find a way home. Nobody else can get me back to the planet, so I have to do it myself.” ~ Susan Vaught

  60. “A permanent path
    That, once illuminated,
    Goes ever onward – a way home.” ~ Scott Hastie
  61. “Dim loneliness came imperceivably into the fields and he turned back. The birds piped oddly; some wind was caressing the higher foliage, turning it all one way, the way home. Telegraph poles ahead looked like half-used pencils; the small cross on the steeple glittered with a sharp and shapely permanence.” ~ A. E. Coppard
  62. “Sometimes it feels good to take the long way home.” ~ Carol Rifka Brunt
  63. “This has been, all in all, a memorable day. If my luck holds out, I should get hit by a truck on my way home.” ~ Celeste Holm

  64. “It’s just an old alley cat that has followed us all the way home. It hasn’t a star on its forehead, or a silky satiny coat. No proud tiger stripes, no dainty tread, no elegant velvet throat. It’s a splotchy, blotchy city cat, not a pretty cat, a rough little bag of old bones. ‘Beauty,’ we shall call you. ‘Beauty’ come in.” ~ Eve Merriam
  65. “When I was a kid I thought I saw a ghost in the forest when I was on a bush walk, like a walk through the forest. I saw something weird pass from one side of the track to the other, and it was sort of a white, blurry… it’s hard to describe, really, something that was almost see-through but it just moved in front of me. It was definitely something you could tell was there, and it really freaked me out. I think I was probably 10, and I ran all the way home.” ~ Rhys Darby

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