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These tropical quotes will inspire you. Tropical of, relating to, occurring in, or suitable for use in the tropics tropical forests a tropical disease

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging tropical quotes, tropical sayings, and tropical proverbs.

Famous Tropical Quotes

  1. “We don’t need to clear the 4 to 6 percent of the Earth’s surface remaining in tropical rain forests, with most of the animal and plant species living there.” ~ E. O. Wilson
  2. “All we need, really, is a change from a near frigid to a tropical attitude of mind.” ~ Marjory Stoneman Douglas
  3. “Here is adventure. Here is romance. Here is mystery. Tropical rivers – silently flowing into the unknown. The unbelievable splendor of exotic flowers … the eerie sound of the jungle … with eyes that are always watching. This is Adventureland.” ~ Walt Disney
  4. “Home should be the center of joy, equatorial and tropical.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  5. “We had always dwelled together, beneath a tropical sun, in the Valley of the Many-Colored Grass.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

  6. “The tropical rain forests are a telling example. Once cut down, they rarely recover. Rainfall drops, deserts spread, the climate warms.” ~ James Lovelock
  7. “I like words. Words are places, rooms, distant airs, thin and tropical. They make us feel and imagine we are more than our bodies.” ~ Rickie Lee Jones
  8. “My favorite look would be a fresh, dewy face with a bronze, sun-kissed glow. It looks so tropical and reminds me of a place that feels like true home.” ~ Mya
  9. “Tropical nights are hammocks for lovers.” ~ Anais Nin
  10. “People see me and they squeal like tropical birds or seals stranded on the beach.” ~ Carrie Fisher

  11. “Among the scenes which are deeply impressed on my mind, none exceed in sublimity the primeval [tropical] forests, … temples filled with the varied productions of the God of Nature. No one can stand in these solitudes unmoved, and not feel that there is more in man than the mere breath of his body.” ~ Charles Darwin
  12. “Key West for me was a tropical island paradise.” ~ Gloria Swanson
  13. “Indians are numerous in the tropical regions; not so elsewhere.” ~ Ezra Stiles
  14. “Like a tropical storm, I, too, may one day become ‘better organized.” ~ Lydia Davis
  15. “Consider: if you incorporate those tropical countries with the Republic of the United States, you will have to incorporate their people too.” ~ Carl Schurz

  16. “The cheapest and most efficient way of slowing down global warming is to protect and restore the forests, particularly the tropical forests” ~ Jane Goodall
  17. “I don’t think there’s much point in bemoaning the state of the world unless there’s some way you can think of to improve it. Otherwise, don’t bother writing a book; go and find a tropical island and lie in the sun.” ~ Peter Singer , Tropical quotes island
  18. “There is a geographical element in all belief-saying what seem profound truths in India have a way of seeming enormous platitudes in England, and vice versa. Perhaps the fundamental difference is that beneath a tropical sun individuality seems less distinct and the loss of it less important.” ~ George Orwell
  19. “The air was so sweet in New Orleans it seemed to come in soft bandannas, and you could smell the river and really smell the people, and mud, and molasses, and every kind of tropical exhalation, with your nose suddenly removed from the dry ices of a Northern winter.” ~ Jack Kerouac
  20. “Destroying a tropical rainforest for profit is like burning all the paintings of the Louvre to cook dinner.” ~ E. O. Wilson

  21. “Humans are an infant species, a mere 150,000 years old. But, armed with a massive brain, we’ve not only survived, we’ve used our wits to adapt to and flourish in habitats as varied as deserts, Arctic tundra, tropical rainforests, wetlands and high mountain ranges.” ~ David Suzuki
  22. “Although I wasn’t able to get a visa for Vietnam, I was able to talk with swift boat veterans to get a feel for the time and place, and I visited a tropical prison in the Philippines to get a sense of what a Vietnamese prison might have been like.” ~ Tony Hillerman
  23. “The historical circumstance of interest is that the tropical rain forests have persisted over broad parts of the continents since their origins as a stronghold of the flowering plants 150 million years ago.” ~ E. O. Wilson
  24. “Tracking account planning is rather like counting a mixed batch of tropical fish. You think you see patterns, but they’ve all changed by the time you’ve finished counting.” ~ Stephen King

  25. “to love life, to love it even when you have no stomach for it and everything you’ve held dear crumbles like burnt paper in your hands, your throat filled with the silt of it. When grief sits with you, its tropical heat thickening the air, heavy as water more fit for gills than lungs; when grief weights you like your own flesh only more of it, an obesity of grief, you think, How can a body withstand this? Then you hold life like a face between your palms, a plain face, no charming smile, no violet eyes, and you say, yes, I will take you I will love you, again.” ~ Ellen Bass
  26. “China is responsible for a lot of the major conservation issues we’re facing. It’s the main market for rhino horn. Tigers are being killed for tiger bone wine. They’re driving the tropical timber trade and illegal logging in Indonesia, and the trade in tropical reef fish.” ~ Mark Carwardine
  27. “Although native Africans domesticated some plants in the Sahel and in Ethiopia and in tropical West Africa, they acquired valuable domestic animals only later, from the north.” ~ Jared Diamond
  28. “Trend analyses for extreme tropical cyclones are unreliable because of operational changes that have artificially resulted in more intense tropical cyclones being recorded, casting severe doubts on any such trend linkages to global warming.” ~ Christopher Landsea
  29. “I’m not really a tropical paradise kind of person.” ~ Matthew Fox

  30. “Earthly love is a brief and penurious stream, which only flows in spring, with a long summer drought. The change from a burning desert, treeless, springless, drear, to green fields and blooming orchards in June, is slight in comparison with that from the desert of this world’s affection to the garden of God, where there is perpetual, tropical luxuriance of blessed love.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  31. “The long, cold Minnesota winters instilled in me a fascination for exotic far off places; I aspired toward a career in tropical diseases and world health problems.” ~ Peter Agre
  32. “I studied in London in 1968. Our school had a separate department of tropical architecture. Of course, it was totally unfashionable, partly because nobody wanted to think about colonialism, but basically what you learned there was that, OK, the sun is here, so you should create natural ventilation here – an unbelievable amount of really sound principles that have been completely abandoned, so now everything is air-conditioned with big machines.” ~ Rem Koolhaas
  33. “The desert floras shame us with their cheerful adaptations to the seasonal limitations. Their whole duty is to flower and fruit, and they do it hardly, or with tropical luxuriance, as the rain admits. … One hopes the land may breed like qualities in her human offspring, not tritely to ‘try,’ but to do.” ~ Mary Hunter Austin
  34. “You show me a tropical fruit and I’ll show you a cocksucker from Guatemala.” ~ George Carlin

  35. “Physical force has no value, where there is nothing else. Snow in snow-banks, fire in volcanoes and solfataras is cheap. The luxury of ice is in tropical countries, and midsummer days. The luxury of fire is, to have a little on our hearth; and of electricity, not the volleys of the charged cloud, but the manageable stream on the battery-wires. So of spirit, or energy; the rests or remains of it in the civil and moral man, are worth all the cannibals in the Pacific.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  36. “Nature is a tropical swamp in sunshine, on whose purlieus we hear the song of summer birds, and see prismatic dewdrops, – but her interiors are terrific, full of hydras and crocodiles.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  37. “The long summer was over. For ages a tropical climate had prevailed over a great part of the earth, and animals whose home is now beneath the Equator roamed over the world from the far South to the very borders of the Arctics … But their reign was over. A sudden intense winter, that was also to last for ages, fell upon our globe.” ~ Louis Agassiz
  38. “If there is anything so romantic as that castle-palace-fortress of Monaco I have not seen it. If there is anything more delicious than the lovely terraces and villas of Monte Carlo I do not wish to see them. There is nothing beyond the semi-tropical vegetation, the projecting promontories into the Mediterranean, the all-embracing sweep of the ocean, the olive groves, and the enchanting climate! One gets tired of the word beautiful.” ~ M. E. W. Sherwood
  39. “No place is perfect, but I admire Oahu for its offering of the tropical and the urban, and then its Asian-inflected culture and cuisines.” ~ Chang-Rae Lee

  40. “for the first time I tasted this tropical fruit, which people here are so fond of. … I could have fancied I was biting into soap. I have a notion that we shall not become very good friends, the banana and I.” ~ Fredrika Bremer
  41. “There are two sides of me, the bachata/tropical Latin side and the English pop as well. They’re both equally important, so I’ll always make sure to keep both roots in my music.” ~ Prince Royce
  42. “London is like the tropical bush — if you don’t exercise constant care the jungle, in the shape of the slums, will break in.” ~ John Buchan
  43. “Millions of Americans own dogs, because they are good-natured, simple, and easily amused. I am referring here to the Americans. The dogs are not exactly Mensa members either, but they definitely make better pets than tropical fish.” ~ Dave Barry
  44. “The desert was bad, but nothing could compare with the horrors of a tropical rain forest.” ~ Tahir Shah

  45. “The hurricanes are following the tropical ocean temperature. The tropical ocean temperature is following the Northern Hemisphere. And it’s very hard now to believe that there’s anything natural about that.” ~ Kerry Emanuel
  46. “To describe the overwhelming life of a tropical forest just in terms of inert biochemistry and DNA didn’t seem to give a very full picture of the world.” ~ Rupert Sheldrake
  47. “I had learned of Gertrude Steins bon mot that medicine opened all doors. This prompted me, in different moods, to view my future life as literary psychiatrist, globe-trotting tropical disease specialist, or academic internist.” ~ Harold E. Varmus
  48. “The year I was born, 1955, the first big disease-eradication program in the world was declared for malaria. After about a decade of work, they realized that, at least in the tropical areas, they did not have the tools to get it done.” ~ Bill Gates
  49. “You have these ‘hot towers’, tropical storm clouds acting like chimneys to carry heat to the upper atmosphere.” ~ Peter May

  50. “On the geological time scale, a human lifetime is reduced to a brevity that is too inhibiting to think about deep time. … Geologists … see the unbelievable swiftness with which one evolving species on the Earth has learned to reach into the dirt of some tropical island and fling 747s across the sky … Seeing a race unaware of its own instantaneousness in time, they can reel off all the species that have come and gone, with emphasis on those that have specialized themselves to death.” ~ John McPhee
  51. “I love whenever they downgrade a hurricane to a tropical depression, because I always think of a tropical depression as how I feel three songs into a Jimmy Buffett concert.” ~ Andy Kindler
  52. “There is something about the light, the heat (physical and perhaps metaphysical), the vibrancy of street life, and the rawness and disjointedness of much of the tropical world that has moved and disturbed me – in places where the indigenous culture is often transformed by an external northern culture (sometimes my own… I suspect that one has a few serious creative obsessions in life. I certainly cannot seem to escape this one.” ~ Alex Webb
  53. “A lot of things occurred to me with shamans in Peru. There were a number of different kinds of experiences that you learn from doing ritual and taking ayahuasca [a common tropical forest hallucinogen] is the key to understanding the native consciousness and perception of the world with the Peruvian shamans that you wouldn’t get unless you had been with them, but every shamanic tradition, including the Native American tradition of medicine and cleansing ritual, like the Sun Dance or the sweat lodge.” ~ Fred Alan Wolf
  54. “It’s the poorer people in tropical zones who will get really hit by climate change – as well as some ecosystems, which nobody wants to see disappear.” ~ Bill Gates

  55. “Growing up, Catholic church really was such an incubator for my imagination, because all of those mysteries felt embedded in this insanely green, tropical landscape: the ocean nearby, the giant banyan trees. It all felt part of one seamless mystery to me.” ~ Karen Russell
  56. “There are definitely recurring themes in humanity’s relationship with our environment. The biggest is probably adaptation, because humans are incredibly good at adapting to new environments in relatively short periods of time. The ancestors of Homo sapiens started leaving Africa over one million years ago, moving from warm, tropical climates into the freezing wilderness of Europe and the desert ecosystems of the Middle East.” ~ Annalee Newitz
  57. “Hey Sydney,” she said, giving me a small, crooked smile as she entered the room. Her flashing, dark eyes were friendly, but they were also assessing everything in the room, much as Eddie’s gaze was. It was a guardian thing. Rose was about my height and dressed very casually in jeans and a red tank top. But, as always, there was something as exotic and dangerous about her beauty that made her stand out from everyone else. She was like a tropical flower in this dark, stuffy room. One that could kill you.” ~ Richelle Mead
  58. “You cannot ask which system is the better because you cannot standardize one system for the whole of the world. You cannot have one stereotyped code of morality for every country. One system may work very well in one country and very badly in another. You cannot grow a tropical flower in a cold climate.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
  59. “I am a tropical black man.” ~ Shaquille O’Neal

  60. “Read a textbook. It will tell you. These are the things for instance on the African continent that will contribute to immune deficiency, various tropical diseases because of poor infrastructure, general levels of poverty don’t get treated. Syphilis untreated or not properly treated, which as it happens is a big problem as I hear, gets treated, the symptoms disappear but in fact… it … that impacts on the immune system. You’ve got to deal with these things.” ~ Thabo Mbeki
  61. “I was extremely frustrated, almost at the point of giving up on coming up with a name for the project (because I’m awful at it), when I decided to play the ‘put a pen somewhere on a map with your eyes closed’ game with South Africa. About the 5th try was St. Lucia in South Africa, which coincidentally also happens to be an idyllic sub-tropical seaside resort town. The name seemed to fit with the mood of the music, and so after a while it just stuck.” ~ St. Lucia
  62. “After Nicholas hung up the phone, he watched his mother carry buckets and garden tools across the couch grass toward a bed that would, come spring, be brightly ablaze as tropical coral with colorful arctotis, impatiens, and petunias. Katherine dug with hard chopping strokes, pulling out wandering jew and oxalis, tossing the uprooted weeds into a black pot beside her. The garden will be beautiful, he thought. But how do the weeds feel about it? Sacrifices must be made.” ~ Stephen M. Irwin
  63. “I always loved celluloid cameras in the early days that were sturdy and reliable. Even under tropical conditions and downpour of rain, it would still work.” ~ Werner Herzog

  64. “There’s a small worm called Loa Loa Filariasis. This parasite can survive in one environment exclusively- namely, underneath the skin and inside the eyes of human beings. Children and the elderly in tropical regions (usually the poorest) are the most widely affected. A painful, slow death is virtually certain. The worm can actually live in the host for 17 years before the host finally dies.” ~ David Attenborough
  65. “A scientist with a poet’s command of the language, Cristina Eisenberg writes with precision and passion . . . takes her reader on a breathtaking, sometimes heartbreaking tour of the planet from the Gulf of Maine to the Amazonian rain forests, the tropical coral reefs to old-growth forests of the Northwest as well as rivers, lakes, and wetlands. I found the wealth of information not only accessible but riveting . . . Eisenberg’s powerful, beautifully written book . . . has the potential to open many people’s eyes, minds, and hearts.” ~ Elizabeth Cunningham

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