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These University quotes will motivate you. A university is an institution of higher (or tertiary) education and research which awards academic degrees in several academic disciplines. Universities typically offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different schools or faculties of learning.

Below you will find a collection of inspiring, happy, and encouraging University quotes, University sayings, and University proverbs.

Best University Quotes

  1. “A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli
  2. “A fool’s brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence University education.” ~ George Bernard Shaw
  3. “The university has become a place that prepares you for the fights in the world.” ~ Henri Nouwen
  4. “The best university is the university of life.” ~ Henrique Capriles Radonski
  5. “The first duty of a university is to teach wisdom, not trade; character, not technicalities.” ~ Winston Churchill

  6. “A man’s college and university degrees mean nothing to me until I see what he is able to do with them.” ~ Henry Ford
  7. “The University brings out all abilities, including incapability.” ~ Anton Chekhov
  8. “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” ~ Derek Bok
  9. “No university in the world has ever risen to greatness without a correspondingly great library… When this is no longer true, then will our civilization have come to an end.” ~ Lawrence Clark Powell
  10. “Universities are institutions run by amateurs to train professionals.” ~ Derek Bok

  11. “Colleges are places where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed.” ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
  12. “Were I not a king, I would be a university man.” ~ King James I
  13. “Freedom of inquiry, freedom of discussion, and freedom of teaching – without these a university cannot exist.” ~ Robert M. Hutchins
  14. “A university’s essential character is that of being a center of free inquiry and criticism – a thing not to be sacrificed for anything else.” ~ Richard Hofstadter
  15. “No man should escape our universities without knowing how little he knows.” ~ J. Robert Oppenheimer

  16. “The medieval university looked backward; it professed to be a storehouse of old knowledge. The modern university looks forward, and is a factory of new knowledge.” ~ Thomas Huxley
  17. “Our whole educational system, from the elementary schools to the universities, is increasingly turning out people who have never heard enough conflicting arguments to develop the skills and discipline required to produce a coherent analysis, based on logic and evidence. The implications of having so many people so incapable of confronting opposing arguments with anything besides ad hominem responses reach far.” ~ Thomas Sowell
  18. “A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
  19. “Of course there’s a lot of knowledge in universities: the freshmen bring a little in; the seniors don’t take much away, so knowledge sort of accumulates.” ~ Abbott Lawrence Lowell
  20. “The true university of these days is a collection of books.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

  21. “In university, they don’t tell you that the greater part of the law is learning to tolerate fools.” ~ Doris Lessing
  22. “A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.” ~ Shelby Foote
  23. “And just because you have colleges and universities doesn’t mean you have education.” ~ Malcolm X
  24. “My vision of the future is no longer of people taking exams and proceeding from secondary school to University but of passing from one stage of independence to a higher, by means of their own activity and effort of will.” ~ Maria Montessori
  25. “Life is my university, and I hope to graduate from it with some distinction.” ~ Louisa May Alcott

  26. “When the fabric of the universe becomes unknown, it is the duty of the university to produce weavers.” ~ Gordon Gee
  27. “Spending years studying at university only to find out at the end of it all that you’re unemployable.” ~ Paulo Coelho
  28. “Universities are seminaries to produce Leftists” ~ Dennis Prager
  29. “The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six.” ~ Maria Montessori
  30. “The universe is a great university.” ~ Sai Baba

  31. “Agriculture is not crop production as popular belief holds – it’s the production of food and fiber from the world’s land and waters. Without agriculture, it is not possible to have a city, stock market, banks, university, church or army. Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy.” ~ Allan Savory
  32. “If there was a university degree for greed, you cunts would all get first-class honors.” ~ Paul Keating
  33. “Universities won’t survive. The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast.” ~ Peter Drucker
  34. “The university is in danger of losing its monopoly, and for good reason. The most visible threat are the new online courses, many of them free, with some of the best professors in their respective fields.” ~ Don Tapscott
  35. “Everyone has a right to a university degree in America, even if it’s in Hamburger Technology.” ~ Clive James

  36. “Institutions are not pretty. Show me a pretty government. Healing is wonderful, but the American Medical Association? Learning is wonderful, but universities? The same is true for religion… religion is institutionalized spirituality.” ~ Huston Smith
  37. “Our universities are so determined to impose tolerance that they’ll expel you for saying what you think and never notice the irony” ~ John Perry Barlow
  38. “There is a tolerably general agreement about what a university is not. It is not a place of professional education.” ~ John Stuart Mill
  39. “In the world of entrepreneurs, you don’t need a college education. You need a proper education.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki
  40. “The best education you can get is investing in yourself, and that doesn’t mean college or university.” ~ Warren Buffett

  41. “Credentialing, not education, has become the primary business of North American universities.” ~ Jane Jacobs
  42. “American critics are like American universities. They both have dull and half-dead faculties.” ~ Edward Albee
  43. “A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in the students.” ~ John Ciardi , Student university quotes
  44. “The universities deceive when they say they have no agenda other than to open minds.” ~ Dennis Prager
  45. “You know there are very few Marxists left in the world… they’re all in American universities.” ~ Milton Friedman

  46. “We are living in 1937, and our universities, I suggest, are not halfway out of the fifteenth century. We have made hardly any changes in our conception of university organization, education, graduation, for a century – for several centuries.” ~ H. G. Wells
  47. “The delicate thing about the university is that it has a mixed character, that it is suspended between its position in the eternal world, with all its corruption and evils and cruelties, and the splendid world of our imagination.” ~ Richard Hofstadter
  48. “The idea that it is necessary to go to a university in order to become a successful writer . . . is one of those fantasies that surround authorship.” ~ Vera Brittain
  49. “The Committee supports the idea that there should be, within the University of California, a campus which puts particular emphasis on the education of undergraduates within the framework of a College system.” ~ Abraham Robinson
  50. “‘Tis well enough for a servant to be bred at a University. But the education is a little too pedantic for a gentleman.” ~ William Congreve

  51. “If I were founding a university I would begin with a smoking room; next a dormitory; and then a decent reading room and a library. After that, if I still had more money than I couldn’t use, I would hire a professor and get some textbooks.” ~ Stephen Leacock
  52. “I have never feared that the revolution would be engendered by the universities; but that at them a whole generation of revolutionaries must be formed, unless the evil is restrained, seems to me certain…. The greatest and consequently most urgent evil now is the press…. All journals, pamphlets in Germany must be under a censorship.” ~ Klemens von Metternich
  53. “Suffering is not an elective; it is a core course in the University of Life.” ~ Steven J Lawson
  54. “But do let me reiterate the spirit of Michigan. It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all her ways; an enthusiasm that makes it second nature for Michigan men to spread the gospel of their university to the world’s distant outposts; a conviction that nowhere is there a better university, in any way, than this Michigan of ours.” ~ Fielding H. Yost
  55. “University politics make me long for the simplicity of the Middle East.” ~ Henry A. Kissinger

  56. “I think we’re vastly over-invested in universities. Universities should be relatively small and provide excellent education and research in a number of specialized areas. I think the vast majority of young people should be going through non-university, post-secondary training.” ~ Stephen Harper , Going to university quotes
  57. “The Library is the heart of the University.” ~ Charles William Eliot
  58. “Alabama fans love Alabama football. Auburn fans love Auburn.” ~ Pat Dye
  59. “Michigan State is always welcome at Ann Arbor. Your teams in all the various branches of athletics are more frequent visitors here than those of any other institution. This is as it should be, for not two universities are closer together in every way than Michigan State and Michigan.” ~ Fielding H. Yost
  60. “A collection of books is the best of all universities.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

  61. “The rivalry is huge between South Carolina and Clemson. It’s major bragging rights; one of the most intense things I’ve been a part of.” ~ William Perry
  62. “A random group of homeless people under a bridge would be far more intellectually sound and principled than anything I’ve encountered at the university so far.” ~ Ward Churchill
  63. “There is no tradition more worth of envy, no institution worthy of such loyalty, as the University of Georgia.” ~ Larry Munson

  64. “America’s universities are filled with economically ignorant haters of the free market, so university campuses have become major forums for union denunciations of such companies as Nike, Wal-mart, and others. Faculty and students claim to be concerned about ‘social justice,’ but they are simply being used as dupes by unions who are not at all concerned with justice of any sort. Rather, their main concern is increasing the coffers of union treasuries by driving non-union competitors from the market.” ~ Thomas DiLorenzo
  65. “Many flagship state universities have wonderful digital libraries that are accessed by people around the world. In future, if not current, budget crises, trustees, board members, and administrators may wonder why these state institutions – with an articulated primary clientele of students, faculty, and staff members and a secondary clientele of all citizens of the state – should be spending resources on a digital library that is used by many people beyond the primary and secondary service populations.” ~ Tom Peters

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