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Ursula Nordstrom (February 2, 1910 – October 11, 1988) was publisher and editor-in-chief of juvenile books at Harper & Row from 1940 to 1973. She is credited with presiding over a transformation in children’s literature in which morality tales written for adult approval gave way to works that instead appealed to children’s imaginations and emotions. She also authored the 1960 children’s book The Secret Language. A collection of her correspondence was published in 1998, as Dear Genius: the Letters of Ursula Nordstrom. These inspirational Ursula Nordstrom Quotes depict her creative writing for children’s literature.

Best Ursula Nordstrom Quotes

  1. “That is the creative artist – a penalty of the creative artist – wanting to make order out of chaos.” – Ursula Nordstrom
  2. “The creative artist is the one wanting to make order out of chaos. The rest of us just accept disorder -if we even recognize it- and get a bang out of our five beautiful senses, if we’re lucky.” – Ursula Nordstrom
  3. “Emotion combined with an artist’s discipline is the rarest thing in the world.” – Ursula Nordstrom
  4. “The grave’s a fine and quiet place but none I think do finish their books from there.” – Ursula Nordstrom

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