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These user friendly quotes will inspire you. User friendly (of a machine or system) easy to use or understand.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging user friendly quotes, user friendly sayings, and user friendly proverbs.

Best User Friendly Quotes

  1. “Flavor Five is a book with recipes using five ingredients to possibly be cooked in just five minutes. It will be very user-friendly for the home cook on the run.” ~ Rocco DiSpirito
  2. “Software suppliers are trying to make their software packages more ‘user-friendly’… Their best approach so far has been to take all the old brochures and stamp the words ‘user-friendly’ on the cover.” ~ Bill Gates
  3. “I realized that there wasn’t accessible, user-friendly content out there that really empowered people to find a way into the green movement.” ~ Elizabeth Rogers
  4. “Because of the way tech is changing, and becoming cheaper and user-friendly, it’s becoming easier to make films cheaply, maintaining quality.” ~ Lance Reddick
  5. “A grill is just a source of heat. Just like a stove, it is very user-friendly.” ~ Bobby Flay

  6. “I’m not massively into computers. I’m a fan of Macs because they’re more user friendly, so I’m used to using them.” ~ Matthew Kane
  7. “I am intrigued enough to want to continue, and also to try and work with companies like Sony on modifying the cameras and making them more user-friendly and efficient.” ~ Mike Figgis
  8. “Microsoft has laid down the foundations for next-generation computing and is the founder in terms of providing user-friendly software – thereby increasing the number of novice users.” ~ Arfa Karim

  9. “I actually think it almost works the other way sometimes: making a college textbook, say, look really “user friendly” tends to also make it look less “serious,” even if nothing changes other than the design treatment.” ~ Michael Bierut
  10. “If car manufacturers made cars according to spec the same way software vendors make software according to spec, all five wheels would be of widely differing sizes, it would take one person to steer and another to work the pedals and yet another to operate the user-friendly menu-driven dashboard, and if it would not drive straight ahead without a lot of effort, civil engineers would respond by building spiraling roads around each city.” ~ Erik Naggum
  11. “We decided that the French could never write user-friendly software because they’re so rude.” ~ Douglas Coupland

  12. “Steve Jobs did not start started Apple as a scam. But he understood early on the power of marketing. The idea of the computer as a bicycle for the human mind – I think that was something he believed. He believed in making people comfortable with these machines, which is why he spent so much time thinking about how to design them a certain way, how to make them so user-friendly and interactive, and why he spent so much time studying the Zeitgeist.” ~ Alex Gibney
  13. “Human beings today are surrounded by huge institutions we can never penetrate: the City, the banking system, political and advertising conglomerates, vast entertainment enterprises. They’ve made themselves user friendly, but they define the tastes to which we conform. They’re rather subtle, subservient tyrants, but no less sinister for that.” ~ J. G. Ballard
  14. “The selection of MediLab came after an extensive evaluation process. The laboratory in Zambia presented many challenges such as rapidly expanding services and capacity, the need to coordinate laboratory services for 16 and soon to be 24 clinics in the Lusaka district alone, the need to automate recording and dissemination of results and the need for a robust, expandable, user friendly and technically supported LIMS system. The technology and international experience of MediSolution made MediLab an obvious choice.” ~ Craig Wilson
  15. “I have always been spurred on by my not finding expressed anywhere the kinds of perspectives that I thought these issues most perspicuously needed and deserved, but that is just another way of saying that Americans have overwhelmingly expunged from their public understanding the strongest and most clarifying resources out of ancient and traditional European cultures. By far we prefer our familiar and user-friendly parochialisms, and there is no percentage in trying to pry these pachydermal plates apart.” ~ Kenny Smith
  16. “This society is not ‘user-friendly’ for older people.” ~ Ram Dass

  17. “It’s like male geeks don’t know how to deal with real live women, so they just assume it’s a user interface problem. Not their fault. They’ll just wait for the next version to come out- something more “user friendly.” ~ Douglas Coupland
  18. “The way I see it, the difference between farmers and suburbanites is the difference in the way we feel about dirt. To them, the earth is something to be respected and preserved, but dirt gets no respect. A farmer likes dirt. Suburbanites like to get rid of it. Dirt is the working layer of earth, and dealing with dirt is as much a part of farm life as dealing with manure. Neither is user-friendly but both are necessary.” ~ E. L. Konigsburg
  19. “I’m addicted to the Internet. I admit it. It has transformed the way I work as a senator, communicate with my children, and keep tabs on news and cultural developments…. The Internet is a more direct communications link between legislators and their constituents….I constantly work at fusing my Senate work into my office home page to make it as useful, timely, and user-friendly as possible for Vermonters and others who may visit…..I look at my Web site, as my 24-hour virtual office, where visitors can send me an e-mail or search for the information they need anytime, day or night.” ~ Patrick Leahy
  20. “Metaphors are not user-friendly. They’re difficult to find and difficult to use well. Unfortunately, metaphors are a mainstay of good lyric writing-indeed of most creative writing. …metaphors support lyrics like bones.” ~ Pat Pattison
  21. “Fast. Powerful. User-friendly. Now choose any two.” ~ Eric Daniels

  22. “while everything else in our lives has gotten simpler, speedier, more microwavable and user-friendly, child-raising seems to have expanded to fill the time no longer available for it.” ~ Barbara Ehrenreich
  23. “Surrogate experience and surrogate environments have become the American way of life. Distinctions are no longer made, or deemed necessary, between the real and the false; the edge usually goes to the latter, as an improved version with defects corrected – accessible and user-friendly.” ~ Ada Louise Huxtable
  24. “UNIX is a user-friendly operating system. It just picks its friends more carefully than others.” ~ David Wolfe

  25. “Once I got a guitar that was relatively user-friendly, but not super-duper easy, I really came on as a guitarist, at that point. It helped. It was a super-expensive guitar either, but something needs to steer you a bit, if you’re playing an instrument that is really hard.” ~ Jimmy Page
  26. “New York is very user-friendly if you don’t want to be in a car all the time. It can also provide you with surprises because it’s so compressed – if you walk around, you just find things.” ~ Susan Sarandon

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