40 Uninvited Quotes On Success In Life

These uninvited quotes will inspire you. Uninvited, not invited or (of a person) attending somewhere or doing something without having been asked or unwelcome, or unwarranted.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging uninvited quotes, uninvited sayings, and uninvited proverbs.

Best Uninvited Quotes

  1. “The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited.” ~ Stephen King
  2. “Whenever someone makes out a guest list, the people not on it become officially uninvited, and that makes them the enemies of the invited. Guest lists are just a way of choosing sides.” ~ E. L. Konigsburg
  3. “Meditation is not the pursuit of pleasure and the search for happiness. Meditation, on the contrary, is a state of mind in which there is no concept or formula, and therefore total freedom. It is only to such a mind that this bliss comes unsought and uninvited. Once it is there, though you may live in the world with all its noise, pleasure and brutality, they will not touch that mind.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
  4. “My life is flashing lights and pointing fingers and uninvited visitors. Inches away, humans flatten their little hands against the wall of glass that separates us.The glass says you are this and we are that and that is how it will always be.” ~ Katherine Applegate
  5. “Even though you’ve given up a past it hasn’t given you up. It comes uninvited – and sometimes half welcome.” ~ Susan Glaspell

  6. “‘Tis they who are in their own chambers haunted By thoughts that like unbidden guests intrude, And sit down, uninvited and unwanted, And make a nightmare of the solitude.” ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  7. “Painting is still to a great extent dominated by a central image; corners in most cases are like uninvited guests at a party, uneasy and unattended.” ~ Harold Town
  8. “Happiness comes uninvited: and the moment that you are conscious that you are happy, you are no longer happy.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
  9. “In the psychological literature, depression is often seen as a defense against sadness. But I’ll take sadness any day. There is no contest. Sadness carries identification. You know where it’s been and you know where it’s headed. Depression carries no papers. It enters your country unannounced and uninvited. Its origins are unknown, but its destination always dead-ends in you.” ~ Martha Manning
  10. “When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited.” ~ Ramakrishna

  11. “Nothing makes people in the church more angry than grace. It’s ironic: we stumble into a party we weren’t invited to and find the uninvited standing at the door making sure no other uninvited get in.” ~ Mike Yaconelli
  12. “Nothing in the church makes people in the church more angry than grace. It’s ironic: we stumble into a party we weren’t invited to and find the uninvited standing at the door making sure no other uninvited get in. Then a strange phenomenon occurs: as soon as we are included in the party because of Jesus’ irresponsible love, we decide to make grace “more responsible” by becoming self-appointed Kingdom Monitors, guarding the kingdom of God, keeping the riffraff out (which, as I understand it, are who the kingdom of God is supposed to include).” ~ Mike Yaconelli
  13. “When you demand nothing of the world, nor of God, when you want nothing, seek nothing, expect nothing, then the supreme state will come to you uninvited and unexpected.” ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
  14. “Uninvited guests are often most welcome when they leave” ~ Aesop
  15. “Nobody can be as agreeable as an uninvited guest.” ~ Kin Hubbard

  16. “Our situation on this earth seems strange. Every one of us appears here involuntarily and uninvited for a short stay, without knowing the whys and the wherefore. In our daily lives, we only feel that man is here for the sake of others, for those whom we love, and for many other beings whose fate is connected with our own. I am often worried at the thought that my life is based to such a large extent on the work of my fellow human beings and I am aware of my great indebtedness to them.” ~ Albert Einstein
  17. “The avant-garde in every field consists of the lonely, the friendless, the uninvited. All progress is the product of the unpopular.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk , Uninvited quotes friend
  18. “I’ve heard some pretty bad things in my life. I’m just one of those people I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t want to be rude, but if it’s uninvited attention from people it’s like, “Thank you, but no.” I’m going to shut you down right away.” ~ Sophia Bush
  19. “It is a mark of the depth of their wounding that they are pretending they suspected it all along. Everything that they have seen and been told about love so far has been an inside perspective, and they are not prepared for the crashing weight of this exclusion. It dawns on them now how much they never saw and how little they were wanted, and with this dawning comes a painful re-imagining of the self as peripheral, uninvited, and utterly minor.” ~ Eleanor Catton
  20. “Uninvited criticism is insult.” ~ John L’Heureux

  21. “In fact, one of the funny stories from that set [of Hail, Caesar!] is we were shooting my scene, and around lunchtime, Terrence Malick shows up on set. He was uninvited and no one knew who he was. But I knew, just looking at him. I was like, “Holy moley, that’s Terrence Malick!” So I went and told the PA, “Hey, Terrence Malick is here, and I think he wants to see the Coen brothers. He wants to talk to Joel and Ethan.” He just showed up unannounced, uninvited, and I guess they spent their lunch hour with him.” ~ David Krumholtz
  22. “I do whatever pushes me hardest. It’s coming at me and I try to… it’s like uninvited guest and I have to wrestle them out the door or through the window – get them out and get over with them quickly.” ~ Werner Herzog , Uninvited quotes guest
  23. “Glory never arrives through the front door. She sneaks in uninvited round the back or through an upstairs window while you are sleeping.” ~ Stephen Fry
  24. “Wine talks; ask anyone. The oracle at the street corner; the uninvited guest at the wedding feast; the holy fool. It ventriloquizes. It has a million voices. It unleashes the tongue, teasing out secrets you never meant to tell, secrets you never even knew. It shouts, rants, whispers. It speaks of great plans, tragic loves, and terrible betrayals. It screams with laughter. It chuckles softly to itself. It weeps in front of its own reflection. It revives summers long past and memories best forgotten. Every bottle a whiff of other times, other places, everyone…a humble miracle” ~ Joanne Harris
  25. “Odd that the future should be so difficult to bring into focus when the past, uninvited, offered itself up so easily for inspection.” ~ Richard Russo

  26. “And what would you do, if an uninvited dwarf came and hung his things up in your hall without a word of explanation?” ~ J. R. R. Tolkien
  27. “The thing with your heart’s desire is that your heart doesn’t even know what it desires until it turns up. Like a tie at a tag sale, some perfect thing in a crate of nothing, you were just there, uninvited, and now suddenly the party was over and you were all I wanted. I hadn’t even been looking, not for you, and now you were my heart’s desire.” ~ Daniel Handler
  28. “I settled in with The Uninvited Guests thinking I knew what kind of Edwardian pleasures were in store: the fraught dinner party in an endangered, rambling house, the feuding family, the rich suitor, the disruptive visitors. The novel has all of those delightful things, but it also defied every one of my expectations. I saw none of it coming. I read it in one breathless sitting, and finished wanting to give it to everyone I know.” ~ Maile Meloy
  29. “I’ve had fans come and knock on my door. I’m usually polite, but I’m usually very direct and say, ‘It’s not cool that you come here uninvited.” ~ Gary Allan
  30. “Uninvited guests seldom meet a welcome.” ~ Aesop

  31. “We don’t learn to love each other well in the easy moments. Anyone is good company at a cocktail party. But love is born when we misunderstand one another and make it right, when we cry in the kitchen, when we show up uninvited with magazines and granola bars, in an effort to say, I love you.” ~ Shauna Niequist
  32. “Pray tell us, what’s your favorite number?”… “Shiva jumped up to the board, uninvited, and wrote 10,213,223″… “And pray, why would this number interest us?” “It is the only number that describes itself when you read it, ‘One zero, two ones, three twos, two threes’.” ~ Abraham Verghese
  33. “Understanding, above all, is a gift we should never offer uninvited.” ~ Nan Fairbrother
  34. “Fate is the raw materials of experience. They come uninvited and often unanticipated. Destiny is what a man does with these raw materials.” ~ Howard Thurman
  35. “We know that the Furies do not come uninvited.” ~ Katherine Anne Porter

  36. “… she gave me a look that deftly combined tenderness with revulsion. To this day the memory of that look still visits me like a Jehovah’s Witness: uninvited and tireless.” ~ Steve Toltz
  37. “One immense old lady has a family of lively young crocodiles running over her, evidently playing like a lot of kittens. The heavy musky smell they give off is most repulsive, but we do not rise up and make a row about this, because we feel hopelessly in the wrong in intruding into these family scenes uninvited.” ~ Mary Kingsley
  38. “The devils enter uninvited when the house stands empty. For other kinds of guests, you have to first open the door.” ~ Dag Hammarskjold
  39. “You used to say a man knows things and when he stops knowing things he’s like anybody else, and the thing is to get power before he stops knowing things.” ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
  40. “When you least expect to recall something, a memory can pop up like an uninvited guest on your doorstep.” ~ Lesley Kagen

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