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These vintage quotes will inspire you. Vintage the year or place in which wine, especially wine of high quality, was produced or relating to or denoting wine of high quality.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging vintage quotes, vintage sayings, and vintage proverbs.

Famous Vintage Quotes

  1. “I have eclectic taste, and I love vintage style mixed with glamour and old world charm.” ~ Sonam Kapoor
  2. “I am more vintage than I am high fashion.” ~ Katerina Graham
  3. “It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.” ~ Tony Visconti
  4. “There’s a vintage which comes with age and experience.” ~ Jon Bon Jovi

  5. “Short boughs, long vintage.” ~ George Herbert
  6. “In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.” ~ John Steinbeck
  7. “Happiness is a wine of the rarest vintage, and seems insipid to a vulgar taste.” ~ Logan Pearsall Smith
  8. “No more rules, the freedom of dressing. The beauty of mixing vintage clothes with a pair of jeans that I love.” ~ Yves Saint Laurent

  9. “The minute you think that the past was better, your present is second hand, and yourself becomes vintage – it’s okay for clothes not that great for people” ~ Karl Lagerfeld
  10. “When you buy a piece of vintage clothing you’re not just buying the fabric and thread – you’re buying a piece of someone’s past” ~ Isabel Wolff
  11. “We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.” ~ Carl Jung
  12. “I’ve always loved vintage and I never like to have something someone else has.” ~ Jillian Hervey

  13. “Vintage was brilliant!” ~ Gavin Turk
  14. “I love history. Everything is inspired by history, so that’s why I love vintage and antiques.” ~ Kelly Wearstler , Vintage quotes love
  15. “My style is quite clean, vintage, and almost French in a way.” ~ India de Beaufort
  16. “I like to mix and match vintage with designer. It’s how I create my own style.” ~ Carly Rae Jepsen

  17. “Everything I do is unfabulous. Im the most normal person. I love walking everywhere, and going to hole-in-the-wall places, like nail shops, because they do the best job. And I go to vintage stores rather than high-end boutiques, because I like to dress different from other people.” ~ Ashley Benson
  18. “No amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity” ~ Taylor Swift
  19. “I love vintage and prints.” ~ Georgina Chapman
  20. “I like the old, vintage Hollywood look.” ~ Gwen Stefani

  21. “Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend.” ~ Lucy Liu
  22. “I am a huge comic book fan, and I love everything vintage: cars, movies, music, art, and style – especially the 1950s style.” ~ Mateus Ward
  23. “For my own style, I love vintage. 60’s and 70’s are my favorite. I love baby doll dresses and the soft colors. I try to mix a little bit of modern into that – maybe I’ll wear it with boots. At my school we wear a uniform, but we have one day a week we can wear whatever we want.” ~ Elle Fanning , Vintage quotes style
  24. “My old vintage designs are so popular now. I must have been on to something.” ~ Pierre Cardin

  25. “Fortunately I own a vintage brain, and I am alive and well in the 21st century, still making records, still working at an intense pace and most of all, still having fun doing it.” ~ Tony Visconti
  26. “I’m definitely a vintage collector. I have a wardrobe of core basics that I like to spice up with different colors, new accessories, and I love to try on new things to invite something different. I find, with every new stage of my life, my self-image shifts with new duties and responsibilities, and so does my fashion style.” ~ Camila Alves , Vintage quotes about life
  27. “Being vintage like a fine wine
    Should make you proud of being old
    And being mature like a cheese
    Certainly explains the mould!
    Fester on undaunted into your 7th decade” ~ John Walter Bratton
  28. “You’re drinking vintage Elvis Presley wine.” ~ Elvis Costello

  29. “I wear everything from hip-hop baggy pants to beautiful Armani dresses. I also like to mix vintage clothing with designer pieces.” ~ Julia Stiles
  30. “I buy what makes my heart sing. So, it’s not that I follow one specific track. It’s sort of what I like. I love colors. I love unique pieces. I love vintage clothing.” ~ Tracee Ellis Ross
  31. “I’m big on reworking vintage. Also, buying one great piece that lasts forever – to me, that is total sustainability.” ~ Elizabeth Rogers
  32. “The kinds of things I like with crystals are the really beautiful costume jewelry, vintage pieces, and they usually have that diamond shape.” ~ Zoe Kravitz

  33. “I like What Goes Around Comes Around for old concert tees. Oh man, I got this ‘Sgt. Pepper’ cartoon Beatles shirt there; it was, like, $300. I didn’t even know how much it cost – I thought it was gonna be, like, $80 at most – till I got to the register and was like, ‘Oh mah gawd!’ Good Lord. But it’s classic vintage rock, you know?” ~ Kid Cudi
  34. “If I have an hour in a city, I go to vintage stores first because it’s so much cooler to find a piece that is unique. I love the thought of some girl having worn it before and living her life in it.” ~ Helena Christensen
  35. “The I-95 bridges were built in the early 1960s and are now more than 50 years old. The same vintage as the I-35 bridge that collapsed in Minnesota back in 2007, killing 13 people and injuring 145. The antiquated Skagit River Bridge in Washington state that collapsed last May after a truck hit one of the trusses was even older. And it’s not just bridges. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, 32 percent of the major roads in America are now in poor condition and in need of major repairs.” ~ Ed Rendell
  36. “I like fashion because it’s sort of my job, so I’m into it when I have to be. But when I’m not working, I wear jeans and T-shirts. I go to vintage stores all the time to find funky T-shirts.” ~ Kristen Stewart

  37. “I get my inspiration from books, pictures, art. I might find a vintage scarf and say, “I think this should be our color palette.”” ~ Jessica Simpson
  38. “I like vintage stuff. I go through a vintage store and find things that I feel like I fit right into them because of all the years that they’ve been used.” ~ Channing Tatum
  39. “Nothing is more vintage than dying of Rubella.” ~ Stephen Colbert
  40. “I just love vintage. I have far too many vintage dresses.” ~ Karen Elson

  41. “I really love beautiful, well-made clothes. I don’t shop [a lot], so I tend to have pieces for a long time. I like mixing vintage with newer designers.” ~ Sarah Jessica Parker
  42. “I’m not a big shopper. I’m very very picky about what it is that I buy, I prefer to buy vintage and then I prefer to be very selective.” ~ Jaime King
  43. “I’m a real Londoner. We have very grey weather in London, and I think it encourages a very eclectic and crazy fashion sense. I mix high-street stuff with more high-end fashion and vintage.” ~ Emma Watson
  44. “Chanel lambskin, vintage Vanson I’m on the bike doing wheelies in a mansion” ~ Nicki Minaj

  45. “Guitars are kind of just, you know, sexy, especially old vintage ones.” ~ Andrew Bird
  46. “I started making movies in my late 20s, that time in an artist’s career that often sees artists just imitating things that he or she loves. I just wanted to be great like L’Age d’Or vintage Buñuel. I wanted to be Busby Berkeley, for crying out loud! I wanted to have chorus girls stomping their heels in my casting office. I wanted to be Erich Von Stroheim monogramming underwear for extras. So I started off my career doing that, and that was fun, but I realised I wasn’t very good at it.” ~ Guy Maddin
  47. “New York vintage is too expensive!” ~ Kirsten Dunst
  48. “Vintage books, old china, antiques; maybe I love old things so much because I feel impermanent myself.” ~ Josh Lanyon

  49. “I am vegetarian, so I don’t have clothes, shoes or bags made from leather or suede or any animal products. Shoes are hard to find. These are fake Uggs. And I’ve got a pair of vintage boots, which are PVC.” ~ Leona Lewis
  50. “And out of the blue, I got a call from an editor friend at Knopf and she said that they were interested in putting out an update for their vintage paperback line. So I was more than thrilled and it was suggested that perhaps I could do a 1,000 word new introduction covering what’s happened with the whole Warhol thing since 1990 when the first edition hardcover came out and, uh, that was about August 1st and I sat down at my computer here in East Hampton and on on August 30th I’d written almost 10,000 words!” ~ Bob Colacello
  51. “I was working at eBay, so I would just troll the vintage categories, find old amps and what have you. I was buying a fair amount of stuff and playing with it and then selling it back.” ~ Bill Orcutt
  52. “I did a lot of thrift and vintage. I would mix those pieces into some of the more inexpensive items from Express, Gap, Old Navy, and Clothestime.” ~ Katy Perry

  53. “My mom passed on her obsession of all things antique or vintage. I love to go thrift store shopping or explore any sort of garage sale. Treasure hunting is a family passion.” ~ Zoey Deutch
  54. “I have a lot of guitars. Yeah, I’m not like a guitar collector, I don’t have all vintage instruments. I don’t even own a Strat or Les Paul. I don’t have one.” ~ John Petrucci
  55. “I wore a lot of vintage clothing. I dressed like a reporter, with a little card in my hat. I had these fantasies of who I wanted to be, so I’d dress like an explorer, a cowboy. I dressed up like Elton John a lot too. That was another period.” ~ Illeana Douglas
  56. “Better one bite at forty, of truths bitter rind, than the hot wine that gushed from the vintage of twenty.” ~ James Russell Lowell

  57. “I don’t really know much about the fashion world. I have a few stylist friends that help me find stuff. So they know all about the vintage fashion world; I just kind of describe to them what I want and they find a lot of it for me.” ~ BØRNS
  58. “Wine to me is something that brings people together.  Wine does promote conversation and promote civility, but it’s also fascinating.  It’s the greatest subject to study.  No matter how much you learn, every vintage is going to come at you with different factors that make you have to think again.” ~ Robert M. Parker, Jr.
  59. “I don’t come from a wealthy or privileged background, and growing up I was always looking for the best quality at a price I could afford. My love of vintage is rooted in that. Drugstores were the mecca for the latest makeup trends and products.” ~ Eva Mendes
  60. “I love vintage cars because you can do so much more to them.” ~ T-Pain

  61. “I had this story from one who had no business to tell it to me, or to any other. I may credit the seductive influence of an old vintage upon the narrator for the beginning of it, and my own skeptical incredulity during the days that followed for the balance of the strange tale.” ~ Edgar Rice Burroughs
  62. “When the choice is between a demanding relationship and a vintage pickup truck, I’ll choose the truck every time.” ~ Amy Dickinson
  63. “While in a vintage restaurant…”the past isn’t quaint while you’re in it. Only at a safe distance, later, when you see it as decor, not as the shape your life’s been squeezed into.” ~ Margaret Atwood
  64. “I find my dress sense tends to be a bit of a mixture between high fashion and unique vintage pieces with a little bit of street trends. For example, I might find a really nice, suede dinner jacket that I’d wear with a basic plain white shirt and some chinos and a pair of Nike trainers.” ~ Tinie Tempah
  65. “I think my mum was really very ahead of her time. She wore very little makeup. She really explored the way that she wore clothes in a very honest way. She wore a lot of vintage stuff and mixed it with bespoke men’s tailoring and things like that. That was a huge influence on me, seeing a woman in the spotlight carry herself in that kind of way. But mostly, for me, it was just that she was an incredibly honest and sort of natural person.” ~ Stella McCartney

Vintage represents the high quality of a pastime.

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