10 Motivational Udo Kier Quotes For Success In Life

Udo Kier is a German actor and voice actor. Known primarily as a character actor, Kier has appeared in over 200 films in both leading and supporting roles throughout Europe and North America. These inspirational Udo Kier Quotes will change your life.

Best Udo Kier Quotes

  1. “The Bible is wonderful. It’s only one book, but you can put two grams of coke on top of the Bible, and you first take a line of coke and then you open the Bible. Because then you understand.” – Udo Kier
  2. “Audition is the worst thing. It’s like cleaning furniture in a department store.” – Udo Kier
  3. “People never understand what a friendship is. I’ll tell you what a friendship is to me. Friendship to me is, if my friends need my little finger to live, I’m going to have it cut off. I’m going to the hospital, they cut off my finger, and maybe I have a gold finger instead, and I become famous. But I still give it to my friend.” – Udo Kier
  4. “I tried all my life to be a normal person. Stars are in the sky. I like cooking and gardening.” – Udo Kier
  5. “Now the time comes that I decided I only will do art films, basically. In a way, very similar to Isabella Rossellini. I prefer to work only with people like Lars von Trier or Guy Maddin or Gus Van Sant, just to name a few. But also there’s bills to pay, and sometimes you have to make a movie. So my decision from now on is art movies or movies which are commercial, but for real money. That is my decision.” – Udo Kier
  6. “There are certain people who I worked with, Pamela Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, they are figures. And they know this. They don’t pretend to be good actors. They were made by the industry into figures.” – Udo Kier
  7. “I learned something when you have Nazi uniform on, why people were so evil and used their power. Because it’s a very powerful uniform, it’s like boots and black and silver and skeletons everywhere, on your hat, on your shoulder.” – Udo Kier
  8. “The vampire or the bad guy, that’s what people do remember. Lars von Trier, like Guy Maddin, their films are made for a group of exclusive people who like special films. And they are special films, they are art films. And I started with commercial films at the beginning, and later on, because you know, when you are an actor, you have the same cliché like everybody else, you want to be in big films, you want to be known and all that.” – Udo Kier
  9. “I’m not an ensemble actor, because it’s always a lot of ego when you’re all together in the scene. It’s kind of intellectual fighting for something.” – Udo Kier
  10. “The actor’s always as good as the stories are. And so many important things, there is the light, there is the costumes, the makeup, there’s the text, there’s so many elements which the actor himself cannot control. But the script is the most important thing. First of all the story, and then you go from there. You know, it’s like you stand in the kitchen, and say are we making a fish or do we grill a steak? And you go from there.” – Udo Kier

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