47 Turnaround Quotes On Success In Life

These turnaround quotes will inspire you. Turnaround a complete change from a bad situation to a good situation, from one way of thinking to an opposite way of thinking or the process of completing or the time needed to complete a task, especially one involving receiving something, processing it, and sending it out again.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging turnaround quotes, turnaround sayings, and turnaround proverbs.

Famous Turnaround Quotes

  1. “Turnaround or growth, it’s getting your people focused on the goal that is still the job of leadership.” ~ Anne M. Mulcahy
  2. “But every company of the future is going to be in the business of exquisite care – which means quick turnaround time and convenience. To deliver exquisite care, you need an organization that coordinates well and listens well.” ~ Fernando Flores
  3. “The game against the Vikings back in my second year stands out. It was kind of a turnaround for us. It allowed us to make a run at the playoffs for the first time in quite a while. The memories are so many it’s hard to pin one down.” ~ Drew Bledsoe
  4. “It’s a tough marketplace right now… It is very compressed… A turnaround is likely to happen quicker than before.” ~ Peter Chernin

  5. “By the time I stepped down as Xerox’s CEO in 2009 – and as chairman in January 2010 – Xerox had become the vibrant, profitable and revitalized company that it still is today. What made the difference was a strong turnaround plan, dedicated people and a firm commitment from company leaders.” ~ Anne M. Mulcahy
  6. “If you think you are leading and turn around to see no one following, then you are just taking a walk.” ~ Benjamin Hooks
  7. “Turnarounds seldom turn.” ~ Warren Buffett
  8. “I am highly favored by God, I experience great victories, supernatural turnarounds, and miraculous breakthroughs in the midst of great impossibilities.” ~ DMX

  9. “The economy is after all driven by people. No matter how dire the situation may be, as long as people are firm, a turnaround, revival and progress can be possible.” ~ Daisaku Ikeda
  10. “Don’t give up on the people you love. Your patient love and faithfulness may be exactly what they need to make a complete turnaround.” ~ Joyce Meyer , Turnaround quotes love
  11. “When the truth get’s buried deep beneath a thousand years of sleep, time demands a turnaround.. And once again the truth is found.” ~ George Harrison
  12. “We’re confident about a turnaround, but the timing is clearly later.” ~ Paul Allaire

  13. “It could seem like you are losing something right now, but do not be fooled. This is simply a turnaround orchestrated by your soul. Let it go. Release it. If it was not supposed to be removing itself from you now, it would not be doing so.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch
  14. “What I can do is to go out and talk about the problems and solutions, make people aware of the scope of the problems, get them to become advocates for a turnaround, and convince them to develop an action plan, targeted to their community, to deal with young people. [They need to] find out what the kids want to do – dances, midnight-basketball leagues.” ~ Joycelyn Elders
  15. “I’ve never left a game before it ended. You never know when there could be a big turnaround in the game.” ~ Richard M. Nixon
  16. “After you’ve been doing inquiry for a while, if you have the thought “She doesn’t love me,” you just get the immediate turnaround with a smile: “Oh, I’m not loving myself in this moment.”” ~ Byron Katie

  17. “I left Xerox for the non-profit sector because it was clear to me that only public/private partnerships can pull off a turnaround plan at the scale we need to tackle global poverty.” ~ Anne M. Mulcahy
  18. “Everyone has his own agenda, and it can overshadow the important thing, which is to capture a great performance. They listen to it and think, “Oh, I’m not mixed loud enough…I missed a note there…I’m a half-step off on the turnaround.”” ~ Dick Latvala
  19. “Cadence Encounter Conformal Custom provides a quicker turnaround as the result of its exhaustive verification without the use of stimuli, .. Cadence continues to invest in and enhance its Conformal solutions — the industry’s top verification flow and the only complete solution for integrated equivalency checking and functional verification.” ~ Michael Chang
  20. “The kids now, on “Junior,” we educate the parents and it’s quite a fascinating turnaround. You can just see the parents thinking, “S – , 10 years ago I was eating so bad, and now I’m seeing it through the eyes of my kids at 9, 10 years of age.” There is an upside to that side of reality TV. It’s not all negative.” ~ Gordon Ramsay

  21. “Detroit needs a turnaround, not a check.” ~ Mitt Romney
  22. “After four years of getting the run-around, America needs a turnaround, and the man for the job is Governor Mitt Romney.” ~ Paul Ryan
  23. “Indian economy is suffering from policy paralysis and lack of optimism. I am confident that with right kind of decisions, we can once again generate hope and confidence and turn around our economy.” ~ Narendra Modi
  24. “It could be coincidence. It’s an extraordinarily short turnaround it’s impossible to say at this point.” ~ Bruce Hoffman

  25. “Private equity firms aren’t necessarily evil by definition. There are many stories of successful turnarounds fueled by private equity, often involving multiple floundering businesses that are rolled into a single entity, eliminating duplicative overhead.” ~ Matt Taibbi
  26. “If General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. It won’t go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed. Without that bailout, Detroit will need to drastically restructure itself. With it, the automakers will stay the course – the suicidal course of declining market shares, insurmountable labor and retiree burdens, technology atrophy, product inferiority and never-ending job losses. Detroit needs a turnaround, not a check.” ~ Mitt Romney
  27. “Mitt Romney is a businessman, a turnaround artist, a CEO. That is who he is. The former governor has experience in the public and private sector.” ~ Mark McKinnon
  28. “I’ve been on sets where the turnaround is so fast and the budget so small that the actors have been asked to speed things up and save money by changing in the public toilets. There’s no room for vanity at times like that. It’s the best way: get on with it!” ~ Anna Friel

  29. “When I turn the thought around – the thought that war, let’s say war in Iraq, should stop – the turnaround is the war in myself should stop.” ~ Byron Katie
  30. “Inevitably in my career of 35 years, I was in one turnaround circumstance after another, and I was personally put in positions of significant responsibility but without complete authority over everyone that needed to be mobilized.” ~ Kevin Allen
  31. “I look forward to the time when the churches come to celebrate and honor the work of animal protection as an imperative arising from their belief in the Creator and in the gospel of the crucified. After all, similarly, remarkable things have happened, for example, the growing consensus among churches that the environment should be cared for and protected as a Christian duty–an astonishing turnaround when one considers the prevailing dualism in previous centuries, which expressly discouraged concern for “earthly” matters as distinct from “spiritual” ones.” ~ Andrew Linzey
  32. “Most turnarounds don’t turn.” ~ Brad Garlinghouse

  33. “We have two parties who are basically hijacking our country for their corporate paymasters. And if we focus on 535 members of Congress, that’s not all that many, we’re going to see a fast turnaround. So focus all your concerns, all the information, the kind of agenda the Green Party has. Turn it right on your Senators and Representatives.” ~ Ralph Nader
  34. “The thing that really breeds career longevity in this profession is doing good work. You can make $20 million a movie, but does that mean you’ll still have a job when you’re 60? It’s a profession that eats people up and wants constant turnaround, so you have to dedicate yourself to learning and making the most of whatever gift you may have.” ~ Ethan Hawke
  35. “If we continue on the trend we’re on, we can reduce extreme poverty by more than 60 percent-lifting more than 700 million people out of dollar-and-a-quarter a day poverty and back from the brink of hunger and malnutrition. But if we accelerate our progress from 3 percent annual reduction to over 6 percent and focus on key turnarounds in some difficult countries, we could get a 90 percent reduction. We could essentially eliminate dollar-and-a-quarter headcount poverty.” ~ Rajiv Shah
  36. “I was lucky. My grandmother stepped up for me and said she would take responsibility for me and a compassionate juvenile judge took a chance and gave me one. They were getting ready to send me away to do real time, but they sent me instead to a juvenile alternative day school. And I guess that was the beginning of my turnaround.” ~ Bob Beamon

  37. “I’ve made some mistakes. I had to make a turnaround in my life. This is my new expression to the world and this is my comeback and this is my moment. This is my chance to say, ‘This is what God made of me and I’m still worthy.’ If I was a one hundred dollar bill, and I was all messed up, someone would clean me up and use me. I’m still worth something!” ~ Maia Campbell , Life turnaround quotes
  38. “There are no turnarounds at Michigan. This is greatness. Long tradition of it.” ~ Jim Harbaugh
  39. “Internet marketing entrepreneurs have truly opened my eyes to just how important a quick turnaround time can be. Oftentimes, an interview they conduct with me today is online by the next morning. The interviewee is then able to start making money less than 24 hours after the initial interview.” ~ Marc Ostrofsky
  40. “Small businesses want things streamlined, and one of the great successes we’re having is less paperwork, faster turnaround times.” ~ Karen Mills

  41. “We are building a special capability at Schering-Plough to respond to these and other challenges with innovation, speed, and flexibility. We aspire to continue being the company delivering the most positive change of any in our peer group, as we work to deliver our Turnaround and advance our six- to eight-year Action Agenda for transformational change.” ~ Fred Hassan
  42. “Sometimes in this country, we don’t focus a lot on people’s experience and their resume. Mitt Romney would be the most experienced executive to be nominated since 1952. The fundamental task for the next president is going to be fixing things, cleaning things up, being a turnaround artist, if you will.” ~ Artur Davis
  43. “While Safeco’s turnaround is one of the greatest things I have ever participated in, the heart-wrenching decisions to let people go will stay with me forever.” ~ Mike McGavick
  44. “What a turnaround in sentiment ‘Glee’ exemplifies. It was only a few years ago that pursuing the dream of a Broadway career or cabaret stardom relegated some poor yearning dope to a lavender ghetto of losers, self-deluders, and social rejects.” ~ James Wolcott

  45. “The only thing I might have noticed [and this is pretty anecdotal] is that there is some tendency to need to be taught that ‘writing is rewriting’ – maybe more of a sense than was pervasive 10 years ago that the first or second pass of a story is sufficient. That is an idea that is easily dislodged, but I suspect it might have something to do with the turnaround time re: blogging and so on – this sense that there is some essential truth about a first draft that one runs the risk of “ruining” by coming back to it.” ~ George Saunders
  46. “I think in most cases unless you’re writing about a character who is garrulous, you say what you’ve got to say and then get out. Those little conjunctions, those little turnaround words help you do it. That’s the way I like to write: I get rid of things rather than add them.” ~ Randy Newman
  47. “Positive response from some of our exporters and holders of free funds in response to some of the turnaround initiatives … in particular the favorable exchange rate policies.” ~ Gideon Gono

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