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These valet quotes will inspire you. Valet a man’s personal male attendant, responsible for his clothes and appearance or a person employed to park cars.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging valet quotes, valet sayings, and valet proverbs.

Famous Valet Quotes

  1. “To a valet no man is a hero.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  2. “The mind wears the colors of the soul, as a valet those of his master.” ~ Sophie Swetchine
  3. “Never relinquish clothing to a hotel valet without first specifically telling him that you want it back.” ~ Fran Lebowitz
  4. “I find that, in general, the amount of sharing men do with each other in one year is about the same as what I share with my female friends while we wait for our cars at the valet.” ~ Amy Poehler

  5. “No man is a hero to his own valet.” ~ Michel de Montaigne
  6. “The difference between a man and his valet: they both smoke the same cigars, but only one pays for them.” ~ Robert Frost
  7. “I’d rather take advice from my valet than from the Conservative Party Conference” ~ Arthur Balfour
  8. “To make money I picked up work as a busboy, valet parker, skateboard shop employee.” ~ David Spade

  9. “He was a hero to his valet, who bullied him, and a terror to most of his relations, whom he bullied in turn. Only England could have produced him, and he always said that the country was going to the dogs. His principles were out of date, but there was a good deal to be said for his prejudices.” ~ Oscar Wilde
  10. “I didn’t go to the lectures. My valet, who was more distinguished than I, went instead.” ~ Witold Gombrowicz
  11. “Let the revolting distinction of rich and poor disappear once and for all, the distinction of great and small, of masters and valets, of governors and governed. Let there be no other differences between human beings than those of age and sex. Since all have the same needs and the same faculties, let there be one education for all, one food for all.” ~ Francois-Noel Babeuf
  12. “Style is indeed the valet of genius, and an able one too; but as the true gentleman will appear, even in rags, so true genius will shine, even through the coarsest style.” ~ Charles Caleb Colton

  13. “The soul is no traveler; the wise man stays at home, and when his necessities, his duties, on any occasion call him from his house, or into foreign lands, he is at home still, and shall make men sensible by the expression of his countenance, that he goes the missionary of wisdom and virtue, and visits cities and men like a sovereign, and not like an interloper or a valet.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  14. “Whom the gods love dies young.” ~ Menander
  15. “He whom the Gods love dies young.” ~ Plautus
  16. “Vanity was the beginning and the end of Sir Walter Elliot’s character; vanity of person and of situation.” ~ Jane Austen

  17. “No man is a hero to his valet. This is not because the hero is no hero, but because the valet is a valet.” ~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
  18. “I was writing a story, ‘The Artistic Career of Corky,’ about two young men, Bertie Wooster and his friend Corky, getting into a lot of trouble, and neither of them had brains enough to get out of the trouble. I thought: Well, how can I get them out? And I thought: Suppose one of them had an omniscient valet?” ~ P. G. Wodehouse
  19. “The best servants of the people, like the best valets, must whisper unpleasant truths in the master’s ear. It is the court fool, not the foolish courtier, whom the king can least afford to lose.” ~ Walter Lippmann
  20. “Anybody who gives their car to a valet isn’t a car guy” ~ Jay Leno

  21. “When I was four, I asked my mother for a valet for my birthday.” ~ Karl Lagerfeld
  22. “If you ask any ordinary reader which of Dickens’s proletarian characters he can remember, the three he is almost certain to mention are Bill Sykes, Sam Weller and Mrs. Gamp. A burglar, a valet and a drunken midwife-not exactly a representative cross-section of the English working class.” ~ George Orwell
  23. “The hungry men were seen, followed by their valets, roaming the quais and guards’ quarters; gleaning from their outside friends all the dinners they could find; for, according to Aramis, in prosperity one should sow meals right and left, in order to harvest some in adversity.” ~ Alexandre Dumas
  24. “I hate it when people are impolite to waiters or to the valet or the guy in the supermarket. There’s no need for that; it doesn’t cost anything to be polite.” ~ Ashley Madekwe

  25. “I’m happy to report you still get nothing you don’t need at Motel 6, and, therefore, you don’t have to pay for it. I don’t need valet parking. If I can drive the old crate 300 miles to the hotel all by myself, I can certainly handle the last nine feet to the parking space.” ~ Tom Bodett
  26. “I worked at Starbucks, I was a waiter, a bartender and a valet, sometimes working 2 to 3 jobs at a time while getting a lot of ‘no’s’ as an actor.” ~ Andrea Hall
  27. “I am very pro-union and very anti-authority by nature, so by showing the housekeepers and valets, I was being loyal to those people – those workers. I’m glad that the service industry unionized.” ~ Jacob Tomsky
  28. “I’d gladly do without a valet. I’m never so well treated as when I’m without a valet.” ~ Francois Rabelais

  29. “Vanity was the beginning and the end of Sir Walter Elliot’s character; vanity of person and of situation. He had been remarkably handsome in his youth; and, at fifty-four, was still a very fine man. Few women could think more of their personal appearance than he did, nor could the valet of any new made lord be more delighted with the place he held in society. He considered the blessing of beauty as inferior only to the blessing of a baronetcy; and the Sir Walter Elliott, who united these gifts, was the constant object of his warmest respect and devotion.” ~ Jane Austen
  30. “Were you to converse with a king, you ought to be as easy and unembarrassed as with your own valet-de chambre; but yet every look, word, and action should imply the utmost respect…. You must wait till you are spoken to; you must receive, not give, the subject of conversation, and you must even take care that the given subject of such conversation do not lead you into any impropriety.” ~ Lord Chesterfield
  31. “Well I remember the first thing that from coming from New York that just stunned me and I couldn’t understand was that you valet park for everything. Even – you valet park to go to the dry cleaner. And that, you know, that just blew my mind. I was like, okay, you have to pay $5 to a guy to just drop off your dry cleaning. And so that, to me, was nuts – the fact you’re always arriving.” ~ Debra Messing
  32. “In the psychological realm of relationship between teacher and child, the teacher’s part and its techniques are analogous to those of the valet; they are to serve, and to serve well: to serve the spirit.” ~ Maria Montessori

  33. “No man is a hero to his valet de chamber” ~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
  34. “But what if everyone in the world behaved like me and came here and shot Brisseau through the ear? What a mess! And of course we’d need valet parking.” ~ Woody Allen
  35. “Rarely do they appear great before their valets.
    [Fr., Rarement ils sont grands vis-a-vis de leur valets-de-chambre.]” ~ Jean de la Bruyere
  36. “I don’t trust valets, waiters – nobody. I don’t waste my time anymore trying to figure out who leaks things to the press.” ~ Nicole Richie

  37. “A blue-stocking is the scourge of her husband, children, friends, servants, and every one.
    [Fr., Une femme bel-esprit est le fleau de son mari, de ses enfants, de ses amis, de ses valets, et tout le monde.]” ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  38. “Some men seem remarkable to the world in whom neither their wives nor their valets saw anything extraordinary. Few men have been admired by their servants.” ~ Michel de Montaigne
  39. “I have always wanted to be part of something special, and when I got to Boston.. actually, when I bought, begged and pleaded my way onto the Celtics.. it was already a championship team. I was just glad to be able to sit there and cheer and to be Larry Bird’s valet, to be sure that his shoes were fine and his uniform was folded neatly.” ~ Bill Walton
  40. “The confidant of my vices is my master, though he were my valet.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  41. “It is said that no man is a hero to his valet. That is because a hero can be recognized only by a hero.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  42. “The nearer we come to great men the more clearly we see that they are only men. They rarely seem great to their valets.” ~ Jean de la Bruyere
  43. “Rarely do they appear great before their valets.” ~ Jean de la Bruyere
  44. “A man must indeed be a hero to appear such in the eyes of his valet.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

  45. “As the master so the valet.” ~ Philip James Bailey
  46. “I will perform the function of a whetstone, which is about to restore sharpness to iron, though itself unable to cut.
    [Lat., Fungar vice cotis, acutum
    Reddere quae ferrum valet, exsors ipsi secandi.]” ~ Horace
  47. “Nobody, they say, is a hero to his valet. Of course; for a man must be a hero to understand a hero. The valet, I dare say, has great respect for some person of his own stamp.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  48. “To a valet no man is a hero.

    [Ger., Es gibt fur den Kammerdiener keiner Helden.]” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  49. “He whom the gods love dies young, whilst he is full of health, perception, and judgment.
    [Lat., Quem dii diligunt,
    Adolescens moritur, dum valet, sentit, sapit.]” ~ Plautus
  50. “His face held a certain impassivity; you see it in all waiters and valets. They might want to jam a knife through your left eye socket, but you’d never know it from their expression. Working retail, I’ve acquired a similar look myself.” ~ Ann Aguirre

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