65 Tennis Quotes On Success In Life

These Tennis quotes will inspire you. Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent (singles) or between two teams of two players each (doubles).

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Tennis quotes, Tennis sayings, and Tennis proverbs.

Best Tennis Quotes

  1. “I fear no one, but respect everyone.” ~ Roger Federer
  2. “You’ve got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing.” ~ Arthur Ashe
  3. “Losing is not my enemy..fear of losing is my enemy.” ~ Rafael Nadal
  4. “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” ~ Arthur Ashe

  5. “Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work” ~ Andre Agassi
  6. “What makes something special is not just what you have to gain, but what you feel there is to lose.” ~ Andre Agassi
  7. “Greatest thing in life: Winning a tennis match. Second greatest thing in life: Losing a tennis match” ~ Jimmy Connors , Tennis quotes about life
  8. “The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how good I get, I’ll never be as good as a wall.” ~ Mitch Hedberg
  9. “Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner.” ~ Arthur Ashe

  10. “I never look back, I look forward.” ~ Steffi Graf
  11. “If you don’t practice you don’t deserve to win.” ~ Andre Agassi
  12. “Tennis was always sort of a – a learning. It was a vehicle for me to discover a lot about myself.” ~ Andre Agassi
  13. “Just go out there and do what you’ve got to do.” ~ Martina Navratilova
  14. “Tennis is a fine balance between determination and tiredness.” ~ Virginia Wade

  15. “Equipment’s the biggest change. And the guys have been getting bigger, stronger, more athletic – so the game has become more of a track meet instead of a tennis match, in a sense.” ~ John McEnroe
  16. “Why has slamming a ball with a racquet become so obsessive a pleasure for so many of us? It seems clear to me that a primary attraction of the sport is the opportunity it gives to release aggression physically without being arrested for felonious assault.” ~ Nat Hentoff
  17. “I call tennis the McDonald’s of sport – you go in, they make a quick buck out of you, and you’re out.” ~ Pat Cash
  18. “Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquillity.” ~ Billie Jean King

  19. “What a polite game tennis is. The chief word in it seems to be “sorry” and admiration of each other’s play crosses the net as frequently as the ball.” ~ James M. Barrie
  20. “A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.” ~ Billie Jean King , Tennis quotes about winning
  21. “You have to want to play it all day, every day to get to the top.” ~ Monica Seles
  22. “Whoever said, ‘It’s not whether you win or lose that counts,’ probably lost.” ~ Martina Navratilova
  23. “Tennis is an addiction that once it has truly hooked a man will not let him go.” ~ Russell Lynes

  24. “To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.” ~ Sugar Ray Robinson
  25. “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” ~ Billie Jean King
  26. “An otherwise happily married couple may turn a mixed doubles game into a scene from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.” ~ Rod Laver
  27. “The next point – that’s all you must think about.” ~ Rod Laver

  28. “When I was 40, my doctor advised me that a man in his 40s shouldn’t play tennis. I heeded his advice carefully and could hardly wait until I reached 50 to start again.” ~ Hugo Black
  29. “I submit that tennis is the most beautiful sport there is and also the most demanding. It requires body control, hand-eye coordination, quickness, flat-out speed, endurance, and that weird mix of caution and abandon we call courage. It also requires smarts. Just one single shot in one exchange in one point of a high-level match is a nightmare of mechanical variables.” ~ David Foster Wallace
  30. “Experience is a great advantage. The problem is that when you get the experience, you’re too damned old to do anything about it.” ~ Jimmy Connors
  31. “Tennis is a psychological sport, you have to keep a clear head. That is why I stopped playing.” ~ Boris Becker

  32. “It is never too late to get into tennis! While I started playing at the age of 8 when my parents gave me a tennis racquet for Christmas, tennis is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by people of almost any age. It’s also something you never forget once you learn.” ~ Samantha Stosur
  33. “In tennis the addict moves about a hard rectangle and seeks to ambush a fuzzy ball with a modified snow-shoe.” ~ Elliott Chaze
  34. “The serve was invented so that the net could play.” ~ Bill Cosby
  35. “If you’re a champion, you have to have it in your heart.” ~ Chris Evert

  36. “Tennis takes care of everything. It requires agility and quickness to get to the ball, core strength to get power into your shorts and stamina to last for an entire match. In addition to toning your arms and shoulders, it’s a total body workout for your legs and abs, and works your heart and core unlike any other sport.” ~ Samantha Stosur
  37. “Control the things you can control .” ~ Samantha Stosur
  38. “Tennis is what I do and is part of who I am.” ~ Jennifer Capriati
  39. “I have this terrible dark side to my personality, which playing tennis keeps at bay” ~ Monica Seles

  40. “I never knew I was grunting, it was just part of my strokes.” ~ Monica Seles
  41. “My motto is: I’m alive, so that means I can do anything.” ~ Venus Williams
  42. “Tennis is mostly mental. You win or lose the match before you even go out there.” ~ Venus Williams
  43. “Tennis was always sort of a – a learning. It was a vehicle for me to discover a lot about myself. And the things that I sort of discovered at times I not only didn’t want to see it for myself but I certainly didn’t want millions of people to see it.” ~ Andre Agassi
  44. “It’s not really a shorter skirt, I just have longer legs” ~ Anna Kournikova

  45. “To be a tennis champion, you have to be inflexible. You have to be stubborn. You have to be arrogant. You have to be selfish and self-absorbed. Kind of tunnel vision almost.” ~ Chris Evert
  46. “I often surprise myself. You can’t plan some shots that go in, not unless you’re on marijuana, and the only grass I’m partial to is Wimbledon’s.” ~ Rod Laver
  47. “Everyone thinks my name is Jerry Laitis and they call me Mr Laitis. What can you do when you have a name that sounds like a disease?” ~ Vitas Gerulaitis
  48. “My game is a lot about footwork. If I move well, I play well.” ~ Roger Federer

  49. “My feelings are Yevgeny Kafelnikov should take his prize money when he is done here and go and buy some perspective.” ~ Andre Agassi
  50. “I didn’t play my best but I won. He was a lucky loser but I think he went out of luck today.” ~ Tim Henman
  51. “Chris Lloyd came out of the dressing room like a pistol.” ~ Virginia Wade
  52. “Strangely enough, Kathy Jordan is getting to the net first, which she always does.” ~ Fred Perry
  53. “Ann’s got to take her nerve by the horns.” ~ Virginia Wade

  54. “Lloyd did what he achieved with that shot.” ~ Jack Bannister
  55. “And here’s Zivojinovic, six foot six inches tall and fourteen pounds ten ounces.” ~ Dan Maskell
  56. “Martina, she’s got several layers of steel out there like a cat with nine lives.” ~ Virginia Wade
  57. “Those two volleys really could be the story of this match summed up at the end of it.” ~ Barry Davies
  58. “Lendl has remained throughout as calm as the proverbial iceberg.” ~ Dan Maskell

  59. “Lleyton Hewitt… his two greatest strengths are his legs, his speed, his agility and his competitiveness.” ~ Pat Cash
  60. “I started when I was 4, but I didn’t play seriously until I was 8.” ~ Kathy Rinaldi
  61. “I don’t go out there to love my enemy. I go out there to squash him.” ~ Jimmy Connors , Tennis quotes love
  62. “Lady, can you speak up a little bit? Indianapolis is a little far from Europe – I can’t hear you.” ~ Marat Safin

  63. “I can’t become satisfied, because if I get satisfied, I’ll be like, “Oh, I’ve won Wimbledon, I’ve won the U.S. Open. Now can I relax.” But now people are really going to be fighting to beat me.” ~ Serena Williams
  64. “I am here to play women’s tennis. I’m a lady. Predominantly, most of the time I always like to play ladies.” ~ Serena Williams
  65. “There’s too much money and too many nice guys around.” ~ John McEnroe

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