65 Trouble Quotes On Success In Life

These trouble quotes will inspire you. Trouble the quality or state of being troubled especially mentally or difficulty or problems.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging trouble quotes, trouble sayings, and trouble proverbs.

Best Trouble Quotes

  1. “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” ~ Thomas Paine
  2. “That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.” ~ Walt Disney
  3. “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale
  4. “Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better things.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  5. “Worry is interest paid on trouble before it comes due.” ~ William Ralph Inge

  6. “Better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings to counting your troubles.” ~ Maltbie Davenport Babcock
  7. “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
  8. “Do not trouble till trouble troubles you.” ~ Robert Jordan
  9. “The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.” ~ Terry Pratchett
  10. “The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.” ~ Thomas Paine

  11. “If I had a formula for bypassing trouble, I wouldn’t pass it around. Wouldn’t be doing anybody a favor. Trouble creates a capacity to handle it. I don’t say embrace trouble. That’s as bad as treating it as an enemy. But I do say, meet it as a friend, for you’ll see a lot of it and had better be on speaking terms with it.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
  12. “Trouble is here. It is for a purpose. Use it for the purpose for which it was intended – to help you grow. Thank God for your troubles.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale
  13. “This is the mark of a really admirable man: steadfastness in the face of trouble.” ~ Ludwig van Beethoven
  14. “Wise are they who have learned these truths: Trouble is temporary. Time is tonic. Tribulation is a test tube.” ~ William Arthur Ward
  15. “It is wise for us to forget our troubles, there are always new ones to replace them.” ~ Brigham Young

  16. “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” ~ Mark Twain
  17. “If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.” ~ Bob Hope
  18. “I have had many troubles in my life, but the worst of them never came.” ~ James A. Garfield
  19. “You always own the option of having no opinion. There is never any need to get worked up or to trouble your soul about things you can’t control. These things are not asking to be judged by you. Leave them alone.” ~ Marcus Aurelius
  20. “Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.” ~ Josh Billings

  21. “Unless we form the habit of going to the Bible in bright moments as well as in trouble, we cannot fully respond to its consolations because we lack equilibrium between light and darkness.” ~ Helen Keller
  22. “Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.” ~ Voltaire
  23. “Trouble is only opportunity in work clothes.” ~ Henry J. Kaiser
  24. “One trouble with trouble is that it usually starts out like fun.” ~ Ann Landers
  25. “When life takes the wind out of your sails, it is to test you at the oars.” ~ Robert Breault

  26. “Troubles are usually the brooms and shovels that smooth the road to a good man’s fortune.” ~ Saint Basil
  27. “I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble.” ~ Rudyard Kipling
  28. “Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse of impossibility; for it thinks all things lawful for itself, and all things possible.” ~ Thomas a Kempis , Love trouble quotes
  29. “The other teams could make trouble for us if they win.” ~ Yogi Berra
  30. “If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you got a problem. Everything else is inconvenience.” ~ Robert Fulghum

  31. “I love those who can smile in trouble.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci
  32. “The trouble with learning from experience is that you never graduate.” ~ Doug Larson
  33. “Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.” ~ Euripides
  34. “The trouble is that not enough people have come together with the firm determination to live the things which they say they believe.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
  35. “All my pictures are built around the idea of getting in trouble and so giving me the chance to be desperately serious in my attempt to appear as a normal little gentleman.” ~ Charlie Chaplin

  36. “A tear dries quickly when it is shed for troubles of others.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
  37. “It is better for you to be free of fear lying upon a pallet, than to have a golden couch and a rich table and be full of trouble.” ~ Epicurus
  38. “If pleasures are greatest in anticipation, just remember that this is also true of trouble.” ~ Elbert Hubbard
  39. “I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!” ~ Dr. Seuss
  40. “Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends… Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

  41. “My method is to take the utmost trouble to find the right thing to say, and then to say it with the utmost levity.” ~ George Bernard Shaw
  42. “The trouble in America is not that we are making too many mistakes, but that we are making too few.” ~ Phil Knight
  43. “Trouble is a part of life, and if you don’t share it, you don’t give the person who loves you enough chance to love you enough.” ~ Dinah Shore , Trouble quotes about life
  44. “I can’t concern myself with what’s going on with the club or what the media is writing. If you pay attention to those things, that’s when you get yourself in trouble.” ~ Don Mattingly
  45. “He who tenders doubtful safety to those in trouble refuses it.” ~ Seneca the Younger

  46. “There are a great many opinions in this world, and a good half of them are professed by people who have never been in trouble.” ~ Mavis Gallant
  47. “The trouble is small, the fun is great.
    [Ger., Die Muh’ist klein, der Spass ist gross.]” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  48. “The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing – and then marry him.” ~ Cher
  49. “A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  50. “Lately… Americans have begun to understand that trouble does not start somewhere on the other side of town. It seems to originate inside the absolute middle of the homemade cherry pie. In our history, the state has failed to respond to the weak. You could be white, male, Presbyterian and heterosexual besides, but if you get fired or if you get sick tomorrow, you might as well be Black, for all the state will want to hear from you.” ~ June Jordan
  51. “Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.” ~ William Shakespeare
  52. “Let your cares drive you to God. I shall not mind if you have many of them if each one leads you to prayer. If every fret makes you lean more on the Beloved, it will be a benefit.” ~ Charles Spurgeon
  53. “Cows run away from the storm while the buffalo charges toward it – and gets through it quicker. Whenever I’m confronted with a tough challenge, I do not prolong the torment, I become the buffalo.” ~ Wilma Mankiller
  54. “Trouble is the next best thing to enjoyment; there is no fate in the world so horrible as to have no share in either its joys or sorrows.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  55. “Be sensitive to the plight of others. You have to know about the tragedies as well as the triumphs, the failures as well as the success.” ~ Jim Rohn
  56. “It has been reported that I was seriously ill–it was another man; dying–it was another man; dead–the other man again…As far as I can see, nothing remains to be reported, except that I have become a foreigner. When you hear it, don’t you believe it. And don’t take the trouble to deny it. Merely just raise the American flag on our house in Hartford and let it talk.” ~ Mark Twain
  57. “At times is it seems that I am living my life backward, and that at the approach of old age my real youth will begin. My soul was born covered with wrinkles. Wrinkles my ancestors and parents most assiduously put there and that I had the greatest trouble removing.” ~ Andre Gide
  58. “I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci
  59. “And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” ~ Erica Jong

  60. “You can truly grieve for every officer who’s been lost in the line of duty in this country, and still be troubled by cases of police overreach.” ~ Jon Stewart
  61. “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” ~ Mark Twain
  62. “Trouble is the common denominator of living. It is the great equalizer.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard
  63. “Sweet is the remembrance of troubles when you are in safety.” ~ Euripides

  64. “The trouble with always trying to preserve the health of the body is that it is so difficult to do without destroying the health of the mind.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  65. “Women like to sit down with trouble – as if it were knitting.” ~ Ellen Glasgow

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