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George Udny Yule FRS (18 February 1871 – 26 June 1951), usually known as Udny Yule, was a British statistician, particularly known for the Yule distribution. These inspirational Vivienne Westwood Quotes will change your life.

Best Udny Yule Quotes

  1. “In our lust for measurement, we frequently measure that which we can rather than that which we wish to measure… and forget that there is a difference.” – Udny Yule
  2. “The investigation of causal relations between economic phenomena presents many problems of peculiar difficulty and offers many opportunities for fallacious conclusions. Since the statistician can seldom or never make experiments for himself, he has to accept the data of daily experience, and discuss as best he can the relations of a whole group of changes; he cannot, like the physicist, narrow down the issue to the effect of one variation at a time. The problems of statistics are in this sense far more complex than the problems of physics.” – Udny Yule

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