47 Walnut Quotes On Success In Life

These walnut quotes will inspire you. Walnut the large wrinkled edible seed of a deciduous tree, consisting of two halves contained within a hard shell which is enclosed in green fruit.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging walnut quotes, walnut sayings, and walnut proverbs.

Best Walnut Quotes

  1. “They say that there are moments that open up your life like a walnut cracked, that change your point of view so that you never look at things the same way again.” ~ Jodi Picoult
  2. “Some of us are sixty feet long with a brain the size of a walnut.” ~ William S. Burroughs
  3. “After-dinner talk across the walnuts and the wine.” ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
  4. “We do not ask the mountain’s aid to crack a walnut.” ~ Wole Soyinka

  5. “The nutcracker sits under the holiday tree, a guardian of childhood stories. Feed him walnuts and he will crack open a tale.” ~ Vera Nazarian
  6. “A thing which I regret, and which I will try to remedy some time, is that I have never in my life planted a walnut. Nobody does plant them nowadays-when you see a walnut it is almost invariably an old tree. If you plant a walnut you are planting it for your grandchildren, and who cares a damn for his grandchildren?” ~ George Orwell
  7. “God didn’t give me the ability to play the piano, or paint a picture or have compassion. But… he did give me the ability to crack a walnut with my hoo-ha.” ~ Karen Walker
  8. “We are not special. We are not crap or trash, either. We just are. We just are, and what happens just happens.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk

  9. “Walnuts have a shell, and they have a kernel. Religions are the same. They have an essence, but then they have a protective coating. This is not the only way to put it. But it’s my way. So the kernels are the same. However, the shells are different.” ~ Huston Smith
  10. “Abraham Lincoln once walked down the street with his two sons, both of whom were crying. “What’s the matter with you boys?” asked a passerby. “Exactly what is wrong with the whole world,” said Lincoln. “I have three walnuts, and each boy wants two.”” ~ George Sweeting
  11. “It’s better to get the nutrients for healthy skin from food, not supplements. Salmon, walnuts, blueberries, spinach… lots of my favorite foods happen to be amazing for skin too.” ~ Gail Simmons
  12. “Winter is for women The woman still at her knitting, At the cradle of Spanish walnut, Her body a bulb in the cold and too dumb to think.” ~ Sylvia Plath

  13. “All families had their special Christmas food. Ours was called Dutch Bread, made from a dough halfway between bread and cake, stuffed with citron and every sort of nut from the farm – hazel, black walnut, hickory, butternut.” ~ Paul Engle
  14. “On my cornice linger the ripe black grapes ungathered;
    Children fill the groves with the echoes of their glee,
    Gathering tawny chestnuts, and shouting when beside them
    Drops the heavy fruit of the tall black-walnut tree.” ~ William C. Bryant
  15. “Arnold Schwarzenegger looks like a brown condom full of walnuts.” ~ Clive James

  16. “I did as much as I could: raising chickens, pushing an ice-cream cart, bagging walnuts, driving a tractor on a beet farm, working on the railroad. I think this eclectic career helped me a lot in life.” ~ Charles R. Schwab
  17. “I’ve met God across his long walnut desk with his diplomas hanging on the wall behind him, and God asks me, ‘Why?’ Why did I cause so much pain? Didn’t I realize that each of us is a sacred, unique snowflake of special unique specialness? Can’t I see how we’re all manifestations of love? I look at God behind his desk, taking notes on a pad, but God’s got this all wrong. We are not special. We are not crap or trash, either. We just are. We just are, and what happens just happens. And God says, ‘No, that’s not right.’ Yeah. Well. Whatever. You can’t teach God anything.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk
  18. “I loved Christmas. We had a really great time. But there wasn’t – it was all – you had to be happy with, you know, an orange and a couple of walnuts, you know, in your stocking.” ~ Nick Lowe
  19. “What’s wrong with men?” Tenar inquired cautiously. As cautiously, lowering her voice, Moss replied, “I don’t know, my dearie. I’ve thought on it. Often I’ve thought on it. The best I can say it is like this. A man’s in his skin, see, like a nut in its shell.” She held up her long, bent, wet fingers as if holding a walnut. “It’s hard and strong, that shell, and it’s all full of him. Full of grand man-meat, man-self. And that’s all. That’s all there is. It’s all him and nothing else, inside.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
  20. “A spaniel, a woman, and a walnut tree, the more they’re beaten the better they be.” ~ John Ray

  21. “Shrinking someone’s stomach to the size of a walnut with surgery is one way to battle obesity and diabetes and maybe lifesaving for a few, but it doesn’t address the underlying causes.” ~ Mark Hyman, M.D.
  22. “The most overrated ingredients are garlic and extra-virgin olive oil. With garlic, it’s personal; I have never been that big of a fan of its flavor. As for extra-virgin olive oil, I do use it quite often but its ubiquity serves to overshadow many wonderful oils like pistachio, walnut, argan, and even grapeseed.” ~ Lela Rose
  23. “One of the biggest problems with young chefs is too much addition to the plate. You put cilantro and then tarragon and then olive oil and then walnut oil or whatever. It’s too much.” ~ Jacques Pepin
  24. “Yeah. Well. Whatever. You can’t teach God anything.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk

  25. “We do not explain my husband’s insane abuse and we do not say why your wild-haired wife has fled or that my father opened like a walnut and then was dead. Your palms fold over me like knees. Love is the only use.” ~ Anne Sexton
  26. “I first saw the site for Disneyland back in 1953, In those days it was all flat land – no rivers, no mountains, no castles or rocket ships – just orange groves, and a few acres of walnut trees.” ~ Walt Disney
  27. “When you are in the final days of your life, what will you want? Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame? Will you ask to be carried to the garage so you can sit in your car? Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statement? Of course not. What will matter then will be people. If relationships will matter most then, shouldn’t they matter most now?” ~ Max Lucado
  28. “Her eyes, walnut brown and shaded by fanned lashes, met mine. Held for a moment. Flew away.” ~ Khaled Hosseini

  29. “In California, there were nuggets the size of walnuts lying on the ground—or so it was said, and truth travels slowly when rumors have wings of gold.” ~ Cherie Priest
  30. “Tariqah [The Spiritual Path] without the Sharia [Islamic Law] is like having a pistachio tree without the shell. Or a walnut, a walnut cannot grow on a tree without having a shell, and the food that you eat is inside the shell.” ~ Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  31. “There rises the moon, broad and tranquil, through the branches of a walnut tree on a hill opposite. I apostrophize it in the words of Faust; “O gentle moon, that lookest for the last time upon my agonies!” –or something to that effect.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  32. “I could eat black walnut all the time, it’s not a flavor of the week!” ~ Herman Cain

  33. “The cross is like a walnut whose outer rind is bitter, but the inner kernel is pleasant and invigorating. So the cross does not offer any charm of outward appearance, but to the cross-bearer, its true character is revealed, and he finds in it the choicest sweets of spiritual peace.” ~ Sadhu Sundar Singh
  34. “On a grander scale, when a society segregates itself, the consequences affect the economy, the emotions, and the ecology. That’s one reason why it’s easy for pro-lifers to eat factory-raised animals that disrespect everything sacred about creation. And that is why it’s easy for rabid environmentalists to hate chainsaws even though they snuggle into a mattress supported by a black walnut bedstead.” ~ Joel Salatin
  35. “What kind of tea do you want?” “There´s more than one kind of tea?… What do you have?” “Let´s see… Blueberry, Raspberry, Ginseng, Sleepytime, Green Tea, Green Tea with Lemon, Green Tea with Lemon and Honey, Liver Disaster, Ginger with Honey, Ginger Without Honey, Vanilla Almond, White Truffle Coconut, Chamomile, Blueberry Chamomile, Decaf Vanilla Walnut, Constant Comment and Earl Grey.” -“I.. Uh…What are you having?… Did you make some of those up?” ~ Bryan Lee O’Malley
  36. “The camera hound of the future wears on his forehead a lump a little larger than a walnut.” ~ Vannevar Bush

  37. “To this day, I hate walnuts and I hate onions because on weekends when the walnuts and onions were in season, we were out there first thing in the morning and out there until the sun went down topping onions or picking walnuts.” ~ Scott Brooks
  38. “How do you write? You write, man, you write, that’s how, and you do it the way the old English walnut tree puts forth leaf and fruit every year by the thousands. . . . If you practice an art faithfully, it will make you wise, and most writers can use a little wising up.” ~ William Saroyan
  39. “East of my bean-field, across the road, lived Cato Ingraham, slave of Duncan Ingraham, Esquire, gentleman, of Concord village, who built his slave a house, and gave him permission to live in Walden Woods; MCato, not Uticensis, but Concordiensis. Some say that he was a Guinea Negro. There are a few who remember his little patch among the walnuts, which he let grow up till he should be old and need them; but a younger and whiter speculator got them at last. He too, however, occupies an equally narrow house at present.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  40. “I have no ability to develop muscle tone. I could do situps all day and still look like a condom full of walnuts.” ~ Dana Gould

  41. “My wife Ann and I had been digging during the day, transplanting lilies from the front of this abandoned farmhouse back down the road to where we live. We finished. She was tired and laid in the grass. I took a picture. The house is now gone. The walnut trees have been bulldozed and burned. I saw this picture the other day for the first time in years and realized how photographing life within a hundred yards of my front porch had helped me focus on everything I cared about.” ~ Larry Towell
  42. “Dad says that everyone invented baklava.” It occurs to me now to wonder what that means. Aunt Aya rolls her eyes.
    “Your father? He is the worst of the worst. He thinks he cooks and eats Arabic food but these walnuts were not grown from Jordanian earth and this butter was not made from Jordanian lambs. He is eating the shadow of a memory. He cooks to remember but the more he eats, the more he forgets.” ~ Diana Abu-Jaber
  43. “Experience has taught me a technique for dealing with such people […] I counter the devotees of the Great Pyramid by adoration of the Sphinx, and the devotee of nuts by pointing out that hazelnuts and walnuts are as deleterious as other foods and only Brazil nuts should be tolerated. But when I was younger I had not yet acquired this technique, with the result that my contacts with cranks were sometimes alarming.” ~ Bertrand Russell
  44. “Didn’t I realize that each of us is a sacred, unique snowflake of special unique specialness?” ~ Chuck Palahniuk

  45. “The very first Walnut Whales recording was recorded just a few weeks after I had started singing, out of the blue, started singing. And the voice, you can hear how uncomfortable I am with it, and how terrified I am with it.” ~ Joanna Newsom
  46. “In Louisville, at the corner of Fourth and Walnut, in the center of the shopping district, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the realization that I loved all those people, that they were mine and I theirs, that we could not be alien to one another even though we were total strangers.” ~ Thomas Merton
  47. “‘American Sniper’ is a movie whose politics are so ludicrous and idiotic that under normal circumstances it would be beneath criticism. The only thing that forces us to take it seriously is the extraordinary fact that an almost exactly similar worldview consumed the walnut-sized mind of the president who got us into the war in question.” ~ Matt Taibbi

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