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These vehicle quotes will inspire you. Vehicle is a thing used for transporting people or goods, especially on land, such as a car, truck, or cart.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging vehicle quotes, vehicle sayings, and vehicle proverbs.

Famous Vehicle Quotes

  1. “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” ~ Pablo Picasso
  2. “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” ~ Bill Bradley
  3. “For me music is a vehicle to bring our pain to the surface, getting it back to that humble and tender spot where, with luck, it can lose its anger and become compassion again.” ~ Paula Cole
  4. “A smile is the chosen vehicle of all ambiguities.” ~ Herman Melville

  5. “The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets.” ~ Christopher Morley
  6. “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” ~ Stephen Brennan
  7. “Constitution is not a mere lawyers document, it is a vehicle of Life, and its spirit is always the spirit of Age.” ~ B. R. Ambedkar
  8. “One does not export democracy in an armored vehicle.” ~ Jacques Chirac

  9. “Generosity is another quality which, like patience, letting go, non-judging, and trust, provides a solid foundation for mindfulness practice. You might experiment with using the cultivation of generosity as a vehicle for deep self-observation and inquiry as well as an exercise in giving. A good place to start is with yourself. See if you can give yourself gifts that may be true blessings, such as self-acceptance, or some time each day with no purpose. Practice feeling deserving enough to accept these gifts without obligation-to simply receive from yourself, and from the universe.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn
  10. “Some people take better care of their car than they do of their body. Most people, in fact, pay little attention to their body until something goes wrong. Yet why create that kind of situation? Look at what you are eating. How much and how often do you exercise? When was your last check-up? Are you treating your physical vehicle as if it is divine? Good for you if you are. If you aren’t…why not?” ~ Neale Donald Walsch
  11. “The body is there because the mind seeks desires through the body; desires cannot be fulfilled without the body. You can be completely fulfilled without the body, but desires cannot be fulfilled without the body. Desire needs the body; the body is the vehicle of desire. That’s why possession happens. You have heard, you must have heard, many stories about a ghost possessing somebody else. Why is a ghost so interested in possessing somebody else? It is because of desires. Desires cannot be fulfilled without a body, so he enters somebody’s body to fulfill his desires.” ~ Rajneesh
  12. “Using the Internet as as vehicle to work with people is fascinating. It’s sort of a Pandora’s box of energy for me.” ~ Jon Anderson

  13. “This is an essential experience of any mystical realization. You die to your flesh and are born into your spirit. You identify yourself with the consciousness and life of which your body is but the vehicle. You die to the vehicle and become identified in your consciousness with that of which the vehicle is but the carrier. That is the God.” ~ Joseph Campbell
  14. “When I first started making music, it was learning other peoples songs and putting them onto four-track. Like Beatles songs and stuff. When I started writing, I used the singing side of the production as a vehicle for melody and lyrical ideas.” ~ M. Ward
  15. “I always said that you can use the same vehicle although the driver will change, or the same vehicle to go for the race. It’s a different driver, this is exactly what’s happening to the cabinet.” ~ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
  16. “Vehicle emissions standards directly sparked the development and application of a wide range of automotive technologies that are now found throughout the global automobile market.” ~ Keith Ellison

  17. “To be really great, you need to be naturally funny in order to stand out. But you can work at it, and find the best vehicle that you have to communicate what you’re saying to people.” ~ Amy Schumer
  18. “I use color in terms of emotional quality, as a vehicle for feeling… feeling is everything I have experienced or thought.” ~ Adolph Gottlieb
  19. “There’s a terrible sense of dread filtering across America at the moment and it’s not simply because of the continuing fear of terrorism and the fact that the nation is at war. It’s more frightening than that. It grows out of the suspicion that we all may be passengers in a vehicle that has made a radically wrong turn and is barreling along a dark road, with its headlights off and with someone behind the wheel who may not know how to drive.” ~ Bob Herbert
  20. “I believe in characters as vehicles of exposition. Their voices are full of hidden clues, and I like to listen to them.” ~ Manuel Puig

  21. “In all Works of This, and of the Dramatic Kind, STORY, or AMUSEMENT, should be considered as little more than the Vehicle to the more necessary INSTRUCTION.” ~ Samuel Richardson
  22. “Access to science is greater than ever before. There are more vehicles out there that grant the public access to science. Not to mention the Internet.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
  23. “CONVERSATION is the vehicle for change.” ~ Terry Tempest Williams
  24. “[On being lesbian:] One pointer: don’t come out to your dad in a moving vehicle.” ~ Kate Clinton

  25. “I don’t use my writing career as a vehicle to get me acting work or to write roles for myself.” ~ Danny Strong
  26. “Television really has been my vehicle. I don’t get played on the radio much, so I’ve relied on TV a lot.” ~ K. D. Lang
  27. “Music has that ability to be a magical thing, and I was like, maybe music is the vehicle that transports us to that other world.” ~ Zack Snyder
  28. “I knew that going on ‘One Tree Hill’ was going to be an incredible vehicle for the record. What is amazing about it is that my role on the show is, you know, basically playing a musician, and all the songs she plays are off my record.” ~ Kate Voegele

  29. “What we have said and – and – and with which I concur is that we should use every diplomatic and political vehicle that’s available to us to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear capability state.” ~ Mitt Romney
  30. “Our oil-based society depends on non-renewable resources. It requires relentless probing into vast reaches of pristine land, sacrificing vital bioregions, and irreplaceable cultures. The possibility of catastrophic climate change is substantially increased by the 40 million barrels of oil burned every day by vehicles. We must all move shoulder to shoulder in a unified front to show this administration that the true majority of people are willing to vote for a cleaner environment and won’t back down.” ~ Leonardo DiCaprio
  31. “Scientists at MIT and engineering schools all across America say that they could improve the fuel economy standards for the existing set of vehicles by 10 miles per gallon using existing technology, without compromising safety or comfort at all.” ~ Ed Markey
  32. “”Comic book” has come to mean a specific genre, not a story form, in people’s minds. So someone will call Die Hard “a comic-book movie,” when it has nothing to do with comic books. I’d rather have comics be the vehicle by which stories are told.” ~ Frank Miller

  33. “In the Gulf War, U.S. Marine Corps wheeled vehicles were killing Iraqi T-72 tanks.” ~ Ralph Peters
  34. “The best current evidence is that media are mere vehicles that deliver instruction but do not influence student achievement any more than the truck that delivers groceries causes change in our nutrition.” ~ Richard A. Clarke
  35. “Natural gas will displace coal in power generation. Getting natural gas into the transportation fleet is harder. It works best for vehicles that work from centralized fueling facilities like trucking fleets or buses and cabs. That is happening. Before it can make big inroads beyond that, infrastructure is going to need to be developed.” ~ John S. Watson
  36. “Every organism exists as a vehicle for the ennoblement of water into consciousness.” ~ David Wolfe

  37. “There are five kinds of incendiary attack: The first is called setting fire to personnel; the second, to stores; the third, to transport vehicles and equipment; the fourth, to munitions; the fifth, to supply installations…In all cases an army must understand the changes induced by the five kinds of incendiary attack, and make use of logistical calculations to address them.” ~ Sun Tzu
  38. “Churches are wonderful and beautiful, and they are vehicles for religion, but no Church can have more than a very little of the truth.” ~ Rose Macaulay
  39. “In ancient Boeotia brides were carried home in vehicles whose wheels were burned at the door, in token, that they would never again be needed.” ~ Thomas Wentworth Higginson
  40. “I have not missed a day in my life of praying. It’s always about the same thing, using my life as a vehicle. Whatever I do, let it bring goodness to myself and to everybody that I come in contact with.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

  41. “When I climb a fourteener, a 14,000-foot/4,260-meter peak, in the winter by myself, I leave an itinerary and information about where my vehicle will be parked and the name of the county sheriff to contact in case I don’t get home.” ~ Aron Ralston
  42. “If you would learn to write, it is in the street you must learn it. Both for the vehicle and for the aims of fine arts, you must frequent the public square. The people, and not the college, is the writer’s home. A scholar is a candle which the love and desire of all men will light.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  43. “Performance is a vehicle for entering different worlds of experiencing.” ~ Robert Fripp
  44. “The way to solve all the money in politics is not to pretend we can get money out of politics. That will never happen. We have to channel it in ways where we can see it and hold it accountable. And I think the parties are the best vehicle for that.” ~ Mark Shields

  45. “Deterrence failed completely as a guide in setting rational limits on the size and composition of military forces, spurring an insatiable arms race with a reckless proliferation of the most destructive power ever unleashed, tailored for delivery by a vast array of vehicles to a stupefying array of targets.” ~ George Lee Butler
  46. “You’re also looking at a global warming solution here in Europe: smaller vehicles, more energy efficient, many which use diesel fuel which is more efficient. And the price of gas here is $6 a gallon to discourage guzzling. A lot of big ideas and innovations coming out of Europe.” ~ Chris Cuomo
  47. “You have to understand the vehicle, the form that allows you to do what you do, and why that is.” ~ Pharoahe Monch
  48. “Toonami was a tremendous vehicle, delivering the art of Japanese animation to a massive audience that may have otherwise never experienced it. I feel an immense debt of gratitude to everyone involved with the show and to every fan who supported it.” ~ Steven Blum

  49. “There is not a moral to every story in animal behavior. Sometimes a snake is just a snake, and sometimes snake sex is only about sex in snakes, or sex in egg-laying reptiles. Although a biologist’s job in part is to interpret what organisms do in a broader context, that context does not, and should not, need to include a lesson for human beings. This is true regardless of whether the lesson is something we would like to teach, which means that using animals as vehicles for nonsexist thinking is just as out of bounds as using them to keep women barefoot and pregnant.” ~ Marlene Zuk
  50. “I got into architecture because I was searching for a way to produce in the world. I went to art school and thought I would do it through art, but I realized very quickly that I was interested in the social ramifications of form making. So buildings became the vehicle and fulfilled that thing. That satisfied me when I produced them. I decided this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.” ~ David Adjaye
  51. “Meaning is made in conversation, reality is created in communication, and knowledge is generated through social interaction…. Language is the vehicle through which we create our understanding of the world.” ~ Diana Whitney
  52. “The critical ingredient is a maverick mind. Focus on trading vehicles, strategies and time horizons that suit your personality. In a nutshell, it all comes down to: Do your own thing (independence); and do the right thing (discipline).” ~ Gil Blake

  53. “I knew that I wanted to be a singer/songwriter when I was much younger and, um, I’ve been able to, you know, to realize that dream and I’m very pleased with that…I want to branch out. I want to write. I write poetry…Music is an extraordinary vehicle for expressing emotion-very powerful emotions.” ~ Annie Lennox
  54. “I met Shannon Hale through some friends and family. I was interested in her book called Princess Academy, which is just a very sweet, Newbery-nominated fairy tale for young readers. She was like, “Oh, actually I have something else for you.” She gave me Austenland. The next morning, I’m sure I called her and I was like, “Let’s make this movie.” It is so fun. It just felt so girly and great and a great vehicle for the weird Hess comedy.” ~ Jerusha Hess
  55. “But you know, I’m very conscious that people criticize Hollywood. Yet we’ve created a form, the Western, that can be understood in every country. The good guys against the bad guys. No nuances. And the horse is the best vehicle of action in our medium. You take action, a scene, and scenery, and cut them together, and you never miss.” ~ John Wayne
  56. “Well, my motivation behind Tesla is really to do as much good as possible for the environment and the electric-vehicle revolution. I think there is still a lot of work to do and if we were to sell to a big company, I’m not sure it would progress at the same pace.” ~ Elon Musk

  57. “If you want to save, put money into superannuation, you will never find a better savings vehicle.” ~ Peter Costello
  58. “The only way people are going to change their car buying habits, and the only way government will get behind alternatively fueled vehicles, is if gasoline prices continue to go up.” ~ Alexandra Paul
  59. “Unlike every other retirement vehicle, such as IRAs and 401(k)s, you receive a tax deduction for making contributions to your HSA but don’t have to pay income taxes on withdrawals.” ~ Paul Zane Pilzer
  60. “For the record, a mechanical engineer is responsible for how just about anything is built. We make sure any type of structure or vehicle or roadway is strong, safe and will stay together.” ~ Kristan Higgins

  61. “Each of us contributes our own piece to the whole, each in our own way, each in our own time with the gifts and talents that are ours. You ask about possible vehicles for change: question, stand, speak, act. Engage in unruly behavior. Disturb the status quo. Take direct action. Commit civil disobedience. Make art. Build community. Dance. Sing. Farm. Cook. Create something beautiful and then give it away. Find your own monkey wrench and use it with the force of love. Sharpen your pencil. Vote.” ~ Terry Tempest Williams
  62. “I am firmly convinced that the trend toward more fuel-efficient vehicles is not a fad. Gas prices will continue to rise in the medium to long term, because demand is growing considerably in China, India and other countries.” ~ Norbert Reithofer
  63. “We will continue to offer the most dynamic vehicles in the future. However, we have also made it our mission to be sustainable as a company.” ~ Norbert Reithofer

  64. “In the European Union, a fleet average of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer will be permitted in 2020. This corresponds to fuel consumption of about four liters (per 100 kilometers; about 59 mpg). We have to continue reducing the fuel consumption of our vehicles and offer hybrid and electric vehicles, or else we will be unable to achieve these values.” ~ Norbert Reithofer
  65. “We will introduce an electric car by 2015. It will be a completely new vehicle concept for mega-cities. We would also have it developed if, contrary to expectations, it did not turn a profit in its first life cycle.” ~ Norbert Reithofer

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