Motivational U-God Quotes For Success In Life

Lamont Jody Hawkins (born November 10, 1970), better known as U-God, is an American rapper and member of the hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan. He has been with the group since its inception. These inspirational U-God Quotes will change your life.

Best U-God Quotes

  1. “Conquer land like Napoleon, military bomb fest, we want sanitary food, planetary conquest” – U-God
  2. “Underground is underground, commercial is commercial. There’s market for both, and both get money.” – U-God
  3. “Raw I’mma give it to ya, with no trivia. Raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia.” – U-God
  4. “If I can’t blow to significant heights, at least I can inspire the niggas that’s doing the big numbers.” – U-God
  5. “I’m Sinatra, I’m Frank Sinatra in disguise.” – U-God

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